oSoMoNSaviq, should I request a silo for https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/qtubuntu/qkeyevent-native-virtual-key/+merge/282515 , or do you prefer to add it to an existing/future silo along with other qtubuntu changes?11:41
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SaviqoSoMoN, I'll land it13:58
oSoMoNSaviq, thanks14:23
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dandradergreyback, got a qtmir crash in MirBufferSGTexture::bind() while running uitk AP tests with *trunk*15:29
oSoMoNSaviq, greyback: looking at bug #1534682, it seems that when connecting an external monitor to a phone via slimport the screen information is not updated, could you guys help me debug/fix that issue?16:03
ubot5bug 1534682 in Canonical System Image "Not requesting desktop content when connected to monitor" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153468216:03
greybackdandrader: eek16:09
greybackare you investigating?16:09
dandradergreyback, no yet....16:09
greybackoSoMoN: have you plugged USB power into the slimport cable?16:10
oSoMoNgreyback, I don’t know as I’m waiting for my slimport adapter to arrive, the issue was reported by bfiller, let me get him here to comment16:11
greybackoSoMoN: how is UA string chosen?16:13
greybackthe Qt Screens info is not being updated currently16:13
greybackif you're relying on that, then that's the problem16:13
greybackI'm working on that code right now16:13
oSoMoNgreyback, based on screen diagonal size16:13
oSoMoNgreyback, well that’s good news, do you have an ETA for a fix?16:14
greybackoSoMoN: about 1-2 weeks16:14
oSoMoNwould that qualify for OTA-9.5 ?16:15
oSoMoNor too late?16:15
greybackthat's what I'm trying for16:15
oSoMoNbfiller, greyback was asking earlier whether you had plugged USB power into the slimport cable?16:17
greybacknah, ignore that. I misunderstood the issue16:17
bfilleroSoMoN, greyback: no I didn't16:17
greybackyou're getting the external display working, so that's fine16:17
greybackmain issue is that qt isn't being told the screen changed16:17
bfillergreyback: interesting though when launching the browser while the external display is connected it doesn not report the correct screen dimenions16:18
greybackbfiller: qt just giving you dimensions of one display, not necessarily the right one. Also, many displays fail to report their correct physical dimensions16:20
bfillergreyback: ok16:21
mterrytedg, when using your app-object branch, imports are a little weird17:09
mterrytedg, #include <application.h> isn't very descriptive17:09
mterrytedg, and I have to do that because it's not included from the main ubuntu-app-launch.h one17:09
tedgmterry: Shouldn't it be "ubuntu-app-launch/application.h" ?17:10
mterrytedg, it should be, but you don't have that extra directory.  You have libubuntu-app-launch-2... But that's not for import lines, that's just for the .pc file to set -I for ya17:11
tedgmterry: Ah, okay, so it needs to install a layer deeper.17:11
mterrytedg, yeah that could work17:11
mterrytedg, what's this TypeTagger situation with AppID::package and such?  How do I treat those as strings?17:30
tedgmterry: foo.value()17:31
mterrytedg, ah thanks17:32
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Saviqmzanetti, bug #152151820:42
ubot5bug 1521518 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "OSK doesn't come up in login screen if mouse connected on nexus 7" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/152151820:42
cimitsdgeos, Saviq https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-scopes-api/+bug/153637221:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 1536372 in unity-scope-click (Ubuntu) "Previews don't support two columns layout" [High,New]21:42
faenilmzanetti: let me know if you need anything to fix the "no apps start" or if I have to setup usertesting laptop using vivid..22:25
mzanettifaenil, I've saw it on cimi's laptop yesterday22:26
faenildoes that mean you'll fix it soon? :D22:27
cimifaenil, va' a letto22:27
cimiè tardi22:27
faenilcimi: eh c'hai ragione... :P22:27
mzanettiisn't it just half past 10?22:29
cimithat's when mzanetti usually starts hacking indeed :)22:29
faenilfighting kernel issues on  nokia n950 :P22:29
mzanetti10... that's when I put the baby to bed22:29
faeniljust moved gcc to a new versions...and it doesn't boot anymore..(same kernel!)22:31
faenilmzanetti: anyway, let me know...I don't care about black screen on logout, but not being able to start any app at all is a real blocker22:32
faenilusertesting lead wanted the laptop ready tomorrow...22:32
faenilof course that's not possible now, but the sooner the better22:32
mzanettifaenil, you are usertesting the desktop?22:34
faenilmzanetti: yeeeeeees :P22:34
mzanettiok, next time let us know like, say, a week beforehand at least :D22:34
faenilmzanetti: I knew it like 3 days ago22:34
faeniland I reported that bug, when, 2 days ago? :P22:34
faenilthe usertesting is next week22:35
faenilbut the lady has to play with the stuff to write the test plan I guess22:35
aaronraimistI am on 16.04 and I am trying to build unity8 but when I do ./run.sh it says "Unity8 is already running, please stop it first"22:54
mzanettiaaronraimist, hmm... the run.sh is probably broken... what are you trying to do? just playing around with it, or intending to fix some specific thing?23:00
aaronraimistmzanetti: I am trying to fix a task as part of the Google Code-in program.23:01
mzanettiaaronraimist, ah ok, what/where?23:02
aaronraimistmzanetti: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/1066963, maybe I should actually be trying to build unity7?23:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 1066963 in unity (Ubuntu) "Dash - Update the Dash to use the Ubuntu medium font weight" [Medium,Triaged]23:03
mzanettiaaronraimist, right... that bug is about unity723:04
aaronraimistmzanetti: OK, thanks, I'll try to build unity723:05

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