McIntireEvanHey, I'm having merge errors with bzr, https://code.launchpad.net/~mcintire-evan/ubuntu-terminal-app/disable-paste/+merge/283244https://code.launchpad.net/~mcintire-evan/ubuntu-terminal-app/disable-paste/+merge/283244 is the branch in question, the preview diff has the merge erros, but on my branch and a new one I cloned I don't see any such errors. Anyone have experience dealing with this?01:21
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faradis it possible to extend the kits/chroots in QTCreator with additional packages? It is complaining that I am missing "maliit-defines"19:31
DanChapmanyes go into tools -> options -> ubuntu and click "Maintain" on the kit you want to add packages to. You should be able to install what you want in the opened console.19:35
faradthank you19:36
vayanHi I'm trying to use an arm kit for a go-qml app but Qtcreator doesn't let me choose an arm kit "device type is not desktop"22:54

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