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damasceneLubuntu 16.04 has the shortcuts at the bottom bar over the menu button http://i.imgur.com/Q6F8YcJ.png should I report it?07:31
wxldamascene: as of which version? i've been away from my vm.07:33
damascenewxl, 16.0407:34
wxldamascene: 16.04 is in development. we get a different one every day.07:35
damascenewxl, it's for RTL language when display is from right to left. I think it's not something temporarily07:36
wxldamascene: well, i can say with certainty i've run versions of 16.04 that don't have this, at least not by default07:36
damascenesure it's only if you have RTL interface07:37
wxlhave you experienced this in earlier versions?07:37
damasceneI'm doing testing for 16.04. I do not have earlier version07:38
wxldamascene: can you confirm it does not happen if the rtl interface is not used?07:40
damascenewxl, sure07:41
damasceneI just flipped the interface recently and it was working well before07:41
wxldamascene: then yes, i would file a bug, but it would have to be against the package that deals with this interface. i assume it's in the kernel?07:41
wxldamascene: by flipped, do you mean you toggled the power/cxn?07:42
damascenewxl, http://i.imgur.com/Q6F8YcJ.png explains it07:42
damasceneI think It's related to the DE not the kernel07:43
wxldamascene: that explains the package? explains what you meant by flipped? both? neither?07:43
wxldamascene: and what evidence do you have for that?07:43
damascenewxl, explain what flipped mean. look at the bottom right corner07:43
wxldamascene: you said you "flipped the interface." this is something you can do with an rtl device? i'm sorry, i'm completely unfamiliar with the things.07:44
damascenewxl, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right-to-left07:45
wxldamascene: but correct me if i'm wrong but the language shown in the screen shot is not an RTL language07:46
damasceneit's when a language is written or read from right to left then it's called RTL script. Every thing is normal. just the overlapping icon over the menu button07:46
damascenewxl, it's RTL language. It's Arabic07:46
wxldamascene: "New Image" and "Settings Toolbar" is Arabic?07:47
damascenewxl, no. but it's not translated07:47
damascenenormally where do you have the shutdown button? to the left or to the right?07:48
wxldamascene: so you're telling me you could apply rtl to any language? where in the gui do you select it?07:48
damascenewxl, no, when you chose any RTL language like Arabic, Persian, Urdu, or Hebrew you get a RTL interface07:49
wxldamascene: but i don't see any of those languages in the picture you sent07:49
damasceneI just selected Arabic in language selector and got this07:49
wxlok so let's go through this step by step07:50
wxl1. you had a default desktop07:50
damascene2. went to language selector and installed Arabic language support07:51
damascene3. moved Arabic to be the top language in the list of languages07:51
wxland when you say language selector, you mean /usr/bin/gnome-language-selector?07:51
damascene4. log out and log in07:51
wxland after either 2 or 3, did the panel change?07:51
damasceneafter 307:52
damasceneI mean 407:53
wxldamascene: ok so before 4 did the panel have arabic on it or english?07:53
damascenewxl, no07:53
wxldamascene: that's not a yes or no question07:53
wxldamascene: either/or: english or arabic?07:54
damascenethe panel was neither Arabic nor English07:54
damasceneit's just the direction07:54
wxlyou didn't have any windows open?07:54
wxlfor example, language selector?07:54
damascenethe direction did not change until I finished step 407:55
wxli'm not asking about the direction07:55
damasceneno change will be applied till you log out07:55
wxlso it was english?07:55
wxland when you logged in, apparently it was english based on the screen shot?07:56
damasceneno from where do see that the interface is English? Having some text in English does not mean that the interface is English. the menu content are all in Arabic and well translated07:56
damasceneshould I add some Arabic text to my picture 😊07:57
wxlso did the menu change to arabic before you logged off?07:57
wxlbut it did when you logged back on?07:59
wxllook i'm trying to figure out if this is rtl or the language causing the problem07:59
damascenertl = language direction07:59
wxlif you don't know what the source of the problem is, it's difficult to say what package to file it against08:00
damasceneI'm sure it's lxde08:00
wxlif you want to guess, that works too08:00
wxlwhich component of lxde?08:00
wxland how are you *sure*?08:00
wxlif it's an educated guess, that's fine08:00
damasceneor the panel. I've been familiar with these types of bugs08:00
wxlin ehsy?08:01
wxlin what?08:01
wxlother linucies? other flavors of ubuntu?08:01
damascenethe button panel maybe is the package that has the problem.08:01
wxli think *maybe*08:01
damascenewxl, well that's what I came here for to get an expert advice08:02
wxlin fact, i don't think i know what it is. i have no evidence to say what it's not.08:02
wxldamascene: bugs that aren't reproducible are really difficult to fix08:02
damascenewxl, sure if you do not try to reproduce them08:03
wxldamascene: what it needs is clear steps to reproduce08:03
damascenedid you have install the language support of any RTL languages?08:03
wxldamascene: where you could, in fact, completely re-install and have the same thing happen08:03
wxldamascene: i've never had to bother. i'd be happy to try to reproduce if i knew clear steps08:04
damascenesure thank you, but as I said it's just like that. Install Arabic or Persian language support then move it to the top of the language list the logout and login08:05
wxlok here's what i'll try to do08:05
wxlvm is loaded08:06
wxlit's an older xenial08:06
wxli've been asked to install additional support and i accepted08:06
wxlnow which language should i pick or what other selections should i make?08:06
damascenewxl, Arabic or Persian08:07
damasceneit's written like this08:08
wxli assume i have to install them first?08:08
wxlcuz so far i only see english08:08
damasceneyeah install them first08:08
wxli'm only going to do arabic08:09
wxlhold on i'm getting a 40408:09
damascenemaybe you should do apt-get update before you run the language selector08:10
wxlok so now i've moved it up to the top language08:12
wxlnow what?08:12
damascenelog out then log in and there might be a choice in the interface to chose the language from08:13
wxlso i dismiss the dialog first?08:13
wxli don't apply system wide?08:14
damasceneno need08:14
wxlhahaha now i'm really stuck08:14
damascenein the top right corner you can find a place where you can change the language from08:15
wxlactually there's the change08:15
wxlso it's only the change to arabic08:16
wxlof course the trash is on the other side08:16
damascenewxl, do not accept it08:16
damascenechose the right button08:16
wxli'm saying this shows the bug already damascene08:16
wxlor am i wrong?08:16
damasceneyeah it does08:16
wxlok so the bug is when you change to arabic this happens08:16
wxlafter logging out and logging back in08:17
damasceneArabic and other languages who share the RTL08:17
wxlEVERYTHING is shifted to the other side08:17
damascenethe shift is not the problem. the problem is just in the overlapped button08:17
damascenedown  in the corner08:17
wxlok well we don't see that so far, right?08:17
wxloh no wait we do08:18
damascenewxl, that is the bug08:18
damascenewxl, I'll report it then and hope you cconfirm it08:19
damasceneput what is the name of the package?08:19
wxlhard to say08:19
wxlif we try another flavor and it doesn't happen, then it's in lubuntu08:19
wxlif we try another flavor and it does happen, it's probably something more core to the ubuntu project in general08:19
wxldamascene: you still have this machine open?08:20
wxldamascene: could you pastebin your /apt/get/sources.list ?08:20
damasceneit's not in core Ubuntu because this panel is not something you find outside lxde08:20
wxldamascene: there are panels outside of lxde08:20
wxldamascene: and all of those panels are based on, in general, pretty core technologies08:21
wxldamascene: for example, lxpanel does not manage the time, though it does display it and even though there are graphical tools to set the time08:21
damascenewxl, not in unity and not in gnome shell08:21
wxldamascene: neither unity nor gnome shells have panels?08:22
damascenenot bottom panels with menu, no08:22
wxlthey don't have menus?08:23
wxland they don't have panels somewhere, even though they're not on the bottom?08:23
damasceneevery one of those has it's own problems with RTL08:24
wxldamascene: then what makes you think it's not the same core problem?08:24
damascenebecause it's different. trust me08:25
wxlcomputer science is not built on a foundation of trust08:25
wxlno science is08:25
wxlits built on a foundation of fact08:25
damasceneI think we spent enough time on confirming it. let us leave it to developers to decide from which package this problem is08:26
wxlso tl;dr what to file it against? i see no reason to file it against anything in particular. if it were me i'd explore further and see how many other things it would effect08:26
wxldamascene: like i said, though, if you want to guess, knock youself out08:26
wxldamascene: and please subscribe lubuntu packages team08:26
damasceneok, thank you for helping08:27
wxlsure thanks for making ubuntu better, for speakers of all languegs :)08:27
damascenewxl, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxpanel/+bug/1537334 could you please confirm or add your notices?08:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1537334 in lxpanel (Ubuntu) "Lxde panel menu icon overlapped by shourtcuts on RTL langauge interface" [Undecided,New]08:40
jeremiishello, i have a problem to watch a dvd with vlc. I have the error ES_OUT_RESET_PCR called. I am novice on lubuntu. who can help me ?08:44
peacefulHow can i temporarily disable pulseaudio?\10:42
lycan_scongratulations on your excellent distribution, could revive my lenovo s10e netbook10:50
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damascenegalculator numbers become white on white background when selected on 16.04 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/galculator/+bug/1532117 can  you confirm it?12:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1532117 in galculator (Ubuntu) "Numbers are white colored on white background when selected in galculator" [Undecided,New]12:35
lubuntu129Is there any way to use the Unity desktop in Lubuntu? (I think it looks nice)18:43
lubuntu129After installing it via apt-get, it did not show up in the display manager's menu and only (somewhat) worked with the 'unity' command in a terminal.18:44
libbenHi, just installed Lubuntu 16.04 on an HP Stream 7 tablet. I'd like to use a virtual keyboard with it; one that pops up every time I enter text. I have configured Onboard to do just that, but I believe it's a gnome package and refuses to operate like that without what it calls "gnome-accessability". Any ideas on how I can get a keyboard to auto-show?21:52
redwolfit's a gnome package, yes, but you can use it anyway with Lubuntu21:55
redwolfare you limited in space for that installation?21:56
redwolfsudo apt-get install onboard21:56
libbenno I'm not limited. I installed it, yes, but using onboard-settings to tell it to auto-show when I need to enter text doesn't make it auto-show when I need to enter text.22:00
krytariklibben: Did you see this?: https://answers.launchpad.net/onboard/+question/24887822:23
libben krytarik: no, I haven't seen that before. I'll try installing the packages mentioned.22:28
libbendid not work. Onboard isn't even launching right now, I"ve found out. THe error I'm getting is "AT-SPI: Couldn't connect to accessibility bus. Is at-spi-bus-launcher running "23:02

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