OvenWerksgartral: That is pretty skimpy information to go on. Can you give a recipe to create this problem along with the description of this problem.00:44
craigbass76Is there a way in MuseScore to have it temporarily just stick in whatever notes/rests you want without auto filling things?00:56
tim167hello, is it possible to install ubuntustudio 64bit alongside an ubuntustudio 32bit (dual-boot) ? if so, how? (the installer doesn't give me that option)01:27
OvenWerkstim167: use the something else option.01:43
craigbass76Any of the big band arrangements I'm trying to download won't play, because Musescore is too old.  Other than building from source, is there some other way to get them open?01:59
craigbass76Ah, I grabbed XML, but this version sounds very square compared to the one I heard on the uploaded scores part of the site02:01
craigbass76Is there some "Swing" button I'm supposed to hit to get rid of the cheesey straighter eighth feel?02:01
FXproI have an install problem if someone knows how to fix it.07:56
cfhowlettFXpro, details??07:56
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:56
FXprosoundpimp.com sent me an osx file which I just uncompressed and it was a jar file which I uncompressed again.07:56
cfhowlettosx doesn't run on linux07:57
FXproso now that it is uncompressed howdo I install it?07:57
FXprojust a sec07:57
FXprolet me get the email up07:57
cfhowlettfind an apple computer.  install there.  OSX files do not run on linux.07:57
FXproits not an osx file specifically07:57
cfhowlett<FXpro> soundpimp.com sent me an osx file  ???07:58
FXproit might be the source code for their beta version07:58
cfhowlettFXpro, then they need to support it.  ask them how to install on linux or see the README that should have come with it.07:59
FXprohere is what the email said "es, we are interested in your findings. This is the OS X version, but it should work on Windows and Linux. Add .zip extension "07:59
FXprohow is it possible it would work on windows or linux if it is an osx version?08:00
FXproI am a bit confused about that.08:00
cfhowlettFXpro, that is ALL the info they sent you?  no READme?08:00
FXprothey also sent an activation code with it.08:01
FXproI requested a linux version for beta testing and they sent me an osx version.  heh...08:01
cfhowlettpoor level of support ...08:02
FXprolet me email them again and see what they come back with.  they have 3 versions, osx, windows, and linux.08:02
FXproits suppose to be some very fancy sound enhancement 3d, surround sound dsp software.  cutting edge like dfx from fxsound.com for windows.08:03
FXprounless that is already built into ubuntu studio then I wont mess with this at all.08:03
cfhowlettFXpro, I wouldn't especially as it's a beta.  unless you enjoy that sort of thing ...08:04
FXproI just want it for playback more than anything from youtube.  dfx is a night and day difference in the sound quality.08:04
FXproI mean it is a seriously noticable difference which is why dfx is so popular.08:05
FXprosure would be nice if dfx supported other oses08:05
FXprothe dude who invented dfx is like phd status sound engineer right up there with dolby laboratories and all that.08:06
FXprois there any kind of sound enhancement built into ubuntu studio?  I would think that would be a given sort of thing on these sound/multimedia distros for linux08:11
cfhowlettvlc has equalization and other options08:11
FXprothat is interesting.  the person installed ubuntu studio and the sound quality degraded a lot from windows 8.108:13
cfhowletthe claims.   not possible.  2 unrelated, unconnected OS08:13
FXprothat is the same problem in the post as I was having with windows 7 due to the built in speakers.  after I added dfx that problem was fixed many times over.  in other words, it did a lot more than just a gain boost in the volume.08:14
FXprostudio uses jack not pulse audio so of course dont add pulse audio to the system.  jack is way better anyway right?08:16
cfhowlettwhoa!!! jack is only used when recording.  NOT for playback08:16
FXprooh really?  how do I pipe it through for playback too?08:16
cfhowlettFXpro, have to see jack support for that08:17
FXprook.  do they have an irc channel?08:17
cfhowlett#opensourcemusicians would know08:17
FXproyou would htink they would do it automatically for recording and playback.08:17
FXprook let me try08:17
sakrecoer_i use jack for playback..08:17
FXprook great so you know how to fix it then08:18
cfhowlettsakrecoer_, cool.  perhaps you can advise.  hey, quickPM?08:18
FXprocan you help please?08:18
sakrecoer_i'll try anyway :)08:18
FXproawesome I brb.  gotta use bathroom and get some coffee etc08:19
barneyhey there I'm newbee & (Y) 2 ask how i might B able 2 update sec.08:28
cfhowlettplease use standard english to avoid confusion.08:29
barneyurity (newer kernels) while my sys is calling "got 0-memSpace"08:30
barneyok, Iĺl do my best ;)08:30
Unit193barney: Hello, would you find it easier to communicate in German?  If so, there is #ubuntu-de.08:30
barneyah, thx Unit19308:31
sakrecoer_FXpro :)08:49
FXprook so whats the procedure to get this done08:50
sakrecoer_i'm not sure i understood what you want to do FXpro , you want to enhance the soundquality of your built in speakers?08:51
FXproyes.  or use some sort of method to process all playback globally if possible.08:51
FXprovia a dsp stack build it would be the easiest I think.08:52
sakrecoer_but you don't have a soundcard except from the one that is built in?08:52
FXproits just a crappy laptop with crappy audio.08:52
sakrecoer_well, we can't expect mirracles with this setup, an EQ, a compressor should already do a lot08:53
FXprocompaq cq57-229wm I added 8gb of ram to which doesnt seem to help much on performance.08:53
sakrecoer_good machine08:53
sakrecoer_but the sound can't be better than what your speakers can deliver.08:53
FXprono.  its a crappy machine.  it uses an amd c50 1ghz dual cpu.  bottom of the barrel really but it was a freebie so its the experiment computer.08:54
sakrecoer_and what is the source for sound?08:54
FXprobuilt in audio.08:54
FXprowould you like to know the exact chip and all that?08:54
sakrecoer_yes, but are you playing back audio files in audacious...08:54
sakrecoer_no no no need as of now08:54
FXpronope.  streaming off the internet mostly.08:54
sakrecoer_ok... so i would open QjackCtl and start it...08:55
sakrecoer_click on the button that says "connection"08:56
FXprook.  pretty fancy already.  I have not really used this distro much yet08:56
sakrecoer_jack is jack, we distribute it, but it is the same on every distro .... in the audio tab, you should see your available audio clients.08:57
FXproI do.  2 on either side of the list with lines drawn to each other08:57
sakrecoer_so now if you open pulse audio08:58
sakrecoer_and you have say firefox open... you should see an entry fro firefox in pulse08:58
sakrecoer_change it from built in analoge to Jack sink08:58
FXproreadable is on the left, and writable is on the right.  which side to I open?08:58
sakrecoer_and you should be able to hear the sound08:58
FXprohmmm, ok let me try08:59
sakrecoer_pulse is lockated in the speaker icon on the menu bar of the desktop08:59
sakrecoer_"Sound Settings..."08:59
sakrecoer_FXpro: don't be so quick...:D09:00
FXproin the volume controls it says built in analog audio09:01
sakrecoer_have you started jack?09:02
FXprobut it gives another option "jack sink"09:03
sakrecoer_once JACK is open, you need to start it with the big play button in the top left corner09:03
sakrecoer_it says "start"09:03
FXproit is started already09:03
FXprothat was the first thing i did per instruction09:03
sakrecoer_ok, and you get no options to chose jack sink in colume controls?09:03
sakrecoer_volume controls09:04
FXproit is in the list under volume controls but the default is "build in analog"09:04
sakrecoer_yes, change it to jack sink09:04
sakrecoer_in the playback tab..09:04
FXprook done.  its playing off youtube now.09:04
sakrecoer_of course you need to have an application, say firefox, actualy playing sound09:05
FXprointeresting it started playing when I switched to jack09:05
sakrecoer_now start calf plugin pack for jack09:05
sakrecoer_are you on 15.10?09:05
FXproI can close all those wiindows now?09:05
sakrecoer_no no...09:06
sakrecoer_leave them open but you can have them in the background09:06
sakrecoer_or minimize them09:06
FXproconnections are set to default still.  leave it?09:06
sakrecoer_have you found "calf plugin pack for jack" in the menu?09:07
FXproI am using whatever the latest distro is.  it wants an update though right now.09:07
sakrecoer_should be under "audio precoessors"09:07
FXprohave not looked yet09:07
sakrecoer_try find it :) it is just one out of many things that can do what you want09:07
FXprook its open now.09:07
sakrecoer_try add the multiband compressor in "calf plugin for jack" and see what happens in the "connections" window of JACK09:08
FXproits got all kinds of stuff on the list.  nice.09:08
sakrecoer_yes... no the sound of firefox is comming out of the readable client called PulseAudio JACK sink09:08
sakrecoer_disconnect it from the writeable client "system"09:09
sakrecoer_and connect it to "calf multiband compressor"09:09
FXprocalf adds in the connections window09:09
sakrecoer_then the "readable"" client of calf should be connected to the WRITABLE system entry... normaly, this way the sound will go from firefox thru pulsesink, then thru calf, and in the speakers.09:10
FXprook so switch it in the readable window on the left from pulse to calf?09:10
sakrecoer_readable pulse should be connected to writeble calf09:11
sakrecoer_readable "calf", should be connected to writeable "system"09:11
sakrecoer_wait i'll send you a screenshot :)09:12
FXprohmmm, how do I get it to connect?09:12
FXprowow, I am impressed so far with this distro.  very professional right off the bat.09:12
sakrecoer_did the connections work? if so, now you can press the "edit" button in calf JACK host09:13
sakrecoer_and you will see the settings for calf multiband09:13
FXproedit is how you change it from default then?09:14
sakrecoer_you see the calf window?09:14
sakrecoer_not the one in jack...09:14
sakrecoer_the actual calf program09:14
FXprooh I am in the connections window just a sec09:15
sakrecoer_there is a big button called "edit" next to a button called "remove"09:15
FXproyup I see it09:15
sakrecoer_and you see the multibandcompressor ?09:15
FXprook so I open edit and another large windows with meters opens09:16
sakrecoer_in the middle row of this window, there are 4 tabs09:16
sakrecoer_located the button "bypass"09:16
sakrecoer_in each tab, pres the bypass button09:16
sakrecoer_and you should here some mad compression going on.. :)09:16
FXprobypass is already highlighted light blue by default09:17
sakrecoer_yes, so trun it off ;)09:17
sakrecoer_we DO not want it to bypass, bypass means it dosen't enter it09:17
sakrecoer_this is just an example, multiband compressor..09:18
sakrecoer_to do what you want to do, i would use 3 effects09:18
sakrecoer_FIRST (and its important) a 5 band EQ or 8 bands... up to your taste09:18
sakrecoer_THEN multiband compressor09:18
sakrecoer_then limiter09:18
FXproahhh, ummm, the play back meters are not going.09:19
FXprothat means its not working right?09:19
sakrecoer_play back meters of what?09:19
FXpromultiband compressor09:20
sakrecoer_is it connected in jack...09:20
FXpronice looking software, very professional looking stuff09:20
sakrecoer_sorry let me send you this screen shot...09:20
FXproin the connections windows, pulse is connected to system and system is connected to pulse on the left and the right09:21
sakrecoer_ok... do you see the calf entry in that window?09:23
sakrecoer_cant find the paste site anymore... sorry09:23
sakrecoer_just a sec...09:23
FXproI just disconnected it all09:23
FXprodont use pulse and only use calf?09:24
FXproor, connect calf to the system only and leave pulse out completely?09:24
sakrecoer_FXpro: http://pasteboard.co/VMlsE4Z.png09:25
sakrecoer_like that :)09:25
sakrecoer_pulse sink is what brings your system sound into jack09:26
sakrecoer_once in jack, you can route the sound through virtualy anything09:26
sakrecoer_but of course, if you send it to say calf, you need to send it FROM calf as well, into the system speaker..09:27
sakrecoer_its confusing, because it allows you to connect ANYTHING ANYWHERE...09:27
sakrecoer_but it gives you many possibilities09:27
FXproworking.  very nice.09:28
sakrecoer_now i will add a limiter and show you how i connect it :)09:28
sakrecoer_just a sec09:28
FXprodamn, this is fancy spancy09:29
sakrecoer_FXpro: http://pasteboard.co/VMELAqr.png09:30
FXpromost of it is done in software all you need is a high quality hardware input via usb or firewire and you are set for pro recording or playback09:30
sakrecoer_you see? if i add an effect to chain, i also have to connect it09:30
sakrecoer_FXpro: yes! it's super stuff!! if you ask me, i'd say its "prograde hightech mega cool"... but that is just my opinion :D09:30
sakrecoer_once you get a soundcard, it becomes 10x more fun!09:31
sakrecoer_you see all your soundcard inputs and outputs and you can route howcever you want09:32
FXproits mega studio packed into a linux distro.  on a mac or a pc this is like thousands of dollars worth of software.09:32
FXprodevelopment has really come a long way since the last time I looked at this stuff09:32
sakrecoer_in many ways, i tend to think audio tools on GNU/Linux are as close to a blessing i can get :D09:33
sakrecoer_and progess has been made in video too <309:33
sakrecoer_it's a great time to be alive!09:33
sakrecoer_now i will send you a picture where i listen to my adjustments of the sound of firefox, AND record it in audacity09:34
FXprook I see09:36
FXproso you can connect whatever to whatever basically09:36
sakrecoer_yeah... and each readbale client can be connected to MANY writable clients09:37
sakrecoer_so you can connect the last step of calf to the system speaker, and to the recorder...09:37
sakrecoer_for some reason, now audacity wont cooperate with me...09:37
FXproso like once you start stacking multiples of these modules, exactly why a low latency kernel is required.09:37
sakrecoer_you got it allrgiht! :)09:38
sakrecoer_FXpro: ok got it working... ill send you screen shot in a minute09:39
FXprowow its lagging the video files playback pretty bad09:39
FXprohere is the file I am using for the test of this09:40
sakrecoer_http://pasteboard.co/VNny15u.png here are the settings in audacity...09:41
sakrecoer_to record the output09:41
sakrecoer_then you jsut hit record when you are ready09:41
sakrecoer_is it video from youtube?09:41
sakrecoer_yeah... youtube needs a lot.... :/09:42
sakrecoer_but if you have a decent number of tabs open, it should work fine09:42
FXproyeah just a high quality sound source streamed for testing and that is a great recording.  drums on that recording sound so much better than the original recording.09:42
sakrecoer_given you do not go overkill on effects..09:42
FXprodude, this ficken forex market is pissing me off.09:43
FXproI didnt average down and the market cratered against me and now it just reversed and popped huge.09:43
FXprocunts!  I swear the banks got it all rigged huge.09:43
sakrecoer_ya.... FXpro ... please, mind the rest of the people in the channel...09:43
FXprooh sorrya bout that.  just a pisser is all.  you gotta be like lazer attention when you are dealing in markets.09:44
sakrecoer_ye.... it's ok, but try to stay on topic :)09:44
sakrecoer_you can query me if you feel like ranting about the market... not sure i have much to say or much advice, but i can take a little excess steam for you :)09:45
FXprooften what the banksters do is run stops first then flip flop the market the other direction after.  its why many people lose in markets.  anyway, just happened is why I was talking about it.09:45
sakrecoer_please :)09:45
FXpronow, this sounds much better already09:45
* sakrecoer_ highfives FXpro 09:46
FXproadd an eq?09:46
sakrecoer_why not? :)09:46
FXprothat dfx software uses a 10 band eq.  I suppose that is very subjective however.09:46
sakrecoer_i learned that its common parctice to place the EQ before the compressor..09:46
FXpropro eqs are like 15band usually right?09:47
sakrecoer_but i'm sure you can get good result placing it wherever you feel it should be:)09:47
sakrecoer_calf is just one of many plugin devs for linux..09:47
sakrecoer_i picked it for you because it is fairly intuitive09:47
FXprowait, so put the eq first then add effects.  makes sense.09:47
sakrecoer_you could also use JACK rack09:47
FXprodo I have to start from the beginning or how do I add it now at the end?09:48
sakrecoer_just find JACK rack in the menu and open it09:48
sakrecoer_then press the big "+" button and picj an effect09:48
sakrecoer_you could also use JAMin09:49
sakrecoer_JAMin is a mastering suit..09:49
sakrecoer_you have 30 bands EQ09:50
sakrecoer_multiband compressor09:50
sakrecoer_and a limiter built in one software..09:50
FXprohmmmm, wow, so many different options.09:55
sakrecoer_yeah... :p09:55
sakrecoer_sexy software :p09:55
FXproif you learned this software like the back of your hand, its a pro studio on any computer.09:55
FXprotake it anywhere and you can do pretty much anything with sound.09:55
FXproand this is just the sound section.09:56
sakrecoer_yes, and you can give a copy of it to your friends <309:56
FXproand its free?09:56
sakrecoer_collaborate regardless of the market-fluctuations ;)09:56
FXproa lot of tech geeks however just do it for fun really.09:56
sakrecoer_(given you have a computer, of course)09:56
sakrecoer_i'd say "for passion" but i get your point :)09:57
FXprolike, develop this high end stuff on an open source platform like likux.09:57
cfhowlettsakrecoer_, please send me the login page again.  now on my home unit09:57
FXprodamn, ok so like the video is bugging out on youtube.09:59
FXprohmmm, you really need a beefy computer for this10:00
FXprowhen I add the eq using the calf panel, where does it attach to?10:01
sakrecoer_FXpro: it dosen't. it waits for you to attach it to something10:02
sakrecoer_you find it in the Connections window of JACK10:02
FXproright so what do I attach it to?10:02
cfhowlettsakrecoer_, no mention of wallpaper contest on the admin page...10:02
FXpropulse or system playback?10:04
FXprowait, its just a daisy chain sort of thing10:04
FXproso one into the other into the other and the last one on the chain goes to main out10:04
sakrecoer_FXpro: look what i did here: http://pasteboard.co/VMELAqr.png10:06
sakrecoer_its pulse sink-> multibandcompressor. then multiband-> limiter. then limiter-> system10:06
FXproI have  the same settings I want to add the eq now, just the 5 band eq from calf is fine.10:08
FXprowhats nice is using those together in one stack makes it easier at least visually10:09
sakrecoer_FXpro: so add it, and then you disconnect pulseink from multiband. then connect pulsesink to EQ. then EQ to multiband ;)10:12
FXprooh wait, I route the limiter to the eq and then the eq to out.10:12
FXprovery nice.  simple too.10:12
FXprothere are two outputs, system and pulse10:14
FXprouse pulse is better or?10:14
FXprographical response is crap on this computer but it works nicely otherwise10:18
sakrecoer_the pulse output in jack, you could use for example to route the output of your effects into skype10:21
sakrecoer_or any VoIP client10:21
sakrecoer_call a freind with a monster voice :p10:21
sakrecoer_but to hear the sound in your speakers, better use the system output..10:21
sakrecoer_outpu=writeable clients10:21
FXprowhen I switch the patch to pulse no sound comes through.10:21
FXprothat is from the eq to pulse10:22
FXpropulse is for output too right?10:22
FXprothere is a system output and the pulse output10:22
FXproif you want to custom craft sound this is a great way to do it.10:24
sakrecoer_pulse is output yes... but its not output to speaker...10:24
sakrecoer_it is for system programs that have an input10:24
sakrecoer_so if you set you VoIP client to read audio from pulse sink in jack, it will process that audio..10:25
FXprohey question, when  drummer for example is wearing ear buds, what are they using?10:25
FXproobviously not cheezwize ear pieces.10:25
sakrecoer_i don't know... but hopefully they use good ones :D10:25
FXproic.  I do have skype, tox and a few others I was testing.  I use skype for general stuff10:25
FXproor mostly I use skype because everyone else is using it.  tox however is fully open source and strong encrypted.  its a skype replacement being developed.10:26
sakrecoer_so if you want to send your audio from calf to TOX, you need to connect calf to pulse sink writebale client, and tell TOX to use pulse jack sink10:26
sakrecoer_i got to logoff... have fun FXpro !10:28
FXprothank you10:31
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franklin_How do I set the default sound device in Ubuntu Studio 15.121:35
franklin_Having trouble getting output sound through my new Scarlett 18i20 usb 2.0 sound interface21:37
zequencefranklin_: desktop audio (pulseaudio), or jack?21:37
ubottuFor information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro21:37
franklin_Ok thankyou21:38
zequencefranklin_: If you're using qjackctl, just start with the simple stuff first. Select the correct audio device, and the go from there21:39
zequenceDo not edit input and output separately. That might cause you problems. Only do that if you have to21:40
zequenceAlso, if you want to start from scratch, a good idea is to reboot first21:41
franklin_Thanks under the audio tab it says system and ardour21:42
franklin_I have a USB Scarlett 18i2021:42
franklin_Under set up I have selected The Scarlett USB 18i20 but sound output is muted.  I have read that most sound devices are muted by default how do I un mute it.21:51

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