knomepleia2, ah, right, no, i don't think there is a solution right now00:08
knomepleia2, but you can probably upload 800xsomething as the "original"00:08
knomepleia2, Unit193: the mail was to be about asking for volunteers, but i need to see what the webapp can do before i know what kind of help we need00:09
knomeochosi, no, there isn't much more i can do (IMO) than the comment on the merge proposal00:09
knomeand i'm off.00:17
krytarikochosi: Tested, works - weird directory structure needed there, though ("~/.purple/themes/elementary/purple/status-icon").00:20
pleia2alright new xubuntu at article is in draft state, can publish after knome reviews (others with login to the blog can look too)02:25
flocculantpuckz: you asked me in PM what you can do to contribute ... http://docs.xubuntu.org/contributors/08:09
puckzflocculant: Thanks!08:13
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pleia2new xubuntu at article: https://xubuntu.org/news/xubuntu-at-the-working-centres-computer-recycling-project/17:04
pleia2and social media-ed :)17:08
slickymasterWorkre-shared , pleia2 ;)17:26
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bluesabreevening all23:49
bluesabrehey Unit193 23:49

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