jdwwattsthe strangest thing happened when i tried to boot up this toshba has seen its better days the battery is shot so I run it plugged and i left it that way it got to the grub screen and shut itself off01:44
jdwwattsi repeated that three times no error just kept shutting down after ging into  the grub boot option the i unpluged it plugged it back in and xubuntu boot normally01:47
liquidsnakeidk man thats beyond me01:48
jdwwattsglitch i thin everythings working fine now01:48
jdwwattsguess ill try to reboot and see if i die01:54
jdwwattsthat worked fine01:57
liquidsnakeobviously lol01:57
liquidsnakeglad all is well01:57
jdwwattsyeah I could be dead01:59
jdwwattsor at the very leastturned into a bot01:59
xubuntu772Hi I need help with a problem im having with xubuntu08:31
xubuntu87wcan anybody help me?10:26
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xubuntu52wHello! I'm trying to update my Xubuntu system, but when I try to download the files I get a message that says that I don't have enough space on /boot, and that I should use sudo apt-get clean and empty the trash. I did both and I still can't update15:21
xubuntu52wAlso, I can't set emblems to folders anymore, don't know why15:23
legmicHey! New users of Edubuntu, a former Windows user. Have experienced problems when installing new software. nAnvänder terminal window and command sudo apt-get.16:00
legmicNow I get an error message "must run dpkg --configure -a".16:00
legmicGrateful for the help for this or where I can find help for this.16:00
legmicWould be Xubuntu, I wrote wrong16:02
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OmenRai have a questiion18:58
xubuntu92whey, good afternoon.19:23
xubuntu92wnew into xubuntu19:24
xubuntu92wwhere can I find the script to make my own daily build?19:24
xubuntu92wI would like to add few package useful to build a custom LiveCD [USB]19:26
xubuntu92walso like to lean how to build xUbuntu.19:26
xubuntu92wreally appreciate if anyone can help!19:26
OmenRa" xubuntu92w: where can I find the script to make my own daily build?" - try to search in Google.19:31
xubuntu92wthanks I did Google search, but not able to find the clear direction. Thought the Dev team must be the best person to ask.19:34
OmenRahttps://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev : "... This team is moderated; only users with sustained contributions to the  team will be considered for approval. Read more about contributing to  this team at http://xubuntu.org/contribute/development/ ..."19:38
OmenRa xubuntu92w<<< this is ask of you question19:39
xubuntu92wok, sorry post the question to the wrong place.19:42
xubuntu92wjust interesting how the daily ISO was build automatic.19:42
flocculantxubuntu92w: we don't build the dailies nor any of the iso's - Canonical do, see https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/xenial/xubuntu for instance19:43
xubuntu92wgreat I will jump to them then. Thanks a lot for answer my question.19:45
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SweeChi, m8 can some one can drop info about 16.04 bug channel?21:59
knomeSweeC, #ubuntu+121:59
ngomesubuntu-cleanup.sh now version 1.4 - test it or use it here -> http://pastebin.com/XvAUp93S22:08
ngomesany feedback , just e-mail. thank you.22:11

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