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trijntjeHi, I'm running Xenial and I noticed something weird. Some apps change '.' to ',' I guess because that is the regional notation for decimals (in dutch). However, many programs don't understand this, and keep throwing errors that 2,5 isnt a valid number. How should I file a but about this?10:30
trijntjeEarlier versions of ubuntu did not have this problem10:30
jluthA straight install of xenial Unity from the ISO, running ubuntu-bug immediately after rebooting from the install says that everything is not an official Ubunut package.11:06
jluthI'm trying to report that running "logname" in gnome-terminal  results  in "logname: no login name".11:07
jluthOnly a problem in Unity - works when in gnome-shell (I tested that earlier before reinstalling).11:07
jluthOnly a problem with gnome-terminal - works in xterm and uxterm.11:08

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