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ChronotossWhat's up guys and gals, anyone paying attention to chat?00:16
valoriewell, it's not a chat chan00:17
valorieit's for help00:17
valoriewe have #kubuntu-offtopic for chat00:17
ChronotossI know, I just like to make sure people are listening before I ask for help valorie  ^^  ... but I just started to have a problem with Kmail and deleting and moving mail with my gmail account. I've already tried deleting everything and starting over. It was working till about a week ago. Was hoping someone might be able to point me to some reading or have an idea were i can track down what the problem is and fix it.00:19
valorieI would ask in #kde-pim00:21
valoriealthough it's rather late on a friday night for many of the devels00:21
valorieother option is to look for recent bug reports about that00:22
valorieor write to the list00:22
valoriesorry, I've been unable to use kmail for some years00:23
ChronotossOhh? is there something wrong with Kmail?00:23
valorieon my systems, yes00:23
valoriemany are using it happily00:23
valorieI know the devels and they are top-notch00:23
geniiI stopped using it during kmail->kmail2 transition period00:24
valoriebusinesses use it so it gets good support00:24
valorieChronotoss: best practice in an IRC help channel is to just go ahead and ask your question00:24
valoriemany people have certain names/terms flagged00:25
ChronotossSo I guess in the mean time back to thunderbird.  Alright valorie, I'm still learning the ins-and-outs of IRC. Thanks for the advice! I'm always trying to learn ^^00:26
valorieit's worthwhile to talk to the devels, Chronotoss00:26
valoriebefore giving up00:27
valorieI gave up because of crashes, and haven't had time to try it again00:27
ChronotossI never give up. Not till there are no options. I'll defiantly ask them and wait for a response!00:28
ChronotossWould it be correct to submit this as a bug or under discussion?00:29
pasjrwoctxHello is anyone here?01:42
pasjrwoctxI have a problem, I can no longer access cameras or hard drives via usb as my own user.  I can only do it as root.  How do I fix it?01:47
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emis it possible to be using kubuntu 16.04 now?04:17
OerHeksem as Alfa-1 test, sure http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/20160121/04:54
BluesKajevening folks05:29
emOerHeks: i really like the promise in kububntu 15.10 (fresh installed on my laptop ) and maybe it is just my bad laptop ut thereare a lotof bugs andalost unuale..05:40
embbut if i ignore the bugs then i can see the potential is awesome05:40
emi just wish it could be less bugged.05:41
emlike my kind of fubs are more than just announace... its doing stuff like suspending on me without warning.. even though i set power settings to never suspend.05:41
emand then some times when i restart itit has put randome widgetes all over the destop05:41
solvarrSo what's up with kubuntu and canonical now?06:17
solvarrIs kubuntu still associated with Canonical?06:17
emwhy would solvar ask that ancient question and then just leave.07:45
emhonestly im pretty sure the only reason why Kubuntu has promise and potential is because it isn't run by Canonical.07:45
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fossisthey, i am having an issue while installing guest additions . i get this message https://paste.kde.org/pvw4g10zk  . i can't get into full scree mode  as the auto resize guest display optiion is greyed out08:13
fossistcould anyone help me out with this issue ?08:15
soeesorry i never used that, can't help here :)08:17
emsoee: hey do you use Kubuntu?08:22
soeeIsn't it obvious?We are Kubuntu support channel :)08:23
emi don't like to be presumptuous : )08:23
emsoee: do you use 15.10 ?08:23
soeenope, i'm on 16.0408:24
emi might actuall switch to that08:24
emmaybe it will work better on this cheap laptop08:24
emi have a low end toshiba satellite08:24
emim not sure why it keeps suspending/sleeping even though i never want it to08:25
emi lissten to music at night.. fall asleep myself.. wake up and my laptop is suspended.08:25
soeein System Settings -> Power Management try do disable suspend options08:27
emyes i will look again just to be sure08:27
emyeah i have unhecked everything that says suspend08:28
emeven on low battery08:28
emi do have it turning off the screen but that's it08:28
emi bet it is a kernel thing.. does 16.04 have a newer kernel?08:29
soeehmm than i don't know, still i doubt upgrading to 16.04 will change here anything08:30
emsoee: kubuntu loks nice and has great apps. I just wish it would work smoothly.08:32
emif it could just work smoothly as intended it would be pretty much perfect.08:32
goddardwhen i open a picture i downloaded in firefox it launches image viewer from unity's DE instead of the KDE image viewer08:43
goddardhow can i fix this issue?08:43
emgoddard: not sure this will work but try right clicking on it, "properties"  "file type options" and set the application to open it preference?08:47
soeeSystem Settings -> Applications -> File Associations08:48
soeeor as em suggests :)08:48
em"application preference order"08:48
soeeand set Gwenview08:48
goddardchecked that no dice08:56
goddardseems like firefox is reading something else08:56
goddardeven when clickong on the download arrow icon and then clicking on the folder icon opens nautilus instead of dolphin and the file associations and default programs is set properly when logged into a KDE plasma session08:57
goddardits not set during compliation or some ubuntu specific patch is it?08:58
acher88Firefox may be looking at the default setting for gtk apps09:20
acher88In Nautilus you can try right click on the image > Properties09:21
acher88should allow you to change the default "open with" gtk application file association09:23
acher88ah. that is what em said a while back. does work here though as just tested and successfully switched to gwenview to open DL'd file from firefox09:28
goddardacher88: yeah that helped with opening images09:29
goddardacher88: might have to login to unity to change the default file manager though?09:30
acher88may just be able to run 'unity-control-centre' in kde.09:31
acher88though some options may be missing done that way09:33
vinoI have upadted kubuntu yesterday09:51
vinoVlc player seems problem09:51
vinoCannot play video in full screen it displays 4:109:52
acher88That is a known bug in qt5.509:56
acher88kubuntu needs to either get qt5.6 in to the ppa/repos, or backport the fix09:57
acher88can be worked around in vlc by switching to a skinned non qt interface09:58
acher88or non gui display window09:59
SmurphyI have issue with vlc alltogether. No movie. I hear the audio, but nothing else. Using plasma 5.5.310:00
SmurphyAnyone has that too ?10:00
acher88I did. was something to do with vaapi and the default setting for hardware accelerated decoding perhaps?10:03
acher88can't recall this second as was a week or 2 ago10:03
acher88your problem could be different though...10:03
SmurphyI had that too before plasms 5.5.3 ...10:06
Smurphynow it came back10:06
acher88vino: this is the qt bug https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-4832110:08
acher88and on the vlc bugtracker: https://trac.videolan.org/vlc/ticket/1566310:09
acher88there are some forum threads somewhere where people have worked around it10:09
Smurphyvdpau_display vout display error: video mixer surface width capabilities query failure: VDP_STATUS_NO_IMPLEMENTATION10:09
SmurphyThat's the error I get.10:09
Smurphyacher88: Thx.10:10
acher88you have a nvidia card?10:10
SmurphyNo Indel HD400010:10
SmurphyIntel - running on a mac mini 7,210:10
acher88vdpau output isn't going to work then10:11
acher88accelerated decoding on intel is vaapi10:11
Smurphyyes. But not working either.10:11
SmurphyUse VA-API via DRM before, and it worked well, with accel etc.10:12
SmurphyNot since Plasm 5.5.3 though. I'll dig around :)10:12
acher88think I got it working on intel laptop with the vaapi x11 option?10:13
acher88now i remember10:13
acher88mostly I use smplayer though :)10:14
Smurphydidn't try smplayer. Will check it out. Thx.10:15
lordievaderGood morning.10:15
SmurphyHmmm smplayer can't play back x265 encoded stuff. Missing the codexs :}10:17
SmurphyMut for x264 it's fine :)10:17
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acher88you can change the smplayer backend from mplayer to mpv which I think probably supports x265?10:21
acher88at least on newer versions anyway10:21
lordievaderI think mpv depends on either ffmpeg or libav for its decoding.10:22
acher88ffmpef compiled in in the one I'm using10:24
acher88yep. just tested smplayer with latest mpv on an x265 mp4, and seems ok10:27
acher88smplayer from the default ubuntu repos may be tied to mplayer though10:27
lordievaderacher88: What ffmpeg plugins do you have installed?10:28
SmurphyLol smplayer brings no audio ";D10:31
Smurphyok. I don't have time to check it out today. I'll figure it out another day :D10:31
acher88fair enough :)10:32
acher88lordievader: I actually compiled mpv from source, which includes a full built in ffmpeg build10:34
lordievaderAh, else Smurphy could see if he had those plugins installed too, oh well too bad.10:35
acher88yes. if you are ever bored, lol https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv-build10:37
acher88or don't mind trying 3rd party ppas https://launchpad.net/~mc3man/+archive/ubuntu/mpv-tests10:39
lordievaderacher88: My mpv is compiled too (I run Gentoo ;))10:40
Smurphylordievader: which plugins ?10:40
SmurphyNah, not going to build stuff myself. I have given lots of my time in the past to the Linux/KDE community.10:42
lordievaderSmurphy: That is allways the trick with ffmpeg, I never know what is in what plugin collection.10:42
SmurphyNow - I'm on retirement ;)10:42
lordievaderHmm, looking at the google search results, it seems h265 needs to be compiled into ffmpeg, that it ain't a seperate plugin.10:43
acher88I'll prob revert to provided packages once I upgrade this machine to xenial10:44
fariahi  guys11:40
fariai've just installaed kubuntu 14.0411:41
fariai'd like to activate the nVidia drivers for the 3d acc11:41
fariai have here in my control panel several version of the binary drivers11:42
fariawhat should i use ?11:42
soeefaria: the one that supports your gpu, and is latest LTS11:57
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BluesKajHiyas all12:53
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xor_ax_axhi all13:11
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six86Hello. Since I got a huge update yesterday (I'm on 15.10 with backports) my sound is broken. I only have a dummy device for output, the rest is greyed out.15:55
lordievaderyofel: ^15:57
lordievadersix86: Yofel noticed that problem this morning too, not sure if he had come up with a fix yet...15:57
six86yofel: lordievader: Just fixed it by "sudo apt-get remove --purge alsa-base pulseaudio" and "sudo apt-get install alsa-base pulseaudio"16:04
sgo11hi, I am running lubuntu 14.04. I just installed kubuntu-desktop and did reboot. but nothing happens. how can I change everything to kde? kdm is not installed by the package kubuntu-desktop. should I install it manually? thanks.17:02
Maxiride_sgo11: I don't remember exactly how to chaneg desktop enviroment. One thing for sure is that you need to remove the old one of course17:07
Maxiride_uh well If I'm not wrong you should be able to choose the desktop enviroment at the login prompt17:09
Maxiride_don't you have any drop down menu?17:09
sgo11Maxiride_, why do I need to remove the old one? I disagree. They should be able to co-exist. the drop-down menu is in lightdm because I am running lubuntu now. I don't think kubuntu is using lightdm by default.17:12
Maxiride_yeah my fault, removing the previous one is not needed. Anyway as far as I know the de should be selected at login. Trying to read a couple of docs meanwhile.17:14
sgo11Maxiride_, what does kubuntu use by default, kdm, lightdm, gdm etc??17:17
Maxiride_ssdm is the name of the package for the login screen17:18
acher8814.04 was lightdm if I recall17:18
acher88only newer releases are sddm17:19
sgo11yeah, there is no sddm package in 14.04.17:19
sgo11acher88, if that is the case, how can I change everything to kubuntu instead? right now, my boot screen shows lubuntu logo.17:19
acher88if you log out you should get to whatever login manager is currently running17:19
sgo11acher88, i just want to change every look to kubuntu 14.04.17:20
acher88kubuntu has it's own plymouth startup splash and own lightdm theme17:21
Maxiride_a sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm should do the trick I suppose17:21
acher88you would have to install those17:21
acher88amd maybe configure them to be used if installing them doesn't auto-configure them as the default17:21
sgo11Maxiride_, I don't have kdm installed. I can install it only if kubuntu 14.04 is using kdm, but acher88 said kubuntu 14.04 was using lightdm.17:22
acher88kdm is separate, but yes it would at least be a more 'kde' look17:22
acher88'lightdm-kde-greeter' is the kde them for lightdm17:23
sgo11acher88, Maxiride_ thank you both for the help. I will try both kdm and lightdm-kde-greeter (lightdm).17:24
acher88lightdm can be fiddly switching greeters, and sometimes requires you to edit the lightdm config file to do so17:26
acher88kdm will probably work out of the box, but will be kde themed rather than specifically kubuntu I think17:27
sgo11acher88, got it. thanks. why don't kubuntu use kdm instead of sddm? is kdm slow?17:28
acher88not that, but cant remember the exact reason now17:29
sgo11acher88, no worries. thanks. :)17:30
emi have one of the strangest issues.. my laptops keeps suspeding if i don't use it for long enough.. even though i have unchecked all suspends in power-manager.  Also when i wake up in the morning and lift the lid of the laptp there's ton of random windows that have been opened..like this morning it was a million copies of Chrome all opened...17:30
acher88may just have been to match the other ubuntu 'flavours' so that you just had to change the greeter, not install a whole new display manager to switch17:30
sgo11acher88, got it. cheers.17:31
emhas anyone even heard of such a strange issue?17:31
acher88is there another power manager running somewhere in background? gnome or xfce4 power manager for example17:32
sgo11thanks for all the help. I will reboot this machine to try new login manger. bye.17:33
Maxiride_em are you sure to have disabled also "suspend when screen closed"?17:39
Maxiride_maybe you just changed the standby timers17:40
emMaxiride_: i dont think so but i'll check again. Im going to take some screen shots17:44
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emMaxiride: are you still there?19:49
emnnnj/w 319:49
Maxirideem yep I'm back19:53
Maxiridewhat's up?19:53
Maxiridebtw I don't know why but all the compiz effects are gone after a simple reboot. Theoptions however are checked and turned on in the system settings.19:55
MichaelTunnellMaxiride: why are you using compiz on Kubuntu?20:00
MaxirideMichaelTunnell: well actually I  thought the desktop effects already implemented in kubuntu were from compiz20:01
MichaelTunnellMaxiride: nope, compiz is not used in KDE at all those are powered by KWin20:02
Maxiridewell lol20:02
Maxiridegood to know ahah20:02
Maxiridemy fault sorry20:02
MichaelTunnellwell now that's clear which version of Kubuntu are you using?20:03
Maxirideso KWin is not working anymore. I've tried to reboot again, no change.20:03
MaxirideI'm with 15.10 ppa backports landing20:03
emMaxiride: i was mentioning that my laptop suspends/sleeps (not sure the right word for that ) if i stop using it long enougheven though  i never want it to... here's y power settings in the first three pictures.. the last two pictures how this other wierd thing my laptop dowhich is that ofeten when i resume there is a ton of weird extra stuff randomly opened or added.. like widgets or windows opened .. http://imgur.com/a/YChcK20:03
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MichaelTunnellI seriously doubt KWin broke from just a reboot. Were updates applied or anything?20:04
emSince valorie recommended turning off restore-session i have not had widgets randomly added to the desktop or pannel at least.20:04
embut i still woke up to find like 100 copies of Chrome opened up for no reason.20:04
Maxiridewell em that's really damn weird. Regarding the standby part of the issue I don't have anything more to suggest since you indeed disabled all the options.20:05
emI wonder if its a kernel issue with this toshiba satellite20:06
emdo you think the newer kubuntu will have a different kernel?20:06
Maxiridedo you mean 16.04?20:06
emi thought a toshiba satellite might run linux pretty well.20:07
MaxirideI know this might be a dumb question, but do you already tried searching in internet similar issues?20:07
emIt's really a shame because if it would just work smoothly i think this kubuntu is the best distro ive seen in years.20:07
emMaxiride: not on the standby thing20:08
MaxirideHonestly speaking your issue is the first I hear in its kind, so don't misjudge the distro only on an isue that -no offense- at the state of the art seems to involve only your machine20:08
MaxirideI'm even with the backports-landing ppa which is quite -not 100%- stable and I'm really fine20:09
emYeah its probaly something I did wrong.20:09
Maxiridei'll try to google a bit too your issue20:09
emi installed it with unetbootin but i didn't turn off efi i don't know if that's why20:09
Maxiride I don't know how it could relate to this issue, but generally speaking unetbootin often caused many other issue on the ubuntu-it channel.20:11
MaxirideThere they suggest to use directly the dd command20:11
Maxirideem: have you checked in the power managment menu which % is set as critical for the batteyr?20:14
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mimimomaGuys, why it's not possible to do "extract here" in dolphin? I used to be able to do it20:17
soeeDolphin was ported to KF5 so not all features are there yet.20:18
soeeprobably in next version id shoudl change20:18
Maxiridei'm with backports-landing and I have the menu back working20:19
mimimomaok thanks soee20:19
MaxirideI tried to enter tty1 and do killall kwin -> kwin no process found20:21
Maxiridehow that's possibile?20:22
danMaxiride: it's probably called kwin_x1120:31
Maxiridedan: thanks you're right. Anyway killing kwin and restarting it didn't brought back the visual effects of the desktop20:32
emMaxiride: i had not adjusted that part.. critical is set to 5 percent20:37
emI just changed that to do nothing also.20:38
MaxirideSolved my issue btw, had to kill plasmashell instead of kwin20:39
Maxiridereally odd that the issue persisted acroos reboots20:40
MichaelTunnellgood to know20:40
MichaelTunnellI'm having bugs with latest update for backports as well20:40
MichaelTunnellalways gotta be something :)20:40
Maxirideyeah solved this one, a new one already appeared xD20:41
Maxiridevideos inside VLC are not resizing with the window20:41
Maxirideand even if entering fullscreenmode the video remains a little rectangle in the upper left corner20:42
Maxirideplasmashell just said goodbye with a segmentation fault crash D:21:00
MaxirideEhm wanted to report it but the debug tracker prompted me to install additional debug symbols, after clicking install debug symbols a warning box appeats saying "impossibile to find the missing debug symbols package for this application"21:04
Maxiridehence I'm unable to submit the bug report 'cause the information provided are not enough, please install the debug symbols.21:05
Maxirideit's a loop.21:05
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excognachi all, anybody here with good understanding of UEFI/legacy? I googled around extensively, could find a solution for the following: I installed kubuntu14.04 (UEFI mode) on the entire hdd of a laptop (shipped with freedos). Now, if I set uefi boot in the bios , it's checking media and can't find hdd. so I have to boot in legacy. then kubuntu runs, not flawless though. Any ideas?22:07
bprompthmm  excognac   dunno myself.. haven't run into that one22:18
excognacbprompt: what might help: I can't see the cca. 500mb partition which supposed to be my efi partition. https://paste.kde.org/pxfcrdj37 is it possible it's installed in legacy mode then?22:22
bpromptit's possible, yes22:23
excognacbprompt: alright thanks. it will be anyway resintalled,  i always use separate / and /home22:28
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