furkanhas anybody else's multimedia keys stopped working after the linux 4.3.0-7 update?07:20
furkanok never mind... it must have been something else, because now it's working again07:25
lordievaderGood morning.10:16
trijntjeHi, I'm running Xenial and I noticed something weird. Some apps change '.' to ',' I guess because that is the regional notation for decimals (in dutch). However, many programs don't understand this, and keep throwing errors that 2,5 isnt a valid number. How should I file a but about this?10:33
trijntjeEarlier versions of ubuntu did not have this problem10:33
lotuspsychjetrijntje: you got the right layout for keyboard?10:47
lotuspsychjetrijntje: i remember having an issue like this on belgian keyboard, had to change belgian(alternate)10:50
trijntjelotuspsychje: I'm pretty sure I have the right one, but I cant find the setting to check it anymore. Do you know if they moved it for xenial?10:51
lotuspsychjehmm not sure, im on my trusty box atm10:52
trijntjefound it, I'm using English (US, with euro on 5) like always10:53
lotuspsychjetrijntje: dont you need NL ?10:54
trijntjeno, I always use this. AFAIK Dutch keyboards have a weird layout, and I've only ever seen 1 in my life10:56
lotuspsychjetrijntje: so in wich apps you notify what exactly?10:57
lotuspsychjetrijntje: ill check on my xenial box later and compare10:57
trijntjeThe simplest example is bc, if I put type in 2.5 on the numpad, it actually inputs 2,5 and I get a syntax error10:58
trijntjeThe weird thing is, I can just put in 2.5 with the num pad in this chat10:58
lotuspsychjetrijntje: this really smells like that keyboard issue, try Be(alternatief)?11:00
trijntjein gnucash, I cant put in 2.5 using the normal keyboard's . key. I have to use the ',' to put in 2,5. However, using 2.5 on numpad get changed to 2,5, and gnucash accepts that11:01
lotuspsychjetrijntje: you always install ubuntu in english or in dutch for whole system?11:01
trijntjeI used to install Dutch, and I've just switched to English, but with Dutch localisation setttings (dates, Euro as currency, etc)11:02
trijntjeSwithcing to BE(Alternative) has no effect on the problems I've described11:02
lotuspsychjehmm weird11:03
lotuspsychjeill try it on xenial later11:03
lotuspsychjebut i dont think to have this issue..11:03
trijntjeSame for US, international with dead keys. So I guess it has to do with duch localisation settings11:04
lotuspsychjetrijntje: what kind of keyboard is that?11:05
trijntjeto be honest I'm not sure what the difference is. I know that if you install the system in dutch, it tends to use ' to make special characters, so you have to manually put a space every time you want to type an actual ', which is why I always opt for dead keys11:07
trijntjethat way its easier to type in english, and I hardly ever use special characters anyway11:08
lotuspsychjetrijntje: well you could file a bug maybe, or first test with a xenial livecd how other layouts react?11:10
trijntjelotuspsychje: do you know what package I should file a bug against?11:12
lotuspsychjetrijntje: maybe indicator-keyboard ?11:13
lotuspsychjetrijntje: or this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-keyboard11:14
trijntjeI think thats an on screen keyboard, I'll just file against indicator keyboard and tag in translation/localisation11:16
lotuspsychjetrijntje: also make sure you explain your US/NL use11:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1537357 in indicator-keyboard (Ubuntu) "Problems inputing decimal with numpad" [Undecided,New]11:23
lotuspsychjetrijntje: thank you for filing :p11:25
trijntjeI've switched to Irish localistation for now, at least that way I can use the numpad and Euro at the same time ;)11:32
lotuspsychjetrijntje: ok cool11:32
alexfAnyone experience the background not changing when you set a new image?17:15

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