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enoch85kyrofa, Hi! Here is a nice summary: https://github.com/owncloud/pi-image/issues/1718:26
qenghoI don't understand configuration yet. Does anyone have, or know of, a practical snappy configuration script? I have only found weirdly abstract ones so far.18:49
aatchisonhello. Would anyone know how to use the --trusted-host option when installing requirements with pip in snappy?21:02
aatchisonI'm using snapcraft 2.021:03
vir17hi, anyone knows how to activate SPI in ubuntu snappy?21:37
qenghoI want to test a package I'm fabricating. I used snapcraft 2. Do I need a newer image than 15.04 for that kind of snap package?21:38
vir17I get this error: Unable to open SPI device: Permission denied21:38
vir17i forgot to put "sudo"21:44
qengho"can not parse package.yaml: missing required fields 'vendor'", I guess the new format doesn't work with older images. Dang.21:48
qenghoSurely there are newer images, then. Unreleased ones.21:49

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