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Kilosmorning everyone05:50
thatgraemeguymorning all06:15
zipperGood morning SA06:24
Kiloshi thatgraemeguy dlPhreak zipper 06:25
dlPhreakHelloo Kilos 06:25
zipperGood bros06:26
zipperAre there any ladies in this channel?06:26
Kilossometimes yes06:26
thatgraemeguyMaaz is a lady06:27
zipperMale priviledge all over the tech industry.06:28
zipperOh I take that back.06:28
zipperGotta go, I just might start talking about things I don't understand.06:28
thatgraemeguyyes that's probably wise06:28
qwebirc73365help - looking for ubuntu preinstalled on laptop 06:56
dlPhreakSome dell xps ship with ubuntu and system76 is ubuntu only.07:00
dlPhreakNot sure about what ships to this country tho..07:00
Kiloslast year there was someone here as well that supplies lappies with whatever you want on it07:03
Kilosi forget who though07:04
Kilosqwebirc73365 join our mailing list and ask there07:04
Kilosthis question has been asked before and there were many replies07:04
Kilosyou should be able to join the mailing list from the site you are on now07:05
Kiloslook in join or contribute07:05
Kilosand welcome to ubuntu-za07:06
qwebirc73365Many thanks - joining now07:10
zipperHey any way I can get a dell XPS in Kenya>07:14
zipperWith linux07:14
Kilosthere are some places here that supply linux laptops but to remember who they are is beyond me07:18
LangjanHi there Kilos , hoe gaan dit?08:12
Kiloshi Langjan ok ty, but no news from the visa peeps yet08:12
LangjanEina! Unbelievable - any reaction to follow-up mails?08:13
Kilosi got one but it doesnt say much08:18
Kilosthat auto thing again, nothing personal08:18
Kilosothers dont even reply08:18
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chesedogood morning all09:06
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Symmetriazipper computech might be able to sell you Dell XPS notebooks in KE 09:10
Symmetriathey are fairly large Dell dealers 09:10
Kilos-i think he is in kenya Symmetria 09:14
Kilos-might be mistaken09:14
zipperKilos-: You are not :)09:58
Kilos-zipper Symmetria is near you i think09:59
Kilos-same country anyway09:59
Kilos-ohi superfly inetpro 10:01
Kilos-Maaz seen inetpro 10:01
MaazKilos-: inetpro was last seen 1 day, 9 minutes and 25 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2016-01-19 01:52:11 PST], and has been online on freenode since 2015-12-06 23:13:59 PST10:01
Kilos-hi nlsthzn 10:41
nlsthznalo all10:41
Kilos-aw missed pietertjie10:41
zipperKilos-: Same city too but he's a busy adult.10:42
Kilos-you cant have everything10:42
zipperI'm a young adult looking for work btw, if anyone can help I'd love to skip borders to wherever https://www.linkedin.com/in/urbanslug10:43
nlsthznI am now on ubuntu on my desktop and using an ubuntu phone... took a whole day to get the phone sorted out after the wife forgot the passphrase she put on it >.<10:44
nlsthzngrrrr 10:44
zipperKilos-: Did the message with my linkedin profile get posted? Because a ping I sent you right after didn't get a Pong. My connection is shaky.10:44
Kilos-yip the linkedin link is here10:45
Kilos-city worm10:45
pieter2627no Kilos- i'm still here :)10:51
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Kilos-ohi chesedo 10:56
Kilos-you have been scarce hey10:56
chesedoKilos-: hoe gaan dit met oom10:56
Kilos-i thought we lost our chair10:56
Kilos-goed dankie en daar seun10:57
chesedoyea, been busy sorting some personal stuff and updating server10:57
chesedogoed dankie10:57
Kilos-meeting in 6 days time hey10:58
chesedoyip will be ready10:58
Kilos-oh and if you can we are short an agenda link in the africa channel10:59
Kilos-i go have lunch10:59
chesedoKilos-: will check this evening11:00
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SilverCode_does anyone know if the FNB Connect ADSL accounts are re-packaged IS accounts?12:39
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Kilostired nlsthzn 17:37
nlsthznbored :p17:39
nlsthznbut internet so not to much ;)17:40
inetpro_uh oh!17:54
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inetprogood evening17:54
Kiloswb inetpro 17:56
superflySilverCode_: highly likely some sort of re-packaged account17:56
Kiloswhere you been17:56
superflyhi nlsthzn, inetpro17:56
nlsthznsup superfly , inetpro ? :)17:56
superflynlsthzn: nothing much17:57
nlsthznjust been watching and re-watching the new suicide squad trailer :)17:57
superflyjust put the kids to bed, got a DebConf meeting in half an hour17:57
Kiloshow long before the event superfly 17:57
Kiloswas it march?17:57
superflyKilos: in July17:57
* inetpro just realised he has been very quiet here today17:58
Kilosoh ty ill try remember it this time17:58
inetproday gone way too quickly again17:58
Kilosinetpro 17:58
KilosKilos-: inetpro was last seen 1 day, 9 minutes and 25 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2016-01-19 01:52:11 PST], and has been online on freenode since 2015-12-06 23:13:59 PST17:59
Kilosand that was hours ago17:59
Kilosyou even let me miss a board meeting17:59
inetprouh... sorry oom17:59
Kilosbut you lucky17:59
Kilosso did all other board members18:00
Kilosare you and family ok inetpro 18:00
inetprosuperfly: how's the planning coming along for the conference?18:00
inetproKilos: always good, thanks18:00
superflyinetpro: it's coming along. I'm just doing website stuff, and I'll be involved on the ground18:01
superflyI'm leaving everything else to the professionals18:01
inetprowhen is it again?18:01
Kilosin july18:01
inetprohmm... superfly, don't go look up that word in the urban dictionary :-)18:04
Kilos-oh my18:18
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chesedoand now Kilos- ?18:22
Kilosfreenode been messing around today18:23
Kilosand i forgot the ghost command18:23
chesedoghost command?18:23
Kilosyes whe net drops and you come back with a tail there is a ghost command that fixes it18:24
Kilosotherwise you have to wait for timeout18:24
Kiloshi smile 18:25
Kilosoh and a net split got me as well18:26
Kilosholy moly18:26
inetproMaaz: ghost18:28
Maazinetpro: ghost is /msg NickServ GHOST <nick> <password>18:28
inetproKilos: ^^18:28
Kilosty inetpro 18:28
Kiloschesedo ^^18:30
chesedoah i see18:35
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:36

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