Shibelibsdl i386 needs wayland-egl-mesa05:57
Shibeand i am on proprietary nvidia drivers05:57
Shibewhy is this?05:57
Shibei want to play witcher 2 but libsdl2 is missing and it needs wayland egl05:57
Shibeis this because wayland is now enabled by default for sdl2?05:58
Shibecould you please recompile with wayland disabled for trusty tahr?05:58
Shibeanybody here?06:02
lotuspsychjeShibe: you might need patience here :p06:03
Shibei think wayland should be disabled for libsdl206:03
Shibeim pretty sure most people wouldnt even be running wayland on trusty tahr since it doesnt have xwayland06:04
Shibeand older versions of software06:04
infinityShibe: Why does installing an extra package upset you so much?06:10
infinityShibe: (And this is not a support channel)06:11
Shibeinfinity: because i am on nvidia and not mesa?06:11
Shibewouldnt egl-mesa break stuff?06:11
lotuspsychjeinfinity: i forwarded him here, as we seen libsdl2 discussed here recently06:11
Shibeinfinity: >.> http://i.shibe.ml/QmZxbGiiYeEQmxMEPg34rSpaWfpawWKZbtRx1ogsRupmZg.png06:11
infinitylotuspsychje: Please don't.  This is not a bug report or support channel.06:11
Shibesure doesnt break stuff06:12
lotuspsychjeinfinity: so if nobody in #ubuntu knows about recent packages, where to go then...06:14
infinityFile bugs.06:14
infinityShibe: Is that running trusty-proposed06:14
Shibewhat is trusty-proposed?06:14
infinityapt-cache policy libegl1-mesa06:15
Shibeinfinity: http://i.shibe.ml/QmR2DujLyfZUVhwhxumJqXXfCcRkEaJCfzjVrvKYFHs17E.png06:15
infinityShibe: Kay.  Please file a bug.  'ubuntu-bug mesa'06:16
infinityShibe: Explain what you're trying to do and why and include the apt output.06:16
Shibeinfinity: witcher2 wont run because libsdl2 is missing, when i try to install libsdl2 32 bit version it says libegl-mesa is missing06:17
Shibeinfinity: where do i file a bug? here? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libsdl2/+bugs06:18
infinityShibe: Oh type what I said...06:19
Shibethe apt-cache policy thing?06:19
infinityNo, "ubuntu-bug mesa".   But, the part where you're running mint might make this not our bug.06:20
Shibewhere do i type ubuntu-bug mesa?06:20
infinityOut of interest, what output do you get for "apt-get install libsdl2-2.0-0 libsdl2-2.0-0:i386"?06:20
Shibeinfinity: http://hastebin.com/raw/umuhoyinet06:21
infinityWorks fine here.  I suspect something wonky going on with your setup.06:22
lotuspsychjeShibe: you added ppa's of any kind?06:22
Shibelotuspsychje: ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa06:22
lotuspsychjeShibe: purge that stuff06:22
infinityAnyhow, again, this is not a support channel.  Please take this back to #ubuntu06:22
lotuspsychjeShibe: and lets continue in #ubuntu as infinity sugests06:22
infinityIf you need to keep drilling down to see what's broken, keep adding the "broken" packages to the install list until something looks obvious.06:23
infinityie: apt-get install libsdl2-2.0-0 libsdl2-2.0-0:i386 libwayland-egl1-mesa libwayland-egl1-mesa:i38606:23
infinityfor the next pass.06:23
infinityUntil you see a more obvious "can't install foo because bar hates you".06:23
infinitylotuspsychje: Please don't recommend that users file bugs real-time in devel channels.  If they really need rapid support, there are people who sell support (like Canonical, and others), but expecting quick answers from people who are using these channels to coordinate development isn't fair or reasonable.06:25
lotuspsychjeinfinity: i didnt recommend him to bug here, just for info about a package06:26
lotuspsychjebut no sweat, i wont recommend this channel to nobody anymore06:27
KamilionShibe: Please do not disable wayland support in libsdl2, I'm using it.06:58
KamilionI'm in #lubuntu-offtopic if you need help debugging your issue.06:59
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sil2100Hello release team! I'm disabling the system-image importer for a longer while now (~1-2 hours)08:41
sil2100Ok, maybe a bit less08:42
sil2100I'll be switching it on and off through this period though08:42
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tsimonq2infinity: looks like Ubuntu's kernels aren't ALWAYS more secure than Linus'...just saying http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/01/19/linux_kernel_keyrings_get_privilege_escalation_patch/12:35
cjwatsonDefault kernel configs don't necessarily have much to do with what people actually enable when building homebrew mainline kernels, of course.13:20
apwtsimonq2, of cours that is configuration related, so if you used our mainline builds for instance, you would be vunerable13:24
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infinitytsimonq2: The code is in mainline, how you configure it is up to you.16:29
infinitytsimonq2: But running a distro kernel would have been much safer there than running mainline and not responding to the vulnerability within an hour of the first announcement.16:30
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tewardany archive admins around to consider a package removal request?18:33
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