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ianorlinhi The_Letter_M04:13
The_Letter_MHow is everyone in California today?04:25
ianorlinok I looked at scale stuff and did not sleep that much partly due to exictiment04:25
The_Letter_MScale stuff?04:42
pleia2happening this week, biggest event of the year for the team ;)04:42
pleia2the UbuCon Summit is Thurs-Friday there http://ubucon.org/en/events/ubucon-summit-us/04:43
pleia2should be a lot of fun04:43
* pleia2 seeks dinner04:44
Adrantwo more people signed up for attending through our group. :o04:58
ianorlinalthough can't really go to the meet and greet :( but can go other 4 days04:58
ianorlinnot that driving that far to a bar is something I would be comfortable with04:59
The_Letter_MSounds like fun05:17
ianorlinit is, I look forward to it more than christmas05:19
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mariano_I've never been to any of these Linux summits before but every time I see people at these talks I see everyone with a laptop. Should I be bringing a laptop or will it just get in the way?20:35
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* pleia2 does not tend to use her laptop during talks23:37
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