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xeviousIs there a way to either ask upstart if it's done booting or receive a notification when it's done booting? By "done booting", I mean when all the services that are configured to start when the system is booted have been launched.12:37
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topi`if I have set up a .conf to start only after job X has been started ("start on started X") then it actually gets triggered when job X has launched the main task - NOT e.g. after post-script has been done14:55
topi`this is a problem, since the task X seems to take 1-2 sec to do its stuff (mount a filesystem, actually) and anything that depends on this mount, fails14:55
topi`I tried to put a "sleep 2" into a post-script, but it changed nothing14:56
topi`is there a way to specify "start on finished-post-running X" for the job that needs that filesystem mount? (there is a chdir directive to that mount)14:56
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JanCtopi`: "start on stopped X" ?22:10

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