sakrecoer_for some reason, drafts i made on the wordpress cannot be read by cfhowlett... probably drafts are locked to the user who wrote them..10:39
sakrecoer_however, we figured it was ok to publish the post for wallpaper contest: https://ubuntustudio.org/2016/01/ubuntustudio-16-04-wallpaper-contest/10:40
cfhowlettmakes sense.  wordpress is perhaps not so collaborative as we might hope.10:40
cfhowlettyep.  confirmed that it is the top link at ubuntustudio.org  /home10:41
cfhowlettI just organized the entries in the submissions folder.  kind of like that lego one ...10:42
sakrecoer_yeah! there are many really cool entries...10:42
cfhowlettdid you know the guy who did that made the "How fast does your computer boot?" video from a few years back?10:42
sakrecoer_i'm impressed by this guys produciton on his website (link in his description) https://www.flickr.com/photos/creativelinux/23887169889/in/album-72157663371091936/10:44
cfhowlettit was in the last ubuntu showcase.10:44
cfhowlettI saw.  not exactly "background" but it will certainly appeal to someone10:44
sakrecoer_yeah... and also wrong license... :(10:44
sakrecoer_"all right reserved"... :/10:45
cfhowlettwait what?10:45
sakrecoer_but his work is awesome! and he seem to only use FOSS10:45
sakrecoer_well, it sais on the page bellow "uploaded on jan.." All rights reserved... but maybe that is just default for CreativeLinux user on flickr?10:46
cfhowlettsakrecoer_, I'll remind him of the CC Sharealike license requirement10:47
cfhowlettno, I'm "Creative Linux" ...10:47
sakrecoer_seems all the photos are displayed with all rights reserved10:47
cfhowlettchecking now ...10:47
sakrecoer_yeah... this one is https://www.flickr.com/photos/creativelinux/24398371081/10:47
sakrecoer_they are all... probably just a setting somewhere...10:48
cfhowlettyep.  I"ll track it10:48
sakrecoer_cool!!! tahkns cfhowlett !! you rock!!!10:48
zequencesakrecoer_: I was able to open the edit link. I login with the -website account though. Think it has to do with roles13:15
zequenceIf you only have an author role, you can only change your own stuff13:15
zequenceThe LP team for pr and support does not have full access13:16
cfhowlettzequence, !  just the guy I was thinking of ... couple of questions??13:16
zequencecfhowlett: Sure13:16
cfhowlett16.04 has 7 wallpapers??  we HAD 14!13:16
zequenceLet me check13:17
zequenceThey should all be in the lp:ubuntustudio-look branch. I'm getting it now13:18
zequenceThey are all in the source. Don't have 16.04 to try right now13:20
zequenceStrange, since they are all in the same dir, and nothing has changed for a good while13:21
cfhowlettzequence, eh, ok ... next question:  ONE approved ubuntustudio circle?  I see that a new black wordmark was added so I would have thought an alternative circle would also be forthcoming ...13:22
cfhowlettI commented out 3 of the 4 versions since only 1 is approved 13:22
zequencecfhowlett: No, I realized you had actually put the right circles there13:23
zequenceI only added a black wordmark13:23
cfhowlettah.  so they are all good then?13:23
cfhowlettthanks!  hey have you had a chance to see the incoming contest entries?  some good stuff13:23
zequenceNo, haven't checked13:24
zequenceThe short url didn't work for me13:24
cfhowlettyeah, sakreceor made a change that doesn't seem to fly right.  I'll get with him on that.13:25
zequenceAlright. Looks like things are happening13:26
cfhowlettzequence, hey while I have you ...13:27
zequenceAwesome. Thanks for making this happen :)13:27
cfhowlettcan we please have the wordmark + circle options back?  13:27
zequenceI couldn't find any that we are using right now13:28
zequenceThere's one for the web page, but it's png13:28
zequenceZak might have some13:28
cfhowlettalright.  I was looking for the new version with no space between ubuntu+studion13:29
zequenceOh, and when I say the web page, I mean the source for the theme, which is actually not published yet13:29
zequenceYeah. I'll send an email to Zak and ask him if he can provide us with some stuff13:30
cfhowlettah!  we have new stuff coming!?  sweet!13:31
cfhowlettExcellent!  Thank you.13:32
zequencecfhowlett: Zak probably has the originals somewhere13:34
cfhowlettyep.  I'll reach out to him13:35
zequencecfhowlett: I just sent him an email, asking him to send me stuff if he found any13:35
zequenceIf not, we'll need to make new ones13:35
cfhowlettalright then.  incremental progress is still progress!13:36
sakrecoer_zequence: cfhowlett: yes i messed up the flickr album :( wanted to add the latest addition to the album, but they were already included. so when i pressed the button the album just dissapeared and there was no undo...sorry... but i fixed it, and updated the links on the wiki and the ubuntustudio.org post14:50
cfhowlettso we all good now, right?  Accurate information everywhere folks might look?14:50
sakrecoer_should be yeah...14:51
sakrecoer_the website post didn't get aggregated on planetubuntu, nor any social media...14:51
sakrecoer_i'm looking into how to sort that aggregation out as i type..14:51
cfhowlettnice.  OK, one last nitpick; please correct my typo: * Dilettantes *           in the invitation14:52
sakrecoer_ok.. think i found it14:52
cfhowlett2nd paragraph of the contest announcement.  I can't edit it14:53
sakrecoer_fixed on the website...14:53
sakrecoer_zequence: i can't find how to get the posts from the website be aggregated to g+, twitter etc...14:55
sakrecoer_cfhowlett: you sure it is not spelled Dilettants?15:03
cfhowlettwell it's a french word, so the dictionary has been a bit confusing.  wait 115:03
sakrecoer_yeah it seems to depend on the dictionary...15:03
cfhowlettdilettante is singular so under NORMAL rules, add an S for plural15:04
cfhowlett= dilettantes15:04
sakrecoer_yeah... but then you have this: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/dilettants15:04
sakrecoer_lets ask flocculant :)15:05
sakrecoer_flocculant: dilettants or dilettantes ? :)15:05
cfhowlettsonuva ...15:06
cfhowlettsakrecoer_, fun fact: ubuntu has a free culture showcase active since 12/15/15.  10 entries in total.  we already have more entries!15:08
sakrecoer_cfhowlett: :)15:10
sakrecoer_it seems that linuxfoundation post did a lot. i posted the twitt for contributors wanted in GNUsocial and got a few repeats.. or whatever they call it..15:12
cfhowletttweets?  twits?  twats?15:12
sakrecoer_haha! yeah.. that15:12
zequencesakrecoer_: There is a plugin for aggregating to other sites, but it's not enabled. I do that manually.15:45
zequenceI usually do twitter, facebook and gplus15:46
zequencediaspora is a recent addition. And, I forgot to use it last time15:46
zequenceSo, I would do those, with diaspora - especially for floss art stuff15:46
sakrecoer_thanks zequence :) 15:55
sakrecoer_i can do all except facebook... i haev no account and i'm affraid i REALLY don't want to bother having a fake one... :D16:06
sakrecoer_if my partner sees me logged in, she is going to send me to outerspace before she calls out my inconsistency :D16:08
sakrecoer_i make it sound worse then it is, i understand its the same a g+ twitt etc... if no-one else can i will... but i prefer no too :D16:12
zequencesakrecoer_: I really think you should create one just for administering the page. You don't need to have any friends, or anything else, you know16:34
zequenceAnd, if you think Ubuntu Studio should quit using facebook, you can always make a case and see what the opinions are16:35
zequenceWe have almost 20k likes, so it's an active page16:35
sakrecoer_but... but :'( wut abut mi pride and stuff? hahaaha :D16:38
sakrecoer_ye... we'll see, if no one else is there, i guess i will have to do like you say..16:38
sakrecoer_but i count 9 members in the PR-team...16:39
zequenceOnly you and Jimmy are able to post16:40
zequenceAnd, it makes no sense for one guy to post on all but one16:40
sakrecoer_ok, you winn :)16:41
zequenceThe rest of the members aren't active. Some should probably not be there anymore16:41
zequenceErik Hedekar showed up and wanted to be in teams, but he hasn't done any work while I've been involved for the past 4-5 years or so16:42
zequenceI guess he thought that since he used to be involved that he should be like an honorary member16:42
zequenceActually, there are only 6 members, plus the core team and its two members16:43
zequencettoine has only done work on the web shop that one time during last 4-5 years16:44
zequenceholstein is no longer involved at all16:44
sakrecoer_wut? seriously?16:45
sakrecoer_thats sad news...16:45
sakrecoer_at least it is news to me.. mike no longer being involved...16:45
zequenceI guess he didn't announce it or anything. I talked with him about it a few months back16:46
zequenceIMO, it was for the best16:46
sakrecoer_ok.. well.. i couldn't tell, AFAIK he was a delightfull techsupporter...16:47
zequenceHe was often giving people the wrong information though16:47
zequenceWell, nothing serious16:47
sakrecoer_he helped me much! :) i hope there are no hardfeelings involved and there is, i'd rather stay out of them ...16:49
sakrecoer_/if/ there is, i'd rather...16:50
sakrecoer_fb... *gasp* they send me a verification code in a stupid caption image over email, i have set my client to dissregard everything html..16:51
sakrecoer_haha sorry.. for ranting.16:53
zequenceI'll be dropping facebook eventually, and do understand why one would prefer to avoid it16:56
sakrecoer_you should! life without is so much sweeter ;) i dropped out 2012.. never looked back17:02
zequenceWell, you did now :D17:03
zequenceUbuntu Studio has a bad influence on people17:03
sakrecoer_haha! well... that is if i get in!!17:03
sakrecoer_i can't find how to make thunderbird display the mail in html again...17:04
sakrecoer_and i have to if i want to see the stupid code they sent me...17:04
sakrecoer_"having problems loging in? click here to read our password guide" *click* "you must login to continue" :D17:10
sakrecoer_i'm in :'(17:14
sakrecoer_greeted by the man with the key to everyones privatelife17:15
sakrecoer_wow!! there are so many ubuntustudio fanpages!17:15
sakrecoer_i'm just going to assume it is this one: https://www.facebook.com/Ubuntustudio/17:16
sakrecoer_14k followers... you bluffer :D17:25
sakrecoer_well... now we have a user account that anybody in the PR group can use :D17:26
sakrecoer_... to manage facebook page :D17:26
zequenceAh, it was only 14k :)17:30
zequenceThe user account is yours. Page management is done internally in facebook17:30
sakrecoer_i know, but i don't plan to use this account for anything else.. hence if a new user comes with same ethics like me, this user could loginto that useracount to manage the page ;)17:33

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