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davmor2Well I'm on the OMG-it's-Early train to Ye Olde London Town05:56
zmoylan-pifull of happy joyful people?05:57
diddledanomg, it’s morning?!06:12
\sdiddledan, i know right... how the.... 0621??????06:21
\showd that happen?06:22
mappshi all07:06
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:21
davmor2Morning all now it is a more sensible time :)09:38
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Wednesday, and happy Penguin Awareness Day! 😃10:05
zmoylan-piwe're aware of it... /airplane10:07
foobarryhas anyone ever paid for whatsapp?10:14
foobarrywhen you install it used to say 69p charge per year10:14
foobarrybut i never got charged10:15
zmoylan-pia lot of people report that... i've never heard of a person paying10:19
zmoylan-pibut i've never used it myself10:19
foobarry    $anyother = $_POST['anyother'];10:24
foobarry^^ if i'm collecting data from a form, and this field is not compulsory, how should i handle this line?10:25
foobarryit produces an error in error logs if it is not filled in10:25
diplofoobarry: I paid many many moons ago10:27
diploBut I rarely ever use it10:27
Seeker`you can check whether a variable is set, iirc11:25
foobarryshould do it, cheers11:27
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)11:49
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diddledanI just received a raspberry pi official 7inch screen \o/14:17
diploI've been looking at those diddledan, let me know your thoughts once you've had a play please :)14:23
MyrttiI should hook mine up to the knitting machine14:24
diddledandiplo: it goes together quite well - I got mine from pi-supply along with a perspex frame to mount it within14:24
diddledanI’ve not got it displaying anything just yet tho :-p14:25
diddledanthe frame is a pimoroni “LCDFrame” with the colour attributed as “Flotilla"14:30
diploSounds good14:37
diddledanwe have display.14:42
diddledanupside down, but display none-the-less14:42
zmoylan-pimy god... it's full of pixels...14:42
diddledanit’s not obvious which way is up IMO14:42
* diddledan powers down and re-aligns the stand14:43
diddledanoh, seems the stand was made upside down. there’s threads on raspberripi.org forums about it - fix is to add lcd_rotate=2 into the boot config.txt14:51
zmoylan-pior initialise in australia...14:51
mappsgah started building next to my apartment17:44
mappsthey start like 8am17:44
Azelphurmapps: know that feeling, had a building site next to me for a year17:47
Azelphursometimes they start at 717:47
mappsbuilding everywhere here17:47
mappsthing is i work nights so its a pita17:48
Azelphurmapps: yea, I worked LA times17:50
mappsyou in the uk or us now?17:53
Azelphurso I worked GMT-8 when the building site was running17:53
mappsanyone watch the ch4 doc terrorist nextdoor17:55
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