cmaloneymrgoodcat: We're still meeting at the Bean and Leaf01:05
cmaloneyis it time for bed yet?13:33
jrwrenlol. good morning13:34
rick_h_hmmm, not a bad idea13:35
jrwrenwoke up to NO HEAT. brr its cold in here.13:48
* rick_h_ sends north some heat13:48
mrgoodcatrick_h_: somewhere warm?13:54
=== StoneTable is now known as aisrael
rick_h_mrgoodcat: Texas13:56
cmaloneyTexas? What's there?14:03
cmaloneyBesides the title of a Revolting Cocks album14:03
rick_h_customers! well potential ones at least14:04
rick_h_so dog and pony show day!14:04
cmaloneyWoo woo14:04
cmaloneyHope you have some fun down there14:04
cmaloneyAnd get more AT&Ts onboard. :)14:05
cmaloneyYay, AD password will expire every 90 days at work14:08
cmaloneyRequires at least one numeric, one Upper Case, one lower case, one special character, and one haiku praising Discordia14:09
cmaloney(Hail Eris)14:10
jrwrensticky note with password written on it stuck to monitor works.14:11
cmaloneyEven better, I have to change this on a windows machine14:11
cmaloneywhich usually leads to my account being locked in some way because Microsoft hates me14:12
jrwrengreg-g: hateful eight was so good, you may have made the wrong choice. ;]15:21
greg-gjrwren: another trusted source said it sucked: "it is reservoir dogs with more racism & fewer good monologues in a western setting"15:45
jrwrenthat is exactdly it15:45
jrwrenand its shot better than reservoir dogs15:46
jrwrenand the fewer monologues are better.15:46
jrwrenand its shot beautifully.15:46
jrwrenand i love that its reservoir dogs in a western setting.15:46
greg-gI might go see it then :)15:46
jrwrenand its shot beautifully.15:46
cmaloneyAnd it's shot beautifully.15:56
cmaloneySo I have heard15:57
_stink_you are disgraceful21:18

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