MCMicWill convergence be available on older ubuntu phones as an update when it’s ready?04:03
lotuspsychjeMCMic: im not sure how convergence will connect via usb or hdmi...so not sure if all devices will be able to convergence04:07
MCMicI hoped with some kind of USB adaptator it would be possible04:07
lotuspsychjethat would be cool :p04:08
MCMicI saw a video of a dev doing it with a USBtoscreen adaptator (don’t remember if it was HDMI or something else) and bluetooth keyboard/mouse.04:09
MCMicIt would of course be easier if could plug USB keyboard/mouse.04:10
Stanley00but BQ just drop support for Aquaris E5 after less than half year. I cannot find any download page for it on bq.com :(04:10
lotuspsychjeStanley00: hmmm didnt know that04:10
lotuspsychjemeizu also stopped pfff04:11
lotuspsychjenow i read canonical has still plans with edge...04:11
Stanley00yay, edge was very cool before, but for now, still cool but not so much04:12
lpotterMCMic: it depends on hardware support for slimport04:16
lpotterand currently, nexus 4 & 7 have slimport support04:18
lotuspsychjecool i got a n704:19
lpotteryou will need a slimport adaptor. they are fairly cheap04:21
MCMicHow does screenshots are taken on ubuntu touch?04:59
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Stanley00MCMic: with both volume keys pressed05:03
MCMicWhat is the launchpad project for the app store of ubuntu touch? Is the translation made by the comunity? There seem to be a confusion between free as in freedom and free as in free beer in the french translation05:04
lotuspsychjeMCMic: you got an url of the example you mean?05:05
MCMichttps://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/+source/unity-scope-click/+pots/unity-scope-click/fr/+translate?memo=10&start=10 problem is here05:08
MCMic«FREE» is translated by «LIBRES», not sure why this is plural in french, and I’m pretty sure the original meaning was «price=0» and not «free software»05:09
dobeythe unity-scope-click ubuntu package is the app store, but translations come from ubuntu-translations project iirc (or maybe ubuntu-translators, can't remember exactly what it's called)05:10
MCMicWhat is a «click app»?05:16
dobeyclick is the package format05:19
dobeyi don't think "click app" appears anywhere in the translatable strings though05:20
dobeyoh it does i see. that is a bug05:24
dobeywell, they are, but not shown in the UI anywhere afaik05:27
dobeybut definitely a bug05:27
dobeymaybe i'll fix that tomorrow05:28
dobeybut for now, sleep05:28
MCMicdobey: http://mcmic.haxx.es/fotoo/i/75/6YIqXyRfg.screenshot20160120_120341783.png05:38
MCMicdobey: It’s written «LIBRES» under the author name while the app is not under a free license. I contacted the french translator who wrote this translation on launchpad (mbalthazar iirc)05:39
lotuspsychjeMCMic: he went to sleep05:40
MCMiclotuspsychje: Yeah I read that :-)05:40
MCMiclotuspsychje: But as he’s still online I suppose he will see the backlog next time.05:40
lotuspsychjeMCMic: http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/images/news2/Free-Telegram-for-Ubuntu-Touch-App-Lands-in-the-Store-472384-2.jpg05:42
lotuspsychjeenglish shows also 'free'05:42
MCMiclotuspsychje: But that means free license or price=0?05:43
lotuspsychjefree means free right no costs..05:43
lotuspsychjeMCMic: everything on ubuntu touch should be opensource05:44
MCMiclotuspsychje: Then the french word should be «GRATUIT», not LIBRE05:46
MCMiclotuspsychje: The game in my screenshot is not «libre».05:46
MCMiclotuspsychje: See http://mcmic.haxx.es/fotoo/i/ce/6YIqYAGca.screenshot20160120_120921511.png05:46
MCMicIt does say «license: proprietary»05:46
lotuspsychjeyeah it should say gratuit indeed05:47
lotuspsychjeMCMic: file a new bug05:47
lotuspsychjeMCMic: they will surely fix05:47
MCMiclotuspsychje: Maybe I wait for an answer of the translator I contacted first, no?05:47
lotuspsychjeMCMic: i would file a bug, if it doesnt exist yet..you found one right05:48
lotuspsychjeMCMic: check the bug filling link in topic05:49
MCMicWhat is «ciborium» by the way?05:50
lotuspsychjeMCMic: where did you find that05:51
MCMiclotuspsychje: In the list of apps in the bug filing link, and it was also mentionned by someone on an SD card unmounting bug I was following.05:52
davmor2MCMic: it is part of the system that handles SDCards on touch devices05:52
davmor2MCMic: it basically is the bit that talks to the android stack to access the sdcards, handles mounting unmounting and hotplugging etc so you can get to the card.05:54
MCMicdavmor2: On Ubuntu desktop this is done by gvfs no?05:56
OerHekshmmmm Bq M10 Ubuntu Edition – On Sale in April09:00
V99yeah :D09:00
NycticebuscoucanHello can I connect the auquaris e4.5 to a 802.1x EAP network09:03
V99OerHeks: but nothing from convergence to E509:04
Nycticebuscoucanthe only thing i can find in the phone which resembles is dynamic wep (802.1x) but this is not the same isn't it? at least I cannot set an anonymous identity...09:06
NycticebuscoucanOh i got it using WPA Enterprise...09:09
NycticebuscoucanStill i am struggeling arranging the app symbols in the app scope - how can they be moved?09:10
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MCMicNycticebuscoucan: Not sure they can they are in alphabetical order no?09:11
MCMicNycticebuscoucan: You can choose the order of the apps in the app launcher on the left through. (it might be the easiest if you want fast access to some apps)09:12
Nycticebuscoucanthe problem is that the launcher is already quite "busy" :)09:13
Nycticebuscoucanso I wanted to sort this menu too09:13
MCMicI think you can’t09:16
MCMicBut there are categories to help you find the app you want09:16
Stanley00and also, you can always search for the app name09:16
JanCV99: how would you do convergence with a phone that you can't connect to a larger screen?09:25
MCMicJanC: There is really no way to plug a screen with the usb and some external device?09:27
Draxxen89hi to all09:31
Draxxen89ubuntu touch can run steam gmes?09:32
JanCMCMic: maybe possible, but it probably wouldn't be very practically usable (also because the phone is rather limited in CPU & RAM resources)09:32
MCMichum, that’s really sad09:33
Draxxen89if can only i could make ma galaxy s3 run a steam game :"C09:33
Draxxen89<janc> do you think ubuntu touch can run steam games?09:36
Draxxen89just asking plz don't get angry09:36
android_freakA noob question: From my knowledge, Ubuntu touch is GNU/Linux distro with most of GNU lib included while Android is Bionic/Linux with very few GNU lib, tools included09:41
android_freakSo, my first question is: On wiki I read that Bionic is much optimised for speed and tuned for low clock freq arch. So, how does GNU/Linux Ubuntu perform good compared to android?09:42
MCMicandroid_freak: From what I know ubuntu touch use a linux kernel close to the android one (and it uses android drivers I think)09:44
Stanley00android_freak: maybe, because android run java, and ubuntu run native apps?09:46
android_freakto be more specific: A full-fledged Linux terminal is available on Ubuntu touch but not on Android10:03
android_freakas android doesn't use GNU libraries like other GNU/Linux distros10:04
android_freakSo, Android is basically not a GNU/Linux distro like desktop Ubuntu or debian10:04
android_freakbut Android uses Linux kernel at its core and on top it has Bionic, developed by google10:05
android_freakfor GUI, run-time,...10:05
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Wednesday, and happy Penguin Awareness Day! 😃10:06
android_freakAgain back to question: If Ubuntu touch use GNU libraries on top of Linux kernel, how is the performance and speed optimised? And, how does it compare to android?10:06
MCMicandroid_freak: No idea but I’m not sure it has such a big impact10:10
mcphailandroid_freak: afaik, bionic is just a libc implementation with a less "free" licence. Ubuntu uses glibc, and libhybris to interface with the android drivers which are built for bionic libc. The presence or absence of a "full fledged terminal" has nothing whatsoever to do with the underlying libc implementation. As for GUI speed, libc is not the bottleneck10:46
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flux__hi all, can i change my mx4 to rc-proposed/ubuntu-pd?12:04
flux__^^ https://plus.google.com/101216811071065193275/posts/Pe2xHJc9Ezs12:05
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jfcvictorp : Owncloud synchronization with calendar,contatcs  : well funtionning.13:05
jfctask  is malfunctional ( no complete synchronization), but the external data is in ics file (.local/share/evolution/tasks/system/tasks.ics).13:05
jfcHow update or copy (convert) in your sqlite database. Here 98db8704aaadd1aeebba01b42bf4d270.sqlite file13:05
jfcFor version:1.513:05
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jfcUT 'Tasks' ap with '98db8704aaadd1aeebba01b42bf4d270.sqlite' file and other name of sqlite file for other UT app 'Taskly'13:47
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strixdioAnyone know what the development status is for Nexus 4?15:55
lotuspsychje!devices | strixdio15:55
ubot5strixdio: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices15:55
zetherooare people still experiencing battery issues with Ubuntu Touch ?15:56
mcphailzetheroo: my battery is currently lasting for days15:57
lotuspsychjezetheroo: running fine on bq 4.5 here also15:57
strixdioNot many phones are supported.15:57
zetheroomcphail: which device and UT version?15:57
mcphailzetheroo: bq 4.5 on OTA8.515:57
k1l_strixdio: the n4 is the development device15:58
zetheroois the battery performance largely subject to device?15:58
zetheroo(I have nexus 4)15:58
strixdiok1l_: huh?15:58
k1l_zetheroo: since last december update the battery is way better15:58
strixdioaccording to this list, production = no15:58
zetherook1l_: ok. would you say it's as good as other comparable Android devices?15:59
mcphailzetheroo: IIRC, the nexus 4 images are not optimised for battery. And, of course, most nexus 4 batteries are getting quite old15:59
zetheroomcphail: I am thinking of getting a Nexus 5 for Ubuntu15:59
mcphailzetheroo: not a supported device15:59
mcphailzetheroo: some things don't work, apparently16:00
zetheroobother :P16:00
k1l_strixdio: of course the nexus4 is not shipped with ubuntu touch16:00
strixdioThis I know.16:00
k1l_strixdio: but that device is the official (official by ubuntu) development device16:00
strixdioBut what are the "Nexus 4 Binaries for Android 5.1.1" about?16:00
mcphailzetheroo: there are Nexus 5 users on here. They may be able to advise you if it is worth trying16:00
strixdioif it's not using android anyway.16:00
k1l_strixdio: its using the android drivers16:01
strixdioah, okay.16:01
zetherooso battery performance matter greatly when dealing with different devices - I had the notion it was more on the Ubuntu software side of things more16:01
k1l_strixdio: so you need that binaries since that are the drivers. they are running a container running android to work with that drivers.16:01
strixdioThat's kinda cool.16:01
strixdioI just wish we had an actual ubuntu phone in the US.16:02
strixdio(like, comes stock with ubuntu)16:02
zetherook1l_: crazy :)16:02
k1l_strixdio: zetheroo https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/porting-new-device/   this explains the android drivers stuff at the beginning16:03
V99strixdio: you cant buy from bq website to eeuu?16:03
strixdioV99: I'm not sure what you're referring to.16:03
strixdioOkay, I'm not seeing a .zip to flash my phone with (mako) Am I missing something?16:05
k1l_no .zip flashing (like cm13 or such) is not supported anymore. (was only at the really early days)16:06
strixdioI was looking at this..16:07
strixdioOh, I'm missing the fact that one needs an Ubuntu desktop.16:08
strixdioI suppose I can make a VM and pass my phone through.16:08
strixdioWell, thanks for the info. I may give this a shot over the weekend.16:09
strixdioLast I tried ubuntu touch was with a .zip. It wasn't very good back over a year ago. :(16:10
strixdioCan this be considered a "daily driver" at this point?16:11
strixdioOh boy, google voice/google hangouts support?16:13
zetheroowith the dual boot setup what drivers are being used?16:14
k1l_strixdio: last time i saw a .zip was nearly 2 years back. best is to install it and see yourself.16:14
strixdiok1l_: I usually try to get as much info as I can before making a time commitment.16:14
zetherooI don't see drivers mentioned in the wiki ^16:14
k1l_a lot users use it as daily drivers. i only have it at home, using my nexus6 (cm13) as daily driver16:14
strixdioEspecially since it's my only phone.16:15
k1l_killing point is whatsapp for me. since my sports team arrangements are made in whatsapp groups.16:15
k1l_but besides that everything works that i would use. even the patience game is so addicting :)16:16
ogra_zetheroo, thats ancient and was never officially supported ... i higly doubt it still works16:17
zetheroooh ok16:18
ogra_there is a multirom build for ubuntu that might still work though ...16:18
ogra_(i think the nexxus5 community port uses it)16:19
mcphailI use Ubuntu as my daily driver, and I miss android less and less16:19
* ogra_ too16:19
ogra_in the end it is a matter of how much you tied yourself into specific android apps though16:20
zetherooI really want to give Ubuntu Touch a go ... but I see it's not going to work on my Iconia A500 :P16:21
zetherooand my Nexus 4 is my main phone16:21
mcphailzetheroo: I hope Canonical have a shift in priority this year. I'd rather they developed an automagic cyanogenmod->ubuntu porting script than a further device :)16:23
zetheroomcphail: oh absolutely16:23
zetheroodevices we have plenty of16:23
k1l_mcphail: yep. there are a lot of users wanting to test/run ubuntu-touch and fail due to limited porting skills.16:27
dobeyi don't really miss anything from android16:27
dobeyall the things i miss are from webos, and from the time when phones were of a reasonable size16:28
ogra_dobey, 4.5" isnt a reasonable size ?16:28
strixdioThe only thing holding me back right now, is that I don't think google hangouts/voice calling will work in ubuntu touch16:28
strixdioI mostly use google voice/hangout voip calling for free calls.16:29
ogra_not yet, there is a hangouts chat client though ... but no webrtc suppport yet16:29
dobeyogra_: if you mean nexus4, it is too big. and i use a nexus 5 (though the physical device size is roughly the same as nexus 4)16:29
ogra_(read: text chat)16:29
strixdioogra_: Yeah, I saw two of them.16:29
strixdioI specifically need the voice functionality.16:29
ogra_dobey, i mean the bq 4.5 :)16:29
ogra_(which is a lot smaller than the nexus line phones)16:30
dobeyogra_: it's too featureless16:30
mcphailstrixdio: apparently voice-over-webrtc seems to work now, although video isn't working yet. Getting there16:30
ogra_dobey, geez ... you are so demanding :P16:30
strixdiomcphail: interesting. webrtc is ?16:30
* strixdio is googling16:31
mcphailstrixdio: new web standard for video/voice communication. Example is the thingy built in to firefox16:31
dobeyogra_: it doesn't have 4g. and it's mediatek16:31
strixdioseems like it may be a chore to get it set up?16:32
mcphailstrixdio: it shouldn't be, in the future. It won't be a solution if you specifically want, say, Skype but at least it should bring free video/voice calls16:32
ogra_strixdio, not really .... it is a browser feature, the setup is server side usually16:33
mcphailstrixdio: you should try it from firefox on your browser. Dead easy16:33
strixdioIf I install ubuntu touch this weekend, it will be one of the first things I try.16:34
mcphailstrixdio: as above, it isn't quite working _yet_ ;)16:34
strixdioany pbx apps? If I host pbx with hangouts plugin...16:35
zetheroobuying a Meizu through the Ubuntu links shows stores selling phones with Android not Ubuntu Touch16:36
ogra_the meizu is out of stock16:37
zetherooor this16:38
zetherooit's all with the Meizu Android OS16:38
dobeystrixdio: i don't think there are any voip apps in the store yet16:40
dobeythere are plenty of requests to support SIP in the stock dialer app though16:40
dobeyi don't know if anyone is working on that though16:42
V99someone test yowsup2 in ubuntu touch?16:45
dobeyfeel free to try it, and get banned16:48
dobeywhatsapp actively blocks/bans unoffical app users16:49
V99so I will have to power on my old android mobile :(16:51
dobeyor migrate to an alternative like telegram; or get whatsapp to provide an official client for ubuntu16:51
ogra_or convince them to stop that nonsense of blocking unofficial clients ;)16:52
dobeywell, if you can also convince them to provide documentation for their API, sure16:53
* ogra_ digs in scrollback ...16:54
ogra_dobey, geez ... you are so demanding :P16:54
ogra_(found it :) )16:54
dobeywell, even if they stop banning users, they will probably do something otherwise very much apple-like, and constantly break the protocol so that only their app really works16:55
ogra_dont they already ?16:56
dobeyi remembr when AIM used to do that all the time16:56
dobeyogra_: why would they need to when they can apparently just block the apps and ban the people using them?16:56
ogra_dunno, but i thought they do something like that anyway16:56
dobeywell, i don't use it, so i have no idea how often they ship app udpates16:57
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tathhuAny protips for a BT keyboard/mouse to use with my nexus 7? :P (scandic layout would be 5/5)17:56
* tathhu wants to post pictures into facebook comments :(17:56
tathhu.. also, can i connect my nexus 7 in to a monitor/tv/something via hdmi/something? :o18:21
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pmcgowantathhu, yes you need a slimport to hdmi adapter18:28
tathhuaand, rest in peace 120€ :P18:36
Nijudoes anyone else find that the browser chews through the battery?18:37
NijuI wonder if this will be one of the improvements in ota 918:38
dobeyogra_: oh, and the bq4.5 is the same size as the nexus4 so still too big :)19:02
kowakxanyone have patch to get mtp working?19:36
dobeykowakx: what do you mean? it works fine here19:46
kowakxdobey: i'm porting ubuntu touch to motorola moto e but mtp doesn't works19:47
dobeyah. i'm not sure. is mtpd not running?19:47
kowakxmtpd is running but on computer show this error (It could not open the MTP device "[usb: 002.034]" )19:50
dobeyoh. is the screen unlocked?19:51
dobeykowakx: ok, i'm not sure then. unfortunately i don't know enough to help you further. maybe someone who has worked on a port can help you.19:57
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mterrykenvandine, what is with your mouse_panel merge?22:17
mterrykenvandine, I don't see the schema changes reflected in trunk22:17
mterrymzanetti: do you know why https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/ubuntu-system-settings/mouse_panel/+merge/268248 and http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~system-settings-touch/ubuntu-system-settings/trunk/revision/1582 don't match?22:20
mterrymzanetti: or at least, why they might not?22:21
mterrykenvandine, trunk also records changes to bluetooth.cpp that the MP doesn't list22:22
mzanettimterry, I don't, no. we probably need kenvandine's input, yes22:27
mterrykenvandine, and how does your branch interact with http://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/unity8/mouse_touchpad_schema ?22:31
mterrykenvandine, OK...  I'm seeing http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~system-settings-touch/ubuntu-system-settings/trunk/changes/1464.1.50 which shows that there are 4 commits that got landed in trunk that aren't on the MP page at all...22:35
mterrykenvandine, including reverting the schema.  So that makes sense why it isn't in trunk.  But your code still uses the com.ubuntu.touch.system-settings location, not the unity8 location...22:35
mterrykenvandine, I would expect system-settings to be a better gsettings location than unity8, eh?22:37
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ahoneybunmariogrip, congratz on the membership (late I know)23:00
mariogripahoneybun: Thanks! :)23:04
ahoneybunhow's the OPO doing mariogrip ?23:07
mariogripgood, im currently creating a android hal based on Cyanogenmod 12.123:08
mariogriphopefully that can make porting "easier"23:08
mariogriptrying as best as i can to get mir working before ubucon....23:09
mariogripI guess i need to stay up all night....23:10
mariogripare you going to ubucon ahoneybun?23:12
ahoneybunI can't sadly23:12
ahoneybundon't work to hard mariogrip23:12
mariogripI can not go to ubucon either... but i need to get it working so david can show it there23:14
mariogripahoneybun: I love what im doing, so i don't mind working hard :)23:14
mariogripsleep can wait23:15
ahoneybundavid mariogrip ?23:18
ahoneybunat least you love it :)23:18
ahoneybunthen it's never work23:18
mariogripahoneybun: David Planella23:20
ahoneybunyou've made amazing progress mariogrip23:23
mariogripahoneybun: Thanks! :D23:23

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