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kickinz1rbasak, old logical: logical/4.2.6.p5+dfsg-3ubuntu901:32
kickinz1rbasak, new logical: logical/4.2.8p4+dfsg-301:33
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Ionicso I'm trying to build using this recipe https://code.launchpad.net/~ionic/+recipe/reprepro-daily from lp:~ionic/ubuntu/precise/reprepro/precise, but after pushing my commit, launchpad is failing to build the package due to... changes to the files I have patched? what have I been doing wrong? build log: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/235005886/buildlog.txt.gz14:21
Ionic(that is, yes, I expect these files to be changed, obviously)14:22
IonicI probably could have been added this as a quilt patch, but I don't see the cloned repository doing this either for any commit, instead they just merge upstream changes (and maybe rebuild the package)14:28
cjwatsonIonic: you do need to use a quilt patch, since debian/source/format says "3.0 (quilt)".  The reason you're not seeing this in the branch you started from is, I expect, that it has the upstream .orig.tar.gz available14:52
Ionicyeah, okay, I'll revert and redo this via quilt15:02
LocutusOfBorghi can anybody please retry libupnp ppc64el autopkgtest (vlc)?15:50
julianktkamppeter: Is sys5ippprinter tested? it seems to produce severe heap corruption in set_option_in_str() for me (option string: https://paste.debian.net/367407/), causing it to die with a huge error. Note that this option string was created by a patched cups-browsed where I whitelisted image/urf - because I'd like to get AirPrint printers work and there was a (I thought) reasonably looking patch at http://forums.openprinting.org/read.php?19,116:39
juliank4900,14900 to add URF support [the patch is not applied to sys5ippprinter.c, though, it's the normal sys5ippprinter]16:39
juliankGiven that the printer advertises application/vnd.hp-PCL, it should probably take the PCL paths in the code16:40
juliankApparently the strong is too long or something, if I remove "sides=two-sided-long-edge [...]" it works16:45
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tkamppeterjuliank, hi21:12
juliankoh hi21:15
julianktkamppeter: ^ WRT that option setting issue; I found out that it seems to vary based on the string length, but in any case, something seems off.21:20
juliankFor my convenience, I reported it in the Debian BTS, but that seems offline right now, so a copy is at https://paste.debian.net/367446/ for now21:21
tkamppeterjuliank, the sys5ippprinter is rather new and so not tested so much. So it is possible that there are still bugs in it.21:23
tkamppeterjuliank, please report bugs on http://bugs.linuxfoundation.org/, product OpenPrinting component cups-filters.21:23
tkamppeterjuliank, there you can also report a feature request for AirPrint support.21:24
tkamppeterjuliank, if you have an AirPrint printer and you are able to do testing with it I would be happy if you could refine and debug all AirPrint/URF patches so that I can adopt them.21:25
julianktkamppeter: I do have an AirPrint printer. The patch/bzr bundle on the forum is broken though, at least missing the end of main(), and BufferWrite() calls which should be bufferWrite() - so it was not really tested.21:26
juliankNot sure about the discovery part, it *seems* to create grayscale printers21:27
julianktkamppeter: Whose idea was it to manage patches in the forum, BTW? http://www.linuxfoundation.org/collaborate/workgroups/openprinting/database/instructionsforcontributors says "If you do not have write access to our Bazaar repositories, post the file resulting from step 10 or 11 on our forums or put it into your web space and post a link to it. "21:33
tkamppeterjuliank, can you contact the poster in the forum, perhaps he can complete/correct his patch.21:33
juliankI guess I can send him an email, I'm not registered in the forum21:34
tkamppeterjuliank, I think this should be changed, as of now I would prefer a feature request in Bugzilla.21:34
tkamppeterjuliank, would be great if you could do so.21:34
tkamppeterjuliank, thank you very much.21:44
julianktkamppeter: AirPrint support would basically kill the need for vendor/specific drivers for most modern wifi-enabled printers for most users :)21:45
tkamppeterjuliank, this would be great, there is also another method which is completely based on free standards, it is IPP Everywhere, but this standard was only completed right now and printers still have to appear on the market. This is the standard I am supporting currently. But any additional method is welcome, AirPrint is wide-spread, only disadvantage is that it is proprietary.21:48
juliankAirPrint also requires multi-function devices to advertise HTTP based scanning, I'm thinking about finding out how that works and writing a SANE plugin for it.21:49
tkamppeterjuliank, and the great goal of current OpenPrinting efforts is to get driverless printing, a printer should be connected as eaily as an USB stick.21:49
tkamppeterjuliank, great.21:49
tkamppeterjuliank, are you a student?21:50
julianktkamppeter: yes, in my third master semester (out of 4) - 9th overall if you count the bachelor.21:51
* juliank studies computer science in marburg21:52
julianktkamppeter: why do you ask?21:53
tkamppeterjuliank, I am asking because I participate in the Google Summer of Code and would accept you for doing one of your projects, for example the scanner stuff as a GSoC project. With this you can earn USD 5000 on it.22:02
julianktkamppeter: While this sounds nice, I have master thesis to write this summer (roughly April-October +/- 1 month)22:04
juliankI'm not sure if it is sensible to merge a GSoC project into that time frame22:05
* juliank sort of fears bureaucracy 22:06
tkamppeterjuliank, then better not to do it as GSoC project.22:06
tkamppeterjuliank, but independent of this I would appreciate if you succeed with the AirPrint printer/scanner integration.22:07
juliankI'd appreciate it as well :)22:08
julianktkamppeter: Do you happen to be German (or -ish) as well22:09
* juliank being curious, because most people he does stuff with happen to be German or German-speaking22:12
tkamppeterYes, I am German.22:19
tkamppeterjuliank, it is possible that in filter/rastertourf.c of the patch from the forum only the last closing '}' of the main() function is missing. Please check.22:32
juliankWell, should be "return 0; }" - depending on the C version, the return may not be strictly needed, though.22:33
juliankBut still, it does call writeBuffer() in places, but the function is WriteBuffer()22:34
tkamppeterjuliank, I think in main() it is needed, as it is "int main()". The value is the exit status of the program.22:34
tkamppeterjuliank, this looks really like a never tested.22:35
juliankIt looks like he copied it over or something, then changed the function name to start with an uppercase for cleanup but forgot to change call sites before committing22:36
julianktkamppeter: The thing with return is that C99 has an implicit "return 0;" at the end of control flow of main()22:37
tkamppeterjuliank, if the author of the patch does not answer, simply correct these two issues and try whather it builds.22:37
julianktkamppeter: I did, and it builds.22:37
tkamppeterjuliank, can you then check whether you can actually print with it?22:38
juliankNo success yet, but it may be the printer acting up22:38
juliankit's acting a bit weird right now22:38
juliankThe scanning thing is cool. From what I can tell, Apple just adopted HP's eSCL protocol.22:40
juliankWhich means that it would make sense to (just) rip that out of hplip and into SANE22:41
* juliank wants to add that he does not like the implicit-return rule of C99/C11/C++1122:42
tkamppeterjuliank, I am back.23:31
tkamppeterjuliank, good idea, you should try that with ripping the scanning stuff out of HPLIP.23:32
juliankWill see23:36
* juliank needs some sleep now23:36

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