ianorlinhey MrBIOS03:46
ianorlinwhere are you know03:46
ianorlinI am at upscale03:46
ianorlinI am not quite sure who you are not at irc03:51
ianorlinmrbios who are you ?03:52
MrBIOSianorlin: I’m not on site at the conference center anymore, and am just an interested community member03:53
ianorlinah I know I don't like how that happens03:53
ianorlincoming tommrowo?03:53
MrBIOSI’m staying at a dump a few miles from the conference center because I screwed up ;)03:54
MrBIOSyeah I’ll be there tomorrow morning03:54
ianorlinonly a few miles03:54
ianorlinlucky I have to go home all the way to torrance03:54
MrBIOSat least it’s cheap…not that I’m paying03:54
MrBIOSI flew down from San Jose03:55
MrBIOShow is upscale?03:55
ianorlinwhat session did you go to at ubucon any otf the unconfernce03:55
MrBIOSianorlin: I wasn’t at any of the unconferences, sadly.04:11
MrBIOSI was there this morning for the first part of the plenary04:11
ianorlinah ok you weren't in mine about how it seems lots of wiki stuff is frgamented04:17
ianorlinalso this might be better in ubuntu-us-ca if you are part of that team04:18
ianorlinwould really like more lubuntu people in there04:18
MrBIOSianorlin:  I have the same complaint05:16
MrBIOSit’s a problem in a lot of internal corporate wikis too05:16
MrBIOSsame problem where I work05:16
MrBIOSianorlin: I am not, but I can always join05:17
phillwHi, anyone else running xenial with the 4.4 kernel?16:09
wxli'd appreciate it if someone could chekc bug 1537334 in non-xenial versions and other flavors16:26
ubot93bug 1537334 in lxpanel (Ubuntu) "Lxde panel menu icon overlapped by shourtcuts on RTL langauge interface" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153733416:26

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