nicomachusNoobsterMCTorval: they will show on the launcher whenever you launch them, but then you'll have to right-click and select "lock to launcher" to keep them there.00:00
AVeryLostSoulWell, for starters, ever since I had some boot issues and reinstalled the operating system from a usb originally, I've had occasional several second long freezes, websites that require certain firefox addons no longer work at all, things like that00:00
xanguaNoobsterMCTorval: if you added any app thru software center as you were told several times yesterday, the icon should appear in the launcher00:00
AVeryLostSoulI expect it to be because I installed a 64x operating system onto it when it originally had a 32x, though00:01
AVeryLostSoulIf that causes issues00:01
nicomachusAVeryLostSoul: well, is your CPU a 32-bit CPU or 64-bit?00:01
NoobsterMCTorvalxangua, i think i got the hang of it. i was doing some hardcore overthinking00:01
AVeryLostSoul32x, given what it had before I did a reinstall.00:02
nicomachusAVeryLostSoul: then you should install a 32-bit Ubuntu OS.00:02
NoobsterMCTorvalactually way simpler than i thought lol. Easeness of use is about the same compared to windows when not learning the terminal00:02
NoobsterMCTorvalusing the terminal00:02
k1l_AVeryLostSoul: if you have 64bit hardware install 64bit OS. there is no reason to install a 32bit os00:02
nicomachusAVeryLostSoul: but you can verify that by opening a terminal and typing "sudo apt-get install pastebinit && sudo lshw -C CPU | pastebinit"00:02
Guest59229Hypnotoad90, VirtualBox is fine.00:03
nicomachusHypnotoad90: depends on the use case, but I like Virtualbox.00:03
Guest59229Hypnotoad90, if you want my reasons just ask. )00:03
Hypnotoad90xen is at the top of their page tho00:03
AVeryLostSoulThe section that says "Width:64 bits" is what I should be looking for, correct?00:04
k1l_Hypnotoad90: use virtualbox00:04
k1l_its easiest for beginners00:04
AVeryLostSoulOr is the the x86-64 part?00:04
NoobsterMCTorvala setting that allows you to automatically moves applications to the desktop would ne nice in a future version00:04
nicomachusAVeryLostSoul: all of that means 64 bit.00:04
ThodiHypnotoad90: Use Virtual box. Easy to learn and you will find all you need00:05
NoobsterMCTorvalafter they are downloade, so you dont have to do it manually if you want everything on the desktop00:05
Hypnotoad90thing is, i recently uninstalled virtualbox because it installed some network drivers that seemed to interfere with stuff00:05
Hypnotoad90so id rather not use virtualbox if xen is just as good00:05
k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: placing icons on the desktop is somewhat deprecated. you have windows placed over it most times anyway. use the launcher bar for favorites and the app-search(dash) for the rest00:05
nicomachusso why even come here and ask...?00:05
AVeryLostSoulWell, in that case I suppose it was good I went from 32 to 64 when the cpu is 64 bit? Why would the 32 bit have run more smoothly?00:05
nicomachusAVeryLostSoul: no, you want 64 bit if your CPU is 64 bit.00:06
AVeryLostSoulAs in, before I switched to 64 bit00:06
Hypnotoad90nicomachus, i want to know if virtualbox is *better* than xen, if it is then ill just reinstall virtualbox00:06
ballmerif you have a very old 64 bit pc then using 32bit may save memory00:06
Hypnotoad90im mainly thinking in terms of bloat, resource usage etc00:06
nicomachusFWIW, I've never heard of anyone that has used xen, Hypnotoad9000:06
Guest59229Hypnotoad90, they arent the same thing.. comparing the two is useless00:06
Hypnotoad90theyre both virtual machines, comparing the two specifically for running ubuntu seems fair00:07
Guest59229No, they aren't.00:07
k1l_AVeryLostSoul: i bet its other issues with the hardware drivers. but that is solveable.00:07
AVeryLostSoulWell ballmer... That may actually be why I've had some issues since the reinstall, though it's not memory I've been running out of, it's almost like the cpu is having hicups00:07
Hypnotoad90"Xen is a popular, open-source virtual machine application that is officially supported by Ubuntu."00:07
nicomachusAVeryLostSoul: what's the CPU model?00:07
Guest59229LOL! You come here asking for help...I tried.00:07
Guest59229You best look up and comprehend what hypervisors are.00:08
k1l_Hypnotoad90: you asked, we said virtualbox. if you already know you want xen, then use that.00:08
AVeryLostSoulIntel Pentium..  it is indeed a bit old00:08
ThodiHypnotoad90: Why you just don't test it, if you have had problems with VirtualBox?00:08
nicomachusAVeryLostSoul: you may do better off with a more lightweight distro then, like Lubuntu.00:08
nicomachus!lubuntu | AVeryLostSoul00:08
Hypnotoad90people are saying to use virtual box because its easier, but im interested in if virtual box also has better performance/better resource usage00:08
ubottuAVeryLostSoul: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.00:08
Guest59229Hypnotoad90, no it does not. But again, learn what a hypervisor is and go from there.00:09
k1l_AVeryLostSoul: go for 64bit lubuntu then.00:09
ballmeri am installing lubuntu as my backup, ubuntu mate isn't ready for prime time yet00:09
AVeryLostSoulAlright, I'll do some test runs and see how it goes, thanks00:09
Guest59229Hypnotoad90, based on how you are answering us and typing your questions, virtualbox(for now) is for you.00:09
Hypnotoad90im just interested in which will run ubuntu with least resource usage/best performance00:10
Guest59229Sure you are interested in that.. but you want to base a decision when you don't know the differences yet??!?!?00:10
Guest59229seriously, go read up on hypervisors first...thats what Xen is!00:10
ballmerHypnotoad90, lubuntu is the lightest00:10
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NoobsterMCTorvalubuntu software center is alot like the google play store in android.00:11
Guest59229Hypnotoad90, you will want to understand the dif between the types.. type 1 vs 2, etc...00:11
ballmerlubuntu is the bear grylls of ubuntu distros00:11
ballmerit can go anywhere00:11
nicomachusNoobsterMCTorval: it's a useful analogy, but there are quite a few differences.00:11
Guest59229Hypnotoad90, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypervisor#Classification00:12
Hypnotoad90okay, so virtualbox is a type-2 hypervisor00:12
NoobsterMCTorvalWell, I meant in just the installation category. The majority of your apps, if not all, come from packages in the software center. Same with the google play store in apps.00:12
Hypnotoad90and xen is type-100:13
Hypnotoad90but what's your point?00:13
Guest59229last sentence from me. :) My point is you wanted to know if you can run xen on Windows....00:14
k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: the software center ist just a GUI program to all the .deb backgroundwork going on with apt and dpkg.00:14
Hypnotoad90i wanted to know if i should, or if i should run vbox00:14
nicomachusand now I'm curious what the backend for android app installation is....00:15
Guest59229YES! Now get to it.00:15
* nicomachus runs away to google00:15
Guest59229Im not stopping you frrom using Xen.. but you should understand what you are getting yourself in to.00:15
k1l_Hypnotoad90: my answer still stands: we said virtualbox. if you want xen because someone said it might be a bit faster, better read up on the differences if you will/can use that at all.00:15
Guest59229This isn00:15
Guest59229t the channel for this topic anyway00:16
Hypnotoad90ugh ill just use vbox then00:16
Hypnotoad90i guess the next question is whether i should get ubuntu or lubuntu00:17
ThodiHypnotoad90: Old System? get lubuntu00:17
Hypnotoad90nope not an old system00:17
xanguaUse whatever you want, try it yourself and make your own opinions00:17
ballmerlubuntu is good for anyone who wants a simple desktop00:18
k1l_its easy to install in vbox. so test both if your hardware can get enough ressources to the vm.00:18
NoobsterMCTorvalim having trouble downloading a .zip file.00:18
ballmerno fancy wobbly windows or android-style screen, just old school windows 95 look00:18
Hypnotoad90i used to use linux mint, but i didn't like that too much00:18
k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: downloading?00:19
NoobsterMCTorvalinstalling a .zip program00:19
k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: why would you want to do that and not use the ubuntu repo?00:20
JinBabaHi, I'm want to recursively copy all directories starting with the prefix 'Udemy' using scp. I can't get the regex right. Can somebody help, please?00:20
JinBabaPlease see this image to get a better idea: http://i.imgur.com/ri0hsMs.png00:20
Hypnotoad90what i really want to do is basically customize an OS00:20
NoobsterMCTorvaljust for learning purposes00:20
k1l_Hypnotoad90: then start with minimal install00:20
Hypnotoad90minimial install of what>00:20
k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: if you want to mess with your system. then look at the instructions how to install that software00:21
k1l_!minimal | Hypnotoad9000:21
ubottuHypnotoad90: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD00:21
BiilD73I ahve ubuntu 14.04.3 installed, working etc, has network access and finally got NFS to start with out portmap error. When I got to my OSMC RPis' i can view the NFS shares and even view down to /media/bill/ which shows the drives but wont let me view any lower.  Any ideas?00:22
Hypnotoad90not really sure what i would use it for yet but i like the idea of an OS customized around myself :V00:22
NoobsterMCTorvalwhere do i find them?00:22
xanguaNoobsterMCTorval: from whatever site you download it00:22
k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: what program is it? where did you get it from? what is inside the .zip?00:22
NoobsterMCTorvalits a .zip00:23
k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: http://jstock.org/help_install_upgrade.html#install-linux00:23
wadadliHello would anyone know if there are special drivers for connecting a samsung s6 android phone to a ubuntu host via usb for flashing etc?00:24
NoobsterMCTorvalthat would be considered a ppa, correct? Sorry for being a linux noob00:24
melmiwaberiCan you add transparency in Unity 8?00:24
wadadliMost distros that I have tried don't seem to recognize the phone when it's in download mode00:24
xanguawadadli: just plug it in?00:24
k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: no.00:24
wadadlixangua: well I've done that00:25
k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: that is a manual install. a PPA is a 3rd party repo, where you get updates etc.00:25
EriC^^JinBaba: scp -r Udemy* user@host:/path00:25
xanguawadadli: ah Samsung, you need to use Heimdall if you want to flash a custom ROM00:25
wadadliI have installed heimdall00:26
xanguawadadli: from the official Ubuntu repositories?00:26
wadadliunable to mount samsung android: unable to open mtp device '[usb:001,098]'00:27
NoobsterMCTorvalit doesnt use the ubuntu repos though?00:27
Dave553wondering if someone could help me get my UB15.10 to auto mount some NAS (samba) shares on bootup00:28
Guest59229NoobsterMCTorval, PPAs aren't repos(in the sense of being "out of the box" with an OS).00:28
wadadlixangua: yes00:28
Dave553I start with making a directory to mount "sudo mkdir /media/share1"00:29
Dave553then I add this to the fstab "//[server-name]/share1 /media/share1 cifs uid=[linuxadminuser],username=[nasadminuser],password=[nasadminpass] 0 0"00:29
NoobsterMCTorvalim referring to the program "jstock" where you have to manually install it using the terminal00:29
Dave553problem is that only sudo can mount shares00:29
k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: it doesnt use anything00:29
NoobsterMCTorvalits not on the ubuntu software center00:29
Guest59229Dave553, looks legit... might want to test in a terminal with the mount command first though.00:29
Guest59229Dave553, fstab is run by root, fyi.00:30
Dave553yeah, that's what's killing me00:30
Guest59229what is?00:30
EriC^^Dave553: if you add the option users they can mount too using mount /media/share100:30
k1l_its just a code download. it doesnt update or anything. you need to do that manually00:30
Dave553Eric meaning to change the permissions on the media/share?00:31
wadadlixangua: I have tried some of the other ports on the computer and it would work, or sometimes it would be recognized and then when I click on it's icon on the desktop it disconnects00:31
NoobsterMCTorvalis their any other way to install a .zip file like that, or you do you have to use the terminal?00:31
wadadliI'm not sure if there is some sort of special usb driver that I need for this phone to talk with my ubuntu00:31
EriC^^Dave553: no, after password=<password>,users00:31
Dave553Eric, oh ok. Do I remove the two zeros?00:32
k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: no. a .zip file is always not working with the ubuntu package system.00:32
EriC^^Dave553: no those options are for fsck and something else00:33
NoobsterMCTorvali seem to always have trouble installing programs that dont use the ubuntu repos00:33
EriC^^not mount options00:33
xanguawadadli: disappears? Did you try another cable?00:33
EriC^^Dave553: no problem00:33
Guest59229NoobsterMCTorval, if you are coming from windows world.. let me know. I can explain the .zip confusion and compare to windows if you like.00:33
Dave553ok Eric. youve given me some ideas. lemme go experiment. thanks so much00:33
wadadliI have the official cable that come with the phone from samsung00:33
NoobsterMCTorvali am from windows00:34
k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: yes. programs in the repos are made already working with ubuntu. that is a service. if you dont use that service you need to take care yourself00:34
Guest59229NoobsterMCTorval: ok. So pretend you downloaded a program(like ccleaner) and you don't want the installer you just want the zip. You already realize you can extract the zip somewhere and run the program no problems.. with me so far?00:34
NoobsterMCTorvali also have seen tar,gz, tar.xz files00:35
wadadlixangua: I just switched the cable and it popped up right away00:35
NoobsterMCTorvalyes, guest5922900:35
xanguawadadli: so it's working? :-D00:35
wadadlilsusb also lists it00:35
EriC^^Dave553: no problem00:35
k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: all that you have seen is not the ubuntu package system.00:36
k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: use the software-center or "apt-get" on the terminal to use the package system00:36
NoobsterMCTorvalGuest59229, i was with you00:38
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Guest55691Tudo bem?00:40
xangua! Pt | Guest5569100:40
ubottuGuest55691: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.00:40
Guest59229NoobsterMCTorval, sorry.. was working.00:41
NoobsterMCTorvalno problem00:41
Guest59229NoobsterMCTorval, so you do the same thing in linux.. extract the zip somewhere (preferably under your /home/NoobsterMCTorval directory.. and execute whatever needs running(binary or script).00:42
NoobsterMCTorvalexecute what ever needs running?00:43
Guest59229NoobsterMCTorval, same as ccleaner... its a program right? Same as whatever you were attempting to run from zip00:43
=== elvis is now known as Guest24343
Guest59229i said whatever needs running, because it could be a program or a script..00:43
Guest59229You know what a .bat file is in windows?00:44
NoobsterMCTorvalno. i have to admit, im not a windows expert either :).00:45
Guest59229oh ok.00:45
NoobsterMCTorvali have seen it before though00:46
Guest59229in short, downloading a zip and running on linux is......well.. shunned upon. Why? There is no way for you(the end user) to know if you should trust it.00:46
Guest59229NoobsterMCTorval, when you use the repos you have a sense of trust since what is allowed in repos is overseen by many sets of eyes.00:46
Guest59229NoobsterMCTorval, a PPA is more-less a user enabled addition to a repo for a specific program...again, you put your trust in the PPA owner.00:47
NoobsterMCTorvalyes, i know and when i use ubuntu for general use i will probably not even use any ppas. i just want to understand how to correctly download them. as well as programs not in the ubuntu repos in case00:48
kinker31Does anyone know how to start a private chat with another user?00:48
nicomachus /query username00:48
nicomachusor /msg username00:48
Guest59229NoobsterMCTorval, not saying PPAs are evil, just beware is all.00:48
NoobsterMCTorvalthey are alot like unknown sources on android.00:49
Guest59229I assume so. I don't mess with my android devices because I need them for work. :/00:50
NoobsterMCTorval i dont either since i dont need any unknown sources. every app i need is on the play store00:50
k1l_!ppa | NoobsterMCTorval00:53
ubottuNoobsterMCTorval: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge00:53
ubottuA !ppa can be added using a single command «  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name » See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding%20PPAs for more details00:53
Koyaanis RAM: 35MiB / 432MiB00:54
Koyaanisfeels good to be running arch00:54
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html00:55
Koyaaniswhat bout u buntu maggs00:55
nicomachus!ot | Koyaanis00:55
ubottuKoyaanis: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:55
NoobsterMCTorvalthanks for the help Guest5922900:56
HazWardHello! I was wondering if it is possible to use BSPWM as the window manager in Unity?00:58
nicomachusHazWard: yes01:05
nicomachusHazWard: this should have all the info you need, just follow the instructions for debian-based distros: https://github.com/windelicato/dotfiles/wiki/bspwm-for-dummies01:06
nicomachusno offense intended by the "for dummies" link... haha01:06
NoobsterMCTorvalcould a manual install that doesnt use any repos but isnt a ppa potenially make your system unstable?01:07
k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: of course01:07
k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: and again: you need to trust the website you get that code from 100%01:08
NoobsterMCTorvalevery single program that runs the ubuntu repos is availible in the software center? just making sure01:09
k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: the software-center is a front-end for the ubuntu repos.01:10
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k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: but dont be confused. you can load .deb files form websites and when you click them they open up in the softwarecenter too. that is because the ubuntu repos work with .deb files. but that "manually loaded .deb file" is still something different then "using the ubuntu repo"01:12
mark____what the hell am i doing01:12
sabrehagenovernight my second monitor drops out. i reboot and i still can't get it to function correctly. i have two benq GW2765 monitors. i have tried swapping the one that drops out with an identical monitor and it works fine, then the identical one has the same symptom. i've tried the open source and the proprietary driver, no difference. this is my xrandr output: http://pastebin.com/i90Qs3wv what might be going01:13
artoisNoobsterMCTorval: you asking if the infrastructure behind the repos is _in_ the repos as well?01:13
NoobsterMCTorvalis it though :)01:14
Guest59229NoobsterMCTorval, technically yes.01:16
Guest59229NoobsterMCTorval, also,. if this helps you reference it.. apt-get is the cli equivalent to the software centre.....that is oversimplifying but IMO true.01:16
k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: software-center is one commanding tool for ubuntu repo. other ons is "apt" in the terminal01:17
NoobsterMCTorvali only really know simple commands. such as sudo apt-get install etc. sudo apt-get update.01:18
NoobsterMCTorvalyeah, i understand what you mean Guest5922901:18
khronosschotyhey guys I was wondering if any of you know if its possible to instruct grub2 to boot in CSM mode?01:19
sabrehagensorry, i got disconnected. did anybody respond to my request?01:19
NoobsterMCTorvali gotta go. Thanks kll_, Guest59229, and artois for the help01:20
nicomachussabrehagen: no, no one did. Did you check your xorg logs for any odd messages?01:20
khronosschotyso if I tell grub to install "--target=i386-pc " with that flag01:24
khronosschotyit will make it boot 32 bit mode right01:24
khronosschotyI hope not01:24
khronosschotyI just want to get grub to boot in CSM mode01:24
khronosschotyand NOT in uefi01:24
deeboshHELLO SYKA BLAT01:29
BiilD73is there an NFS help chat on freenode?01:30
nicomachus!alis | BiilD73 search with this:01:30
ubottuBiilD73 search with this:: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http01:30
khronosschotyI'm soo annoyed lol01:31
khronosschotycant be that hard to just tell grub to boot CSM mode01:31
khronosschotybut yet I cannot figure it out for the life of me01:31
nicomachuskhronosschoty: you need to do that from the BIOS, not grub.01:31
khronosschotybut I do not have bios01:32
k1l_khronosschoty: its not available in secure boot mode01:32
khronosschotyonly emulaged bios01:32
khronosschotyI'm on mac01:32
khronosschotyso no bios but can still boot bios01:32
khronosschotyin theory01:32
khronosschotyfor example I had Windows XP on here once01:32
khronosschotya long time ago01:32
khronosschotyits bios01:32
nicomachuskhronosschoty: easy on the enter key, put things on one line please01:33
khronosschotybut I need CSM mode to use the Driver from Nvidia01:33
khronosschotySo is there really no way to pass instructions to Grub to boot in CSM mode?01:34
nicomachuswhat makes you think you need that for an Nvidia driver...?01:34
khronosschotyBecause Nvidia states that the Linux driver wont work in EFI mode01:34
svetlanayou can ask #nvidia , right ?01:34
khronosschotyand when you install the driver you get a black screen01:34
EriC^^nicomachus: i've seen that from another user too01:34
EriC^^it's a thing01:34
nicomachuswhat? what driver?01:35
svetlanait's not an ubuntu question afaik01:35
khronosschotylol no they released the info on their website a long time ago01:35
EriC^^khronosschoty: there was a workaround for it using efi and still getting it not to overheat and whatnot01:35
deebosh SYKA BLEAT \m/01:37
k1l_deebosh: keep this channel for ubuntu support please01:37
OneM_IndustriesHey, I am attempting to install ubuntu-server, and it is unable to install software or grub on the HDD.01:37
OneM_IndustriesIf you want the logs, I can provide them.01:37
deeboshk1l_, ok :(01:38
OneM_IndustriesI am attempting to install 14.04 (i386), and this is the 4th day of trying and the 11th install try.01:39
Dave553what kind of problems?01:39
OneM_IndustriesFailure to install after failure to install.01:39
Dave553ok. just to be basic. start at the beginning. do you know your iso image is good.01:40
k1l_OneM_Industries: basically it works to install ubuntu. so you need to be a lot more specific and give proper error messages01:40
OneM_IndustriesThis time, it is the software installation and the grub installation.01:40
OneM_IndustriesOk, hold on. I will need to retype them, and they are really, really long.01:40
OneM_IndustriesDave553: The ISO is intact.01:41
k1l_OneM_Industries: what machine is that?01:41
OneM_Industriesk1l_: Old. 1GB ram, 80GB SATA drive fitted with a SATA to IDE adapter.01:41
nicomachusk1l_: he's had 12 failed installs. the hardware is dead. it's gotta be.01:41
OneM_IndustriesThe hardware is fine.01:41
OneM_IndustriesI have tested the ram, the HDD, and the CPU.01:42
EriC^^ok so what happens when you install? OneM_Industries01:42
OneM_IndustriesThis time, it got to the software installation step and failed, so I tried to skip that and go to grub install, but that failed too.01:43
OneM_IndustriesLet me retype the error from grub.01:43
k1l_picture works too01:44
OneM_Industriesin-target: Unexpected error; command not executed: 'sh -c debconfig-apt-progress --no-progress --logstderr --   apt-get -q -y --no-remove install grub-common01:44
Guest59229OneM_Industries, old HDD...probably faulty. you can test from live distro tho.01:45
OneM_IndustriesGuest59229: The HDD is known good.01:45
khronosschotythis was the article I read01:45
khronosschotyso I know that someone did claim to find a work around01:45
k1l_khronosschoty: you know that is from 2013?01:45
OneM_IndustriesAlso, there was more, so I will keep typing.01:46
khronosschotyI'd rather just boot in CSM mode01:46
k1l_ah, the answer is form 2015.01:46
OneM_IndustriesOh, wait.01:46
EriC^^khronosschoty: yeah that looks like the workaround i saw01:46
khronosschotybut I cannot use it01:46
OneM_IndustriesNo, that is not important.01:46
k1l_khronosschoty: there is not mentioned CSM anythere.01:46
EriC^^the user never tried it so i can't claim it works or not01:46
khronosschotywhats update-grub do01:47
EriC^^khronosschoty: you want to convert to legacy?01:47
llldinoI'm trying to kill a mount process, kill and kill -9 are not working01:47
khronosschotyI want to convert to legacy01:47
EriC^^khronosschoty: just makes the grub.cfg file01:47
EriC^^khronosschoty: ok, are you in the ubuntu install right now?01:47
khronosschotyis there a way to update the grub cfg without running that?01:47
OneM_IndustriesSo, anyone have any ideas?01:47
k1l_khronosschoty: update-grub runs the grub scripts like searching for new kernels or other OS and includes them01:47
EriC^^llldino: any open files?01:47
khronosschotykk got it01:48
OneM_IndustriesI can live without additional software for now, I just want to get the install to work.01:48
llldinoNo, the kill command exits on 0 too01:48
Guest59229OneM_Industries,  try another distro? Try another install medium(dvd vs. usb)?01:48
k1l_OneM_Industries: that single errormessage doesnt tell anything.01:49
OneM_IndustriesLet me rephrase that, can I fix this install without restarting?01:49
sam_yanI can  not find how did gdm start a gnome-session01:49
k1l_OneM_Industries: we still dont know what to fix. so we cant answer that01:49
OneM_IndustriesLet me upload the full log, hold on.01:49
OneM_IndustriesFirst, figuring out how to do so.01:50
Guest59229PS: You don't need to type out a hundred lines dude.. don't flood the channel.. type it on one line please01:51
OneM_IndustriesNo, I will pastebin it.01:52
OneM_Industries100 lines? Try 10,000.01:52
k1l_OneM_Industries: i would look out what the first error was. i suspect the "not installing grub" error just to be the minor issue.01:53
jdwwattskill -all01:53
wfreemanIs there a a simple way to configure Lubuntu to respond automatically to connecting/disconnecting a monitor?01:53
EriC^^wfreeman: udev rule01:53
OneM_IndustriesUh oh.01:54
OneM_IndustriesI can't get to the USB drive from the shell...01:54
BiilD73does anyone have and id10t proof howto for NFS shares mount at /media/user/(3 sep drives)01:55
wfreemanEriC^^: Looks like something I'll have to read a bunch of documentation for, which is fine -- something I should know. It seems like udev rules can make the system run certain commands on monitor connect/disconnect events, but how do I (from the console) do things like resize the desktop, move the panel, etc? (Is there documentation somewhere for this?)01:56
EriC^^that would have to be lubuntu specific or openbox specific wfreeman01:57
EriC^^wfreeman: to change the resolution you can use xrandr01:57
wfreemanah, okay. Thanks.01:57
EriC^^no problem01:58
wfreemanlxde is just so much more stable and lightweight than KDE -- I like everything about it *except* the multimonitor handling, which is nonexistent01:58
OneM_IndustriesHey, how do I set the permissions of a drive in the busybox shell so that I can actually upload the logfile?01:59
Guest59229wfreeman, have you considered xfce?02:00
wfreemanGuest59229: no, but I should. I'll download it once I'm on an unmetered internet connection and try it out.02:00
wfreemanThanks for the suggestion.02:00
JokesOnYou77Hi all02:01
=== a1steak is now known as a1s
JokesOnYou77I just installed gcc through apt and /usr/lib/gcc/ exists, but there's no link in /usr/bin.  What have I done wrong?02:02
OneM_IndustriesRight, how would I from busybox transfer a file to an external drive? Right now I am trying cat /var/log/syslog | /media/test, which returns Permission denied.02:02
wfreemanJokesOnYou77: what does "which gcc" report?02:02
Guest59229OneM_Industries,  sudo cp /foo/bar /media/test02:02
OneM_Industries /bin/sh: sudo: not found02:03
Jordan_UOneM_Industries: That permissions denied is because you're trying to *execute* the file /media/test. I don't think that's what you really want to do.02:04
EriC^^OneM_Industries: i think you mixed > with |02:04
EriC^^| = pipe, > = redirection02:04
OneM_IndustriesYeah, I did.02:04
JokesOnYou77wfreeman, outputs nothing02:05
Jordan_UOneM_Industries: You're already root, so no sudo needed. And while cat + '>' can allow you to copy files, cp is much more clear and straightforward.02:05
wfreemanJokesOnYou77: and you installed gcc with "sudo apt-get install gcc" or similar?02:05
* nastrona1t 02:05
OneM_IndustriesArg, no file in the drive...02:05
JokesOnYou77wfreeman, Yes.  I'm assuming `which` finds nothing because there's no symlink to /usr/lib/gcc/ in /usr/bin so there02:06
JokesOnYou77's nothing in the $PATH02:06
OneM_IndustriesNow the drive is not even showing up in /dev...02:07
Jordan_UJokesOnYou77: sudo update-alternatives --config gcc02:07
JokesOnYou77Jordan_U, no alternatives for gcc02:07
Jordan_UJokesOnYou77: sudo dpkg --configure -a #Maybe the package didn't finish configuring.02:07
JokesOnYou77Maybe if I just create the link it will work... (have no fear, this is in a VM so if I mess up I can reset)02:08
OneM_IndustriesIt copied over!02:08
wfreemanYeah, that sounds like a bad/incomplete install of gcc02:08
OneM_IndustriesHoly cow, it is 20,000 lines long.02:08
Jordan_UJokesOnYou77: I'm curious why you're in this state in the first place, and would rather try to figure that out and fix the root cause than just work around one symptom and possibly have it bite you in another way down the line.02:09
wfreemanBut /usr/lib/gcc/ is a directory, while /usr/bin/gcc is an actual binary02:09
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ZeranoeI mistakingly removed an xorg package that was needed. How can I enter the console right away during boot to fix it by installing the package again02:09
wfreemanZeranoe: can you hit ctrl-alt-f4 or similar to switch to a different virtual terminal and log in?02:09
Zeranoewfreeman: Good idea, lemme try02:10
wfreemanZeranoe: that's sort of my "shit, I broke X" panic button02:10
JokesOnYou77Jordan_U, All I did was `# apt-get install gcc` that's all.  It's a docker image which may be a part of it.  Hmmm, maybe I'll just install build-essential02:10
JokesOnYou77I'll start a new image and see what that does02:10
ZeranoeAnd what's a good way to search all the xorg packages? aptitude search xorg ?02:11
Jordan_UJokesOnYou77: Certain docker images are going to be so custom that we can't reasonably support them as "Ubuntu" here. I don't know if that's the case here, but something this basic not working suggests it might be.02:12
JokesOnYou77Zeranoe, apt-cache search packagename02:12
JokesOnYou77Got it!  needed --fix-missing for apt.  Should have caught that in the log output the first time around.  Srry :P02:15
OneM_IndustriesSo, looks like the router went out again.02:16
OneM_IndustriesThe log copied over, it is 20,000 lines long. Any ideas on things that I could search for to make this take less time? I do not have the time to read all 20,000 lines.02:17
erickhi have need of help with zorin02:18
=== erick is now known as Guest85212
Guest85212anyone available?02:19
lotuspsychjeGuest85212: we only support ubuntu here mate02:19
Guest85212do you know how i can find a zorin channel?02:19
lotuspsychje!alis | Guest85212 (if its on freenode)02:19
ubottuGuest85212 (if its on freenode): alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http02:19
Zeranoewfreeman: Back in business, thanks02:21
* wfreeman remembers his days of broken XF86Config files and the like02:22
poutinewfreeman, got some of them ModeLines?02:22
wfreemanThankfully not any more!02:23
ZeranoeMore of a general linux question, but if a patch is created from a file with diff, and that file is modified so that the original patch section is no longer at the same line number, will patch properly apply it?02:33
Jordan_UZeranoe: If only the line number has changed, and it's a diff with context (like a unified diff or git diff) then there will be no problem applying the patch. For more discussion on this maybe try ##linux, #git (if you use git for creating and applying your diffs), or another more appropriate channel.02:36
ZeranoeJordan_U: It is unified so that answers my question. Thanks02:36
Jordan_UZeranoe: You're welcome. Also remember that if there have been relevant changes to the program, even in other files or other libraries, that could cause the patch to lead to unintended operation even if it applies properly.02:38
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recurziveHi. Is there any scriptable solution to pack and unpack multipart .zip files in Ubuntu?02:45
rootHow I install VLC?02:45
=== root is now known as Guest82678
Sebastienhello, i am not too sure how to set/see crontabs.02:47
Sebastiencan anyone help out ? :p02:47
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cpp_shillroot: sudo apt-get install vlc02:51
cpp_shillGuest82678: sudo apt-get install vlc02:52
somsipSebastien: crontab -e to edit your own crontab, lots of info on cron here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cron02:54
Sebastienty someone02:54
Sebastiensomsip *02:54
raspberrypifanwhats openstack Reo03:18
delti'm trying to make a .desktop file point to an icon, but it's not working.... the icon is present both as a .svg file in "scalable" and a png in 64x6403:24
svetlanadelt: please detail what it does instead of working03:24
deltsvetlana: displays an empty icon03:25
deltshould my .deb package update some icon cache or something?03:25
svetlanamaybe upload your file and your icon somewhere, and a volunteer would test it for you03:26
guest81093if i setup iptables for filtering traffic(filter table) will ufw have any effect on packet filtering?03:27
deltsvetlana: ok, uploading...03:27
svetlanadon't count on me, please (i don't have an ubuntu desktop near me)03:27
svetlanajust share the detail and someone else would hopefully pick it up03:27
ballmerubuntu won't run on my apple IIe so I have to wing it too03:29
rodney77hello, i disabled usb 2 support in my bios, added blacklist-xhci_hcd.conf to /etc/modprobe.d with "blacklist xhci_hcd", and yet when I run lsusb -t, my bus still says 'Driver=xhci_hcd/4p'03:30
guest81093if iptables is setup to filter traffic then do i need ufw to filter packets?03:30
rodney77i'm trying to downgrade usb3 to usb2 so my usb audio card will work03:30
ubottusbackup is a tool to create complete and/or incremental backups (which can be scheduled to be automatic, and can be done over a network). It is available in !Universe03:32
deltsvetlana: the icon is present as /usr/share/icons/hicolor/64/apps/assbleep.png and /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/assbleep.svg - and the "icon" entry in the .desktop file is simply "icon=assbleep"03:33
deltsvetlana: the /usr/share/.../*.{svg,png} also have symlinks in /usr/local/share/(corresponding directory)/.. pointing to them03:33
svetlanadon't ask me, please, i don't have an ubuntu computer in front of me right now03:34
deltok, sorry03:34
delti thought you might just know the answer without testing it03:34
SchrodingersScatguest81093: I thought ufw was a frontend to iptables03:35
guest81093so its possible to use just iptables and remove ufw?03:36
guest81093and filter packets/traffic with iptables only?03:36
SchrodingersScatyes, ufw is only to control iptables rules, if you understand iptables fine then you should be good, yes?03:37
guest81093ufw gets in the way of iptables rules when i create iptables filtering rules03:38
guest81093if i remove it and just edit iptables will packet filtering still work?03:39
SchrodingersScatguest81093: you'll obviously lose anything ufw is doing for you automatically03:42
guest81093thats the thing, i dont know what ufw is doing, i want just iptables03:43
guest81093so should i just get rid of ufw and redo firewall in iptables?03:43
SchrodingersScatshould probably read the manual03:43
guest81093i know iptables, but not ufw, so should i just remove ufw and use iptables only?03:45
SchrodingersScatThat's up to you :)03:45
guest81093i mean if ubuntu is using ufw(somehow?) and i want to use iptables only will it effect the firewall functionality?03:47
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lernerHELP!!! Type the following command create a mapping: # cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/xvdc backup 2. Is mapping gonna label dev/xvdc as backup 2?04:00
Sebastiensomsip: would this be valid? * 2 * * * /home/stats/pisg-0.73/pisg04:01
Sebastiento run /pisg every 2 hours ?04:01
somsipSebastien: */2 not 204:01
Sebastien* /2 * * * /home/stats/pisg-0.73/pisg04:02
Sebastienlike this  ?04:02
somsipSebastien: no, */204:02
svetlana* */2 * * * /home/stats/pisg-0.73/pisg04:02
Sebastienoh ok04:02
trismdelt: the icon themes in /usr/share/icons are cached, so new icons won't be found unless the cache is refreshed, it is better just to use the absolute path to the icon in the .desktop file or put it somewhere else04:03
LoshkiCan anyone tell me if this is fixed, and if so, how to check I have this fix? http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-cve-2016-0728-0-day-local-privilege-escalation-vulnerability-fix/04:04
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2016-0728)04:04
lotuspsychje!usn | Loshki did you check here04:05
ubottuLoshki did you check here: Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn for information about Ubuntu security updates.04:05
Loshkilotuspsychje: I will, thanks.04:05
The_Letter_MHello ALl04:06
deltThe_Letter_M: do you come from sesame street? :D04:06
lotuspsychje!behelpful | delt04:07
ubottudelt: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.04:07
dengxinjunGet steam to me.please04:08
deltsorry (:04:08
somsip!steam | dengxinjun04:08
ubottudengxinjun: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.04:08
The_Letter_MNope. I do have a question though: I have a UEFI system with Windows on /dev/sda and Ubuntu on /dev/sdb. Ubuntu is using BTRFS and I recently did a fresh install of Windows and now I'm trying to recover my Linux install. I thought it would be a simple "Boot off USB. Mount the old system, chroot to it, and run grub-install. After booting off the USB I remembered it's UEFI and BTRFS which complicates things. Can anyone offer some04:09
The_Letter_Mdirection to help me recover the install?04:09
lotuspsychje!uefi | The_Letter_M maybe usefull info here04:12
ubottuThe_Letter_M maybe usefull info here: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI04:12
EriC^^The_Letter_M: install the btrfs tools package04:12
The_Letter_MEriC^^, on the live USB or the system I'm trying to recover?04:13
EriC^^live usb04:13
The_Letter_MThey're already there04:14
EriC^^ok mount the rootfs under /mnt04:14
EriC^^mount the /boot partition under /mnt/boot04:16
The_Letter_Mwhat if I didn't use a boot partition?04:17
EriC^^that's fine, i think grub can handle btrfs /boot04:17
EriC^^type ls -l /mnt/boot04:17
The_Letter_Mnormally on servers I do but this is my home desktop. I didn't care to have a separate part04:17
The_Letter_Mwith BTRFS it's /mnt/@/boot04:18
EriC^^you ran sudo mount /dev/sdxY /mnt earlier?04:19
EriC^^or mount -o subvol=@ /dev/sdxY /mnt ?04:19
The_Letter_MI just remounted it with mount -o subvol=@ /dev/sdxY /mnt04:20
EriC^^if ls -l /mnt/boot is all there, type for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done04:21
The_Letter_Mdo I need to cd into /boot first?04:22
Loshkilotuspsychje: I checked, and there are updates for that bug, ty. A reminder to everyone to keep their systems updated.04:22
lotuspsychjeLoshki: correct04:23
EriC^^The_Letter_M: do you have a /mnt/boot/efi dir?04:25
EriC^^ok, can you pastebin sudo parted -l ?04:25
khronosschotyhey EriC^^ thanks for the help I got that work around working after all04:28
khronosschotygrub did the trick04:28
EriC^^khronosschoty: ? kinker?04:28
khronosschotydunno know what kinker is maybe he wrote the guide and I missed his name04:28
khronosschotythe guide on EFI boot and nvidia driver04:28
khronosschotybut it worked04:28
EriC^^khronosschoty: ohh, ok04:29
EriC^^cool :)04:29
khronosschotywith grub like the guide said04:29
EriC^^thought you were someone else at first04:29
EriC^^that's awesome04:29
The_Letter_MEriC^^, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14580351/04:30
EriC^^The_Letter_M: pastebin /mnt/etc/fstab and sudo blkid /dev/sda204:30
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The_Letter_MEriC^^, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1458037604:34
EriC^^sudo blkid /dev/sda204:34
EriC^^i'm trying to see if your install is using the windows efi partition on the other disk04:35
The_Letter_Mthe blkid command is on the bottom there04:35
The_Letter_MEriC^^, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1458039904:38
lerneryoutube-dl returned this: ERROR: unable to download video info webpage: <urlopen error EOF occurred in violation of protocol (_ssl.c:590)> (caused by URLError(SSLEOFError(8, u'EOF occurred in violation of protocol (_ssl.c:590)'),))04:38
lernerwhat is it?04:38
EriC^^The_Letter_M: try sudo chroot /mnt04:39
EriC^^The_Letter_M: then mount -a04:39
EriC^^The_Letter_M: did there used to be an efi partition on the linux disk?04:40
The_Letter_MI get "mount: can't find UUID=B8D2-E11D"04:40
EriC^^yeah, it looks like it's using an efi partition that isn't there anymore04:41
The_Letter_MNo I didn't have an EFI partition.04:41
EriC^^you can use the windows one, but your linux install won't be a standalone install anymore, you'll always need the windows drive plugged in to boot it04:41
The_Letter_MMaybe Windows messed it up when I did the fresh install04:41
llldinoSeems like I'm not the only one confused by UEFI :D04:42
juniourhow can i partation the mounted drive04:42
EriC^^The_Letter_M: if you want, you can remove some of the swap partition and turn it into an efi partition for linux04:42
Loshkilerner: youtube changes their page formats a lot, and so youtube-dl goes out of date quickly. Find the most recent version available and try again with it.04:43
The_Letter_MThank you for all your help EriC^^04:43
The_Letter_MI've never attempted to recover a system using UEFI or BTRFS before04:43
EriC^^no problem04:43
EriC^^you can slap windows efi there as a temporary fix if you want since you're already chrooted04:44
EmeraldExplorerAnyone know the best way to schedule ncftp tasks? For example finish downloading one thing and then immediately download another directory04:44
EriC^^or just make its own efi right now it's pretty straightforward04:44
The_Letter_MSo do I just run grub-install to get grub working again?04:44
wizkddI can't seem to get my edits to my mtab to mount on bootup04:45
EriC^^The_Letter_M: no, do you want to make an efi partition for it or use the windows one?04:45
The_Letter_MI'll resize the swap and make an EFI partition04:45
EriC^^The_Letter_M: ok, type exit04:46
EriC^^The_Letter_M: then sudo cgdisk /dev/sdb04:46
EriC^^The_Letter_M: if you haven't typed exit yet, try swapoff -a04:46
The_Letter_MI'm in cgdisk04:47
The_Letter_Mhow much would I need for EFI04:47
LoshkiEmeraldExplorer: ncftpget (and friends) is tailored for scripting unattended runs04:47
EriC^^The_Letter_M: ok, delete the swap partition, and make a 300mb efi partition ( hex code ef00 )04:48
EmeraldExplorerLoshki: that is good. Im a newb at ssh scripts though... what should I use to trigger my next command?04:48
The_Letter_MEriC^^, done and done04:50
The_Letter_Mnew EFI and new Swap are written04:50
EriC^^The_Letter_M: ok, create a swap partition with the rest of the space, hex code 830004:50
The_Letter_MI've left cgdisk04:51
EriC^^The_Letter_M: get the name of the efi partition, and run sudo mkfs.fat -F 32 /dev/sdxY04:51
EriC^^and sudo mkswap /dev/sdxY for the swap04:52
wizkdddoes anyone know why my entries to mtab doesn't take affect on bootup04:52
LoshkiEmeraldExplorer: start with the ncftpget man page and see how to invoke it from the command line. Once you get that working, we can script them by putting those same commands into a file04:52
EriC^^wizkdd: are you trying to mount stuff on bootup?04:53
EriC^^wizkdd: use /etc/fstab04:53
wizkddI want to mount a device then a sub folder to a home directory04:53
LoshkiEmeraldExplorer: also, sh and ssh are two different things. Don't get them confused. We're talking about "sh" here.04:54
EmeraldExplorerjust stupid typo04:54
EmeraldExplorerbut yeah thanks for the information ill do my research :)04:54
wizkdddoes it matter if mtab or fstab?04:54
EriC^^wizkdd: mtab just keeps the records of what's mounted04:54
wizkddso it shouldn't be a problem to mount a device then --bind mount a sub directory04:55
The_Letter_MEriC^^, they are both formatted04:56
EriC^^The_Letter_M: ok, type sudo blkid | grep sdb04:56
EriC^^get their uuid's and replace in /mnt/etc/fstab04:57
wizkdd_got disconnected04:57
EriC^^yeah there shouldn't be a problem to mount then mount --bind04:58
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wizkdd_is there a way to mount a sub folder from a device without mounting a device05:00
EriC^^ok, try sudo chroot /mnt05:07
The_Letter_MI'm already chrooted05:07
EriC^^ok, try mount /dev/sdxY /boot/efi05:08
EriC^^for the efi partition05:08
EriC^^ok, try grub-install05:08
The_Letter_MI got "** Warning ** : Boot000b is not EFI 1.10 compliant (lowercase hex in name)" then "Installation finished. No error reported"05:10
EriC^^ok, try update-grub05:11
EriC^^type efibootgr -v05:11
EriC^^and pastebin the output05:11
EriC^^* efibootmgr -v05:12
The_Letter_MEriC^^, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1458059205:13
deltSOLVED - my icon file was gzipped, but had a .svg filename05:14
The_Letter_Mthere's an entry for an old install of Fedora and I haven't figured out how to remove it05:14
EriC^^it's efibootmgr -B -b <hex number>05:15
The_Letter_Mgood to know05:16
The_Letter_MSo I should unmount everything and reboot at this point?05:17
EriC^^well yeah, unless you want to remove the extra efi entry05:17
EriC^^type exit, and then just reboot, it'll take care of everything05:17
The_Letter_MI removed it05:17
The_Letter_MWoot Woot!!!05:20
The_Letter_MIt worked05:20
The_Letter_MThank you so much05:20
EriC^^no problem05:21
The_Letter_MAnd now I know05:21
The_Letter_MI had a laptop that dual booted and every time Windows ran updates it wiped out grub so I'd have to use a USB drive and chroot to it. But It was just an ext4 FS w/o UEFI and only took a few minutes to do05:22
The_Letter_MInt he back of my mind this was going to be the same process05:23
llldinoSpeaking of grub, I have no grub theme defined in my /etc/default/grub config file, and according to /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme, I have a line which is "set_default_theme". Where can I find the options for "default theme"?05:23
llldinoAh actually it gets defined in the same script05:24
wizkdd_I had a abrupt shutdown... that seem to cause my grub file to be corrupted, and cause my kernel to panic on starup... does anyone know what a poweroff would cause this05:26
The_Letter_Mwizkdd_, when you boot back up do you get a boot menu at all? If so, what happens if you select an older kernel?05:29
=== homiechambers is now known as nchambers
wizkdd__no just the grub rescue05:30
The_Letter_Mfrom the grub rescue, try booting into a previous kernel05:30
Y4kuziI wonder if there is any BCM43142 fix out there for 4th Gen HP laptops, it's killing me that I keep getting lag/disconnections05:31
lotuspsychje!b43 | Y4kuzi05:31
ubottuY4kuzi: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:31
wizkdd__every kernel panic05:31
Y4kuziI know, read it all, didn't help05:31
lotuspsychjeY4kuzi: wich ubuntu version05:31
Y4kuziUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS05:32
wizkdd__I hab about three kernels in my boot folder and they all panic05:32
Y4kuzionly update & upgrade from normal repo's05:32
Y4kuzinothing modified05:32
lotuspsychjeY4kuzi: did you check your iso for broadcom driver05:32
Y4kuziI downloaded this one, http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/ubuntu-14.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso05:33
lotuspsychjeY4kuzi: one of the folders contain a broadcom firmware05:33
Y4kuzieverything was included, it all worked, but not stable05:33
lotuspsychje!info firmware-b43-installer | Y4kuzi tried this one?05:34
ubottuY4kuzi tried this one?: firmware-b43-installer (source: b43-fwcutter): firmware installer for the b43 driver. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:019-2 (wily), package size 4 kB, installed size 56 kB05:34
Y4kuziYes, I tried all the obvious Google solutions05:34
lotuspsychjeY4kuzi: what about other ubuntu versions?05:35
Y4kuzibut I'm already glad that I have a connection in the first place, I just wish it somehow got better. On my Windows 10 dual boot I can get a stable connection for days, though, so it's not my hardware05:35
Y4kuziNot sure, haven't tried any other yet, I really like Ubuntu05:36
lotuspsychjeY4kuzi: i mean like 15.10 ubuntu or so?05:36
lotuspsychjeY4kuzi: maybe its a kernel issue on your wifi05:36
lotuspsychjeY4kuzi: can you check if you have linux-firmware installed correctly also05:37
llldinoEriC^^, Are you still there? I can't boot into my sytsem using EFI now ><05:37
Y4kuzilinux-firmware is already the newest version.05:38
Y4kuzilinux-firmware set to manually installed.05:38
lotuspsychjeok good05:38
Y4kuziI do all regular update and upgrade's05:38
lotuspsychjeY4kuzi: additional driver doesnt show any other drivers STA broadcom or something?05:38
The_Letter_Mwizkdd__, at this point you're gonna want to boot off a USB drive and recover it05:39
Y4kuziWhat do you mean lotuspsychje ?05:39
lotuspsychjeY4kuzi: the additional drivers section (hardware icon) can you check it please05:39
wizkdd__I had to install on a different partition then boot the drive to recover my files05:40
=== TheFreakler is now known as Al3x_10m
wizkdd__but I wanted to know what an abrut powerdown wold cause so much problem05:40
Y4kuziThe STA driver is what I am currently using05:41
Y4kuziidk if that's what you mean05:41
Y4kuziBroadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driver source from bcmwl-kernel-source (proprietary)05:42
lotuspsychjeY4kuzi: ok try installing that firmware please05:42
lotuspsychjeY4kuzi: firmware-b43-installer05:43
Y4kuzi<Y4kuzi> The STA driver is what I am currently using05:43
Y4kuziI already tried those, I Googled and tried everything I came across, but for some reason it doesn't fix the stability for me05:44
Y4kuziit works for a few hours and them it randomly disconnects. During walks, (afk), movies (semi-afk) youtube, dev, etc...05:45
lotuspsychjeY4kuzi: most users with broadcom connecting issues, got solved by other firmware05:46
lotuspsychjeY4kuzi: i also suggest testing 15.10 and compare if things get better05:50
=== dw2 is now known as dw1
Y4kuzilotuspsychje, I have tried all known firmware from Google searches and personal research05:53
lotuspsychjeY4kuzi: did you install ubuntu with internet enabled + updates during setup also?05:53
Y4kuzihowever I could still try 15.10 though, but what I've understood is that it isn't quite recommended compared to 14.0405:53
EriC^^llldino: hey, what do you mean?05:54
Shibei need to install libsdl2:i386 on trusty tahr05:54
Shibebut it says it depends on libwayland-egl05:54
Y4kuzilotuspsychje, I even tried all possible install options05:54
lotuspsychjeY4kuzi: LTS is pretty stable for use indeed, and i also think broadcom is fixable on trusty05:54
Shibeand i am using nvidia05:54
llldinoEriC^^, In my BIOS boot options the option to boot Debian in UEFI is gone05:55
llldinoI suspect its because I ran update-grub earlier05:55
lotuspsychje!info libsdl2 trusty05:55
ubottuPackage libsdl2 does not exist in trusty05:55
EriC^^llldino: oh, no that shouldn't affect it05:55
Y4kuziI am using LTS05:55
Shibei need i386 version for witcher 205:55
lotuspsychjeShibe: i think i saw that package mentioning in #ubuntu-release recently05:55
Y4kuziso what do you mean by Trusty Tahr? It's the same thing05:55
lotuspsychjeShibe: i think they working on that...05:55
EriC^^llldino: boot a live usb and add the entry manually05:55
Y4kuziI am using Trusty Tahr05:56
CalebWHello, gparted keeps crashing whenever I try to resize or move a partition05:56
llldinoEriC^^, What do you mean?05:56
Shibelotuspsychje: wayland became enabled by default for sdl recently05:57
Shibei think that is issue05:57
EriC^^llldino: sudo efibootmgr -c -w -l \\EFI\\grub\\grubx64.efi -L "Lubuntu" -p X -d /dev/sdY05:57
lotuspsychjeShibe: you could ask in #ubuntu-release whats going on exactly05:57
EriC^^llldino: use the actual path to the efi file and the X is the partition number, Y the disk, change Lubuntu to debian05:57
llldinowhat was the option for grub-install again? grub-install --efi-directory=/boot/efi? I ran grub install again hoping it would fix it05:58
lotuspsychjeY4kuzi: try 15.10 or file a bug against 14.04 togheter with your syslog and dmesg05:58
EriC^^llldino: yeah that's it, were you chrooted?05:58
lotuspsychjeCalebW: any errors on crash?05:58
CalebW*** Error in `/usr/sbin/gpartedbin': free(): invalid pointer: 0x00000000028a9d30 ***05:59
CalebW/usr/sbin/gparted: line 179:  4117 Aborted                 (core dumped) $BASE_CMD05:59
lotuspsychjeCalebW: how did you start gparted?06:00
llldinoHold on, i'kll try again06:00
CalebWsudo gparted06:00
lotuspsychjeCalebW: gksu gparted instead06:00
CalebWwhat does that do?06:01
lotuspsychje!gksu | CalebW06:01
ubottuCalebW: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)06:01
l_!gksu |06:05
ubottu: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)06:05
CalebWstill crashes though with a different error message06:05
l_!gksu |06:05
svetlanait already said it recently, so it won't repeat now, l_06:05
lotuspsychje!msgthebot | l_06:06
ubottul_: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".06:06
l_so ,he is an droid06:06
svetlanayes, she is a bot06:06
nicomachusthat factoid is also a bit dated...06:07
CalebWdang, sorry that didn't include the error message06:07
llldinoEriC^^, Yeah I added the new entry to efibootmgr manually, and I saw the old entry was there anyways06:07
llldinoI tried running grub-install with the --efi-directrory option again06:08
llldinoIt's like my BIOS can't detect it's EFI partition06:08
EriC^^what happens when you boot?06:09
llldinoIt boots via Legacy OS06:09
llldinoWhen I turn CSM off it doesn't even show up06:09
lotuspsychjeCalebW: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gparted/+bug/131360006:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1313600 in gparted (Ubuntu) "gparted crashes when trying to resize fat32 partition on live USB" [High,Confirmed]06:09
EriC^^llldino: if you remove the linux disk and boot with CSM off what happens?06:10
llldinoIt'll just boot my LiveUSB or whatever else I've defined06:10
CalebWNot just FAT3206:10
lotuspsychjeCalebW: add your experience to this existing bug please, maybe things will speed up for solving06:10
CalebWalso ext406:10
EriC^^llldino: it doesn't boot windows?06:10
lotuspsychjeCalebW: good, add it to the bug06:11
llldinoEriC^^, Yeah it probably would, Haven't tried it06:11
CalebWAlright, never done this before, will I need to register on launchpad?06:12
llldinoI have an override option in the BIOS I use instead of letting it do the boot order06:12
lotuspsychje!bug | CalebW06:12
ubottuCalebW: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.06:12
l_!64bit | l06:15
ubottul: AMD64 and Intel 64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. Consider using 64-bit if your memory ussage exceeds 4GB. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/32bit_and_64bit06:15
lotuspsychjel_: stop that please06:15
lotuspsychjel_: use the bot in query06:16
svetlanal_: i am now in #ubuntu-bots to play with it, too06:16
lotuspsychje!msgthebot > l_ not here in the chat06:17
ubottul_, please see my private message06:17
l_ok, i've got the order06:18
l_trying to explor sth fine and efficent06:19
lotuspsychjel_: apt-cache search yourpackage to the rescue06:20
ofaqhow do I prevent cpu throttling?06:21
CalebWBy the way, is there any way around this bug?06:24
lotuspsychjeCalebW: what do you mean06:25
CalebWWell, I really need to shrink this partition.06:26
CalebWIs there any other way I could do it?06:26
nicomachusgparted from a live usb06:28
l_why not use fdisk?06:29
CalebWHow will that be any better?06:29
CalebWgparted from a live usb06:29
lotuspsychjeCalebW: try the sugestion06:30
lotuspsychjeCalebW: gparted from live06:31
lotuspsychjeCalebW: or try the disk tool from ubuntu06:31
Shibelotuspsychje: purging the ppa did nothing06:32
VolkodavHi I am getting this error while updating - was dragging for 2 weeks http://paste.ubuntu.com/14494895/06:32
lotuspsychjeShibe: then try file a bug as #ubuntu-release suggested06:33
Shibehow do i do that?06:33
lotuspsychje!bug | Shibe06:33
ubottuShibe: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.06:33
xanguaVolkodav: http://askubuntu.com/questions/603295/how-to-fix-dpkg-error-2 fount this in 2 minutes (¿)06:34
ndickiam install packet tracer on ubuntu 15.10 but when i run packet tracer is not open06:37
Volkodavxangua: an error is different in my case06:38
c|onemanndick: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=207696206:39
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ram_hello good morning from Helsinki07:04
ram_I have ubuntu 14 lts on my thinkpad s44007:05
ram_and once in a while when i try to shutdown it freezes07:05
UfwFTWMorning all.07:07
ram_has anyone has this problem07:08
UfwFTWIs anyone able to help me with a command for UFW? Forums and Google have not helped me. I need to put a rule in UFW to only allow mail out on port 25 out to a specific smtp server's IP.07:09
=== mboeru is now known as Guest68825
Jordan_UUfwFTW: If you don't get an answer here, try #ubuntu-server.07:13
cpaelzerUfwFTW: shouldn't that be "ufw allow 25/tcp out on eth1 to TARGETIP/8"07:13
cpaelzerah no I mixed routes and rules07:13
cpaelzerwait a sec07:13
cpaelzerUfwFTW: "ufw allow proto tcp from YOURIP to TARGETIP port 25"07:15
cpaelzerUfwFTW: this is more or less from the manpage, under the section07:16
cpaelzerUfwFTW: "Users can also use a fuller syntax, specifying the source and destination addresses and ports. This syntax is loosely based on OpenBSD's PF syntax. For example"07:16
guest91073if i remove ufw(ie want to use only iptables), will ubuntu(ie the OS) expect to find ufw config or iptables config for packet filtering?07:16
cpaelzerguest91073: AFAIK ufw is just programming iptables via a simpler interface07:19
guest91073to technically iptables is what matters07:20
guest91073ie iptables config is what matters, ufw just configs iptables in simpler way?07:20
cpaelzerguest91073: yep, you can e.g. check the rules ufw programmed with "iptables -L -n" or so at any time07:20
mich_looking for laptop in south africa with ubuntu preinstalled07:20
cpaelzerguest91073: consider it a different UI, not a different firewall07:20
guest91073so if(when) i remove ufw i just need to reconfig iptables by removing ufw chains?07:21
cpaelzerguest91073: you mean to get rid of the formerly ufw programmed rules?07:21
guest91073yea the ufw related iptables config07:21
cpaelzerguest91073: IMHO even without uninstalling an "ufw disable" should clean up the ufw induced rules07:23
cpaelzerguest91073: you might want to disable it in /usr/share/ufw/ufw.conf as well for persitency07:23
guest91073were talking the ufw service?07:24
guest91073you mean disable the ufw service(like sudo service ufw stop), but on permanent basis?07:25
cpaelzerguest91073: that is the config that will tell the service to start or not "...Set to yes to start on boot..."07:25
HeavenSuckshow can I reset my fontconfig?07:25
cpaelzerguest91073: you know the service should be default on, but decides ont he config file to actually start or not07:25
guest91073if i completly remove it, and reconfig the iptables rules, will firewall work fine?07:25
guest91073i mean like apt-get remove or purge07:26
cpaelzerguest91073: that is required especially for remote systems, as you not want it to start before you made a hole for you to still log in :-)07:26
HeavenSucksall fonts are set to Abyssinica SIL07:26
cpaelzerguest91073: it won't have any of the rules you had by ufw, but other than that if you have another frontend or configure iptables on your own it will work07:26
=== l is now known as Guest54398
cpaelzerguest91073: as I said, "ufw disable" should be enough, but you can go all the way to purge if you hate it for some reasons :-)07:27
guest91073ok lets say my goal it to remove ufw, if i remove the package and completly reconfigure iptables will it work fine just like it did with ufw(but ofc without)?07:27
guest91073ok thanks07:27
=== Guest54398 is now known as l_dogge
l_doggehow could i deal with this problem"linux guest additions installer not found"07:27
cpaelzerl_dogge: is that from virtualbox?07:28
guest91073cpaelzer, so purge ufw, flush iptables, and restart and firewall will work fine from there?07:28
guest91073once configured of course07:28
cpaelzerguest91073: once configured, yes07:29
guest91073ok got it thanks :)07:29
cpaelzerguest91073: or long story short - ufw needs iptables, but not vice versa :-)07:29
SonuHi .. After this https://www.howtoforge.com/community/threads/how-to-configure-phpmyadmin-upload-directory.65251/#post-31330407:29
VolkodavHi I am still getting this error while updating - was dragging for 2 weeks http://paste.ubuntu.com/14494895/. Removed the package as suggested here http://askubuntu.com/questions/603295/how-to-fix-dpkg-error-2  but still to no avail07:30
SonuFollow steps i am not able to select anywhere in PHPmyadmin07:30
guest91073that was my confusion, effect of removing ufw relative to iptables, thanks anyway07:30
SonuWhat should be issue07:30
UfwFTWcpaelzer, Thank you. I will give that ufw command a bash now.  Sorry, had a call. :/07:30
cpaelzerUfwFTW: never mind, this is just my "morning try to help a few ubuntu fellows time" :-)07:31
UfwFTWLol no problem.07:31
l_doggeyes,from vbox07:31
SonuHi All i did all these http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14581092/ with my phpmyadmin07:32
Sonunow i am not able to select any there in my phpmyadmin07:32
UfwFTWcpaelzer, that allows in? not allows out. Is that correct?07:32
cpaelzerUfwFTW: that should be only out07:33
cpaelzerUfwFTW: ... from YOU ... to TARGET ...07:33
UfwFTWlet me test. as the current 25/tcp is ALLOW OUT and this command is saying ALLOW IN. Just wanted to check07:34
cpaelzerl_dogge: I just checked my notes and logs but I must admit for me it just worked all the time07:34
cpaelzerl_dogge: maybe you might describe how to get the issue in more detail and hope someone else can help - sorry07:34
cpaelzerUfwFTW: ah no the second07:34
cpaelzerUfwFTW: I send a fixed command later07:34
mick_hello, having trouble . i cannot access my user account. only have temporary guest access07:35
cpaelzerUfwFTW: "ufw allow proto tcp from YOURIP to TARGETIP port 25"07:35
UfwFTWOk, I tried that command. It's not allowing traffic from my system out to the smtp server.   This is what ufw status gives me on that: [13] 1xx.2xx.xx.xxx 25/tcp (desitination)     ALLOW IN    1xxx.xx.xxx.xxx (my IP)07:37
mick_when i click on the top right hand corner it on shows a check mark beside my guest account07:38
rick_Hi all, Does anyone try to use multistrap to create a root file system from ubuntu 16.04?07:39
RealKillazDear gents07:39
cpaelzerUfwFTW: hmm, let me try this in a virtual machine here07:40
somsip!16.04 | rick_07:40
ubotturick_: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+107:40
UfwFTWthanks cpaelzer07:40
lernerthere are tons of icons with invalid paths on my laptop and the curious thing is: in application menu > edit menu (im on xfce) they dont appear, but in the regular users menu, they do. I want to get rid of them. Sometimes I may delete an application from synaptic and the icon will still be in the menu to be seen07:41
rick_somsip, sorry I don't know what you mean?07:43
OerHeksrick_, ask in #ubuntu+1 until 16.04 is released07:46
mick_looking to talk with a computer genius07:47
Kartagismick_: we can't answer unless you ask away.07:49
mick_still cant access my user account07:49
=== DakshShah is now known as Guest13570
rvangThis is driving me crazy: Everytime I open terminal i get this "groups: cannot find name for group ID" x 3. All 3 id's are mentioned by my "groups" command under "domain_user groups". How can I fix this ?07:50
hateball!details | mick_07:50
ubottumick_: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)07:50
=== Guest13570 is now known as DakshShah
mick_only way to use my computer is through my guest account07:51
in1t3rguys have anyone of you had a luckwith installing ubuntu on the NAND based internal memory of minipc?07:52
cpaelzerUfwFTW: yeah it was just missing that it is an out rule07:52
cpaelzerUfwFTW: follow this one http://paste.ubuntu.com/14581137/07:53
UfwFTWcpaelzer, thanks, let me go try.07:54
cpaelzermick_: in general people are shy to help with "login issues" as you could just try to break into a friends computer or so07:54
cpaelzermick_: anyway - what happened to your computer to no more get to your normal account?07:55
UfwFTWcpaelzer Bingo! that worked! Thank you :)07:55
mick_when i type in my password for my user account the only thing i see is the background07:55
=== mboeru is now known as Guest30224
cpaelzermick_: that might be right, some prompts show asterisks (*) some show nothing - still you usually type and it is fine07:56
cpaelzermick_: shoing nothing is better than asterisks so noone can see how many characters your PW has07:57
mick_i can't remember, could i have locked myself out of my account07:57
cpaelzermick_: as long as you have your PW you should get in again - is there anything special like a) recently changed PW or b) this is actually a system with centrally managed IDs?07:57
cpaelzermick_: if it is really your system you might want to follow this to reset the PW http://askubuntu.com/questions/24006/how-do-i-reset-a-lost-administrative-password07:59
sam_yanHi.In my ubuntu15.04, upstart(session init )  can not open a gnome-session? Can someone help me ?08:00
cpaelzermick_: but if protective measures are in place (which is recommended these days) e.g. HW encryption you wont get far with that08:00
hateballcpaelzer: If he gets that far then it doesnt sound like a matter of lost password08:00
mick_i will try that address first, thanks08:01
OerHeksindeed, sounds like the old .Xauthority issue08:01
hateballI'm placing my bet on the person having run GUI things as root, messing up permissions on ~/.Xauthority08:01
hateballOerHeks: Great minds ;)08:02
cpaelzerhateball: you mean mick_ gets over initial authentication and then is stuck08:02
hateballcpaelzer: Yep08:02
hateballmick_: See the link OerHeks pasted for a more likely solution08:02
cpaelzerOerHeks: good memory, ack to that approach first08:02
OerHekshit ctrl alt F1, login, see if .Xauthority is owned by root:root08:03
mick_ok guys i shall try08:03
hateball"ls -l ~/.Xauthority"08:03
hateballis what "see" means, in case that wasnt clear :)08:04
lukesofttrying to add an alias for genymotion on ubuntu 15...and getting _bash: alias: genymotion/genymotion ./genymotion: not found.......My .bashrc has    alias gstart= "genymotion/genymotion ./genymotion "*******08:04
sruliI want to get a graphics card for 3 screens, (not for gaming) i dont need best quality, which manufactures work best with ubuntu?08:04
hateballsruli: nVidia08:04
OerHeksintel, nvidia, matrox ..08:04
srulihateball: isnt nvidia worst in terms of linux compatibility?08:05
hateballIntel works "best" but I am not sure what offerings they have for multidisplays08:05
hateballsruli: Nope08:05
hateballsruli: Their binary blob is very good. It's just not open source and does not support KMS (yet)08:06
lukesofthie guys...can you please assist me..iam getting getting _bash: alias: genymotion/genymotion ./genymotion: not found.......My .bashrc has alias gstart= "genymotion/genymotion ./genymotion "*******08:06
srulihateball: the image of linus t saying f u nvidia doesnt leave my mind ;-)08:06
hateballsruli: You're free to hold on to the past08:06
_SLM_Hi! I have 2 questions: I am thinking of buying the Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse ( http://tweakers.net/pricewatch/420548/microsoft-arc-touch-bluetooth/specificaties/ ). It is a mouse that uses Bluetooth 4.0 - I checked if my laptop supports that and I *think* it does (hciconfig -a output: http://pastebin.com/raw/Ke4H93M7). Q1: Am I correct in thinking I have Bluetooth 4.0? Q2: Will the fact that it is a mouse made by Microsoft cause08:06
_SLM_problems on Ubuntu?08:06
_SLM_Thank you08:06
sruli_SLM_: i tried BT mouse years ago first problem is that on each boot u'll have to wait for BT to fully load before mouse starts working, i couldnt handle it08:07
_SLM_Very important to know08:08
_SLM_Thank you08:08
sruli_SLM_: with regards to MS i can't (or dont want to ) comment08:08
_SLM_sruli, I usually put Ubuntu in sleep mode - reboot only 2-3x per week. Does bluetooth need time to get out of sleep mode too?08:09
sruli_SLM_: i dont know08:10
djam90Hi.. I have installed the LAMP stack on Ubuntu 14.04 on Digital Ocean.. and I am not sure whether the PHP is mod_php with Apache, or PHP FPM, how can I find out?08:10
lernertune2fs -m 0.05 << would that work? its a huge hdd08:11
_SLM_sruli Okay - thanks for telling me about the BT load time on startup. I'll test how long it takes on Ubuntu on my laptop08:11
shanemikelwhy do I keep falling out of and back into love with ubuntu?08:12
shanemikelI demand answers!08:13
_SLM_Btw, sruli, is the reason you don't want to comment on MS because it's somewhat unpredictable if it works or not?08:13
sruli_SLM_: no comment08:13
shanemikelBT on linux isn't fun... for any type of device08:14
_SLM_why? driver issues common?08:14
_SLM_I am trying to really get a good picture before I spent 60 euro on a mouse so any info is important and appreciated08:15
_SLM_thanks in advance08:15
solvarrHey all08:15
shanemikelI haven't tried a ton of different devices to be fair, because I avoid them for reasons sruli mentioned, and the necessary charging requirements of wireless devices, but everything I has tried has had some problems08:16
sruli_SLM_: a 20 euro wireless mouse will be better then any BT mouse08:16
solvarrIs it possible to upgrade ubuntu to kali by adding kali repos to the source list?08:16
sruliin terms on connectivity08:16
shanemikelI don't even go with dongle mice, though I would prefer over BT.. I'm okay with a good 'ol wired mouse (before you judge me, I do use laser mice :)08:16
_SLM_I also have this alternative: http://tweakers.net/pricewatch/278993/microsoft-arc-touch-mouse.html -  but instead of bluetooth it has a USB plug that sends a radio signal to the mouse08:16
shanemikelyeah, go dongle dedicated wireless usb thing over BT any day08:17
_SLM_Well, I need a mouse that fits into my small laptop case :)08:17
_SLM_I see08:17
somsipsolvarr: no. Kali support is elsewhere08:17
_SLM_Even when my laptop has only 3 USB plugs? Still worth it?08:17
solvarryeah I know08:17
_SLM_Okay, thanks!08:18
solvarrI'm just wondering if anyone'08:18
solvarrs done that before08:18
sruli_SLM_: i use logitech m187 its superb cost 4 times less then ur MS one08:18
zbouby15Hi all !08:18
shanemikelif you are getting both keyboard and mouse, some of them come in pairs08:18
somsipsolvarr: it can't be done08:18
shanemikelso you can use one dongle for both08:18
shanemikel(make sure they both work independently)08:18
zbouby15do someone knows an opensource sftp solution with HA / cluster ?08:18
solvarrthe system would probably crash08:18
zbouby15the aim is to have a 99,9% availability of the service08:18
_SLM_sruli - that is a fine mouse for on my desk, but does not fit into my laptop case without breaking it :)08:19
cluelesspersonhi all, I'm having this isue with linux mint.  http://dpaste.com/30Z1RXM08:19
cluelesspersontrying to install owncloud.deb08:19
shanemikelidk.. if you are okay with the rather unreliable state of BT software on linux, the BT choice is slightly more realistic for a laptop, because in early boot stages you still have a touchpad08:20
shanemikelI'd still go proprietary receiver and usb hub if need be, personally, though08:20
shanemikel(not only in early boot stages, but if the unreliable BT software drops your device or crashes, which happens unfortunately)08:21
shanemikeland it's a bit tricky to restart it.. I've had problem going the usual route of restarting systemd service08:22
_SLM_I dunno, I think I'll play it safe like you guys said... Like you said about falling in and out of love with Ubuntu. Ubuntu is awesome when it works, a nightmare when it doesn't. :)08:23
hateballcluelessperson: use the ppa, not individual debs08:24
hateballcluelessperson: https://software.opensuse.org/download/package?project=isv:ownCloud:desktop&package=owncloud-client08:24
_SLM_At least that is my falling in-and-out of love argument every time ;P08:25
kaypelmao i think i might've accidentally deleted everything on my main OS X partition thinking it was the USB drive i'm trying to back stuff off into08:26
cluelesspersonkaype, laugh and learn08:27
kaypeatm i'm preparing to install ubuntu on my 2008 mac pro (note, mac pro, not macbook pro)08:27
kaypenever even tried installing ubuntu on anything apple before so I honestly hope this doesn't break everything08:27
somsip!mac | kaype08:27
ubottukaype: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages08:27
hateballkaype: by default you dont even have HFS+ write support so I am not sure how you'd do that. Unless you wiped the partition08:27
kaypesomsip: the guide on doing it on a mac pro specifically isn't too helpful :/08:28
kaypethis mac pro is a complete mess, jesus christ08:29
Savemechhi there! guys i'm facing that initramfs lacking of repair tools; how could i "install" into initramfs tools like xfs_check xfs_repair?08:30
_SLM_shanemikel, sruli - Thanks again for your advise! Truly appreciated! I just ordered the non-BT mouse :)08:34
shanemikelactually, I haven't had much trouble with Ubuntu "not working".. my major problem is I'm inclined to used the best-supported desktop for any distro (ubuntu -- unity).. and I've really missed modern conveniences like KDE's android integration and general support for email clients.. I'm not really happy with the state of email and calendar integration in KDE camps or Gnome (but I like the KDE calendar/email PIM clients a bit better08:36
shanemikelthan the rest)08:36
urukhello which it is the best database?08:37
shanemikelbest tool for the job08:37
shanemikelit really depends, unfortunately.. seems like that's the answer to most technical questions, and the answer always requires a lot of research and planning08:38
urukwhich is the best database?08:39
shanemikeluruk: I just answered you08:39
urukok ok08:39
requiesthi all08:39
urukfastest and for big database08:40
requiesthow to block usb storage in ubuntu 15.0408:40
requiesti did this changes in "blacklist usb-storage" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf08:40
shanemikelif you're new to development, it's not a bad idea to learn about relational db's (maria or another SQL db).. and really simple schema-less nosql dbs (like mongodb).. so spend some time learning about the benefits of each approach08:40
requiestbut there is no effect08:40
OerHeksuruk, enough choise, Mysql, MariaDB, Postgresql, https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/databases.html08:41
uruki work with 16000 milions of datas mysql is slow08:42
OerHeksrequiest, that would not be enough, maybe this page is any help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2238134&p=13249293#post1324929308:43
urukpostgresql is a litle more fast than mysql but is slow also08:44
shanemikelcouchdb could be a good option, I've never used it, but it has the benefit of being designed for direct http interfacing, and built-in managed clustering (i.e. splitting the db to multiple machines for large databases.. but that kind of thing limits you in certain ways.. easier to manage (more "agile"), but there's the data locality tradeoff)08:44
shanemikelif you're a web developer, it's probably pretty easy to learn, too08:45
OerHeksuruk, it could be your hardware, or mysql memory is limited, tons of posts on the internet like this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1178736/mysql-maximum-memory-usage , you might want to reask in #ubuntu-server too08:46
shanemikelare you sure you're using the SQL as much as possible, and not limiting yourself to small transactions that you're processing too much in your program?08:49
requiestthankx for the information derheks08:50
shanemikelthat's a common pitfall08:50
urukhumm !! is it possible create a system of data base with xfs->files taggized names and with awk and tipical commands linux for create a fastest research of datas?08:50
requiestand how to disable lightdm every time wanted to log on using console mode08:51
shanemikelrequiest: can you switch VTs?08:51
jack-zhangHello, I have a device, which I want to copy file into it. But when after connecting with USB, nothing happen, use lsusb I can see message like that:Bus 003 Device 007: ID 19d2:0020 ZTE WCDMA Technologies MSM.            What Can I do?08:52
shanemikelyou use CTRL-ALT-FN (1,2,3, etc)08:52
requiesti mean on bootup itself08:53
urukext3 is slower than xfs08:53
requiestnot after the lightdm08:53
solvarris Xenial usable yet?08:53
shanemikelrequiest: yeah, you can use the boot flag "systemd-unit=*.target"08:53
requiestok but i did changes in /etc/default/grub  to text08:54
requiestbut no effect08:54
shanemikelno, sorry you should replace the * with whatever target you want08:54
shanemikelthe one for text interface is multi-user.target08:54
shanemikeland you can do it in grub.. edit the boot entry with 'e'08:54
shanemikelso the changes arent' permanent08:55
requiesti wanted make it as permanent08:55
morfinHello, anybody had issues with Intel 7260 Wifi drivers on 14.04?08:55
shanemikelokay, then /etc/default/grub would work.. just make sure to update grub08:55
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
requiestthat i did but still not working08:56
morfinit sometimes stops working - my connection breaks08:56
DrunkMethAddictI got too drunk and now I forgot how to consume methamphetamine08:57
OerHeksrequiest, sis you perform sudo update-grub after those changes?08:57
shanemikeloh.. sorry it's sytemd.unit=multi-user.target08:57
shanemikelthe hyphen is supposed to be period08:57
OerHeksrequiest, that 'text' only removes the boot screen, not login to textmode08:57
DrunkMethAddictare my messages getting through?08:57
llldinoUnless consuming methamphetamine is causing ubuntu support issues, it doesn't belong in this channel08:58
OerHeksDrunkMethAddict, wrong channel dude08:58
shanemikelcan somebody kick that guy08:58
DrunkMethAddictDrone` [adw] [Mew2] [n0mad] [Saint] [UPA]Stefan ^CJ^ ^peter^ ^Phantom^ _KaszpiR_08:58
_KaszpiR_DrunkMethAddict please dont abuse messages08:58
shanemikelrequiest: did it work?08:59
requiestlast 2 days back it worked08:59
shanemikeldid you change systemd-unit=multi-user.target to systemd.unit=multi-user.target ?08:59
VolkodavHi I am still getting this error while updating - was dragging for 2 weeks http://paste.ubuntu.com/14494895/. Removed the package as suggested here http://askubuntu.com/questions/603295/how-to-fix-dpkg-error-2  but still to no avail09:00
shanemikelwhich var did you update in /etc/default/grub?09:00
shanemikeland did you run `sudo update-grub2`09:00
requiestsorry ok i have give sudo update-grub209:01
requiestsorry ok i have give sudo update-grub09:01
OerHeksVolkodav, is this for Xenial?09:01
requiestwell i will check and let you know09:02
Volkodavno willy09:02
=== jack is now known as Guest88766
VolkodavOerHeks: willy09:03
OerHeksVolkodav, so the .deb seems broken?09:03
VolkodavOerHeks: probably looks like that09:04
OerHeksVolkodav, i think you neet 'sudo apt-get clean' or autoclean to clear up packages and try again09:05
VolkodavOerHeks: nope - did not work09:06
OerHeksVolkodav, hmm tricky, you can try "sudo dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq libopencv-video2.4v5:amd6409:08
mick_hey guys no luck. when i type in my password on my user account and hit enter the screen fashes black for a few seconds  and then goes back and the window opens up to enter my password again ?09:09
VolkodavOerHeks: I removed it as was suggested in the second link from /var/lib/dpkg/status09:11
VolkodavOerHeks: so on a removal command it shows as not installed09:13
VolkodavOerHeks: and on an update it shows as a dependency and fails to install09:15
sam_yanCan  gdm start a gnome-session?09:18
VolkodavOerHeks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14581307/09:20
shanemikelsam_yan: if I understand your question correctly, then yes09:23
shanemikelgdm IS gnome's DM09:23
_fsociety_We are Fsociety09:28
_fsociety_Your people have suffered enough from E Corp09:28
_fsociety_Wake up, is your time09:29
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Seveas_fsociety_: I think you're looking for /dev/null - we only do ubuntu support here.09:29
_fsociety_We are fsociety and i apologize for entering wrong group lol09:30
Ant1xAnybody know how to apply changes on the adwaita default gnome 3.18 theme? I am using Ubuntu Gnome09:41
dugai tried install ntp in ubuntu 14.04.3 but i got the following issue09:45
dugadpkg: error processing package ntp (--configure):  unable to install `/etc/ntp.conf.dpkg-new' as `/etc/ntp.conf': Permission denied Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.19-0ubuntu6.6) ... Errors were encountered while processing:  ntp09:46
dugahelp me09:46
dragoonisHello! I only have 236MB on my /boot/ mount. I can't do any software upgrades because I have ran out of space on /boot/. How can I resize this to give it more space?09:46
RansomTimeHi, firefox asks me to "choose a program" to run .deb files in any idea what that program would be?09:47
dragoonisRansomTime, ubuntu software updater.09:47
dragoonisRansomTime, open your file manager (nautilus) and just double click on the .deb.09:48
dragoonisLike go into your download folder and double click it.09:48
welovfreewhere can I find the torrent files already downloading in transmission?09:48
fideldragoonis: regarding space on boot - how about removing old kernels?09:48
hateballRansomTime: Any reason you are downloading random debs and not using ubuntu repos?09:49
fideli tend to clean up old kernels each time boot in almost full09:49
jophishI'm using two external monitors, one from hdmi and another from a displayport port. In windows I have to decrease the refresh rate of the displayport monitor to 30hz to get things to work at full resolution. Is there any way of doing this in ubuntu?09:49
RansomTimehateball: sublime text, skype09:49
dragoonisfidel, i done an apt-get autoremove, and this cleared up 30MB. but it's still not enough for the software update that ubuntu wants to do.09:49
hateballwelovfree: usually /var/lib/trans*09:49
jophishIf I don't do that then I get lots of graphics corruption and the monitor spends most of its time black09:49
cfhowlettdragoonis, http://www.unixmen.com/how-to-uninstall-the-old-kernels-in-ubuntu/09:50
RansomTimerunning the .deb works, I guess I'll just use that instead of locating the software updater09:50
hateballjophish: What chipset/driver are you using? xrandr lets you do this09:50
welovfreehateball, there are stored in this directory ~/.config/transmission/torrents09:51
jophishhateball: 750m, the nvidia driver09:51
jophishalthough there's an intel chip in there too09:51
hateballwelovfree: my bad, I was thinking about my own setup which runs as a daemon09:51
jophishhateball: does xrandr allow keeping the monitor on hdmi at 60hz?09:51
fideldragoonis: you have most likely to much kernels installed anyways09:52
hateballjophish: you should be able to force any combination you like, but I am not good enough at xrandr to say. read the manpage09:52
jophishhateball: I'll give it a try, thanks for the help09:52
dragoonisfidel, i had one additional kernel installed. I used cfhowlett's URL recommendation to clear out 1 older kernel and I have 169MB free.09:52
welovfreehateball, :)09:53
dragoonisthanks for the help fidel and cfhowlett -09:54
dragoonistoday I learn :)09:54
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fs60329hi everybody. this is my first use of hexchat (ubuntu mate) and my first ride to this channel.09:55
RansomTimeIf I can do sudo mount -a without any errors, does that mean my fstab is fine? Just done a change and want to check09:55
morfinit means you mounted everything in fstab09:56
RansomTimeah, so unmount it and try?09:58
RansomTimeyeah, that seems to work09:58
mascot66991hello guys is there any linux app you know of through which I can generate a graph of my battery life draining ?10:01
mascot66991read my battery life is my batteries charge!10:01
lotuspsychjemascot66991: click the battery icon?10:02
lotuspsychje!info laptop-mode-tools | mascot66991 to tweak10:03
ubottumascot66991 to tweak: laptop-mode-tools (source: laptop-mode-tools): Tools for Power Savings based on battery/AC status. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.66-2ubuntu1 (wily), package size 76 kB, installed size 415 kB10:03
dreamaddictI can't seem to get the sound to work on Ubuntu...there is sound onboard the motherboard which does not appear in the list of sound options in System Settings10:08
lotuspsychje!sound | dreamaddict10:08
ubottudreamaddict: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.10:08
dreamaddictwhen I use lspci, the one that is probably the Intel onboard sound shows up in the list10:08
Silenced_v2Guys . My system boots with a black screen after rebooting . I did apt-get autoremove .10:17
Silenced_v2Please help me our10:18
lotuspsychje!details | Silenced_v210:18
ubottuSilenced_v2: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)10:18
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: ubuntu version, grafix card chipset, driver version?10:18
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje : Ubuntu 14.04.3 . ATI radeon HD8850m and i don't know the driver version10:19
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: sudo lshw -C video behind driver=10:20
Silenced_v2Actually i have been using CPU graphics . Was trying to install ATI graphics . ended up here10:21
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: tell us what you did exactly? downloaded drivers from amd site?10:22
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: pastebin sudo lshw -C video please10:22
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje : I am using my mobile for irc . I cant pastebin my system information here10:23
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje. Can i send the image ?10:24
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: can you just look whats behind driver= then?10:24
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: or does your card say 'unclaimed'?10:24
sruliSilenced_v2: do you not get a grub menu?10:26
Silenced_v2In lshw -C video . There are two displays . One  is the integrated graphics which is shown as "UNCLAIMED" and the other is the gpu which is not marked unclaimed10:26
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje ^10:26
sertyuihi there10:27
Silenced_v2sruli : yes i am in recovery mode now10:27
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: nothing after driver= ?10:27
sertyuii got a simple question10:27
sertyuihow i can check the status of an service ?10:27
=== dns53 is now known as dns53_real
lotuspsychjesertyui: if its started/stopped?10:27
EriC^^sertyui: service <service> status10:27
EriC^^or systemctl status <service> if you're using 15.04+10:28
sertyuiunfortunately its not working10:28
sertyuiUbuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l10:28
EriC^^tsk tsk10:28
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje . for integrated - No , for gpu - fglrx_pci10:28
EriC^^update my friend to 14.04.310:28
lotuspsychjesertyui: tell us the full story, wich service are you trying ?10:28
EriC^^sertyui: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade10:29
sertyuiUsage: /etc/init.d/assp {start|stop|restart}10:29
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: maybe try the radeon xserver-xorg-video-ati10:29
sertyuiservice assp status10:29
lotuspsychjeWizBright: can we help you?10:29
sertyuiwhen i try to do so i got this result ?10:29
lotuspsychjewizkdd_: ^10:30
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje : explain .10:30
EriC^^sertyui: is this a public server?10:30
wizkdd_what did i say10:30
lotuspsychje!lol | wizkdd_10:30
wizkdd_why did that caught youyr attention?10:31
sertyuiwhat do you mean by public server ?10:31
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: did your system work at first install?10:31
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje i already have xserver-xorg-video-ati10:31
EriC^^sertyui: is it a server that can be accessed publicly? has a service running etc?10:31
EriC^^sertyui: you should upgrade to 14.04.3 pronto10:32
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: then somethings going wrong with radeon driver, did you got 14.04 working before?10:32
EriC^^sertyui: there's about 3 0days that can be used to get root on your server right now10:32
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje : yes . Its been running for 3 months and now i tried to install radeon graphics . And its booting up with a black screen10:32
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: ok then purge the drivers again10:33
sertyuiwhat do  you mean ?10:33
sertyuii don't get10:34
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: into recoverymode/terminal or fix broken packages10:34
EriC^^sertyui: since 14.04.1 there have been 3 vulnerabilities disclosed that can escalate privileges on your server, so anybody can control your server fully10:34
EriC^^you need to upgrade to 14.04.3 asap10:34
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje : terminal . Purged it !10:34
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: ok try reboot10:35
sertyuihow can anyone access to my server like that10:35
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje : boot the normal way or recovery ?10:35
sertyuiwhen i do last or lastb10:35
lotuspsychje!usn | sertyui what EriC^^ suggested10:36
ubottusertyui what EriC^^ suggested: Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn for information about Ubuntu security updates.10:36
sertyuii can't see any anormal connexuion10:36
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: try normal after purge yes10:36
EriC^^sertyui: ok, still you should upgrade :)10:36
sertyuiand also how do you detect my server uptime ?10:36
sertyuito 30 days ?10:36
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje yes10:36
sertyuiare you you the hacker  ?10:36
EriC^^cause you're using 14.04.1 , it's at 14.04.310:36
EriC^^lol no10:36
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje : same black sceeen10:37
sertyuiAS you mentioned above my server uptime is equal to 30 days10:37
sertyuihow do you detec that value ?10:37
EriC^^sertyui: you pasted it10:37
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: thats weird, try recoverymode/fix broken packages now10:37
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: that option might take a bit10:37
sertyuiwhere ?10:38
sertyuishow me that paste ?10:38
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje okay10:38
EriC^^sertyui: scroll up10:38
sertyuishow me that line ????10:38
EriC^^press pageup10:38
sertyuiyou funny just paste me that line10:39
sertyuii can't see that10:39
EriC^^it's right before i suggested to upgrade10:39
lotuspsychjesertyui: can you focus on your actual problem instead10:40
EriC^^lotuspsychje: he thinks i hacked his server and got the information10:40
Zulu_TooSertyui, before you start asking about vulnerabilities and how people can access your server, learn how to speak English first. Then, you will know how to safeguard your server. Moreover, read the manual first and don't tell people your business and make sure you protect your domain name.10:40
sertyuii got some doubtfull doubt10:41
EriC^^sertyui> Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l10:41
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje initctl failed10:41
EriC^^sertyui: you pasted that earlier10:42
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: sounds like bad news all..did you try a previous kernel from grub yet?10:42
sertyuibut this Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l is never show the uptime10:42
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: last way inside :p10:42
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje : damn10:42
Zulu_TooJust type in        uptime10:43
EriC^^sertyui: that's the ubuntu version 14.04.2 was released after, then 14.04.310:43
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: if that doesnt work, try again sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-ati from recoverymode/terminal10:43
EriC^^sertyui: so if you haven't run dist-upgrade you're still using old packages, and there are known vulnerabilities since that release came out which were fixed in 14.04.310:43
JyZyXELhow do i create a NFS share that requires a password for write access?10:44
lotuspsychje!nfs | JyZyXEL can this help mate?10:44
ubottuJyZyXEL can this help mate?: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.10:44
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje : how to activate integrated graphics ?10:44
EriC^^sertyui: any user on your server can get root easily, and if any service has any vulnerability the person can get root as well, you should upgrade to 14.04.310:44
sertyuiZulu_Too: i know uptime will show the system my question how EriC^^ catch my server uptime like that ?10:44
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: well your graphics are hybrid, so i presume you need the drivers from official amd site10:45
EriC^^sertyui: from your release..10:45
sertyuithat's good10:45
sertyuialso as you aware of that problem10:45
Zulu_TooMaybe you are running in ROOT. Stop that. Stop giving out to people your private data.10:45
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: you could check bios also, if there are settings to enable/disable hybrid10:45
sertyuialso i faced with one of my service somehting called assp10:45
JyZyXELlotuspsychje: no help in there10:46
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje : I tried doing that . But i got an error as XServer 1.17.x is not supported10:46
sertyuiwhere suddently the service  get stoped10:46
sertyuinow i would like to find with the system log how the service get stoped like that ?10:46
Zulu_TooSertyui, would you like the password to my corporate server network?10:46
EriC^^Zulu_Too: stop trolling10:47
sertyuii aggree Zulu_Too is a Troll10:47
Zulu_TooEriC who are you?10:47
=== derek is now known as Guest62280
EriC^^sertyui: if you want to upgrade, run sudo apt-get update , then when it's done type sudo apt-get dist-upgrade10:47
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: if your card is rather new, you could test out a newer ubuntu versions as 15.1010:48
EriC^^sertyui: be aware though that since new packages are being installed, some of the services might not be compatible, so you should test and stuff if you don't want a lot of downtime10:48
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje : that's not a problem . But i need those data in my harddrive10:49
EriC^^if you just run sudo apt-get update it should get the list of new packages and when you login next time it should say how packages are new and can be upgraded10:49
sertyuiwhat are the service is not compatible10:49
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: you can install 15.10 and save your /home from your existing install10:49
sertyuihold down i pastebin the result10:49
EriC^^sertyui: i dont know, like a new package has removed a deprecated function and you're using it right now, so it breaks the service, etc. you have to test if things will run right in the new environment10:50
Silenced_v2Does 15.10 has support for amd graphics ?10:50
TGYoshiHey guys, the disks manager thing shows some fancy "extended partition" on /dev/sda2, which doesn seem to be mounted anywhere10:50
TGYoshiHow can I figure out what the hell it is used for?10:50
k1l_Silenced_v2: yes10:50
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto10:50
OerHeksSilenced_v2, no open driver for 2xxx 3xxx 4xxx10:51
k1l_TGYoshi: that is fine for extended partitiions. you cant mount them. its just a container to put logical partitions into10:51
Silenced_v2OerHeks : Mine is HD8850m . So should probably work fine right ?10:51
TGYoshiOh, the disk manager shows the swap partition below that extended one10:51
TGYoshiSo that means the swap is part of the extended?10:52
sertyuican you be explicit with your sentence : "you have to test if things will run right in the new environment" here10:52
TGYoshiSee also: https://i.imgur.com/kEfueuM.png10:52
k1l_TGYoshi: yes. if you are more interessted in knowing what partition types are please read the documentation (wikipedia for the start)10:52
TGYoshiWell that clears up why those blocks were placed so weirdly above eachother, didn't derive this relation between them10:53
k1l_TGYoshi: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disk_partitioning#Extended_partition10:53
TGYoshiAlright, thanks :P10:53
sertyuihow to test if things will run right in the new environment on a production server10:53
TGYoshiDidn't understand the UI well here at all10:53
EriC^^sertyui: like if you can make a snapshot of your system, and upgrade that, and see if things work, if there are problems fix them, then migrate on the actual server ( just guessing i'm not a sysadmin myself )10:53
EriC^^sertyui: the logs of upstart are found in /var/log/upstart , there should be a log for assp there10:54
lotuspsychjesertyui: how about you follow EriC^^ advise first to update your system and come back to us10:54
jackcomthere is monaco font on ubuntu terminal?10:55
benccDnsmasq is installed by default on desktop? 14.0410:56
sertyuidist-upgrade will upgrade to which version ?10:56
OerHeksjackcom, monaco font is not standard, you can install it from github https://github.com/cstrap/monaco-font10:56
EriC^^sertyui: 14.04.310:56
jackcomthanks OerHeks :)10:57
sertyui i  m doing this blindy for you on my production server10:57
EriC^^sertyui: don't do it for me10:57
lotuspsychjebencc: optional10:57
jackcomcurl -kL https://raw.github.com/cstrap/monaco-font/master/install-font-ubuntu.sh | bash   <—— this is command OerHeks10:57
lotuspsychje!info dnsmasq trusty | bencc10:57
ubottubencc: dnsmasq (source: dnsmasq): Small caching DNS proxy and DHCP/TFTP server. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.68-1ubuntu0.1 (trusty), package size 14 kB, installed size 111 kB10:57
sertyuii mean just listening you10:58
bencclotuspsychje: so there shouldn't be a problem with disabling it?10:58
lotuspsychjebencc: if its optional, means you installed at a point, so cant harm the defaults?10:59
EriC^^sertyui: it's up to you, i explained the risks/benefits10:59
bencclotuspsychje: thanks11:00
jackcomOerHeks: thanks i got it :)11:00
OerHekshave fun, jackcom11:00
sertyuiUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS \n \l11:11
sertyuiwell i upgrad to11:11
sertyuiUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS \n \l11:11
sertyuihope this is the final security vulnerabilty release knowing by ubuntu11:12
sertyuitell me11:13
sertyuinow my server will be secure ?11:13
OerHekssertyui, keep that server up2date11:13
OerHeksand you should be fine.11:13
sertyuithat's a good solution11:13
sertyuibut keeping th server up to date i m facing other big issue11:14
pchooHey all, on Ubuntu 15.10 here, and I've had a search for a solution to this, but it doesn't seem to have worked: I have only en-gb as my language options, yet every time I reboot my keyboard layout has been changed to en-us.  I have tried the top solution in here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/362973/ and I have tried another one which says to remove the us11:14
pchooversion in dconf-editor, but neither of these worked for me.11:14
sertyuiwith lots of broken package that will be if you can implement on your upgrade without impacting existing package to broke11:15
k1l_sertyui: there will be a lot more security updates.11:15
Silenced_v2How to track copying of files in commandline ?11:15
OerHekspchoo, you can easily remove it from the keyboard indicator on the top panel too11:16
k1l_sertyui: see ubuntu.com/usn what there is on updates nearly everyday. updates are good. they fix stuff.11:16
Silenced_v2While using 'cp'11:16
OerHeks!info pv11:16
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: progress or time?11:16
ubottupv (source: pv): Shell pipeline element to meter data passing through. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.0-1 (wily), package size 48 kB, installed size 169 kB11:16
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje : progress11:17
k1l_Silenced_v2: -v11:17
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: see what OerHeks suggested11:17
pchooOerHeks: I have only the en-gb option available in there, I removed the us one right when I first installed ubuntu, and don't reboot that often, but lately I've had to reboot a lot more, and every time it's still en-us even though it is set to en-gb11:17
OerHekspchoo, next login it should be oke11:17
dreamaddictok I am trying to troubleshoot the sound, and alsamixer does not load11:17
dreamaddictit says there is no mixer file11:17
dreamaddictI am already reading the troubleshooting websites11:18
dreamaddictthe device shows up in lspci but not in aplay11:18
theruedo i need to clean my computer's bios before i install ?11:18
lotuspsychjetherue: tell us what you wanna do? install ubuntu single or dualboot?11:19
lotuspsychjetherue: you have an uefi system?11:19
lotuspsychjetherue: disable fastboot and secureboot, then install ubuntu single11:20
theruei dont need to clean the bios or anything right?11:20
theruejust leave it as is?11:20
lotuspsychjetherue: define 'clean'?11:20
shafoxhow to rename all the files with suffix of _model to remove this part only i.e. _model ?11:21
theruenvm lol :)11:21
pchooOerHeks: Unfortunately this isn't a great laptop I have at work, and there appears to be an issue with the onboard intel graphics which causes it to lock up/slow down significantly for long periods of time, which require reboots frequently.  There is a bug on Launchpad about it, but it's marked as low priority.  Rather annoying considering I develop for a11:21
pchooliving and am having my symbols screwed up every time I reboot.11:21
lotuspsychjetherue: disabling those 2 options will do fine :p11:21
dreamaddictalsamixer says "cannot open mixer:  no such file or directory"11:21
EriC^^shafox: rename 's/_model$//' *_model11:22
therueor another question.. i have an older linux installed on an old laptop. it has grub installed... if i want to reinstall to that laptop as well... doi need to clean the grub that's in the bios?11:22
lotuspsychjetherue: you can install ubuntu right over everything11:22
cfhowletttherue, the new install will overwrite the old grub11:22
therueah ok11:22
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje : i am seeing something annoying . Hope the hard drive isnt corrupt xD11:22
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: whats that you found?11:23
theruesimple enough. thanks11:23
pchooOerHeks: Oh wait... I've just loaded up that lp bug, and seen this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ibus/+bug/1240198/comments/10611:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1240198 in ibus (Ubuntu Trusty) "[SRU]Wrong keyboard layout active after booting into desktop" [High,In progress]11:23
lotuspsychjetherue: maybe consider xubuntu or lubuntu (if that laptop is old you say?)11:23
pchooit's literally been fixed since I last looked yesterday haha11:23
Silenced_v2Tried copying using pv . Now i am seeing a matrix screen11:23
therueokay ! will do11:24
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: did you follow the white rabbit?11:24
therueby the way, if i'm a beginner, what desk top enviornment would you guys recommend?11:24
shafoxEriC^^: Didnt work. it just stayed there the folder name is models and every file has name like this *_model.py11:24
theruexfce? kde plasma 5?11:24
cfhowletttherue, use the default11:24
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: what kind of matrix screen?11:24
shafoxexcept few files which dont come under that expression.11:24
cfhowletttherue, wait you said an older computer, yes?11:24
dreamaddictthe motherboard sound option is just not being detected and I have no idea which program puts the motherboard option into the list of sound outputs11:24
EriC^^shafox: ok, then rename 's/*_model\.py$/\.py/' *_model.py11:24
dreamaddictnone of these troubleshooting sites are helping11:25
theruei have an old laptop and a good desktop11:25
OerHekspchoo, i see, fixed in xenial 16.04 :-(11:25
shafoxEriC^^: Quantifier follows nothing in regex; marked by <-- HERE in m/* <-- HERE _model\.py$/ at (eval 1) line 1.11:25
cfhowletttherue, old hardware loves lubuntu and xubuntu.  not so much ubuntu because unity is greedy.11:25
OerHeksdreamaddict, does your bios have a AC'97 compatible mode for sound?11:25
dreamaddictI'll have to check11:25
therueah ok. thanks ! :)11:25
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje it was so weird with many symbols and alphabets . So cancelled it and resumed copying using cp11:25
dreamaddictthe sound works fine in Windows11:26
dreamaddictand the device is (I think) showing up in lspci11:26
VolkodavHi I am fighting with this problem for good 2 weeks now http://paste.ubuntu.com/14494895/. I did as suggested here http://askubuntu.com/questions/603295/how-to-fix-dpkg-error-2. Now the package shows as not installed and won't install11:26
EriC^^shafox: typo, rename 's/_model\.py$/\.py/' *_model.py11:27
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: you can save your stuff via a liveusb also if you like, or save your /home on a new ubuntu install as 15.1011:27
dreamaddictwould switching it to AC97 negatively impact anything else that already works fine?11:27
dreamaddict(does that decrease performance in any way)11:27
EttafixHi, guys :)11:27
OerHeksdreamaddict, you might not have 3d sound, if that chip is 3d ready..11:27
OerHeksdreamaddict, else no performance decrease11:28
Silenced_v2I m just backing up the downloads folder to some folder in home . lotuspsychje11:28
lotuspsychjeSilenced_v2: ah ok, good job :p11:28
Silenced_v2lotuspsychje : :P :D11:28
dreamaddicthm, I suppose I could give that a shot11:28
VolkodavShould I remove the conflicting pkg that needs to be replaced?11:29
shafoxEriC^^: Didnt work. Here is the dir structure.11:30
shafoxEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14581698/11:30
=== cpaelzer is now known as cpaelzer_afk
Savemechhi there! guys i'm facing that initramfs lacking of repair tools; how could i "install" into initramfs tools like xfs_check xfs_repair?11:31
EriC^^shafox: are you running that command inside the models dir?11:32
dreamaddictok well the BIOS doesn't have AC97 compatibility option11:33
kaypeinstalling ubuntu 14.04 on my mac pro atm11:33
dreamaddictit has automatically detected the HDMI sound out of my video card11:33
kaypei couldn't get rEFInd to work since i don't have an OS X Recovery partition, so i just backed up what i had and did a clean install11:33
dreamaddictbut the motherboard sound is not an option11:33
kaypethis is probably going to be glitchy as hell lmao11:33
shafoxEriC^^: tried just upper level . tried within the dir it worked. Sorry for the noise. Thank you11:33
cfhowlett!mac | kaype11:33
ubottukaype: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages11:33
kaypecfhowlett: do you people automatically run that any time somebody brings up OS X or macs11:34
EriC^^shafox: no problem11:34
cfhowlettkaype as 99% of the users in this channel are NOT on macs ... yes.11:34
kaypewell, i just said i was successfully installing it atm so11:34
dreamaddictso it obviously isn't no sound entirely, just a problem somehow with the motherboard onboard sound module not being properly loaded...wherever that takes place11:34
kaypeplus their guide on installing ubuntu on a mac pro is from like 2009 probably doesn't totally work still11:35
pchooOerHeks: from the title of that fix, I've gone into dconf-editor > desktop > ibus > general and checked the box next to "use-system-keyboard-layout", gonna reboot and test11:35
kaypei just went all out and did a fresh, clean install. probably gonna regret this two weeks from now when it starts falling apart from mac driver issues :D11:35
k1l_kaype: there are several different hardware versions of apple hardware. and since apple doesnt care about other OS there are several different workarounds to get ubuntu on there11:35
kaypek1l_: i took the lazy way out11:36
dns53_realSavemech i believe scripts placed in /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks are used to build the initramfs11:36
cfhowlettkaype, check your sources: mac has updated some of their help pages. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro11:36
kaypecfhowlett: said mac pro, not macbook pro lol11:36
Savemechdns53_real: its busybox and lacking of tools actually :C11:37
kaypeideally, if i wanted to do a triple boot, i probably would've done rEFInd but didn't want to kill my internet trying to redownload OS X just to remove it right after11:37
dreamaddictthere are a lot of troubleshooting pages that say a lot of things that don't work11:37
dreamaddictfor fixing this sound11:37
kaypemy only fear atm is that this might break if i start installing different desktop environments11:38
kaypeit worked with all my hardware immediately though, i'm talking from the liveusb atm11:38
dreamaddictlspci shows the MB sound as 00:1f.3 Audio device: Intel Corporation Device a170 (rev 31)11:38
dreamaddictand now all I want to know is, what do I type in where to get the rest of the computer to recognize that as the device that I want to use for sound out11:39
dns53_real Savemech the best thing would be to get a cd, boot of that and try and chroot to your install11:39
dreamaddictapparently this question is way way way harder to answer than it should be11:39
chiasmatadoes anyone use grive2?11:41
dreamaddictI mean, maybe there is a command where I can feed it "00:1f.3" and it will tell me something like "snd-hda-intel" or whatever the device is called in the config file11:42
dreamaddictbecause one command on the system sees the device, and nothing else does11:43
sertyuiback to my issue11:43
sertyuii would like to find a method to restart the service incase the service is stoped11:44
sertyuii m running underUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS \n \l11:44
EriC^^sertyui: if your using upstart it has a respawn option11:44
EriC^^!upstart | sertyui11:44
ubottusertyui: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/11:44
sertyuibut i never used upstart11:44
sertyuihow to check the status of my service with upstart ?11:45
=== Guest30224 is now known as mboeru
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2016-0728)11:47
pchooOerHeks: It seems that setting that option is the fix applied :)11:47
masterkorpwhat does DNE mean?11:47
OerHekspchoo, great!11:48
OerHeksmasterkorp, dne = does not exist11:48
k1l_masterkorp: does not exsist11:48
pchooThanks for your time :) o/11:49
masterkorpOerHeks: k1l_ thanks11:49
sertyuiif i asked that11:49
sertyuibecause seems like upstart not working properly11:50
masterkorpalso i love when the CVE does not say the description of the problem, but ubuntu already knows it11:50
OerHeksmasterkorp, the security team knows the details, it would not be wise to post the details to avoid attacking11:51
masterkorpyeah, but ubuntu just published?11:51
sertyuii got a service called is assp is running11:51
OerHeksfix is out, sou don't worry11:51
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2015-8704)11:51
sertyuibut upstart not finding that service11:52
sertyuinitctl status assp11:52
sertyuiinitctl: Unknown job: assp11:52
masterkorpbut this one its still reserved11:52
sertyuiinitctl status assp11:52
sertyuiinitctl: Unknown job: assp11:52
k1l_sertyui: so that assp service doesnt ship upstart support does it?11:52
k1l_masterkorp: that cve is already widely spread. not only by ubuntu11:52
sertyuithat 's what you say how to check that ?11:52
masterkorpk1l_: yeah just curious why on cve mitre it still says reserved11:53
k1l_masterkorp: ask mitre :)  maybe the admin is making coffee in the meantime :)11:53
khushildepAnyone here shed some light on why a zombie process maybe consuming massive amounts of CPU? In my understanding a zombie process is just a PID held open due to a lack of wait() by the parent or no SIG_IGN. So why would a process show has consuming massive CPU cycles?11:58
=== cpaelzer_afk is now known as cpaelzer
OerHekskhushildep, a zombie is a runaway process, child-parent is disturbed. so no control about the process that can grow and multiply12:00
OerHekskhushildep, if this happens a lot, do a memtest86 run12:02
zzarrhello! I have a problem, the start script for bluetooth (bluez 5.36) indicates that the service started OK, but the status script indicates that bluetooth is not running12:02
geirhakhushildep: are you looking at it in top? or are you looking at the total cpu usage of the process?12:02
zzarrhave anyone else had this problem and a solution?12:02
khushildepgeirha: I'm looking at it in htop and csysdig12:03
khushildepAccording to http://www-cdf.fnal.gov/offline/UNIX_Concepts/concepts.zombies.txt it must be a dead process?12:03
geirhayes, it shouldn't be using any cpu12:04
BluesKajHi folks12:04
fabiobikHello guys. i want to copy all contents from folder A to folder B like symlink does. The problem is if i create a new file on A i need to symlink again... is there alternative to B be always in sync with A12:04
geirhafabiobik: so B should contain symlinks to A, no copies?12:05
fabiobikthat's what im thinking12:06
fabiobikbut i dont know if ln does that12:06
fabiobikeverytime i create a file or folder inside of A i want to be reproduced by symlinks on folder B12:08
sertyuiso there  is no solution for my issue ?12:10
kaypei can't believe that actually worked12:10
kaypeubuntu is now working on my mac pro with no issues so far >_>12:10
fabiobikkaype, of corse it works :)12:11
kaypefabiobik: it usually never does on apple products, but the last time i tried using linux on a mac it was 2009 :P12:11
noeliaHello everyone12:11
fabiobikkaype, do you have it on dual boot? or VM12:12
kaypefabiobik: neither12:12
fabiobikkaype, *right now12:12
BluesKajfabiobik, this might help http://askubuntu.com/questions/600714/creating-a-symlink-from-one-folder-to-another-with-different-names12:12
kaypefabiobik: ideally i would've done a triple boot (windows/osx/ubuntu) with rEFInd, but i didn't have a recovery partition for OS X, and i didn't feel like redownloading a 6GB OS just to replace it with ubuntu, so....12:12
kaypebefore it was on a dual boot with OS X and windows12:13
noeliaI'm trying to build docky from source and I get this error: configure: error: Package requirements (gconf-2.0) were not met:12:13
noeliaNo package 'gconf-2.0' found12:13
kaypeso i decided i didn't want to wait a few hours for OS X to download, so I just backed up my files and did a fresh install12:13
dreamaddictok I found in my alsa-info dump...it detects three sound devices (2 HDMI outs on my 2 graphics cards, and 1 which is the onboard sound)12:13
noeliaHowever, when I do "sudo apt-get install gconf2, it tells me it's already installed.12:13
dreamaddictbut only recognizes the two HDMI outs12:13
dreamaddictso...how do I teach alsa to recognize the onboard sound?12:13
=== bene__ is now known as ben0r
noeliaWhat can I do?12:13
srulilubuntu 15.04 i have a problem with KVM, when trying to start a ubuntu VM it tells me gives me some error about hardware support (debain VM starts fine) cpuinfo tells me i have 4 cores, kvm-ok tells me acceleration can be used, however "cat sys/hypervisor/properties/capabilities" i get error no such file or directory12:14
srulithe hyporvisor dir is empty12:15
=== cuqa_ is now known as cuqa
chigangHi, when I install oslo.config(pip install oslo.config) on Ubuntu 14.04.3,  there is a error info "Detected a distutils installed project ('six') which we cannot uninstall" , Did anyone resolve this question? thanks12:16
sertyuii would like to know when you got a program wirtten in perl12:17
sertyuihow to check the service is running or not on ubuntu ?12:17
dreamaddictseriously, does anyone here know anything about fixing the sound issue in ubuntu other than the links to the troubleshooting pages12:17
dreamaddictI just ran the "big one" in the sound troubleshooting page, and the onboard audio was recognized by the system, alsa, and activated, according to the output12:20
BluesKajdreamaddict, which audio chip?12:20
dreamaddictyet when I run the other command that uploads the alsa-info and check the dump...the dump says that alsa does not recognize the onboard audio12:20
dreamaddictIntel Corporation Device [8086:a170] (rev 31)12:21
dreamaddictit's the onboard audio on my motherboard...it works fine in Windows so I know it is an OS issue12:21
BluesKajdreamaddict, sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel, then open alsamixer in the terminal ans disable automute if it's enabled and of course make sure the audio master and pcm volume ctls are turned up12:23
dreamaddictalsamixer doesn't open12:23
dreamaddictalready tried modprobe12:23
dreamaddictI have actually been reading the pages :P12:23
dreamaddictand doing what they said, I've been hacking away at this the entire time12:24
BluesKajinstall alsa-base alsa-utils12:24
dreamaddictthey are both already installed12:25
dreamaddictI just tried the commands12:25
BluesKajok, install pavucontrol if you want to use pulseaudio12:26
dreamaddictalready installed pavucontrol12:27
dreamaddictthe sound card does not show up in their either12:27
dreamaddictlet's assume that none of the troubleshooting pages have been helpful so far, not a single one12:27
BluesKajwhat does aplay -l show, pastebin the output12:28
dreamaddictmy graphics cards both have multiple HDMI outs, the output is a list of about 12 HDMI outs...I will pastebin it though12:28
BluesKajdreamaddict, I'm not consulting the troubleshooting page, I'm going by experience here12:28
dreamaddictok awesome, then we can crack this :)12:29
dreamaddictit's all there12:30
samgoodyHi all. When insaling Zope, I followed a tutorial to add a line in hosts: zope
dreamaddictthe right sound is detected, on some level...just not in the right place for some reason12:30
samgoodyThis lets me visit http://zope and it brings me to localhost12:30
samgoodyNow, I want to make that available from the internets. I have chosen a subdomain that should map to that: zope.example.com12:31
samgoodyIs there a way to have everything that is sent to zope.example.com got to localhost?12:31
BluesKajdreamaddict, did you reboot after running the modprobe command ? Most of the time that's required12:31
dreamaddictI've rebooted a total of probably 15 times, after trying multiple solutions...however, I will try right now to run modprobe and then reboot just to be sure12:32
dreamaddictin fact, I already did modprobe when you asked me to...I could just reboot right now and get whatever effect it has, correct?12:32
dreamaddictok then be back in a minute12:32
BluesKajcheck alsamixer12:34
dreamaddictstill same as before12:34
dreamaddictnot an option in sound settings12:34
dreamaddictalsamixer:  cannot open mixer:  No such file or directory12:34
BluesKajalsmixer won't opoen in the console?12:35
BluesKajthat's definitely a real problem. dreamaddict12:36
dreamaddictwell at least now we know what the real problem is :P12:36
dreamaddictthis alsamixer problem kind of made the other troubleshooting things much tougher...I couldn't find a page that had a good answer as to why it wouldn't load12:37
dreamaddicttried purge-reinstalling, etc12:37
dreamaddictand I am not familiar enough with Linux to know where the problem would be just from that, or what to put in what config file to fix it12:38
BluesKajdreamaddict, my solution is to use alsa without pulseaudio , but without a card 0/default there's a recognition problem12:38
dreamaddictyes...the info dump from ALSA says that the onboard audio is not recognized by ALSA...but it is detected12:38
dreamaddictand aplay says that it is detected and recognized12:38
dreamaddictby alsa12:39
BluesKajmy solution is a personal thing < I don't suggest it unless it's absolutely necessary12:39
dreamaddictnow I'm actually curious in an academic sense, like I'd really just like to know, what the hell is wrong with it12:40
BluesKajdreamaddict, by process of eliimination i think pulseaudio may be the culprit here12:40
dreamaddictok...I wouldn't know the relationship between alsa-info, aplay, and pulseaudio12:41
dreamaddictbut I'll take your word for it12:41
BluesKajpulseaudio is a sound server that rides on top of alsa12:41
dreamaddictwell let's try...is there a command that will let alsa play sound "around" pulseaudio?12:42
dreamaddictso that we can see if alsa is indeed working?12:42
BluesKajit's very useful for some soundcards/drivers , but intel can live without it12:42
OerHeksdreamaddict, what type of machine is this? desktop ?12:42
OerHeksdo you know the specs?12:42
dreamaddictI just built it, it is blank and fresh12:42
dreamaddictI built it :) which specs do you need12:43
OerHeksmobo specs12:43
BluesKajdreamaddict, the only thing to do is purge puleaudio12:43
dreamaddictthe motherboard is an ASUS ROG VIII Maximus Hero12:43
OerHeksmaybe there is an other user with the same issue/other linux with a fix12:43
dreamaddictok well at this point I might as well try purging pulseaudio first, while I google up anything that has to do with my MB and Linux being stubborn about this12:44
fabiobikdoes anyone uses lsyncd?12:44
OerHeksdreamaddict,  what gives lspci for your soundchip?12:44
hateballif you intend to use both motherboard audio as well as hdmi out from your gpu you'll be crying if you remove pulseaudio12:45
BluesKajdreamaddict, I run both my intel audio equipped  machines without pulseaudio installed , they both work fine  a desktop and a laptop12:45
BluesKajhateball, not true12:45
bazhangpurging pulse is not good advice at all12:45
dreamaddictthat's weird, it installed new packages when I told it to purge pulseaudio12:45
jul4hihi i need help12:46
dreamaddictand now the entire box on the left where I access the settings, is gone too12:46
BluesKajok , too many cooks . go to it bazhang et  al ..I'll leave this alone12:46
dreamaddictguess it purged a bit too enthusiastically12:46
jul4i can't get my wifi connected...im using a 10 year old pc...12:46
OerHeksdreamaddict, did you check if there is a BIOS update ? recent update 19 jan 2016 MAXIMUS VIII HERO BIOS 140212:47
hateballjul4: What chipset is this? "lspci |grep Net" will tell you12:48
jul4its broadcom bcm431112:49
dreamaddictok purging pulseaudio took a chunk out of my desktop too12:49
cfhowlettjul4, easy fix: plug in a hard wire internet connection and run "additional drivers" utility12:50
mikubuntuthis new county website requiring silverlight to access, and moonlight appears not to be available anymore - any fixes? https://showcase.mypalmbeachclerk.com/showcaseweb/#Home12:50
BluesKajdreamaddict,  now reboot and try alamixer again12:50
dreamaddictalsamixer is same as last time12:53
OerHeksmikubuntu, the only fix is to use chrome ( not chromium)  with buildin flash and moonlight.12:53
BluesKajdreamaddict,, then it seems you need to uodate and upgrade12:53
dreamaddictcannot open mixer:  No such file or directory12:53
dreamaddicthow do I do that12:54
BluesKajand install ubuintu-restricted-extras12:54
dreamaddictI think I saw a linux package of that approximate name as one of the solutions12:54
OerHeksdreamaddict, it is Realtek's ALC1150 ??  .. tons of forumposts with sound issues..12:54
dreamaddictis that what it is?12:55
dreamaddictI was having a hard time finding what exactly it is12:55
dreamaddictfine in Windows, like I was saying, fine with any of my Windows games12:55
OerHeksdreamaddict, easy to find,  what gives lspci for your soundchip? the 8 digit hex number12:55
BluesKajdreamaddict, in the console , sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade12:55
dreamaddictok I already started the restricted packages12:55
dreamaddictthat will take a minute or two12:55
dreamaddictthen I'll run those two (update/upgrade)12:56
BluesKajok , once that's finished and you agree to the terms12:56
dreamaddictmy God Linux is byzantine12:57
dreamaddictI can't imagine how this ever becomes understandable12:57
BluesKajdreamaddict, it will if you stick to it12:57
dreamaddictI can stick to it12:57
dreamaddictjust saying, daaamn12:58
BluesKajyou'll wonder why you ever ran windows12:58
dreamaddictso I can play the same games my friends are playing :P12:58
dreamaddictcertainly not for coding...I got to the point where I was like, really, I should buckle down and learn Linux if I want to code seriously...all of the good utilities are there12:58
dreamaddictok update/upgrade is going right now12:59
dreamaddictno, it will take some serious time before I can comprehend how it's organized on the inside13:00
dreamaddicteven a little13:00
BluesKajperiodically update and upgrade, say once a week or so13:00
BluesKajeven more often if you want, there's no hard rule13:01
dreamaddictwhat actually sold me on doing a Linux boot, was seeing this OpenGL Lisp IDE called CEPL13:01
=== e-dard_afk is now known as e-dard
dreamaddictupgraded, updated, restricted packages installed13:03
BluesKajok try alsamixer in the console agian13:04
dreamaddictcannot open mixer: No such file or directory13:04
BluesKajok reboot13:05
dreamaddictalsamixer hasn't changed13:06
castissimociao a tutti13:08
cfhowlett!list > castissimo13:08
ubottucastissimo, please see my private message13:08
ubottucastissimo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:09
OerHekscastissimo, no need to try again, dude13:09
OerHeksall torrents are here >> http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/13:10
mikubuntuOerHeks: sry missed your reply -- yes i'm using chrome (again), but doesn't seem to want to play with the website. wonder what's up with that.13:14
zteamI'm still unable to merge multiple linux isos onto my usb pendrive and boot them off13:14
BluesKajdreamaddict, I'm still here, doing some research13:14
dreamaddictthat's cool13:15
dreamaddictyour help is seriously, much appreciated13:15
dreamaddictI've been trying but I flat do not know enough about this to really comprehend the more detailed troubleshooting13:15
zteamWhich utility is one supposed to use to able to boot multiple linux distros from one usb key?, so far I have tried both with Multisystem and YUMI, neither one is able to create a bootable usb pendrive for me :-/13:17
zteamwith YUMI all I get is complaining about it can't find /boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod, and if Try with Multisystem, it complains about that it cannot find the Ubuntu iso upon booting13:19
BluesKajdreamaddict,  in the console, sudo apt install --reinstall libasound213:20
dreamaddictalsamixer still not working13:22
dreamaddictsame message13:22
BluesKajdreamaddict,  in the console, sudo apt install --reinstall alsa-base alsa-utils13:23
myganso i have these additional drivers: Processor microcode firmware for Intel CPUs, is it necessary to enable these?13:24
dreamaddict(ureadahead will be reprofiled on next reboot)13:24
dreamaddictalsamixer still negative13:24
ioriadreamaddict, but the file exists ? ls -l /usr/bin/alsamixer13:24
dreamaddictioria: yep...I'm pretty sure it would be a different error message if alsamixer were not there altogether13:25
ioriadreamaddict,  can you paste etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf  ?13:25
dreamaddictioria:  it doesn't exist13:26
ioriadreamaddict,     ls  -l /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf13:27
OerHeksi find no solution for Realtek ALC115013:27
dreamaddictI just did, it doesn't exist13:27
ioriadreamaddict,     nmmm, no good13:27
smarthi there, is there a way to add/edit keyboard shortcuts in lubuntu?13:27
BuenGeniois there any way to change the delete word combination for terminal from Alt+Backspace to Ctrl+Backspace?13:27
dreamaddictwell I've been reinstalling the hell out of the packages, and it's still not there...very odd indeed13:27
ioria!info alsa-base13:28
ubottualsa-base (source: alsa-driver): ALSA driver configuration files. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.25+dfsg-0ubuntu5 (wily), package size 141 kB, installed size 464 kB13:28
ioriadreamaddict,     alsa-base ?13:28
BluesKajtry opening it with  alt+F2  /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf13:28
=== DirtyCajn2 is now known as DirtyCajun
dreamaddictBluesKaj:  I typed that in and hit enter, and it does nothing...the window just sits there and does nothing13:30
ioriadreamaddict,     alsa-base package is installed ?13:30
dreamaddictI just installed it13:30
ioriadreamaddict,     it wasn't ?13:30
dreamaddictit was, I reinstalled it13:31
BluesKajioria, alsamixer doesn't show up in the termianl either13:31
dreamaddictit is freshly reinstalled and doesn't seem to work...?13:31
dreamaddictit doesn't say "No command 'alsamixer' found"13:31
dreamaddictit says "cannot open mixer:  No such file or directory"13:31
cfhowlettquery: can I pipe text output directly to thunderbird email?13:32
ioriadreamaddict,    they are 2 diferrent errors13:32
dreamaddictif I mistype it, it "autocorrects" me saying, did you mean:  Command 'alsamixer' from package 'alsa-utils'13:32
dreamaddictI know13:32
dreamaddicttherefore alsamixer is there13:32
ioriadreamaddict,    ls -l /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf   again please13:33
dreamaddictok weird13:33
dreamaddictnow it is there, I am looking at it13:33
ioriadreamaddict,  can you paste etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf  ?13:33
dreamaddictI must have mistyped it earlier13:33
dreamaddictok pastebinning it now13:34
BiilD73dumb question   when Im adding a line like /media/bill/series music pics/Series/  in an exports file, should it be like that or this  /media/bill/series\ music\ pics/Series/  ?13:35
BiilD73where the "series music pics" is the mounted drives name13:36
BluesKajdreamaddict, open the file agian with root permissions and add thei sline to the bottom, options snd-hda-intel index=013:38
BluesKajthen save it and relogin in13:39
ioriadreamaddict,  and it that not working   , at the end you have options snd-usb-audio index=-2     , set it to   0    and add after it     options snd-hda-intel index=-213:39
=== lotuspsychje_ is now known as lotuspsychje
dreamaddictalsamixer still not working13:40
dreamaddictshall I make the index for snd-usb-audio 0 as well?13:40
BluesKajioria, wonder if he needs to be added to the audiogroup13:40
BluesKajdreamaddict, sudo addgroup <username> audio13:40
dreamaddictalsamixer still not working13:41
ioriadreamaddict, have you tried    " at the end you have options snd-usb-audio index=-2     , set it to   0    and add after it     options snd-hda-intel index=-2  "  ?13:41
dreamaddictoh...by username, is that the entire thing (myname@mymachine), or just myname?13:41
BluesKajyour login in name , the user name in the consol13:42
ioriadreamaddict, no, just the username13:42
dreamaddictok then I did it right13:42
dreamaddictI might as well try what you just said, ioria13:43
ioriadreamaddict, like that   options snd-usb-audio index=0   options snd-hda-intel index=-213:43
BluesKajdreamon, your soundcard isn't an outboard usb is it?13:44
dreamaddictno, it's integrated13:44
BluesKajoops dreamaddict13:44
dreamaddictok after changing the config is that a logout/login, or reboot13:45
ioriadreamaddict, reboot13:45
dreamaddictok one sec13:45
BluesKajaa reboot , to make sure13:45
lotuspsychjeBiilD73: you can browse folders from terminal with cd13:45
theruewhich boot start up method is better? grub, grub 2, and those other ones ? *scratches head*13:46
cfhowletttherue, grub2 is the default.  deviate ONLY if you KNOW what you are doing and are prepared to fix any breakages.13:46
dreamaddictwe're in!13:47
dreamaddictthat last config file thingy did the trick!13:47
ioriadreamaddict, working ?13:47
dreamaddictI'm in alsamixer, at least13:47
ioriadreamaddict, ok13:47
dreamaddictthe integrated sound still isn't in the list of sound cards13:48
dreamaddictBUT...we have alsamixer now13:48
dreamaddictwhich is much improved13:48
therueon my laptop i had installed linux on it before and i had grub on it, not grub 2, if i want to reinstall linux on that laptop again, will the grub still exist after i install the new linux on it?13:48
ioriadreamaddict,   systemsettings -> sound   ?13:48
cfhowletttherue, unless you specify otherwise, the last OS you install will write the bootloader13:48
dreamaddictoh my system settings kind of got gutted when I purged pulseaudio13:48
therueah ok13:48
BiilD73how would I format this share tree in exports file  /media/bill/series\ music\ pics/Series/ or  /media/bill/series music pics/Series/ do not work13:48
dreamaddicttrying to fix this...I"ll have to handle that later13:48
=== AntiSpamMeta2 is now known as AntiSpamMeta
ioriadreamaddict,   you purged pulseaudio ?13:49
dreamaddictyeah BluesKaj said it was cool :)13:49
dreamaddictfor some reason it took out a few of the unity packages too, apparently13:49
lotuspsychje_BiilD73: tell us the full story mate, whats your end goal?13:49
ioriadreamaddict,   what ubuntu are you on ?13:50
cfhowlettdreamaddict, unsupported, end of life, upgrade to a supported version.13:50
ioriadreamaddict,  14.10 is dead13:50
dreamaddictwell I just updated/upgraded from the console...?13:50
dreamaddicteh I can reinstall this sucker if that's the case13:51
dreamaddictone sec13:51
ioriadreamaddict,  cat /etc/issue13:51
krabadordreamaddict, really faster, building a pendrive or burn a dvd with a new and supported version, start the installation and use the old root, without format13:52
=== Downtime is now known as Uptime
dreamaddictI can do that tomorrow13:52
ren0v0hi, can someone tell me how to get rid of ssh-agent?13:52
ioriadreamaddict,  cat /etc/issue  please13:52
dreamaddictlet's say, I don't want to make the same dumb mistake twice that I apparently made13:52
ren0v0its borked my keys13:52
ren0v0i want it gone!13:53
dreamaddictwhat version should I make absolutely sure to get?13:53
ioriadreamaddict,  no, it's ok13:53
ioriadreamaddict,  you are 14.0413:53
krabadorno 14.10 for you.13:53
dreamaddict14.04.3 LTS \n \l13:53
ioriadreamaddict,  uname -r13:53
ioriadreamaddict,  that's  ok  ....   vivid stack13:54
dreamaddictno really though, what is the deal with the version?13:54
ioriadreamaddict,  no need to reinstall13:54
ioriadreamaddict,  can you paste   dpkg -l | grep pulseaudio13:55
ioriadreamaddict,  sorry,  can you paste   dpkg -l | grep pulseaudio*13:55
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noeliaHello everyone13:56
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noeliaDoes anybody know about docky?13:56
=== Sebastien is now known as senpai
lotuspsychjenoelia: ask your issue13:57
=== grumpycat is now known as cats
cfhowlettnoelia, "does anyone ..." type questions waste bandwidth/time.  YOUR issues and YOUR problems may get answers13:57
BluesKaj_bummer , lost freenode for a few mins13:57
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BluesKaj_dreamaddict,  reinstalled pulse ?13:58
noeliaI've got Docky installed and running, but there's an annoying horizontal grey line across the screen I can't get rid of, whenever I run Docky.13:58
dreamaddictI don't know what you missed but I got alsamixer to work13:59
dreamaddictby changing those two lines in the conf file13:59
lotuspsychjenoelia: ubuntu version and graphics card chipset?13:59
noeliaXubuntu 15.1013:59
BluesKaj_what did you change them to?13:59
dreamaddictchanged snd-usb-audio to 0 and hda-audio to -214:00
ren0v0can someone tell me how to remove ssh-agent? it keeps forgetting my identities and i just want to remove it14:00
dreamaddictadded the hda-audio line14:00
lotuspsychjenoelia: did you remove the xubuntu dock at bottom? or does docky run over it?14:00
noelialotuspsychje I removed Xubuntu dock at bottom14:00
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dreamaddictthe integrated sound still doesn't show up in alsamixer for select sound card...but at least alsamixer is there14:01
noeliaI don't know which graphics card I have14:01
lotuspsychjenoelia: pastebin sudo lshw -C video please?14:01
noelialotuspsychje Sure :)14:01
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BluesKaj_ioria, alsamixer works with those conf settings for dreamaddict,  but that makes no sense to me, I have the exact opposite settings in my alsa-base.conf file14:02
noelialotuspsychje http://pastebin.com/dLSv7ifN14:03
=== adellam_ is now known as adellam
BluesKaj_dreamaddict, pastebin your alsamixer14:04
lotuspsychjenoelia: ok looks good...does your system perform well otherwise? youtubes or vlc playing fine?14:04
dreamaddictwhat, what's on the screen right now?14:04
dreamaddictit's kind of a texty-graphicy looking sort of thing14:04
noelialotuspsychje Yes, everything else's fine14:04
BluesKaj_dreamaddict, yes14:04
lotuspsychjenoelia: can you test creating another user, and start docky from there please?14:05
=== valera_rozuvan is now known as Guest56998
noelialotuspsychje Yes14:05
noelialotuspsychje I'll be right back.14:05
lotuspsychjenoelia: ok14:05
dreamaddictman I must not have checked the versions, I can't believe I didn't install 15.1014:06
dreamaddictsurely there is a way to update to 15.10 from this install that I have14:07
BluesKaj_dreamaddict, take a screenshot of alsamixer and paste it on http://imgur.com/14:08
noelialotuspsychje You're right! Another user doesn't give me that problem.14:08
dreamaddictheh...how do I screenshot it?14:08
BluesKaj_dreamaddict, which release are you on ?14:08
lotuspsychjenoelia: ok, try to purge docky and remove config files perhaps in /home hidden dirs of docky and try reinstall?14:09
noelialotuspsychje Ok, I'm going to try that :)14:10
=== Apachez_ is now known as Apachez
BluesKaj_make sure you have alsamixer on the desktop and hit the prntscrn button just to the right of F12 on desktop KBs, dreamaddict14:11
BluesKaj_dreamaddict, actually 14.04 is a very stable OS , i use it as my fallback14:12
dreamaddictoh wait that's right14:12
dreamaddictthat's why I got this one, it was the stable version14:12
ren0v0ssh-agent is forgetting my identities, can someone help me find what went wrong ?14:12
dreamaddictI didn't feel like screwing with the unstable new version14:12
lotuspsychjeren0v0: maybe the #openssh guys know what to do?14:13
BuenGeniois there any way to change the delete word combination for terminal from Alt+Backspace to Ctrl+Backspace?14:13
Multipath_TestinHello Guyz & Girls14:14
Multipath_Testindo you know how to post a Bug14:14
lotuspsychje!bug | Multipath_Testin14:14
cfhowlett!bug > Multipath_Testin14:14
ubottuMultipath_Testin: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.14:14
ubottuMultipath_Testin, please see my private message14:14
ren0v0lotuspsychje, i'll ask, but someone like you will probably tell me to come here14:15
ren0v0the confs are ubuntu specific after all.14:15
Multipath_TestinYes, I read this,14:15
lotuspsychjeren0v0: just trying to give you more help options14:15
lotuspsychjeren0v0: re-ask here once in a while if you dont get an answer14:15
Multipath_Testin but this is not for a specific application but rather for multipathing mechanism14:15
lotuspsychjeMultipath_Testin: explain the whole story to the channel please14:17
Multipath_TestinWell, I run an IO Test with VDBENCH'14:18
BluesKaj_dreamaddict, in alsamixer hit F6 and choose whatever is the '0' card, then close and reopen alsamixer14:19
Multipath_Testinthen I discpnnect one FC path , wait for about 10 sec, and reconnect it.14:19
Multipath_TestinFirst Port returns without a problem.14:19
=== pitastrudl_ is now known as pitastrudl
Multipath_TestinThen I disconnect second path, this time there are ioerrors in the syslog14:20
lotuspsychjeMultipath_Testin: where did you get vdbench from?14:20
dreamaddictit looks the same14:20
jackcomthere is a way that i want save many line over 30,000 line in the terminal?14:20
Multipath_Testinand then the iotest breaks.14:20
Multipath_Testinthe VDBENCH is a java Tool14:21
lotuspsychjeMultipath_Testin: and you got it from where14:21
BluesKaj_dreamaddict, theb f6 agian and choose the intel card14:21
dreamaddictthere is no intel card in the list14:21
Multipath_Testinit's from SUN ( Oracle right now)14:21
dreamaddictthere is - (default), 0 HDA ATI HDMI, 2 HDA ATI HDMI14:21
BluesKaj_0 hda14:22
dreamaddictthat's what I just picked14:22
dreamaddictwhen you said pick the 0 card14:22
lotuspsychjeMultipath_Testin: maybe ask the oracle forums?14:22
sertyuihow to check the number of users present on a server ?14:22
Multipath_Testinlotuspsychje: the problem is not with the Tool14:23
Multipath_TestinBecause it is working well on other OS's14:23
cfhowlettsertyui, in a terminal?  users14:23
Multipath_Testinthere is probably something wrong This ubuntu version - 15.114:23
BluesKaj_right , that's because the intel is sending to your hdmi and not to the analog out14:23
dreamaddictok well I'll try that14:24
sertyuiok i can see 3 times my username14:24
dreamaddictso how do I test the sound14:24
dreamaddictor more importantly, how do I get the sound settings back into my GUI?14:24
dreamaddictbecause for some reason purging pulseaudio got rid of a chunk of the desktop14:25
lotuspsychjeMultipath_Testin: still its not an officially supported ubuntu package right, maybe you can test an alterntive IO test? like bonie++?14:25
BluesKaj_dreamaddict, you need to change that conf file setting again , make the usb index=1 and the intel =014:26
dreamaddictdone and rebooting14:26
sertyuii can see my username 3 times but only one session is present14:27
sertyuihow to check other where it is ?14:27
cfhowlettsertyui, ask #ubuntu-server14:27
lotuspsychje!info bonnie++ | Multipath_Testin try this14:27
ubottuMultipath_Testin try this: bonnie++ (source: bonnie++): Hard drive benchmark suite. In component main, is optional. Version 1.97.1 (wily), package size 64 kB, installed size 188 kB14:28
BiilD73how would I format this share tree in exports file  /media/bill/series\ music\ pics/Series/ or  /media/bill/series music pics/Series/ do not work14:28
dreamaddictback to cannot open mixer14:28
lotuspsychjeBiilD73: what are you trying to doe exactly?14:29
BiilD73I have this nfs share /media/bill/series music pics/ with files that currently i can acces on the local machine no problem14:31
BiilD73when I try to export that same share  i get an error I'm sure is due to the spaces on the former windows drive name14:32
BluesKaj_dreamaddict, wow, that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever14:32
dreamaddictit sure doesn't :P14:32
Multipath_TestinOk, thanks ubottu !14:33
dreamaddictit works if usb=0 and hda=-2, but not the other way around14:33
dreamaddictand this doesn't work either14:33
BluesKaj_well, change them back14:33
dreamaddictand when it does work, it still doesnt see the intel device (as an intel device at least)14:33
lotuspsychjeBiilD73: did you try with series_music_pics as spaces?14:33
BiilD73no I didn't since when i use tab to locate files under it didn't swap space for "_"14:34
lotuspsychjeBiilD73: i recommend you to use cleaner folder structures in the future14:34
gateshwilli highly recommend windows 10 for a profoundly better computing experience14:34
BiilD73well it was a windows drive and you no how that migrating stuff goes14:34
lotuspsychje!ot | gateshwill14:34
ubottugateshwill: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:34
dreamaddictalsamixer is back up14:35
BiilD73lotuspsychje this is the error now   exportfs: Failed to stat /media/bill/series_music_pics/Series/: No such file or directory14:36
dreamaddictalso this is weird...now when I restart ubuntu, there is a small bit of graphical noise that shows up on the end screen just before it reboots14:36
BiilD73guess I should just rename the drive.14:36
dreamaddicteh a worry for another day I suppose14:36
lotuspsychjeBiilD73: cant you rename folder before you export?14:37
lotuspsychjeBiilD73: make something straight like /media/bill/allsorts14:37
lotuspsychje!es | canaima_14:40
ubottucanaima_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:40
BluesKaj_dreamaddict, try the gnome-alsamixer14:40
BiilD73the drive was name on windows 7 and I'm not linux proficient enough lol  just unmounted it unplugged hooked to laptop to renmae it14:40
dreamaddictshould I apt-get autoremove at any point here to get rid of unneeded packages?14:41
dreamaddictok got the new alsamixer14:41
BluesKaj_dreamaddict, does it show volume control sliders etc?14:43
dreamaddictthere are six check boxes, all labeled IEC958...the first four are checked14:43
dreamaddictand there is one tab, labeled ATI R6xx HDMI14:44
BiilD73sweet  renaming it fixed it   was trying to find a work around but seems the spaces are a bug for NFS with no fix as of yet14:45
lotuspsychjedreamaddict: just of curiosity, wich graphics driver do you have active?14:45
lotuspsychje!yay | BiilD7314:45
ubottuBiilD73: Glad you made it! :-)14:45
dreamaddicthow do I check?  my settings panel is borked14:46
linwizHaving some problems with deps while installing a package, anyone have suggestions? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14582395/14:46
lotuspsychjedreamaddict: sudo lshw -C video14:46
dreamaddictI downloaded it from the AMD site14:47
lotuspsychjedreamaddict: did you ever try 15.10?14:47
xangualinwiz: wrong channel14:47
lotuspsychjedreamaddict: sounds like a new card14:47
dreamaddictno I remembered why I didn't download it in the first place...I thought the stable version would be a safer bet14:47
dreamaddictyeah it's really new14:47
dreamaddictI kind of splurged building this machine14:47
linwizI've tried there already xangua was hoping for some advice any way14:48
cfhowlettlinwiz, you want #debian14:48
lotuspsychjedreamaddict: could you try a liveusb 15.10 and check if sounds works better there perhaps14:48
dreamaddictyou know I can definitely try that14:48
dreamaddictin fact I might try getting some kind of sleep and trying that in the morning14:48
dreamaddictit's almost 7AM here and I've been up for hours diligently hacking away at this14:48
lotuspsychjedreamaddict: ok mate good luck and come back if you dont get it straight14:49
dreamaddicthey BluesKaj, I think I'm going to call it for tonight14:49
dreamaddictyou're off the clock :)14:49
dreamaddictand seriously thank you for being so patient about this14:49
lotuspsychje!cookie | BluesKaj_14:49
ubottuBluesKaj_: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!14:49
dreamaddict!beer | BluesKaj_14:50
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peacefulHow can i install latest gcc in ubuntu 14.04?14:52
BiilD73so glad thats fixed, finally ghot rid of the Win7 install for serving my videos to OSMC RPis'   videos stream so much better now from NFS than Samba14:52
lotuspsychje!latest | peaceful14:52
ubottupeaceful: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.14:52
lotuspsychjepeaceful: its recommended to use package versions for your ubuntu version14:53
lotuspsychjeBiilD73: glad you fixxed it14:53
peacefullotuspsychje, i dont need recommended :)14:54
SilencedGuys . Trying to reinstall ubuntu . In custom partitioning ,will mentioning my previous /home as the /home of current installation delete my existing data ?14:54
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging14:54
xanguaSilenced: if you don't check the square for delete, no14:54
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/ - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring14:55
xanguapeaceful: either find some strange PPA or compile it yourself14:55
mcphailpeaceful: there is no _supported_ way to run latest GCC on 14.04. Ubuntu doesn't work like that. You are welcome to build yourself, find a PPA or install from another source, but it will not be supported on this channel14:55
peacefulIf i enable backports ill get latest versions?14:55
Silencedxangua you mean the format check box ?14:55
xanguathat's the "not recomended" path, good luck peaceful14:55
xanguaSilenced: if you don't check to format, it won't format :P14:56
SilencedOkay :P14:56
DinosaurioHey, how to install kde on ubuntu 14.0414:56
peacefulIM going to enable backports14:57
lotuspsychjeDinosaurio: you can install kubuntu if you like14:57
peacefulUbuntu 14.04 have pretty outdated stuff14:57
BiilD73peaceful its stable and LTS14:57
lotuspsychjeDinosaurio: or install kubuntu-desktop from your existing install14:57
mcphailpeaceful: that is by design. For "outdated" read "stable"14:57
lotuspsychjepeaceful: thats whay there are non-lts versions also...14:57
lotuspsychje!info gcc | peaceful14:58
ubottupeaceful: gcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.144ubuntu1)): GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:5.2.1-3ubuntu1 (wily), package size 5 kB, installed size 44 kB14:58
DinosaurioI'd like to choose unity or kde every time I log in14:58
xanguaDinosaurio: wou will be able14:58
lotuspsychjeDinosaurio: ok then sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop14:58
peacefullotuspsychje, thats in 15.1014:58
Dinosaurioxangua, lotuspsychje: okay, ty14:58
lotuspsychjepeaceful: yes thats what you need a later gcc right?14:59
LocalHost_80hi guys is there any way to backup application in ubuntu? i mean the USC application because its hard for me to download it again in other distros14:59
lotuspsychje!backup | LocalHost_8014:59
ubottuLocalHost_80: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning14:59
peacefullotuspsychje, yep14:59
* mcphail doubts the latest gcc will be in Trusty backports15:00
LocalHost_80thanks a lot ...15:00
lotuspsychjepeaceful: then tryout 15.10...15:00
xanguaDinosaurio: also if you don't need/want to install every aplications that comes in Kubuntu by default, you probably you want to install plasma desktop15:00
BluesKaj_the latest isn't necesarily the greatest either15:00
linwizpeaceful: there are other distros that provide the 'latest and greatest' packages by default; maybe that's what you're looking for?15:00
parallelsjust installed15:01
parallelsubuntu on a mac15:01
peacefullotuspsychje, i need to keep 3.13 kernel15:01
Dinosaurioxangua: Yeah, I only want KDE environment15:01
lotuspsychje!pinning | peaceful maybe with this method?15:02
ubottupeaceful maybe with this method?: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto15:02
xangua!info plasma-desktop | Dinosaurio15:03
ubottuDinosaurio: plasma-desktop (source: plasma-desktop): Tools and widgets for the desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:5.4.2-0ubuntu2 (wily), package size 1620 kB, installed size 7975 kB15:03
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Dinosaurioxangua: Downloading and installing. Thank you :)15:05
DinosaurioIt's great to have some free times so you can taste new savours15:06
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theone88hello ive d got ubuntu 14.04 installed on my laptop and when i restart or shut down i don t see that loading bar or purple screen just blank untill its restarted or reopened its that ok?15:19
lotuspsychjetheone88: is your laptop a fast one with ssd?15:19
dom____hello, I'm facing problem with sed http://pastebin.com/Pf5iMGMW. This code some time modify only one line in myfile.txt and some time don't modify any line, but individually  both sed working fine15:20
lotuspsychjetheone88: normally you should see a little of the purple screen before shutdown15:20
theone88nope i dont see it15:21
lotuspsychjetheone88: what does happen when you press F1 during shutdown process? maybe youl get usefull errors15:21
theone88i dont know im new on linux let me check15:21
lotuspsychjedom____: maybe the ##sed guys know?15:22
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theone88lotuspsychje should i reinstall ubuntu?15:31
lotuspsychjetheone88: i would investigate a bit first...15:32
theone88the f1 keys doesnt work when i shutdown15:32
lotuspsychjetheone88: can you check wich graphics card you have and wich driver? pastebin sudo lshw -C video15:32
theone88it shows me another grafic card15:35
lotuspsychjetheone88: wich chipset please? and what written behind driver=15:36
theone88wait i copy paste15:36
theone88       description: VGA compatible controller15:36
theone88       product: Mullins [Radeon APU A4-6000 with R2 Graphics]15:36
theone88       vendor: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI]15:36
lotuspsychjetheone88: is thi a recent laptop?15:37
=== insidious_ is now known as insidious
theone88yes lenovo g50-45 with dual graphics15:37
lotuspsychjetheone88: did you try installing the drivers from the amd site?15:38
theone88in ati catalist i see both graphics card but the r5 one with 2 gb its says unknown display15:38
theone88nope i dont know how15:39
lotuspsychjetheone88: hmm, maybe you can try ubuntu 15.10 as a test, to see if your new graphics perform better there15:39
theone88i used aditional drivers15:39
lotuspsychjetheone88: try the drivers from amd, if that doesnt work try 15.1015:39
theone88how do i install those?15:39
ballmerif that doesn't work, boot a fedora live usb15:40
lotuspsychjetheone88: check the amd website, and search for your card/drivers15:40
ballmerit has newer everything15:40
lotuspsychjeballmer: please dont suggest fedora here15:40
ballmerwhy not15:40
lotuspsychjeballmer: because your in an ubuntu support channel15:40
cfhowlettballmer,  this is ubuntu support.15:40
ballmeri am here to solve problems not be a fanboy15:40
lotuspsychjeballmer: this is why we keep sperate channels for each distro15:41
cfhowlettballmer, you are here to troll.  please help fedora users, not bother ubuntu users.15:41
ballmerif you are that thin skinned, then you should not be in a help channel period15:41
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lotuspsychjeballmer: this help channel is about ubuntu, period15:42
=== Guest44397 is now known as linuxlove
ballmeri will say what i want and if you don't like it then kickban me, and i'll take my business and 30 servers elsewhere.  this is childishness.15:43
linuxlovecan i run xcode in ubuntu?15:43
cfhowlettlinuxlove, as of quite recently ... yues15:43
linuxlovecfhowlett, how?15:43
lotuspsychje!info rules | ballmer this is why its not childish15:44
ubottuballmer this is why its not childish: Package rules does not exist in wily15:44
linuxlovecfhowlett, in virtual machine?15:44
lotuspsychje!rules | ballmer15:44
ubottuballmer: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines15:44
ballmerwhat guidelines say i can't suggest using another distro to someone on irc whose pc is incompatible with ubuntu?15:45
ballmerplease point it out15:45
cfhowlettlinuxlove, looking.  ther article was quite recent15:45
linuxlovecfhowlett, could you give me a link please?15:45
nicomachusballmer: if you have issues with the guidelines take it up with #ubuntu-ops15:46
cfhowlettlinuxlove, I said ... I'm looking15:46
ballmeri pay a lot of money to canonical and i will yank every bit of it if this is your attitude15:46
nicomachusnone of us here works for canonical...15:46
cfhowlettballmer,and yet you advocate fedora.  please play somewhere else15:46
mcphailballmer: calm down please15:46
ballmeri use both, i am not advocating, i am telling someone what to try IF UBUNTU IS INCOMPATIBLE15:47
ballmeryou fanboy immaturity is unbecoming and represents the ubuntu community poorly15:47
cfhowlettballmer, you are not helping now . your intentions are suspect.  your disruptive behavior is obvious.15:47
Danielh90how do you name a screen?15:47
ballmeri will bring this up to my canonical rep15:47
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crisedI have VLC audio problems, after pausing the video15:53
lotuspsychjecrised: can you tell us what happens15:53
crisedSimilar to this thread, although I changed the audio output module, still I have problems V15:53
pbxballmer, i just found this in the IRC guidelines: "In #ubuntu-ops you will be able to publicly discuss your matter regarding any of the Ubuntu Core channels with other Ubuntu IRC operators. Please join this channel for conflict escalation/resolution and not other channels."15:53
lotuspsychjecrised: 12?10 is end of life mate15:54
lotuspsychjecrised: we suggest you install a supported version from the topic15:54
crisedlotuspsychje: no... I have the same problem my OS is 1515:54
cfhowlettlinuxlove, OK, found it and ... I was completely wrong. Apple has opensourced SWIFT not xcode.  so sorry for confusing the issue.   https://developer.apple.com/swift/blog/?id=2915:54
lotuspsychjecrised: maybe try 14.04.3 LTS? to test15:55
linuxlovecfhowlett, okay and do you know how can i run mac os virtually in ubuntu?15:55
FivecentmikeI am trying to use a Nvidia Geforce GTX960 with Ubuntu 14.04 and I can't get the drivers to properly install despite following several guides on stack overflow.15:56
cfhowlettlinuxlove, have to ask #vbox.  so far as I know, you MUST have vbox installed on a mac to run it virtually15:56
crisedI have Ubuntu 15.10, and I have audio problems when I pause a video in VLC.... any ideas?15:56
nicomachuscrised: what "audio problems"?15:56
erageraHello, I also have Ubuntu 15.10 and Im having audio problems with music playback15:56
lotuspsychjecrised: start vlc from the terminal, maybe it spits out usefull errors15:56
erageraMy problem is described here15:56
erageraPlease, I need some help. Listening to my music collection as it warps to hell hurts my soul15:57
cfhowlett!patience | eragera,15:57
ubottueragera,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:57
lotuspsychje!sound | eragera have you tried these steps?15:57
ubottueragera have you tried these steps?: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.15:57
crisedlotuspsychje: [00000000024b21c8] dbus interface error: poll() failed: Interrupted system call15:57
erageracfhowlett, Sorry, :P15:57
cfhowletteragera, no worries15:57
erageraI wasnt repeating15:58
erageraI was trying to list my whole problem out15:58
erageraso that I could answer most basic questions15:58
kltrgThe GTK display setting manager is gone on of my machines (the thing where I drag and drop monitors and change their resolution). I can’t find out the package name to install it. How is it called?15:58
theone88lotuspsychje i can find the drivers should i install ubuntu 15.10 and use aditional drivers after inastall?15:58
nicomachuskltrg: the regular system settings menu?15:58
nicomachuskltrg: unity-control-center?15:59
lotuspsychjetheone88: i would first try the drivers ubuntu chooses, if it doesnt perform well, try the amd drivers15:59
lotuspsychjecrised: could you try to pause in smplayer as a test please? just to see if its vlc or the sound16:00
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nicomachuseragera: what music player are you using that is browser-dependent?16:00
lotuspsychje!info smplayer | crised16:00
ubottucrised: smplayer (source: smplayer): complete front-end for MPlayer and MPlayer2. In component universe, is optional. Version 14.9.0~ds0-1 (wily), package size 1388 kB, installed size 3702 kB16:00
erageranicomachus, Im using Exaile16:01
theone88ok at install i use this partition scheme 1st root  2nd home and swap its ok like this?16:01
erageraIt is not browser dependent, atleast afaik16:01
w00tburgeranyoen know if there is there such a thing for hyper V which is that of "guest tools" in environments such as vmware and virtualbox?16:01
lotuspsychjetheone88: use the automatic partitioning16:01
erageraI tried Rythmbox, Clementine16:01
nicomachuseragera: lol, then why would switching from Chrome to Firefox make a difference? Checking out other issues...16:01
erageraNeither worked16:01
theone88for 1tb hdd?16:01
cfhowletttheone88, yep.  let ubuntu figure it out.16:01
erageraI just shifted for the heck of it16:02
nicomachuseragera: do you get the same stutter in other music players?16:02
erageraI do16:02
crisedit's fixed, Changed to output ALSA, then Audio device is set to Pulse Audio SoundServer, works flawless16:02
lotuspsychjew00tburger: maybe the #vbox guys know?16:02
erageraNot in MPV tho16:02
erageraMPV works like a charm16:02
lotuspsychje!yay | crised16:02
ubottucrised: Glad you made it! :-)16:02
theone88ok thank you very much guys16:02
nicomachuseragera: so it's a pulseaudio issue likely... do you have any custom pulse settings? I think they're in ~/.pulse16:02
erageraI already deleted that 3 times over16:02
erageradidnt fix16:03
nicomachusok. one moment.16:03
=== Windows10 is now known as peaceful
erageraYou need to know tho16:03
erageraIm a linux casual16:03
erageraI dont know much about anything16:03
eragerajust your basic stuff a newb would know16:03
nicomachuseragera: no problem there. :) but try not to hit the enter key so much, keep it all one line whenever possible.16:03
erageraits a bad habit which my friends tell me to fix a lot, but it just doesnt go...16:04
w00tburgernot sure if that is a vbox question lol. I cant seem to find a hyper-V channel16:04
kltrgnicomachus, The control center is there. But not all the entries are there. The display one is missing for example.16:04
nicomachuseragera: ha. you said ubuntu 15.10? what kernel?16:04
erageraermm.... How do I check that?16:04
nicomachuseragera: in a terminal, type "uname -a"16:04
=== e-dard is now known as e-dard_afk
erageraLinux Gaurav-PC 4.2.0-23-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Sun Dec 27 17:48:35 UTC 2015 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux16:05
erageraIs what this says16:05
erageraTilda is handy af, btw16:05
nicomachuseragera: ok. first, go ahead and do "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"16:05
Danielh90I'm trying to make a .sh and when I try and do sudo ./start.sh it says command not found but I have a command that I can just work in the terminal16:05
eragera0 all16:06
erageraI update it all once a day16:06
nicomachuseragera: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:06
nicomachusyou should have a kernel upgrade that was pushed out yesterday.16:06
user_Hey guys does someone have a good solution in respect to Antivirus?16:06
erageranicomachus, I made an alias to update16:06
user_for Ubuntu?16:06
eragerawhich does all the update and upgrade commands16:06
lotuspsychjeuser_: clamav16:06
eragerashall i just run that?16:06
cfhowlett!malware | user_16:06
nicomachususer_: clamav16:06
jophishI'm getting strange tearing on an external monitor. The tearing is along a diagonal line16:07
nicomachuseragera: yes, please run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"16:07
erageraoh boy16:07
eragerathis gonna be a while16:07
user_Mmm I just installed ClamAv and it didnt work. In other words it juyst tells me that there are some infected files, but it doesnt tell me thepath of this files or how to delete them16:07
nicomachuseragera: whats your update alias?16:07
Guest35435daniel try bash start.sh16:07
erageraone sec16:07
lotuspsychjeuser_: probably a false positive16:08
lotuspsychjeuser_: can you remember its name?16:08
erageraalias update='sudo apt-get update -y && sudo apt-get upgrade -y && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y && sudo apt-get autoremove -y && sudo apt-get upgrade -y && sudo apt-get autoremove -y'16:08
user_What do you mean with its name?16:08
user_sorry for my ignorance16:08
erageraI didnt write this myself, got it from a friend who uses linux but took pity on my useless self16:08
lotuspsychjeuser_: you said you had infected files...16:08
lotuspsychjeuser_: infected with wich trojan/worm?16:09
user_O yes, but the problem is that I dont know the name of the files because ClamAv just say "4 infected files" nothing more16:09
user_that my doubt16:09
lotuspsychjeuser_: you should have a log of the scan16:09
user_how can I access to that log?16:10
lotuspsychjeuser_: try /var/log/clamav16:10
cfhowlett!cn | cobra16:10
ubottucobra: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw16:10
user_Give me a sec16:10
erageraWait is that Japanese?16:10
cfhowlettcould be = let16:11
lotuspsychjeuser_: pastebin if possible16:11
eragera:| Do I need to open up google translate? Prolly not. Let's just look the other way16:11
cfhowlett!jp | cobra16:11
ubottucobra: 日本語の場合は /join #ubuntu-jp または /join #kubuntu-jp を入力して下さい。16:11
user_Ok, give me a sec16:11
nicomachuseragera: don't worry about it. just redirecting users to the proper channel.16:11
erageraI see16:11
nicomachuseragera: we need to make some changes to your alias, it isn't updating properly because the syntax is off.16:11
erageraOh. I see.16:12
nicomachuserrr... wait. could be my fault. one sec.16:12
user_Tue Jan 19 23:11:21 2016 -> +++ Started at Tue Jan 19 23:11:21 201616:12
user_Tue Jan 19 23:11:21 2016 -> Received 0 file descriptor(s) from systemd.16:12
user_Tue Jan 19 23:11:21 2016 -> clamd daemon 0.98.7 (OS: linux-gnu, ARCH: x86_64, CPU: x86_64)16:12
user_Tue Jan 19 23:11:21 2016 -> Running as user clamav (UID 121, GID 129)16:12
user_Tue Jan 19 23:11:21 2016 -> Log file size limited to 4294967295bytes.16:12
user_Tue Jan 19 23:11:21 2016 -> Reading databases from /var/lib/clamav16:12
lotuspsychje!paste | user_16:12
ubottuuser_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:12
erageraJust listening to my Anime Songs16:13
erageranicomachus, Ive noticed one thing16:13
nicomachuseragera: sorry it's fine. did you get any upgrades with the command I had you run?16:13
erageraIt doesnt warp on some certain songs16:13
eragerawhich are calmer16:13
erageranicomachus, Its updating the kernel. I think.16:14
nicomachusgood. that's a big security patch.16:14
user_the pastbin id is]: 1458297816:14
lotuspsychjeuser_: full url please16:15
FivecentmikeI am trying to use a Nvidia Geforce GTX960 with Ubuntu 14.04 and I can't get the drivers to properly install. Installing Nvidia's drivers through Software and Updates seems to proceed without error, but on reboot I'm unable to login.16:15
lotuspsychjeuser_: i dont see infected on there?16:16
user_Yeah its strange16:16
erageraOh btw, If I read 'Python for dummies' will I be able to learn basic python skills?16:16
user_I run ClamAv yesterday and it said that there where 4 infected files16:16
lotuspsychjeuser_: so your safe! why do you suspect a virus exactly.16:16
nicomachuseragera: no idea, I'm currently learning python myself. #python can help you with that, though.16:16
user_and I cant find the files16:16
user_or the log16:17
erageraI see16:17
user_Im worried becasue of this nerw troyan that take snapshots of your system every 3 seconds16:17
user_and also because sometimes my laptop lags16:17
Guest35435I thought 'Learn Python The Hard Way' was great16:17
user_and it shoudnt, it has a good processor and disk :(16:17
ikoniauser_: what new trojan ?16:18
eragerathe hard way... urgh...16:18
xanguauser_: alredy being patched16:18
user_for real?16:18
user_So im "safe"16:18
flexushi, when purging my old, unused kernels i get a libc6-dev error i cant solve: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14582998/16:18
erageraI have exams in a month so I cant dedicate more than about 30 mins to 1 hour to python a day16:18
ikoniauser_: what new trojan are you talking about16:18
nicomachusflexus: I can't read that... lol.16:18
flexusnicomachus, yeah, german gg16:19
nicomachus!de | flexus16:19
ubottuflexus: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!16:19
ServantGruntGood evening everyone, I'm in need of some help with the management of Juju and MaaS, can anyone help me?16:19
user_The one that takes picture of your system every 30 seconds, store the images locally and uploads them to a remote server16:19
ph88how much space do i need for ubuntu gnome without home drive and swap ?16:19
flexusmaybe i can translate: libc6-dev depends on linux-libc-dev but should not be installed16:20
erageranicomachus, Is there a need for me to install an antivirus on linux? When I used to use windows I didnt get a malware/virus for about 6 years, until I got fed up with M$'s shit and uninstalled it from my system.16:20
xangua!virus | eragera16:20
ubottueragera: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus16:20
user_and also I ve been suspecting of a possible virus or trojan etc., because I havent been able to upgrade to 16.04 lts correctly; also after the upgrade my video performance descre<sed a lot. I play Dota2 and now its has fps lag :(16:20
xanguauser_: do you install thing outside of the official repositories?16:20
ikoniauser_: what trojan is this16:20
erageraI see. Thnx Mr.Bot16:20
nicomachuseragera: language... and no you should be fine without one, so long as you don't click shady links and are careful when downloading / sharing files with other computers.16:20
user_No nothing, I have everything default16:21
xanguauser_: Xenial is not yet stable16:21
erageraSorry :P16:21
ikoniauser_: you're quoting a lot of very specific information about a trojan you believe you have, what is the name, where is the cve for this trojan16:21
xanguauser_: then why all this paranoid?16:21
user_what is Xenial?16:21
user_no, its not paranoid16:21
nicomachus!xenial | user_16:21
ubottuuser_: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+116:21
user_its that before when I had a 15.0116:21
ikoniauser_: thats the release you say you're trying to upgrade to16:21
user_my laptop worked perfectly16:21
ServantGruntHum, can anyone give me a moment please?16:22
ikoniauser_: what is the name/detail of this trojan you keep referencing16:22
user_lol, so I upgraded partiallty or something like that?16:22
lotuspsychje!ask | ServantGrunt16:22
ubottuServantGrunt: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:22
ServantGruntI asked before but nobody answered (?)16:22
user_ikonia, give me a sec Ill give you the name now16:22
ServantGruntAnyway, I'm in need of some help with the management of Juju and MaaS, can anyone help me?16:22
TJ-ServantGrunt: you'll be better off in the #ubuntu-server channel for those issues16:23
user_that the name16:23
ServantGruntOh, alright16:23
user_Dr.web found it16:23
lotuspsychjeuser_: try the clamav database instead16:23
nicomachusflexus: why are you using such a complicated method of removing old kernels instead of just "apt-get autoremove"?16:23
user_Ill try that16:24
flexusnicomachus, autoremove doesnt remove things in /boot, dont know why16:24
user_so in conclusion I have to wait until 24th? to get 16.04  LTS?16:24
user_Why then do I had the option to upgradE?16:24
nicomachusflexus: it should... unless you are manually installing all of your kernels.16:24
adriajk24 of this month?16:24
ikoniauser_: and why do you think this specific trojan is impacting you ?16:24
user_I havent been able to check if it affecting me or not16:25
ikoniawhat ?16:25
user_because I havent been available to get into the folder it suppose16:25
ikoniayou're saying you're worried you have it,16:25
user_to store the picutres16:25
ikoniauser_: what folder can you not access ?16:25
user_is not that Im thinking I have been infeted16:25
user_its just makingsure,you never know16:25
user_give me a sec16:25
user_Ill give you the folders16:25
lotuspsychjeuser_: ekoms shows nothing: http://clamav-du.securesites.net/cgi-bin/clamgrok?virus=ekoms&search-type=contains&case-sensitivity=No&database=daily&database=main&display=database&display=virus&.submit=Query+verzenden&.cgifields=database&.cgifields=search-type&.cgifields=case-sensitivity&.cgifields=display16:26
flexusnicomachus, i only use lowlatency and got standard as an option, this makes /boot full16:27
ikoniauser_: what happens when you try to get to this folder ?16:27
user_Ill be afk a bit16:27
user_I cant get to it16:28
ikoniadefine "can't get into it"16:28
user_that the problem16:28
nicomachusflexus: ok, well I'll defer to others here then, because I'm just not sure.16:28
user_I cant access the directory16:28
user_probably casue its doesnt exist16:28
nicomachusbecause it doesn't exist?16:28
user_meaning im not infected16:28
user_I dont really know :(16:28
sruliTJ-: do you have a few minutes now to finish with my routing issue?16:29
user_How would you try to access to it?16:29
ikoniayou'll do better stating your problem16:29
ikonianot random guesses with no reason that distract from the problem16:29
ph88what's the size of ubuntu OS ?16:29
xanguaph88: installed like 4GB16:29
flexusnicomachus, ok, someone one .de channel is jumping in16:29
TJ-sruli: how far have you gotten with it?16:29
user_Yes, sorry. Ill investigate further, sorry Im new here and learning the way how to chat etc. Ill try my best16:30
erageranicomachus, Its been stuck at this for the past 5 mins now     run-parts: executing /etc/kernel/postinst.d/dkms 4.2.0-25-generic /boot/vmlinuz-4.2.0-25-generic16:30
sruliTJ-: nothing since we last spoke16:30
hobbesafternoon all16:30
nicomachuseragera: ok, let it go a few more minutes. definitely don't want to stop a kernel upgrade mid-way through.16:30
flexusnicomachus, atm no problem solving idea16:31
eragerak. While that updates, I have another problem regarding skype16:31
nicomachuseragera: you can ask... but idk if anyone here can really provide skype support. the linux build is just so bad.16:31
erageraThe skype chat Im on gets a lot of img posts16:32
erageraimgur links, to be specific16:32
TJ-sruli: I'm having difficulty remembering the exact scenario. Is this it? Bare-metal host + virtual machines. Host+VMs should not have public (Internet) access unless the VPN is active16:32
lotuspsychjeeragera: convice your friends to use telegram16:32
erageraClicking on the link takes it about 1 min to open in chromium. 45 seconds to be exact.16:32
pbxis it possible to disable the super-tap that opens the dash?16:32
erageralotuspsychje, Tried to do the same with discord, they told me to 'piss off'16:33
nicomachuspbx: yes, in your keyboard shortcuts menu in the system settings.16:33
sruliTJ-: correct, in 14.04 with virtualbox, my iptables rules did the trick, however in 15.10 with KVM it does not work, i'm guessing its more to do with KVM than 15.1016:33
erageranicomachus, done16:35
erageranow what?16:35
nicomachuseragera: great. now check and see if you still get the music stuttering. A kernel upgrade *may* have helped.16:35
nicomachusalso, reboot first if you haven't already.16:35
erageraI cant really reproduce the problem as I wish it16:35
erageraIt just comes and goes16:35
erageraBut Ill try rebooting16:36
TJ-sruli: In theory, no, but it depends on how the VMs network traffic is being handled. I seem to recall it was using NAT, so instead of rules in the FORWARD/OUTPUT table the VMs would require rules in the 'nat' table either OUTPUT or POSTROUTING to block it, or as an alternative use Policy-Based routing so the VM network uses a separate routing table (so you could simply drop its default route)16:36
Codename47Scrolling speed/animation in firefox seems a bit poor. It's not as smooth as say chrome in windows. Is this normal? Using ATI drivers16:36
xanguaCodename47: what Firefox version are you using? You cloud try disabling smooth scroll16:37
erageranicomachus, Back16:38
Codename47disabling smooth scroll kinda helps, but i miss the smoothness really hmm16:38
sruliTJ-: how would i do that?16:38
erageraSo, I just wait for it to reproduce? If nothing happens, problem fixed?16:39
hobbesso additional drivers... I'm getting an unknown:unknown [this device is using an alternative driver] Using Processor microcode firmware for intel CPUs from intel-microcode16:39
HackerIICodename47:  try smoothwheel firefox adon16:39
hobbesI guess thats not great?16:39
nicomachuseragera: ok. as I said, the kernel upgrade may have fixed it. However, you mentioned that more "intense" songs will cause it more often, so if you do still get errors, try using something like Pulse Audio Equalizer to dial back some of the more intense parts: https://www.maketecheasier.com/pulse-audio-equalizer-ubuntu/16:40
TJ-sruli: best to stick with the iptables side for now. Did you look-at/absorb that graphic I linked you to, that explains the route through the kernel netfilter tables/chains ?16:40
abhishekHi, I am new to this channel16:40
hobbeshey Abhi16:40
bx758i have  a strange question16:41
hobbeshow does one upgrade the kernal//determine proper version?16:41
Quake+ for all16:41
TJ-sruli: understanding that, and how different network configurations enter the processing at different points, is essential to being competent with netfilters, and its ip{,6}tables tools.16:41
nicomachushobbes: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:41
Codename47smoothwheel make sit kinda laggy, i'll make sure FF is updated..16:41
sruliTJ-: i did spend some time on it, but did get it well enough to be able to proceed on my own16:41
HackerIIyou have to manipulate it, plenty of settings16:41
hobbesthank you nicomachus16:42
BiilD73wow Quake... There's a game I ain't played in years16:42
bx758when i logon to xubuntu, my mousepad is locked, sometimes i cant click anything and sometimes mouse is on dragging mode. its dragging desktop and make rectangle until i touch a button on my laptop named "AV MODE" then after 10 seconds it will release. what is the solution?16:42
nicomachushobbes: and be sure to upgrade ASAP, there was a rather significant security patch released yesterday. :)16:42
bx758its happening on all ubuntus16:43
Codename47Another slight issues i'm having, i have a USB wifi dongle. Works fine. But everytime i shutdown/reboot i have to unplug it and plug it back in again for it to be recognised. Any ideas?16:44
Codename47using ubuntu-mate, if that could be an issue16:44
nicomachusCodename47: what's the chipset, do you know?16:45
hobbesnicomachus, i did as you said and was prompted to autoremove a few packages, which i did16:46
nicomachushobbes: yep, pretty standard. what do you have in /boot now? (ls -la /boot)16:47
pbxnicomachus, in which subgroup? i'm not seeing it anywhere.  only reference to super keys i see at all is "compose key: right win" under "Typing"16:47
TJ-sruli: for your situation of VM routing, the packets will enter the path in the "routing/forwarding" entry point. Therefore, the places where you can impose rules on them are nat/FORWARD, nat/POSTROUTING (mangle table has very limited target options) http://blogs.longwin.com.tw/lifetype/nfk-traversal.png16:47
nicomachuspbx: System Settings --> Keyboard --> "Shortcuts" tab16:48
ph88hey guys i just installed ubuntu gnome ... after i log in my desktop often disappears16:48
pbxnicomachus, right.  there is a list of groups on the left in that dialog.  where is the dash super-tap found?16:48
ph88what to do ?16:48
nicomachuspbx: oh. it doesn't appear to be there... one sec.16:49
hobbesit looks like i have 2 versions 4.2.0-23 and 25 (of a number of files)16:49
nicomachuspbx: https://askubuntu.com/questions/105558/how-do-i-disable-the-super-key16:49
nicomachushobbes: good!16:49
hobbessweet, thanks man, i have no clue how to make sense of this yet ;)16:50
nicomachushobbes: you'll get there. :)16:50
hobbesreboot advised??16:50
pbxgood find nicomachus, thanks16:50
nicomachushobbes: yes, always after a kernel upgrade.16:50
hobbesbrbs <316:50
sruliTJ-: i already have the following rules, what rules do i need to add/change paste.ubuntu.com/1458322716:53
goddarddo the source files for the latest wily kernel get patched as well?16:53
TJ-sruli: before changing any rules, what are you trying to do - which part of the aims is failing - is it the VMs have routing to the Internet without the VPN enabled?16:54
hobbes_back -- system seems to be improved after the kernal upgrade16:55
TJ-goddard: how do you mean? The source-code is the basis for building the binaries16:55
linuxlovehello guys16:57
linuxlovewhat is your opinion about this whicj of them will stay mirosoft or linux?16:57
bramgnwhere would they be going?16:57
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linuxloveone of them will die16:58
sruliTJ-: yes the VM's still have internet when VPN is disconnected16:58
xangua! Ot | linuxlove16:58
ubottulinuxlove: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:58
linuxlovei think microsoft will die16:59
MonkeyDustlinuxlove  great, but take it elewhere16:59
TJ-sruli: OK. please use "sudo iptables-save" to generate the pastebin list of rules in effect; it's the best way to see all rules at once without any presentation alterations.16:59
sruliTJ-: ok, 1 min17:00
hobbes_under software and updates, would someone please inform me on the default "Other Software" checked off boxes?17:00
SilencedGuys . How to check whether my GPU is active ?17:03
hobbes_like to know that too17:03
Picipreyalone: thats here17:04
Picipreyalone: oops17:04
link0802Hi. Why this code not work for indicator? I see just simple ImageMenuItem, no any makrup :(new = gtk.ImageMenuItem('<b>'+title+'</b>') label.set_markup('<span foreground="blue" size="x-large">Blue text</span> is <i>cool</i>!') label.set_use_markup(True)17:05
Picilink0802: I think you may have the wrong channel. This is #ubuntu, were you looking for some programming channel?17:06
link0802I write indicator-applet for ubuntu, so I guess maybe here someone can help me, sorry if I am in wrong channel :)17:07
MonkeyDustlinuxlove  there's also #ubuntu-app-devel17:07
MonkeyDustlink0802  ^^17:07
link0802thank :)17:08
BiilD73deluge or uTorrent 3.3 for 13.04?17:11
nicomachus!pm hobbes_17:11
nicomachus!pm | hobbes_17:11
ubottuhobbes_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.17:11
bx758when i logon to xubuntu, my mousepad is locked, sometimes i cant click anything and sometimes mouse is on dragging mode. its dragging desktop and make rectangle until i touch a button on my laptop named "AV MODE" then after 10 seconds it will release. what is the solution?17:11
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hobbes_oh, im sorry, i guess you guys are admins?17:15
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JankoHello, is this the right channel for installation support?17:16
xanguaJanko: this is the Ubuntu support channel17:17
BluesKajJanko, are you installing ubuntu?17:18
JankoGood. I'm looking to install ubuntu on a laptop, EFI native w/secure boot and own keys17:18
Jankoand I can't figure out how to boot it up. I tried picking bootx64.efi from CD's efi partition and sbsign-ing it, but it won't work17:20
JankoAlternatively, is there a way to install ubuntu from an existing linux OS? I only found some archaic debootstrap guides17:22
erageranicomachus, You on?17:23
nicomachusyea I'm here17:23
erageraI started listening to my playlist again since I was going to start reading up on python17:23
eragerait still stutters17:23
sruliTJ-: iptables-save paste.ubuntu.com/14583427 also should ip_forward be enabled? in my 14.04 setup with virtualbox i remember it needed to be enabled but now i dont see any difference when its enabled/disabled17:23
xanguan0taphilic: that's the best way to not get an answer17:23
ServantGruntGood evening, I'm back here because no body on #ubuntu-server noticed me. Is there anyone available to help me with juju and Ubuntu Server with MaaS?17:23
hobbes_Okay, I should explain that I know very little about linux in general but enough to be dangerous to myself, thats for sure. It seems like I've tried to get into the swing of linux about 4 times. First ubuntu, then mint a few times. I usually end up reformatting after a month because something goes wrong, usually with upgrades. Either the system borks out or I try to tweak a driver and all hell breaks loose.17:23
xangua! Patience | ServantGrunt Rome wasn't built in a day17:24
ubottuServantGrunt Rome wasn't built in a day: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:24
erageranicomachus, its more broken now.....17:24
ServantGruntI've been waiting for more than an hour lol... Alright then, back to ubuntu-server channel17:24
nicomachuseragera: what's your audio coming out of? GPU, motherboard outputs?17:25
n0taphilicxangua THANKS BUDDYD17:25
nicomachuseragera: what kind of computer do you have?17:25
nicomachusok, what model?17:25
erageraLenovo s20-3017:25
xanguaServantGrunt: if you just ask someone to assist you you will never ever get an answer, ask your Actual Question17:25
Ant1xHi everybody ;)17:26
erageraI can get you the arch wiki page with the specs if that helps17:26
nicomachuseragera: already looking at them.17:26
erageraI see17:26
TJ-sruli: lines 20-22 are those allowing the VM's sub-net to be NATed. So either you remove those when the VPN isn't present, or you insert a rule before them that DROPs the traffic that would have been MASQUERADEd17:26
hobbes_Would someone please explain there logical approach to upgrading in Linux?17:26
Kiritorequests.exceptions.SSLError: [Errno 1] _ssl.c:510: error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert handshake failure - Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS ; Exception thrown by requests in python2 from the repositories. Running the latest version. Is this a known issue with a fix?17:27
sruliTJ-: what exactly should be the rule to drop them?17:27
Joelwhat's the correct way in 14.04 to set a custom DNS server to use? (why on earth can't I just edit resolv.conf :\ )17:28
hobbes_TJ, I realize this will sound stupid but can't you edit dns by right clicking your connection -> edit17:30
al2o3-crJoel: resolvconf17:30
erageranicomachus, Even youtube videos are screwed up now...17:30
TJ-sruli: hmmm, how about "iptables -t nat -I POSTROUTING 3 -s ! -d -j DROP"17:30
Joelal2o3-cr, could you be more specific?17:30
al2o3-crIt's a tool for managing dns configs17:31
nicomachuseragera: ok, give me a moment. multi-tasking over here17:31
xangua11:30 AM <hobbes_> TJ, I realize this will sound stupid but can't you edit dns by right clicking your connection -> edit / I think that was for Joel17:31
al2o3-crcan't be more specific as i've never used it17:31
erageraAh ok17:32
hobbes_Oh, yes, it was, sorry17:32
lotuspsychjeeragera: wich graphics driver are you on?17:33
erageraIntel Integrated graphics?17:33
sruliTJ-: i get an error "The "nat" table is not intended for filtering, the use of DROP is therefore inhibited"17:34
erageraI didnt install any drivers myslef17:34
lotuspsychjeeragera: single card or hybrid with ati/nvidia?17:34
erageraSingle Card, I think17:34
Joelhobbes_, no gui here, thanks though!17:34
lotuspsychjeeragera: can you check sudo lshw -C video17:34
TJ-sruli: ahhh, yes, another gotchya! I was trying to avoid removing those rules17:35
al2o3-crJoel: just add your ns to /etc/network/interfaces17:35
hobbes_what does that command do lotus?17:35
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al2o3-crthat what i do17:35
erageralotuspsychje, this was the output17:35
eragera  *-display17:35
eragera       description: VGA compatible controller17:35
eragera       product: Atom Processor Z36xxx/Z37xxx Series Graphics & Display17:35
eragera       vendor: Intel Corporation17:35
eragera       physical id: 217:35
lotuspsychjehobbes_: wasnt for you mate, but shows graphics chipset17:35
lotuspsychjeeragera: have you tried on LTS?17:36
erageraAm I back?17:36
erageraYes, Sorry for the spam, channel17:37
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lotuspsychjeeragera: have you tried an LTS version17:37
erageraI havent17:37
lotuspsychjeeragera: maybe its worth to test and compare with 14.04.3?17:37
TJ-sruli: try replacing the "-j DROP" with "-j RETURN" so processing returns to the calling chain17:37
k1l_!paste | eragera use that17:38
ubottueragera use that: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:38
hwpplayer1Hi friends , i need to learn the frameworks in ubuntu , especially if there is gtk and qt frameworks both loaded to the system or not17:38
erageralotuspsychje, hmm17:38
erageraShould I install it on my usb and try it that way?17:39
erageraNot liveUSB17:39
lotuspsychjeeragera: you can try live sure17:39
erageraI was talking about installing it on my usb17:39
eragerausing one usb to hold the live17:39
erageraand the other to be used as the install drive17:40
erageraOh wait. a VM would work just as well, wouldnt it?17:40
lotuspsychjeeragera: making a persistent is a bit harder to do, but sure your the boss17:40
lotuspsychjeeragera: i would recommend physicly not vm for your case17:40
erageraI see.17:40
erageraI should have went for LTS in the first place17:40
erageraI just clicked the first version I saw like an idiot17:41
lotuspsychjeeragera: that depends really mate, some users benefit from latest17:41
erageraWell Im a noob, really17:41
erageraI cant benefit from it17:41
lotuspsychjeeragera: we all here to learn mate17:41
hwpplayer1you'll be better tomorrow17:41
erageraWait I forgot, I have a manjaro persistence lying somewhere around here17:41
eragerashould I try it through that?17:42
lotuspsychjeeragera: no try a good ol clean ubuntu17:42
erageraMore work.. sigh..17:42
sruliTJ-: it didnt complain about the rule but VM still has internet while VPN disonnected17:43
erageraThe fact that I dont get internet when I clean install linux doesnt help17:44
hwpplayer1can i talk with a developer or sysadmin in private ?17:44
erageranot one bit17:44
TJ-sruli: what test are using from within the VM to determine it has connectivity?17:44
erageralotuspsychje, Do you know where I can get Ubuntu MATE LTS?17:45
erageraI dont see it on the download page17:45
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sruliTJ-: different websites17:45
lotuspsychjeeragera: from the ubuntu-mate website17:45
MonkeyDusteragera  no, for 14.04 you need a ppa if ypou want MATE17:45
davidmichaelkarrConcerning "firewall-cmd" vs. "gufw", just as an exercise, I'm trying to see if adding services to a zone in gufw results in the same thing in firewall-cmd, and I'm not seeing it.17:46
lotuspsychjeeragera: #ubuntu-mate for their topic17:46
erageralotuspsychje, Im not that nooby.... It isnt on their site17:46
erageraonly 15.1017:46
erageraMonkeyDust, Ty for that info. Ill have to go with ugly ol' unity then17:46
erageraNo offence to anyone who likes Unity17:46
MonkeyDusteragera  yes, MATE isnt available as an .iso, for 14.0417:47
erageraI found it! https://ubuntu-mate.org/trusty/17:47
MonkeyDusteragera  use something else, if you don't like unity17:47
xanguaMonkeyDust: isn't there an 14.04 iso in the Ubuntu mate website?17:47
erageraMonkeyDust, I found MATE LTS17:47
erageraIt was just not on the front page17:48
erageraHad to google it17:48
lotuspsychjeyep but its a 14.04.2 so update right away ok eragera17:48
erageraI will17:48
erageraWell Ill just let it overnight as my net isnt exactly the best...17:49
erageralotuspsychje, btw, I went to #ubuntu-mate with my problem17:51
erageranobody there responded for 2 hours17:51
erageraso I gave up on that, came here.17:52
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TJ-sruli: are you using libvirt to manage the VMs? if so, it'd be better to use its functions to disable ouput17:52
sruliTJ-: yes i am using libvirt, how do disable it in libvirt17:54
TJ-sruli: There's a good overview of the rules it creates for different network types http://libvirt.org/firewall.html17:55
TJ-sruli: "virsh nwfilter-list" would be useful to see what rules it is controlling, to begin with17:57
SilencedGuys , does installing wine on ubuntu 15.10 affects AMD graphics drivers ?17:59
goddarddo the source files for the latest wily kernel get patched as well?17:59
SilencedLike it does on ubuntu 14.0417:59
TJ-goddard: how do you mean? The source-code is the basis for building the binaries18:00
goddardTJ-: the package source18:00
TJ-goddard: right ... as I said ^^^^18:00
goddardTJ-: its based on source code from the kernel18:00
TJ-goddard: kernel source-code > build > package > archive > distribute > apt-get dist-upgrade > installed18:01
k1l_goddard: the source code gets patched and then the ubuntu packages are build.18:01
goddardk1l_: so if i re-download the lts kernel I will have the patch in it?18:02
k1l_goddard: if you get the ubuntu updates you will get a new kernel package that include al known fixes18:03
goddardk1l_: for example linux-signed-image-generic-lts-wily18:03
goddardk1l_: i built mine from source18:03
goddardfrom the package source18:03
k1l_goddard: that is just a meta-package and will always link to the latest packages18:03
alimjHello. Could I add comments to "authorized_key" files for SSH keys? Is it allowed to comment lines with #18:03
goddardk1l_: and the latest is the version with the patch18:04
OerHeksto be sure, check the version number,. goddard18:05
TJ-alimj: see "man 5 authorized_keys" and the "AUTHORIZED_KEYS FILE FORMAT" section18:05
sruliTJ-: i'll read it and get back to you18:06
goddardOerHeks: thats a good idea ... im a newb at this, but where are the version release notes from ubuntu?18:06
alimjTJ-: Thanks18:07
alimjalimj: Done ;-)18:07
goddardOerHeks: thanks18:08
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2016-0728)18:08
k1lgoddard: packages.ubuntu.com search for your packages, see the changelogs etc on the sidebar18:08
OerHekssome mirrors are a day behind18:09
django_1good day everyone18:09
TJ-sruli: I suspect your commands flushing the tables may be affecting libvirt's own rules, based on their description of chains named 'libvirt-*' at least. Or maybe they dropped the indirection to their own chains.18:09
goddardok k1l ill look at this have to bookmark it18:10
TJ-goddard: "apt-get changelog <package>" will help18:10
noise__Hi guys18:10
noise__i have a problem with wifi. it's weak in ubuntu18:11
sruliTJ-: dont really understand, however if what you are describing is the case, do u have any suggestions to overcome that?18:11
noise__can anyone help me?18:11
noise__it'a really annoyin18:11
TJ-goddard: that will show the *entire* changelog; to see just the most recent few changes "less /usr/share/doc/<package>/changelog.gz"18:11
Picigoddard: also, I like to have apt-listchanges installed. It can prompt/email you with changes as you go to install package updates.18:12
TJ-sruli: look at the end of that page I linked. there's some custom chains with names like "libvirt-in", "libvirt-out" according to that, which you don't have. So either you're wiping them out when you flush the tables with your commands, or they no longer create those.18:13
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs18:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1129409 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1376587 [SRU] Nvidia and AMD graphics drivers should indicate whether they provide libcuda.so.1, libOpenCL.so.1, etc." [Medium,Fix released]18:13
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TJ-sruli: I think the very last paragraph applies to you: "...all our work gets blown away."18:15
django_hey all im trying to add Java8 to eclipse but its only showing java-7 in the installed JREs18:16
sruliTJ-: they had to put it at the end? lol, would have taken me 3 hours to read and unnderstand that page until i would have gotten to that paragraph18:16
kianI have ZNC running under its own account to run it on boot I have to login as user "znc" and type "znc"18:16
kianHow can I start this on boot?18:16
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django_i do java -version and i get "1.8.0_66"18:16
sruliTJ-: how do i send  a SIGHUP to libvirt?18:16
TJ-sruli: the art of 'scan' reading :)18:16
kiandjango_: did you check the eclipse preferences?18:17
django_kian, im here18:17
Seveaskian: make it an @reboot cronjob in the znc user's crontab :)18:17
kianSeveas: never used cron jobs18:17
kianSeveas: query me if you're not busy?18:17
sruliTJ-: can only be done if you understand it ;-)18:17
TJ-sruli: "sudo pkill -HUP libvirtd'18:17
django_how can I find the location of java818:17
Seveaskian: sudo crontab -e -u znc18:17
kianSeveas: run that in my user account?18:18
TJ-sruli: that's the point though; you learn this stuff by trying to do it, and failing. If you never failed you'd never know about it.18:18
kianor under znc?18:18
Seveasthen add this on one line and save: @reboot znc18:18
Seveaskian: yup18:18
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sruliTJ-: before i do that, i must say that i never actually restarted iptables, i actually run the script adding the rules before starting libvirt service18:18
Seveassruli: iptables isn't a thing that can be "restarted"18:18
TJ-sruli: libvirtd doesn't start automatically?18:18
kianSeveas: so the command opens the crontab for the user?18:19
kianlike sudo crontab -e -u znc18:19
kianif i changed znc to kian18:19
kianit would be for user kian18:19
Seveaskian: ayup.18:19
kianSeveas: awesome!18:19
kianSeveas: going to disconnect, lets see how it works18:19
TJ-Seveas: according to the RH/libvirt guys they have a service to flush/reload the rules18:19
kianserver reboot time18:19
sruliTJ-: no, i disabled auto start as i run many scripts on each boot before starting libvirt18:19
SeveasTJ-: that does exactly that: flush and reload. Nothing gets "restarted"18:19
TJ-sruli: OK, so maybe that article is out-of-date and it doesn't use those chain names any longer18:19
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sruliTJ-: is sudo pkill -HUP libvirtd'18:20
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TJ-Seveas: right, you're being pedantic though. sruli is referring to explicit instructions for the libvirt network layer by the libvirt developers.18:20
sruliTJ-: is 'sudo pkill -HUP libvirtd' supposed to recreate the rules? i can try it18:20
TJ-sruli: that's what they claim :)18:21
django_found it :)18:21
TJ-sruli: I've found over several years that often the documentation is wildy out-of-date, or plain missing though, so we may be being misled18:21
SeveasTJ-: apologies for being pedantic. This is one of my pet peeves :)18:21
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sruliTJ-: how can we check the results? will iptables-save show different output?18:22
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TJ-Seveas: oh I agree, but please lets not confuse the poor sruli any more.. his underlying issue has been going on for a few weeks now !18:22
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TJ-Seveas: this is what they write: "... The biggest problem is that if the admin does service iptables restart all our work gets blown away.  ..."18:22
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TJ-sruli: Yes, it would show new rules, IF that SIGHUP actually caused libvirtd to change things as that document claims18:23
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SeveasTJ-: yeah. If this is a redhat-like system, /etc/init.d/iptables save would prevent that. There's no Ubuntu equivalent.18:23
JankoSo I'm following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromLinux#Debootstrap - However I get permission denied: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14583754/18:23
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TJ-Seveas: sruli has his own equivalent18:23
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SeveasMine is: iptables-save > /etc/iptables.conf18:24
Seveasand same for s/ip/ip6/g18:24
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sruliTJ-: no change at all, how do i proceed to get this DROP working?18:25
SeveasI completely missed the start of the discussion though. Any chance of a quick summary of the problem?18:25
TJ-Janko: /mnt/ubuntu doesn't have permissions for the user to do that18:25
JankoTJ-: I'm root18:25
JankoTJ-: I was running that command as root, anyway18:25
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TJ-Seveas: 14.04 bare-metal host + libvirt/qemu based VMs, NATed. VMs are to be prevented from having 'Internet' access (i.e. off-host) when an openvpn link (tun0) isn't available. Despite considerable messing with both the filter and nat chains, we've not managed to block it. Currently focused on nat/POSTROUTING to prevent the MASQUERADE target when the VPN isn't alive18:27
TJ-Janko: maybe the mount options for the /mnt/ubuntu are preventing it?18:27
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Janko/dev/mapper/vg-ubuntu on /mnt/ubuntu type ext4 (rw,relatime,data=ordered)18:28
TJ-Seveas: IPv6 disabled. current IPv4 rules: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14583427/18:28
TJ-Janko: no obvious reason there then. can you "touch /mnt/ubuntu/test" successfully?18:28
SeveasTJ-: sruli: libvirtd tends to insert its own iptables rules in unfortunate places. Did you disable those in the config?18:28
Seveasthey even mess with the mangle chain...18:29
TJ-Seveas: that subject is what we were just addressing. According to the document libvirt adds its own custom chains, but we see no sign of them, although the rules we see match what the document clains are created by libvirt for type=nat. http://libvirt.org/firewall.html18:30
JankoTJ-: yes, touch works18:30
Seveasit doesn't add its own chains, just rules at the start of filter.OUTPUT and nat.POSTROUTING (and mangle.POSTROUTING, but that can be ignored for now)18:30
TJ-Seveas: right, that's what we've just shown, which shows the document is out-of-date in some respects18:31
Seveasthis can be disabled, but I forgot how. Disabling them would be a good start toward better rules.18:31
TJ-Janko: is there a /mnt/ubuntu/proc/ directory ? if not, that'd be why mount fails18:31
JankoTJ-: hp linux # mount -t proc proc /mnt/ubuntu/proc18:32
Jankohp linux # umount /mnt/ubuntu/proc18:32
Jankohp linux # chroot /mnt/ubuntu mount -t proc proc /proc18:32
Jankomount: permission denied18:32
TJ-Seveas: I'm getting more inclined towards using policy-based routing for the VM (drop the NAT, switch libvirt to routed) and then drop/add the default route on the VM routing table based on VPN state18:32
SeveasTJ-: the rules you pasted will explicitely let VM traffic through before stopping all other traffic.18:32
TJ-Seveas: those are how the PC is without us changing anything18:33
JankoSomehow, mount outside chroot works, but not inside chroot? But I've got no idea why?18:33
TJ-Seveas: the task is to prevent the VM sub-net when tun0 doesn't exist18:33
SeveasTJ-: I'd do this: sudo iptables t nat -I POSTROUTING 1 -j DROP18:34
TJ-Janko: does the debootstrap.log exist?18:34
Seveasand when tun0 comes op, remove that rule18:34
TJ-Seveas: 'nat' table doesn't support DROP18:34
baaaasI'm trying to change the PS1 of all users on a system to a standard one. I have the PS1 in bash.bashrc but it doesn't work because users have their ps1 set in ~./bashrc. Is there anything I can do to change this? I'm trying to deploy this via ansible, so the simpler the solution, the better.18:35
Seveasthen sudo iptables -I FORWARD 1 -j DROP18:35
JankoTJ-: yes. It's one line and says mount: permission denied18:35
Seveasbut you'll want to do that after libvirtd added its rules, 'cause it will add them right at the start.18:36
TJ-Seveas: right, we tried that or a variation last week. sruli ^^^^ try18:36
SeveasThat's why I don't let libvirt do its own rules. I'll try to find how to disable it.18:36
TJ-Janko: not helpful :)18:36
TJ-Janko: what is the host OS/release running the debootstrap command?18:37
sruliTJ-: u mean i should try "sudo iptables t nat -I POSTROUTING 1 -j DROP" ?18:37
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JankoTJ-: Gentoo18:37
TJ-sruli: no, this one18:37
TJ-sruli: 18:35:26           Seveas | then sudo iptables -I FORWARD 1 -j DROP18:37
bramgnbaaaas: just out of curiosity, why do you want to disallow your users having a custom prompt?18:37
TJ-Janko: It seems like Gentoo is doing something differently to Debian/Ubuntu with debootstrap18:38
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TJ-Janko: check what ownership/permissions have been given to the newly created files under /mnt/ubuntu/18:38
JankoTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14584063/18:40
baaaasbramgn: it's a server and we want to set the PS1 to include {DEV} or {PROD} or {TEST} in it.18:42
baaaasSo those SSH18:42
baaaas'ed into it are aware of what they're touching18:42
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TJ-Janko: any SELinux etc. policies operating there?18:46
JankoTJ-: No SELinux18:47
noresgood evening guys18:47
JankoTJ-: oh. found the problem18:47
noresi have a machine with win 10 on18:47
TJ-Janko: yay :)18:47
Janko[ 2242.686935] grsec: use of CAP_SYS_ADMIN in chroot denied for /mnt/ubuntu/bin/mount[mount:12389] uid/euid:0/0 gid/egid:0/0, parent /bin/zsh[zsh:5701] uid/euid:0/0 gid/egid:0/18:47
noresi'd like to install ubuntu in dual boot18:48
norescan i follow the dear old steps ( i mean burn a dvd image and follow the installation )18:48
TJ-Janko: that'd do it, that's what I was thinking of18:49
bramgnbaaaas: ah ok18:49
nicomachusnores: yep.18:49
sruliTJ-: that did not change anything, is the previous rule maybe creating a problem "iptables -t nat -I POSTROUTING 3 -s ! -d -j RETURN" ?18:50
nicomachusnores: the installation process will ask if you want to install alongisde an existing partition, just select that option and follow the prompts.18:50
noresso no there might be no problems with the UEFI?18:50
TJ-sruli: I can't see how it would, but as that rule seems not to have had any effect either, it would be a good idea to drop those else the tables will get confusing18:50
Cyber_AkumaHow can I check if my version of Ubuntu is 32 or 64bit?18:51
bramgnCyber_Akuma: uname -i18:51
sruliTJ-: does restarting libvirt service and VMs flush my rules? becuase after adding the "iptables -I FORWARD 1 -j DROP" my VMs did not have any connectivity (regardless of VPN) so i restarted the service and VMs, now it has connectivity regardless of VPN18:52
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JankoTJ-: thanks for the help. Now I've got to either mount the filesystems manually and get debootstrap to continue... or temporary boot a non-grsec kernel18:52
noresthis procedure is ok even though i've got an UEFI machine?18:52
TJ-sruli: If the VMs are using NAT, as the VM config + the iptables rules themselves seem to indicate, then the places where the packets can be intercepted are, in order, nat/OUTPUT, filter/OUTPUT, and nat/POSTROUTING18:53
baaaasSo does anyone have any ideas?18:55
Jordan_Unores: Yup.18:56
TJ-baaaas: be sneaky maybe? create an alias for PS1 to some other variable name?18:56
sruliTJ-: any more ideas how i can resolve this?18:56
baaaasTJ-: what do you mean exactly?18:56
noresthank you18:56
TJ-sruli: the loss of connectivity is what you want! You need to refine that rule to only apply to traffic destined to the Internet (in fact, you'd need to set the rule to match everything *except* traffic to the host's subnet)18:57
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Jordan_Ubaaaas: It's already somewhat common to add something relating to $PS1 to $PROMPT_COMMAND so it wouldn't be too ugly to do that here, though they could still have their own setting of $PROMPT_COMMAND in their own .bashrc.18:59
sruliTJ-: ok, so tested it again and yes it drops the traffic, bad news is a libvirt restart blows it away,18:59
sruliTJ-: what do i try next to refine it?18:59
TJ-baaaas: something like "alias PS1='USER_PS1' (in /etc/bash/bashrc) so that any subsequent commands of the form "PS1=..." will actually alias to "USER_PS1=" and therefore not affect the real PS118:59
baaaasThat makes alot of sense19:01
baaaasThank you for that, I'll try it. TJ-19:01
Jordan_UTJ-: I think aliass only work for commands, not variable assignments, and my quick test shows that doesn't work (unless I missed something).19:01
TJ-sruli: it needs to only apply to traffic originating on the virbr+ interfaces, and only to traffic not destined for the localhost. At a rough guess "iptables -I FORWARD 1 -i virbr+ ! -o lo -j DROP" - that should keep host<>VM-guest connections active19:01
Jordan_UTJ-: alias PS1='USER_PS1'; PS1="D'oh ";19:02
TJ-Jordan_U: I saw this done recently but can't remember the precise syntax I saw. I recall it because I thought "oooo that's sneaky"19:04
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Jordan_Ubaaaas: You would then create a function like "reset_ps1() { PS1='Foo Bar Baz'; }" and then do "PROMPT_COMMAND='reset_ps1'".19:05
sruliTJ-: how do i delete that last iptable rule?19:06
kkyhello, i have restarted ubuntu and since then i cant boot, i am stuck at a new nvidia splashscreen, can u please help me ?19:09
TJ-sruli: "iptables -D FORWARD 1" if it is rule number 1 in the list19:09
Jordan_Ubaaaas: In fact, what you should really do is ask in #bash.19:11
sruliTJ-: i had 3 DROP's in the FORWARD list, deleted all19:11
taptoulaHi all :) I'm on Ubuntu server 14.04 and I have a strange problem with an init.d script : when I run it it works but gives me a "start: Job failed to start" when I run it with "service myscript start". Never seen this... Can anyone please give me some tips to fond the problem ?19:12
sruliTJ-: "iptables -I FORWARD 1 -i virbr+ ! -o lo -j DROP" has the same effect, drops connectivity regardless of VPN19:13
srulito VMs19:13
TJ-sruli: correct. The point is you add/remove that rule under control of the VPN starting/stopping19:14
Jordan_Utaptoula: Please pastebiin your upstart config for that service.19:14
TJ-sruli: so it is there at startup, it gets removed when the openvpn tunnel is ready, and removed when openvpn tunnel is closed19:14
sruliTJ-: how do i do that?19:15
TJ-sruli: depends on how you're activating the VPN. if it is via /etc/network/interfaces you can use post-up/pre-down commands19:16
psyferreHey folks.  I've got a nas server that is suddenly slow as hell.  cpu at 0%, io wait at 35% according to top.  I foolishly started a kernel image update several hours ago.  It's at "Running depmod".  How bad will I be boned if I go ahead and reboot the server now to check raid health?19:16
kkyhello, i have restarted ubuntu and since then i cant boot, i am stuck at a new nvidia splashscreen, can u please help me ?19:16
TJ-psyferre: you could kill the depmod process; that can be redone later19:16
sruliTJ-: i understand, how would i tell the ifup to remove the rule?19:17
srulito add it is easy enough, to delete is what i am stuck at19:17
taptoulaJordan_U: sure here it is : http://pastebin.com/hWSbmcRK19:18
Jordan_Ukky: Can you get to a tty by pressing ctrl + alt + F1?19:18
kkyJordan_U: no, doesn't work. however i get a purple (ubuntu) screen shortly before i get this nvidia splashscreen19:18
TJ-sruli: ifupdown executes the commands in those stanzas. See "man interfaces" for the post-up and pre-down options. I'd suggest creating a script that takes an argument of "enable" or "disable" and applies/removes the rule as appropriate. Then, in ../interfaces you can do " post-up /path/to/script enable" and " pre-down /path/to/script disable"19:19
psyferreTJ-: Awesome.  So it's not far enough in that I'm likely to reboot to a non-working kernel?19:19
Jordan_Utaptoula: Does that mean that you don't have any upstart .config file for this service?19:19
sruliTJ-: to remove a rule from iptables i have to find the number and delete, how would i get a script to do that?19:20
TJ-psyferre: depmod is creating the mapping files under /lib/modules/<new-version>/ so you'll need to rerun 'depmod' to finalise those, or avoid booting to that <new-version> kernel until you've resolved this19:20
taptoulaJordan_U: yes and for information I use the same script to run jackett (another mono application) and it works fine. Really blows my mind19:21
psyferreTJ-: So if it fails I can just select an older kernel from the boot menu, and then rerun depmod.  Right?19:21
TJ-sruli: no, you can use "iptables -D FORWARD .... rule specification...." - you can delete by index number, or by an *exact* match of the parameters instead (without an index number). As long as you *insert* the rule at the head of the chain (position 1) so no other rule beats it19:21
jophishWhenver I disconnect my external monitors with the laptop lid closed I have to reboot my laptop (REISUB) to get the internal screen working again19:21
TJ-psyferre: yes. if depmod during a kernel package install has failed, its unlikely that "update-grub" has been been run yet so in theory the /boot/grub/grub.cfg will not yet contain an entry to boot the new kernel (doubly-so since "update-initramfs -c ..." may not have run yet either19:23
psyferreTJ-: perfect.  Thanks man, you just saved Christmas.  I appreciate it.19:23
kkyJordan_U: I think the keyboard is not yet working at this point (though it is powered on, i see a light on it)19:24
sruliTJ-: got it, thanks, let me edit my ifdown script and test19:24
KCmetroI'm on the most recent stable release of ubuntu, using pidgin (libpurple 2.10.9), and have been able to use google chat fine until today, unable to validate, can't get it to log back in. Any idea why?19:26
KCmetroI ran apt-get update19:27
KCmetrothat temporarily fixed it. but it's happening again.19:27
MonkeyDustKCmetro  what's the ouput of   cat /etc/issue19:29
taptoulaJordan_U: Found the problem ! You were right : I had a bogus upstart conf for this service19:29
taptoulaJordan_U: Thanks :)19:29
sruliTJ-: if both drop connectivity to the VMs "iptables -I FORWARD 1 -j DROP" and  "iptables -I FORWARD 1 -i virbr+ ! -o lo -j DROP" is there any difference which i use?19:29
KCmetroUbuntu 15.04 \n \l19:30
MonkeyDustKCmetro  15.04 will soon be !eol, next week or so19:30
KCmetrogood to know. how about getting google's chat to work again in pidgin? i'll ask over in pidgin chat, maybe someone's there.19:31
Jordan_Utaptoula: You're welcome :)19:31
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kkyJordan_U: so what can I do ?19:32
MonkeyDustKCmetro  in your current irc client, type /j #google19:32
KCmetroah yes i'll check there too thanks19:32
taptoulaJordan_U: any way to have tab completion with service on upstart defined jobs ?19:33
Jordan_Utaptoula: I don't know.19:33
rwwOerHeks: I don't understand your -ops question?19:37
OerHeksrww, i noticed a diff between the ban and join/parting inet adress19:38
rwwOerHeks: one's hostname, one is IP address19:38
rwwsome ISPs do the hostname numbers in reverse order for some reason19:39
OerHeksah, that ip is behind that inet adress, oke19:39
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TJ-sruli: how about this? https://iam.tj/projects/misc/iptables-libvirt.sh19:39
OerHeksThnks for clarification, rww19:39
rwwno problem :)19:40
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OerHeksrww, dash instead of . between numbers, get it now.19:40
TJ-sruli: that script is written in such a way that if you call it at start-up *without* an argument it will install the rule immediately19:41
peacefulUbuntu team please help me fix this problem:19:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1529381 in linux (Ubuntu) "[HP Compaq 6715s] Updating kernel renders system unbootable" [High,Triaged]19:44
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james1138Can I post a tech question?19:47
MonkeyDustpeaceful  using 14.04.3 ? if yes, try installing HWE19:47
sruliTJ-: this is my script paste.ubuntu.com/1458487819:47
peacefulMonkeyDust, wht is HWE?19:48
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack19:48
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MonkeyDustpeaceful  it's what i have, works like a charm on my old acer19:48
SchrodingersScat!support | james1138, you're welcome to ask any ubuntu related questions.  Otherwise you may want to try the !alis bot to see if there's a channel specific to what you're trying to accomplish.19:49
ubottujames1138, you're welcome to ask any ubuntu related questions.  Otherwise you may want to try the !alis bot to see if there's a channel specific to what you're trying to accomplish.: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com19:49
daep911hello ubuntu user,19:49
sruliTJ-: is this script good enough for instant?19:49
daep911exist any application gui that can configure proxy?19:50
TJ-sruli: no 'sudo' in these scripts; they are executed as root19:50
sruliTJ-: apart from that is it good?19:51
TJ-sruli: that should work, but you'll also need to install the rule at boot-time. I made it all happen on the single script to keep it all together19:51
sruliTJ-: i added it to my startup script, f both drop connectivity to the VMs "iptables -I FORWARD 1 -j DROP" and  "iptables -I FORWARD 1 -i virbr+ ! -o lo -j DROP" is there any difference which i use?19:55
intoreHello everyone, I have some difficulty mounting an external HD formatted in HFS + with write permissions. After running the command sudo fsck.hfsplus -f / dev / sdc2; appears the error "Invalid sibling link (4, 13) ** Volume check failed." The strange thing is that an hour ago the command had gone well. can you help me?19:56
TJ-sruli: yes; the latter is specific to the virtual machines.19:57
TJ-sruli: I've amended my version to use the ID and STATUS/CMD: https://iam.tj/projects/misc/iptables-vpn.sh19:57
TJ-sruli: again, calling the script without any arguments will install the rule19:58
sruliTJ-: i want my Host also to loose connectivity19:58
james1138I am using IBM thinkpad T43 and Ubuntu 14.04 (Zorin OS 9 lite). I updated the kernal to 4.4 and the laptop sees 3 gig in the BIOS setup but the software only sees 2 gig. Any ideas?19:59
xintox_logrotate.d doesn't seem to be running on ubuntu19:59
xintox_how do i start it?20:00
sruliTJ-: how does OP call the rule?20:00
TJ-sruli: That would need a rule in the filter/OUTPUT chain to block the localhost20:00
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TJ-sruli: OP is short for "OPeration" and is either "-I" (insert) or "-D" (delete)20:01
spaghettiwhirlHello, can i get some help here? I need to find out usb flash drive's controller model, and cannot find any suitable packages for linux (lsusb/hdparm doesn't show the controller model anyway), the only software i was able to find is windows-only (Flash Drive Information Extractor), is there anything like it?20:01
rwwjames1138: #ubuntu only supports actual Ubuntu, not derivatives thereof. please use whatever support channel/forum Zorin provides for Zorin issues20:01
rwws/derivatives/unofficial derivatives/, i guess20:01
TJ-sruli: with my method you could add multiple RULEx="..." and call iptables ${OP} ${RULEx} for each20:01
MonkeyDustspaghettiwhirl  try   lshw -html > hardware.html ... then op the html file20:02
TJ-derivative != flavour|port ?20:02
rwwno idea, the language around it's changed since the last time i cared i think20:02
tewardTJ-: AIUI, Flavors don't diverge from the Ubuntu repos, and are officially recognized; derivatives 'clone' things and then change them (caseinpoint Mint and others which do that)20:03
tewardbut that's also not the point :P20:03
rwwyeah, I just stick "unofficial" in there and call it a day :P20:04
sruliTJ-: how would i add paste.ubuntu.com/14585014 to that script?20:04
rwwmakes it a lot more obvious20:04
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OneM_IndustriesHey, I am having an issue SSHing into other machines from Ubuntu 14.04. No matter what machine I try to SSH into, it returns this:ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host Any ideas?20:15
thebwtare you trying to bounce through a server @
nicomachusOneM_Industries: is that a machine on your network?20:16
OneM_IndustriesNo, I am trying to connect to
sruliTJ-: how would i add paste.ubuntu.com/14585014 to that script?20:16
nicomachusOneM_Industries: or is it somewhere else?20:16
OneM_IndustriesYes, it is.20:16
OneM_IndustriesIt is connected to a switch, which is connected to our router.20:17
nicomachusOneM_Industries: did you use the proper format? hostname@
OneM_Industriesssh twinrose@
nicomachusis the port open?20:18
MonkeyDustOneM_Industries  con you ping the destionation?20:18
OneM_IndustriesHold on.20:18
OneM_IndustriesDang, I can't ping it, but it is up...20:18
OneM_IndustriesAnd the result is From icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable, but is my IP...20:19
OneM_IndustriesI am the only static IP on the network, and I have confirmed that the other machine has the correct IP as well.20:20
OneM_IndustriesOk, restarted the router.20:20
nicomachusis your current machine, or the one you're trying to reach?20:21
OneM_IndustriesMy machine, hold on, I forced a DCHP update on all machines.20:21
nicomachusOneM_Industries: the IP you use in the "ssh host:ip" should be the destination IP... the machine you're trying to reach.20:21
MonkeyDustOneM_Industries  nothing disturbing shows with   ip route20:21
OneM_IndustriesOk, looks like the router was the issue, again.20:22
OneM_IndustriesForcing a DCHP update on all machines fixed it.20:22
MonkeyDustcan you ssh now?20:22
OneM_IndustriesYes, I can.20:23
intoreHello everyone, I have some difficulty mounting an external HD formatted in HFS + with write permissions. After running the command sudo fsck.hfsplus -f / dev / sdc2; appears the error "Invalid sibling link (4, 13) ** Volume check failed." The strange thing is that an hour ago the command had gone well. can you help me?20:23
OneM_IndustriesLooks like the router lost it's routing table, again.20:23
MonkeyDustOneM_Industries  note the solution in a text file or so, for future reference20:23
OneM_IndustriesI will.20:24
OneM_IndustriesOr better yet, I will set up a better router.20:24
TJ-sruli: anything specific to the up/down operations would be in the case statement's clauses20:32
=== exec is now known as Guest98341
sruliTJ-: where is the case statement clause?20:33
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RNevilleif I buy very cheap android smartphone will ubuntu recognize it so I can move files to it through usb20:38
xanguaRNeville: it should20:38
TJ-sruli: "case xxx in ..."20:38
xanguaUbuntu 14.04 and up of course20:38
RNevillethx xangua20:38
RNevilleyes, I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 this phone is running android 4.4 kitkat20:39
nicomachusRNeville: should be fine.20:39
eelstreborquite a few wikis are out of date20:39
RNevillek nicomachus20:39
TJ-RNeville: it can depend on whether the device shares its file-system via MTP or some other method. Some MTP devices can be problematic as can some Ubuntu releases/tools20:40
hal14450RNeville, i find that using airdroid on the phone works pretty well20:41
x-r00tnoirhow are you20:41
hal14450that's a lazy solution of course20:41
nicomachusx-r00tnoir: hi, do you have an ubuntu support question?20:42
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Malgorathhey is there a way to reset your install of ubuntu to the way it is just after install?20:44
sruliTJ-: thanks, fianl question on the subject, when i originally got my iptables for this the instructions were to enable net.ipv4.ip_forward in sysctl.config now that i dont need those iptables rules do i still need to enable ip_forward?20:44
nicomachusMalgorath: why not just reinstall?20:45
Malgorathnicomachus, was hoping this would be faster20:45
nicomachusnot likely. why do you need to restore it to that state?20:45
TJ-sruli: forwarding is required to route packets20:45
tgm4883Malgorath: what exactly do you want to restore, installed packages or something else?20:46
sruliTJ-: i tired with it enabled and disabled and did not see a difference20:46
MalgorathApache wont let me do clean URLs and I think I messed something up, was hoping a fresh setup might help figure out what I did wrong20:46
sruliTJ-: ur paypal still hxxxx@xxx.tj?20:47
tgm4883Malgorath: apache is running on this box?20:47
tgm4883Malgorath: because you should just be able to remove and purge apache configs20:47
Malgorathtgm4883, yes. Wondering if I should just go with nginx20:47
dwbearanyone use /etc/security/limits.conf with AD groups?20:48
Malgorathtgm4883, apt-get remove apache2 && apt-get purge apache2 ?20:48
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=== 7YUAAOTUW is now known as DD3my_
TJ-sruli: there are several related forwarding settings, but sys.net.ipv4.ip_forwarding is the master control. There are others under sys.net.ipv4.conf.*.forwarding too20:50
TJ-sruli: nothings changed with my addresses20:50
sruliTJ-: i am refering to just net.ipv4.ip_forward=120:51
TJ-sruli: If you set sys.net.ip_forwarding 0 that should disable IPv4 forwarding in the kernel, but that won't affect nat/localhost. It'll only affect packets arriving on an *external* interface and being forwarded out on another *external* interface20:52
TJ-sruli: as in -> eth0 -> kernel -> wlan020:52
sruliTJ-: so i dont need it enabled, right?20:52
dwbearI'm trying to use a limits.conf to set limits for groups of users, the user groups come from active directory. We have pam set to authenticate to our AD, but it doesn't seem that ulimits get set for domain users.  any thoughts?20:52
TJ-sruli: You would need it if you ever switch the VM networking mode from NAT to routing/bridging20:53
TJ-dwbear: are you using pam_limits ?20:53
sruliTJ-: thanks, u should have a received a email now, can i ask u something in private chat?20:55
TJ-sruli: this is the documentation for those sysctl entities http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git/ubuntu/ubuntu-xenial.git/tree/Documentation/networking/ip-sysctl.txt20:56
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=== dirtycajun is now known as DirtyCajun
dwbearTJ: yes, I assume /etc/security/limit.conf is what pam reads.20:58
DirtyCajunwhy cant i pipline ls into file20:58
DirtyCajunfor example ls /usr/bin | file20:58
DirtyCajunwereas if i name file name1 name2 etc it works20:58
k1lDirtyCajun: for pipe you need a program. use >20:58
DirtyCajunso ls /usr/bin | > file20:59
TJ-dwbear: "man pam_limits"20:59
dwbearTJ reading20:59
k1lno. ls > filename20:59
DirtyCajunim sorry i meant file the utility21:00
Carter1does anyone here know how to setup phpmail for the use of wordpress? thanks21:00
TJ-DirtyCajun: you mean run 'file' against a list of files? You'd be better off using 'find' rather than 'ls' to generate the list21:00
dwbeartj: session required pam_limits.so -- in my common-session file21:01
k1lDirtyCajun: what is the real target here? that sounds like a workaround around 3 corners21:01
TJ-dwbear: as in "find . -maxdepth 1 -type f -exec file {} \;"21:01
TJ-dwbear: enable more debugging maybe, and check the /var/log/auth.log for clues?21:01
TJ-DirtyCajun: : enable more debugging maybe, and check the /var/log/auth.log for clues?21:02
dwbearTJ I know limits work if I specify a single user, its when i attempt to specify a user group that things don't seem to work21:02
TJ-dwbear: hmmm!21:02
dwbearTJ: I am using AD as my authentication source,21:03
dwbearattempts to use groups from AD seem to be a problem21:03
DirtyCajunits for class. and there is a simple answer but i want to know how to automate the whole process. the question is "Experiment by calling the file utility with the names of files in /usr/bin. How21:03
DirtyCajunmany different types of files are there?" I want to pipe ls into file... then pipe that into sort and then pipe that into uniq21:03
Scombr0Bye all :)21:03
dwbearI was wondering if in the limits.conf file, if quoting can be used around group names21:03
dwbearsome idiot at microsoft allowed group names to contain spaces21:04
TJ-dwbear: you're specifying the limits 'domain' as @group ? (see "man 5 limits.conf")21:04
=== bekks_ is now known as bekks
TJ-dwbear: oh, you have spaces?21:05
dwbearHere's the line I used:21:05
dwbear# -- fix fork bomb issue --21:05
dwbear@"Domain Users"        soft    nproc           2021:05
dwbear@"Domain Users"        hard    nproc           3021:05
dwbearI also tried @Domain\ Users but that didn't seem to go anywhere21:05
dwbearTJ: do you know if spaces cause problems for the limits.conf parser?21:07
TJ-dwbear: from pam's modules/pam_limits/pam_limits.c::parse_config_file() the key line is "i = sscanf(line,"%s%s%s%s", domain, ltype, item, value);"21:09
dwbearTJ, so sscanf %s%s%s% will split on the space? It was in the last century that I looked at C code... ;-)21:10
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DirtyCajuni can make all the opther utilities pipe to each other. sort uniq mv etc but not file21:12
DirtyCajunis file "unpipable"?21:12
TJ-dwbear: It's got me thinking and I use it. See "man 3 sscanf" :)21:12
TJ-DirtyCajun: you can pipe if you tell to read stdin, but then you have no filename: 'file -'21:13
TJ-dwbear: aha: "s      Matches a sequence of non-white-space characters;"21:14
TJ-dwbear: but as its sscanf() can you use an escape? as in @this\ group soft ...21:15
Jordan_UDirtyCajun: The distinction is mostly between "streams" of text and lists of files. Most commands that work only on streams of arbitrary text, like greb,sed,awk,etc accept that such text be given via a pipe. However most commands that work on files, or lists of files, expect those file names to be listed in the commands arguments, not via stdin. This is because (among other things) it's difficult to relia21:15
Jordan_Ubly handle a single stream of text with multiple file names, whereas command arguments are explicitly separated in a secure reliable manner.21:15
dwbearTJ: yeah, I was just looking at that,  "This directive matches any amount white space"...21:15
dwbearso, not AD groups with spaces in names21:15
dwbearI surrender21:16
TJ-dwbear: but as its sscanf() can you use an escape? as in @this\ group soft ...21:16
Jordan_UDirtyCajun: I highly recommend http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide as a guide for learning to use bash.21:17
dwbearI'm thinking it may just be easier to create and AD group with a coherent name, and then place 'domain users' in that group21:17
TJ-dwbear: Yes, fix Windows :)21:17
dwbearTJ: seems to me an easier fix..21:18
TJ-dwbear: I agree, but it'd be interesting to know if an escaped space would do it21:18
DirtyCajunive gotten it to work starting with file as opposed to piping to file21:18
dwbearTJ: I did try Domain\ Users ...21:18
DirtyCajunfile /usr/bin/* | sort | uniq | wc21:19
dwbearBut it was quoted21:19
TJ-dwbear: well the quotes would be read literally, and unless I'm mistaken so would the escaped content of the domain string, so go with the Windows fix21:19
Jordan_UDirtyCajun: Why are you sorting and using uniq? The files should already be sorted and uniq.21:20
dwbearTJ: makes sense.. Thanks for the help21:20
DirtyCajuni was trying something without thinking. i wanted to get a single number for the total TYPES of files. but since each file is in the line... it assumes they are ALL unique21:20
DirtyCajunso it was a failure21:21
bekksDirtyCajun: How do you determine the "type" of a file?21:21
luketheduke1bekks: there is a command called 'file' that lets you do that21:22
Jordan_UDirtyCajun: I'm guessing not, but do you know about regular expressions?21:22
ubuntu249Hello, is that possible to disable physical "power button" on lock screen?21:26
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ubuntu249When i return to computer, if i press power button to wake my laptop up21:26
ubuntu249its shutting down21:26
ubuntu249is there any way to change this behaviour?21:26
bekksThat button is hardwired, you cannot change its behaviour.21:26
julian-delphikiubuntu249: when you open it back up it should just come back...21:26
bekksTry pressing another key instead.21:26
Guest72791i need help i am getting no volumn!21:27
TJ-ubuntu249: usually the power button has 2 functions. "soft off" and "hard off" - the hard is when you hold it down continuously for about 4 seconds21:27
ubuntu249i am pressing down for 1 sec or less. old habits from windows21:27
ubuntu249i am trying to get used to it21:27
Jordan_Ubekks: Of course you can change how the OS reacts to the power button being pressed, the OS needs to cleanly shut down when the user presses the button and can react however it wants (unless you hold the button, which ubuntu249 is not doing).21:28
HowardwLohi! can anyone help me get xeyes working? The docs for the program im running says to SSH using -Y, then use xeyes. when I type in xeyes, it says Error: can’t open display. This is a digital ocean droplet on ubuntu trusty21:28
kisukeok, anyone know what the current method is to change X to 8 bit color?21:28
TJ-ubuntu249: if the PC is in S3 sleep (suspend to RAM) that should only wake it up21:28
kisukeerrr 256 colors*21:28
Jordan_Ukisuke: What is your end goal?21:28
Guest72791anyone know how i could fix this problem?21:29
ubuntu249TJ-: i am locking my laptop, and coming back, screen is off, after pressing power button its going to shutdown21:29
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Bashing-om!sound | Guest7279121:29
Jordan_Uubuntu249: http://askubuntu.com/questions/362914/how-to-prevent-the-power-button-to-shutdown-directly-the-system though I think that would affect what happens when not at the login screen as well, if that's OK.21:29
ubottuGuest72791: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.21:29
TJ-ubuntu249: ahhh, then lock won't be putting it to sleep. As someone else said, press any other key (return) or move the mouse/touchpad21:30
TJ-ubottu: it sounds like the screen is just going into DPMS controlled backlight-off mode21:30
TJ-ubuntu249: it sounds like the screen is just going into DPMS controlled backlight-off mode21:30
ubuntu249TJ-: yes, probably21:31
TJ-I generally 'wiggle' the mouse :)21:31
ubuntu249TJ-: well, reasonable solution :)21:31
ubuntu249thank you all21:34
kyshtynbaiHi guys. I've just installed Ubuntu 14.04. The network manager sees wireless spots, but I can't connect to any. My adapter is Atheros AR948521:34
Guest41582i use from lantern to connect to developer.android.com21:35
=== never2far is now known as Guest5407
Guest41582how can i set terminal to use from lantern21:35
kisukeJordan_U, an old 16-bit win game. yay Vms21:36
=== Guest5407 is now known as linuxnewbie
HowardwLoany help for xeyes?21:36
bekksHowardwLo: connect using ssh -X or ssh -Y21:37
HowardwLobekks: i tried both, still can’t find display21:37
HowardwLosorry, can’t open display21:37
bekksHowardwLo: Then manually export the DISPLAY environment variable pointing to your X display.21:38
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=== linux123 is now known as linux12322
HowardwLobekks: ok thats where i get lost. do you ahve a guide or something i can refer to? not usre how to point it to my x display21:38
kisukeJordan_U, any ideas?21:38
=== Guest41582 is now known as linuxlove
bekksHowardwLo: you have an Ubuntu client (your computer) and a DigitalOcean Ubuntu server - right?21:39
HowardwLobekks: my computer is on OSX, but yes, a DO ubuntu server21:39
linuxlovehow can i remove a repository?21:39
bekksHowardwLo: Then you need to start an X server on your OSX before.21:39
kisukeanyone know what the current method is to change X to 256 colors?21:39
linuxlovesudo add-apt-repository21:40
HowardwLobekks: http://www.xquartz.org/ this?21:40
linuxlovehow can remove that?21:40
nicomachus!ppa-purge | linuxlove21:40
ubottulinuxlove: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html21:40
bekksHowardwLo: Yes.21:40
linuxloveppa-purge: command not found21:43
k1llinuxlove: install it21:43
nicomachuslinuxlove: did you read the factoid? install ppa-purge and  use the command21:43
linuxlovenicomachus, it is in process21:44
linuxlovejava version "1.5.0" is output of java -version what should i do?21:45
linuxlovegij (GNU libgcj) version 4.8.521:46
Windows98update it21:46
Windows98oops meant that in another channel :(21:46
HowardwLobekks: ok, i got x server installed on osx21:47
HowardwLobekks: how do i point the ma-jigger?21:47
ariel__i need  help im still not getting sound21:48
luketheduke1ariel__ open the sound application21:50
luketheduke1Is the output set to the right hardware?21:50
ariel__i did21:50
kisukeI take it no one has any ideas?21:50
kinker31Heya! Is there a way to boot the Windows 10 RE Tools using grub2?21:50
Jordan_Ukisuke: Don't bother trying to make your primary display 256 colors. If there's no way to make wine emulate 256 colors, then just use Xephyr to run a nested X server in 256 color mode.21:51
lernersudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mapper/backup2 < is everything correct with this torrent?21:51
lernersudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mapper/backup2 < is everything correct with this command?*21:51
ariel__luketheduke1 i did everything the ubuntu told m21:51
k1llerner: no21:52
luketheduke1ariel__, is it fully updated as well?21:52
k1llerner: that will overwrite everything with 021:52
kisukeJordan_U, thanks.21:52
Jordan_Ulerner: Are you trying to wipe that entire device?21:52
luketheduke1ariel__, try that. A lot of times, updates help hardware stuff like that21:52
lernerJordan_U, encrypt the whole device21:52
lernerk1l, also not encrypt, but simply write with zeroes...21:53
luketheduke1either run software updater, or open a terminal and type 'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'21:53
bekksHowardwLo: Now you connect from your client to your server using ssh -X / ssh -Y21:53
ariel__i cnt upgrade i tried everything21:53
bekksHowardwLo: Next, you start xeyes in that ssh session and should be able to see it.21:53
HowardwLobekks: i just tried that, both X and Y, but it stil lsays cant open display21:53
ariel__n still nothing21:53
Jordan_Ukisuke: I don't know why this page is currently unavailable, but here is a wayback machine snapshot: https://web.archive.org/web/20150906031055/http://wiki.winehq.org/256ColorMode21:54
HowardwLobekks: xquartz is currently running as well21:54
luketheduke1ariel__, what do you mean you can't update?21:54
kisukeJordan_U, ... how did i not find that?21:54
* kisuke takes sissors to google-fu belt21:54
fearnothingif I have a string of URL encoded ASCII what's the simplest way to get it to ASCII?21:55
ariel__i tried going to ubuntu 12.04 n i couldnt21:55
lernerhttp://www.cyberciti.biz/hardware/howto-linux-hard-disk-encryption-with-luks-cryptsetup-command/ step 3 < thats what Im doing21:55
=== kian_ is now known as kian
louis_Hey guys got a question. I installed ubuntu, I think I did everything right but @windows disk management@ and @Gparted@ gives me a different list of HDD. Gparted says sda4 is EXTENDED and that sda5 (ext4) is inside with what it seems ubuntu mate in it. In windows it says sda4 is 100% free and sda5 (ext4) doesnt appear. Is it normal21:56
ariel__it just stays with the dialog open21:56
HowardwLobekks: i’ve also tried it using the terminal within xquartz21:57
luketheduke1louis_, that is normal.21:57
HowardwLobekks: no dice :(21:57
luketheduke1winblows just doesn't look at things right21:57
louis_ok luketheduke1. Thanks21:57
lerneri have been running dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mapper/backup2 for hours now and it doesnt stop. I assume it has to stop before I do pv -tpreb /dev/zero | dd of=/dev/mapper/backup2 bs=128M .21:58
louis_but how can I be sure I installed ubuntu mate in sda521:58
HowardwLogah, this x server crap is annoying21:58
Jordan_Ulouis_: Please pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l" and "sudo fdisk -l".21:58
k1llouis_: look at the gparted outpu or paste a "sudo parted -l" in a pastebin and show the link here21:58
bekksHowardwLo: Does your ssh server even allow X forwarding?21:58
luketheduke1lerner: what are you trying to do there?21:59
lernerLuke, encryot to luks21:59
HowardwLobekks: is that the sshd_config setting?21:59
HowardwLo“X11Forwarding yes”21:59
=== freepoutine is now known as poutine
louis_Here is my pastebin guys : http://pastebin.com/msttA2UB22:01
DirtyCajunJordan_U: was on a support call. no i dont know regular expressions. im reading up now22:01
TJ-lerner: what are zeroing? a temporary dm-crypt device, or the raw underlying device that will contain the encrypted volume?22:01
lernerraw underlying device TJ-22:02
TJ-lerner: generally it makes sense to randomise the raw underlying device so blocks used by the encryption cannot be picked out amongst all thoes zeros.22:02
luketheduke1lerner: wouldn't shred work better for that? sudo shred /dev/sdX22:02
louis_Jordan_U and <k1l> here is the pastebin http://pastebin.com/msttA2UB22:02
luketheduke1or I guess sudo shred -n 20 -z -v /dev/sdX22:03
Windows98your kidding me by telling me it is a wd hard drive :D22:03
TJ-lerner: the typical way to do that is create a temporary throwaway encrypted device and write zeros *into* it, which actually results in randomised data in the raw enclosing device. Then you throw away that temporary, and "cryptsetup luksFormat /dev/sdXY" to create the new permanent encrypted container22:04
k1llouis_: so you installed in sda5. but imho 16GB is a bit small22:04
louis_I am going to put my files in the windows drive mostly.22:04
louis_is it an issue22:05
TJ-lerner: for an example see the "LUKS Fastest way to randomise disk content" here: https://squoo.sh/SHNIPS/22:05
Jordan_Ulouis_: The only problem I see is that sda5 is unaligned, which could seriously hurt disc performance but shouldn't cause problems with Windows "seeing" the partition.22:05
k1llouis_: make sure to disable the fast boot setting on windows. or you cant mount the partitions on linux22:06
fearnothinggot the hex working22:07
fearnothingsomething I've been meaning to ask for ages22:07
fearnothingsome commands don't produce a newline after the output finishes, so my prompt appears on the old line22:08
louis_ok, Ill try to fix the unaligned drive. And Ill check for the fast boot kil. I did not know I had that with windows 722:08
Jordan_Ulouis_: How did you create this partitoin in the first place?22:08
fearnothinghow do you ensure you get a newline before your prompt?22:08
fearnothingfor example "cat thatsnomoon + "\n" | sed s/[G-Zg-z]//g | sed s/[$.,\;\(\)\!=_@]//g | xxd -r -p" results in my prompt starting partway through a line22:09
k1lfearnothing: like what command?22:09
louis_Jordan_U : windows disk management. I followed a tutorial. I free space the created the drive.22:09
louis_but I should only have sda4 not sda522:09
Jordan_Ulouis_: Did you just install Ubuntu?22:10
fearnothingk1l: could it have anything to do with using putty?22:10
k1lfearnothing: yes22:10
fearnothingI see, putty's not interpreting one of the new line characters correctly or something?22:11
louis_Jordan_U : Yeah I installed Ubuntu mate on sda4 following a tutorial. And it seems to be in sda522:11
fearnothinghow do I find out what's failing?22:11
=== MiningMarsh is now known as Guest78479
Jordan_Ulouis_: I would recommend deleting sda5 and sda4 then re-installing Ubuntu, allowing Ubuntu's installer to create the partitions as it will make sure they're aligned, and moving the contents of the partition to get it aligned will actually probably take more time than re-installing would.22:12
louis_Jordan_U : So do I use the option @Installed along Windows 7@22:13
louis_instead of something else22:13
pedr0`hi there22:13
fearnothingactually I can test whether or not it's putty22:13
Jordan_Ulouis_: That is what I would recommend. If you have a strong reason to change the defaults then do "something else" but I'll note that you currently don't have a swap partition, which Ubuntu's automatic partitioning creates automatically, and you probably do want one (if you ever want to hibernate).22:14
louis_Jordan_U : Ok, I will do that if ubuntu does the partitioning which I didnt know. Thank you22:15
Jordan_Ulouis_: You're welcome.22:15
pedr0`pedr0: test22:16
Jordan_Ulouis_: Also, in general you should avoid following guides from random websites wherever possible, and instead look for official documentation.22:16
fearnothingok, it's not putty specifically22:16
daniel__Hi how i gonna reconfigurize my computer resolution22:16
fearnothingdoes exactly the same thing in vmware console22:16
fearnothingany other ideas k1l?22:17
Jordan_Ufearnothing: Can you give an example command that leads to this problem?22:17
daniel__hay alguien de españa22:17
louis_Jordan_U : I understand, I am pretty good at researching on the net usually but for some reason I could not find that information in the Ubuntu mate wiki/faw22:17
luketheduke1daniel__, check for additional display drivers22:17
fearnothingcat thatsnomoon | sed s/[G-Zg-z]//g | sed s/[$.,\;\(\)\!=_@]//g | xxd -r -p22:17
daniel__thanks luke22:18
Jordan_Ulouis_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation Installation is pretty much the same for all flavors (except server/minimal).22:19
fearnothingJordan_U - and the file thatsnomoon just has ascii text in it22:19
fearnothingnothing special22:19
fearnothingI'm not sure that it's actually a fault, I think that's probably how xxd is supposed to work, if there was a newline char at the end of its output it would probably be wrong22:20
fearnothingbut in a piped command like that is there a way of adding a newline at the end?22:20
Jordan_Ufearnothing: Does thatsnomoon have a newline at the end of the file?22:20
Jordan_Ufearnothing: Then everything is working as intended. You can get the same result with just "echo -n no newline here".22:21
Jordan_Ufearnothing: That, among other things, is why it is recommended that all text files end with a newline.22:22
fearnothingyeah I'm realising that part, so my question is turned into "what's the right way to add a new line so that my command prompt doesn't get shunted halfway around the screen?"22:22
Jordan_Ufearnothing: echo >> thatsnomoon #If you want to modify the original file22:22
lernerTJ-, so i have been wasting my time...22:22
fearnothinger no I don't want to modify the original22:23
fearnothingI just want the output, plus a new line.22:23
gecko_x2hi peeps22:23
imvHi, I'm on Ubuntu 15.10, with Unity 7.3.2 and when I have Firefox in fullscreen in a workspace and if I switch to another workspace then back, firefox is the window that's on top (even though I had, say, hexchat on top when I left the workspace), any idea how to fix this?22:24
Jordan_Ufearnothing: cat thatsnomoon | sed s/[G-Zg-z]//g | sed s/[$.,\;\(\)\!=_@]//g | xxd -r -p; echo22:24
fearnothingaha, thankyou very much :)22:24
gecko_x2is there a guide to denying outbound traffic from ubuntu server except for allowing needed services22:24
Jordan_Ufearnothing: You're welcome :)22:24
luketheduke1gecko_x2, yes you can. look at iptables22:25
MonkeyDustfearnothing  try this (with quotes)      alias PS1='USER_PS1'; PS1="Type your command(s) here: \n test";22:25
gecko_x2luketheduke1 i don't want to go through the hassle of allowing everything manually22:26
gecko_x2i'd need demons like dhcp and dns to be allowed, the needed stuff22:26
gecko_x2by a daemon basis, not tcp/udp port22:26
luketheduke1gecko_x2, I don't know if you can do that or not22:27
gecko_x2or is there another channel better suited?22:27
=== meth is now known as teachmeUNIX
luketheduke1you might try ##linux too22:27
gecko_x2luketheduke1 well i read UFW can filter based on daemon22:27
Jordan_UMonkeyDust: What is the purpose of the alias part of your suggestion?22:27
luketheduke1gecko_x2, have you tried UFW? Have any problems?22:28
gecko_x2luketheduke1 sry, my question was about UFW specifically22:28
gecko_x2the issue is, it's very complicated and timeconsuming to deny outbound by default and then open needed ports22:28
MonkeyDustJordan_U  as i understood, the guy wants a two line prompt22:29
gecko_x2but allowing outbound by daemon would wor22:29
luketheduke1gecko_x2, you can't do 'sudo ufw deny all'?22:29
mattiaswDoes anyone here have any issues with the ubuntu-sdk on 15.10?22:29
lernerI dont understand whats the difference between becoming root (sudo -i) and simply writting sudo before the command itself as me. Result is the same, isnt it?22:29
gecko_x2what i'm asking for is a guide to allow the needed services22:30
Jordan_UMonkeyDust: And how does "alias PS1='USER_PS1';" get them closer to that?22:30
luketheduke1gecko_x2, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW22:30
luketheduke1see 'Services"22:30
mattiaswI had it installed for the longest time. Then software update did a big partial upgrade, which uninstalled a lot of things including the sdk. And now it won't install again due to broken packages.22:30
luketheduke1You can run 'cat /etc/services' to list services you can control22:30
luketheduke1then 'sudo ufw allow <service name>' to allow those services22:31
gecko_x2luketheduke1 yeah, thx22:31
gecko_x2i'm not sure if it's worth the hassle22:31
Jordan_Ulerner: It's more of a human difference than a technical one. If you start a root shell then you're more likely to run commands as root that don't need to be, and you're also more likely to leave it open and walk away.22:31
gecko_x2woud be nice to have a default profile22:31
gecko_x2but anyways, thx, i'll try22:32
luketheduke1gecko_x2, it really doesn't get easier than that22:32
ndavisAll: Just installed osTicket and the new version has a MySQL DROP ALL statement that wiped out all 500 of my existing DBs.  Are these still in MySQL history and can I recover without running a massive backup scenario?  Usually takes about 4+ hours from full backup!22:32
luketheduke1ndavis, I think if the tables have been dropped, then you'll have to restore from backup22:32
ndavisAll: 2nd Q!  Have MySQL DB instances not in the default directory, pull from other sources.  How do I connect to these and extract their data?22:33
luketheduke1ndavis: Are they on the same computer, or on a different one?22:34
ndavisluketheduke1: Same computer, different disks!22:34
cardamon14.04 ubuntu gnome classic. I can rename a folder, then I cant. Yes this has happened before. Help please. (looks like it would work but keystrokes dont show. Must click to exit.)22:35
Jordan_Undavis: Cross-posting, asking the same question at exactly the same time in multiple channels, is considered rude. Ask in the most appropriate channel, like #mysql, first, and only ask eslewhere after you've waited at least a few minutes.22:35
RNevillewho do you even ask a question in multiple rooms at once, pls?22:36
ndavisJordan_U: I did!  #mysql was non-responsive after 5 min22:36
RNevillehow do you / sorry typo22:37
MonkeyDustJordan_U  the alas does the job, i'm playing with it here, too, it's quite fun, especially with backticks and command22:37
docmurIf I run mount -t ecryptsfs on a directory that has files in it, is there away to make sure all the files inside the directory get encrypted so when I unmount it all the files are encrypted22:38
Jordan_Undavis: I just saw you post the same question to #mysql, here, and #bash. The lattermost channel not even being relevant to a mysql question. You may have posted in other channels that I'm not currently in as well. Even if you didn't post beyond those three channels, that's still cross-posting. Please don't do it again.22:39
Jordan_UMonkeyDust: What does "alias PS1='USER_PS1'; PS1="Type your command(s) here: \n test";" accomplish that just "PS1="Type your command(s) here: \n test";" doesn't still accomplish?22:40
MonkeyDustJordan_U  you mean the 'alias' command is not needed? let me try it...22:41
ndavisJordan_U: Just looking for answers and find them usually in off subject channels, cause takes someone that's had your pain to relate and help.  Otherwise everyone ignores you!  Should be that way but it is!  I don't live on chat, so only come to get answers!  Sorry if finding answers offends you!22:42
cardamonLooking for a command )or two( to do this --  C/C++ compiler, build environment (build-essential, Xcode, or platform equivalent).22:42
MonkeyDustJordan_U  you're right, 'alias' is not needed22:42
luketheduke1So much butthurt in here. It's great22:43
ndavisCorrection:  Shouldn't be that way but it is!22:43
cardamonLooking for a command )or two( to do this -- install C/C++ compiler, build environment (build-essential, Xcode, or platform equivalent) --  I found this. http://www.tecmint.com/install-c-compiler-and-development-build-essential-tools-in-debian-ubuntu/22:44
Jordan_Undavis: The problem is not with "finding answers", it's with cross-posting. You don't need to cross-post to get answers, it just takes a little more patience. Please be respectful to the volunteers that are helping you and don't cross-post (again, all that means is that you wait a few minutes before posting to the second channel after posting to the first).22:44
=== cardamon is now known as tripelb
tripelbLooking for a command )or two( to do this -- install C/C++ compiler, build environment (build-essential, Xcode, or platform equivalent) --  I found this. http://www.tecmint.com/install-c-compiler-and-development-build-essential-tools-in-debian-ubuntu/  ((my reserved nick))22:45
luketheduke1Jordan_U, it's not like they slapped someone. One post is enough, not 2022:45
ndavisJordan_U: Well so far on all the channels posted, you're the only one talking, yet not relevant.  I find that usually posting to a forum 1st, then coming to chat helps, but didn't get to that yet this round!22:46
k1lguys please fokus back on technical ubuntu support. everyone not sure about the channel guidelines please have a read again: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines22:46
lernerTJ-, the link you pasted: https://squoo.sh/SHNIPS/ I have to cd to dev/sda to execute "sudo lvcreate -L 1G -n demo VG_DATA" , right? in that command there is not path22:46
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TJ-lerner: no 'cd' required.22:47
TJ-lerner: the example is using Logical Volume Management (LVM), and 'lvcreate' is creating a Logical Volume (LV) named "demo" of size 1GB inside the Volume Group (VG) named VG_DATA. those *are* example commands and assume VG_DATA already exists.22:49
loaTJ-, i think you already answered this few times today (maybe more) but how i can fix that local bug? i updated my system, but looks like i don't recieve version of kernel where it was fixed.22:50
TJ-lerner: if the device you wish to encrypt is /dev/mapper/backup2 and already exists as your commands indicate, then you don't need the 'lvcreate'. In those commands you can replace "/dev/mapper/VG_DATA-demo" with your "/dev/mapper/backup2"22:51
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TJ-loa: identify the latest kernel verion you have installed first "apt-cache policy linux-image"22:53
loaTJ-, strange, i have installed linux-image22:54
loamy current version from uname is 3.13.0-62-generic22:54
k1lloa: make sure linux-generic is installed. that will ship you the latest kernel and headers22:55
TJ-loa: OK, so you can check the package's changelog with "less /usr/share/doc/linux-image-3.13.0-62-generic/changelog.gz"22:55
k1lloa: can you show a "dpgk -l | grep linux-image" in a pastebin?22:56
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loak1l, TJ- thx for respond.22:56
loai just did not use ubuntu for long time.22:56
loadid full-upgrade22:57
loanow i see that kernel version.22:57
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k1lloa: yes. you need apt full-upgrade for new kernels and other new packages22:57
Noein1hello can i ask a newbiew question here ?22:59
mcphail!ask | Noein123:00
ubottuNoein1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:00
Noein1Ok sorry i am new in irc dont know the rules and such.I just want to know if i can put ubuntu into a usb stick so i can boot it from the usb stick and if yes then can you reccomend a good way or a website explaining how to do so?23:01
k1lNoein1: running windows?23:02
tripelbNoein1, hope you get an answer. I've been ignored. -- BUT your question is something I can answer. The answer is yes.23:02
Noein1i run windows now23:02
tripelbNoein1, let me look up the page that explains it. just a second.23:02
k1lNoein1: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows23:02
tripelbthanks for telling me that.23:02
tripelbbingo, kll23:03
tripelb14.04 ubuntu gnome classic. I can rename a folder, then I cant. Yes this has happened before. Help please. (looks like it would work but keystrokes dont show. Must click to exit.)23:03
Noein1thanks for the link23:04
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RNevilleMan, Ubuntu 14.04 has been running great for me - used it several months now, and even with several old monitors the multi monitor setup has been working great123:06
RNevilleI really feel, for the first time, I can really recommend my friends, who are novices with a pc, might be better off running Ubuntu23:07
RNevillethan MS Windows23:07
RNevilleMan, MS Windows interface really seems to change every few years23:08
RNevillecan seem to find anything in MS Windows 10 - in order to help a friend23:08
RNevilleKeep up the great work Ubuntu Guys!23:09
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MuimiI'm on 15.10-64 trying to work with an NVidia7300LE (don't know if that's the issue).  If I type startX, I get a background image with an X for a mouse cursor; if I log in with desktop, I get a blank screen with a mouse cursor on it (no unity)23:16
MuimiAnyone know what  steps I could take to resolve this?23:16
Muimihttp://www.howopensource.com/2012/10/install-nvidia-geforce-driver-in-ubuntu-12-10-12-04-using-ppa/ maybe?23:19
ddybingHi. May I ask a question?23:20
k1lddybing: go ahead if its an ubuntu issue23:20
Muimigreat now it says 'error could not insert nvida no such device :<23:22
ddybingWell, it's an issue I've experienced on several distros, including Ubuntu. I use, among other text-based programs, Midnight Commander a lot. But I cannot use the F-keys. It will just for example open the "File" menu in the Terminal window.23:22
ddybingFor example F10 is quit the application in Midnight Commander, but it will just open the Help menu. Any experience with that?23:23
Bashing-omMuimi: Pastbin terminal commands: ' sudo lshw -C display ; lspci -vnn | grep -i VGA ' So we know the the hardware/driver. see what we can do .23:24
potato_farmerddybing, try pressing ESC then a number to emulate the function keys23:28
potato_farmerThis has nothing to do with ubuntu, read section 2.2: http://www.midnight-commander.org/wiki/doc/faq23:28
potato_farmergood luck23:28
rwwI don't use gnome/unity, so I don't know about gnome-terminal, but konsole on KDE has an option to disable menu shortcuts. maybe look in gnome-terminal settings for something like that?23:29
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nesntAnyone know why a user would only have sudo power when using su but not when using terminal after logging into their acc?23:40
k1lnesnt: what ubuntu is that?23:40
k1lis that user in the sudo group?23:40
k1lso logging in and opening a terminal and running "sudo apt update" doesnt work?23:41
nesntIn the admin acc, if they su they can use sudo, but in their own account it says they aren't in the sudoers group, even though 'groups' lists it23:41
nesntInteresting, in their account 'groups' doesn't list sudo, but in an admin account it does if they su23:42
k1lnesnt: seems like you dont use su correctly23:43
nesntThrough the User Account GUI they're listed as an administrator as well so I'd assume that would force them into sudoers23:43
hackitoshabout apt-get error23:44
bekksnesnt: su isnt sudo.23:45
hackitoshif i get error23:45
nesntsu was to run a terminal under the user to check if their sudo access changed23:45
bekksnesnt: the group access will not change until the user logs out completely, from all shells, etc.23:46
nesntbekks: will give that a try23:46
nesntbekks: that fixed it. Thanks :D23:48
LoshkiI plan to swap out the old spinning rust drive and use an SSD for my system drive, on 14.04.3. Are there are special settings I need to be aware of, or should the change be completely transparent (apart from being much, much faster)?23:52
bekksLoshki: No special witchcraft needed.23:54
Loshkibekks: thank you23:55
simonepsphello everyone23:56
simonepspI'm looking for a secure way to transfer file (directly) between 2 linux PCs on the same network . Any advice? Thanks23:56
k1lsimonepsp: rsync over ssh?23:57
k1lor sftp from ssh23:57
k1lor use a usb pendrive :)23:57
simonepspk1l: Yes, rsync would be perfect23:58
simonepspthanks ;)23:58

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