fazerahayzen, I'm working on this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-weather-app/+bug/1452489 . I encountered something called an OptionSelector in the old tests. what exactly would that be in the reboot00:07
ubot93Launchpad bug 1452489 in Ubuntu Weather App "[reboot] Autopilot Testcase Needed: Switch data providers" [High,Confirmed]00:07
ahayzenfazer, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-weather-dev/ubuntu-weather-app/reboot/view/head:/app/ui/settings/DataProviderPage.qml#L3200:08
ahayzenfazer, and that particular one maybe hard to test without the API keys00:09
fazerok. cool.00:09
fazerahayzen I'll try it without, if it doesn't work then I'll get the keys by following the steps. Shouldn't be too hard.00:10
ahayzenok :-)00:10
fazerahayzen, another question, why is the old tests checking to see if the precipitation units selector appears? What does that have to do with the data provider?00:13
ahayzenfazer, different providers give different info, i think before TWC only gave precipitation so it needed to be checked that that appeared00:14
fazeroh ok. Does that still need to be checked? Or do both providers give precipitation now?00:15
ahayzengood question :-)00:15
ahayzenfazer, with TWC i get a few extra ones compared to OWM, "Chance of rain" and "UV Index" appear00:17
fazerahayzen, So, I have to navigate to the precipitations page and check that those two options appear? Or is it unnecessary?00:18
ahayzenfazer, probably best, if you check the change units test, it does a similar thing00:18
fazerahayzen, I don't understand. which part?00:22
ahayzenfazer, in the new tests, after changing the unit it goes back to the home page to check that the unit has actually changed00:22
ahayzenso you'll do similar to that, but check that the extra label appear00:23
fazerok. thanks.00:23
McIntireEvanshoutout to all my other DC area people in the blizzard right now16:27
fazerahayzen, need some help please. I have the same command in two different places with the only thing different being the object. But, it doesn't work the 2nd time. My branch is here: https://code.launchpad.net/~fazerlicourice/ubuntu-weather-app/add-test-switch-data-providers17:40
ahayzenfazer, which bit doesn't work ?17:41
fazerahayzen: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~fazerlicourice/ubuntu-weather-app/add-test-switch-data-providers/view/head:/tests/autopilot/ubuntu_weather_app/tests/test_settings_page.py#L5317:43
ahayzenfazer, hmmm adding that there is going to make the other tests fail as well :-/17:44
ahayzenbecause the other tests assume that it starts on the unit page, you would then be changing the start point to the provider page :-/17:45
fazerok, let me try putting that before the unit page thing, but I don't think that'll change the fact that that line is not working17:46
ahayzenfazer, i would just put that into your test17:48
fazerahayzen, I switched the order, so it goes to the provider page first but like I said, the get_data_provider_page isn't working17:48
ahayzenas the only reason stuff should really be going into the setpUp is if it is being used multiple times17:48
ahayzenit is really incorrect that the units stuff is there tbh, that should be in its own test as well17:49
fazerok. but that still won't solve my problem.17:49
ahayzenfazer, can you see the provider page becoming visible after the click?17:50
fazerit always fails when trying to get the page.17:52
ahayzenfazer, try putting visible=True into the query as well17:52
fazeryou're referring to the call in settings page helper right?17:53
ahayzenyup where you get the page17:53
fazerdidn't work.17:54
ahayzenwhat is the error?17:55
fazerstate not found: object not found with name'DataProviderPAge' and properties visible: true17:56
ahayzenfazer, ah i know why :-)17:57
fazercare to share, s'il vous plait?17:58
ahayzenfazer, add this block of code to the DataProviderPage.qml http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/trunk/view/head:/app/ui/Albums.qml#L5417:58
fazeris this necessary in like every single app?17:59
ahayzen(replacing "Albums" with "DataProviderPage" and "MusicPage" with "Page"17:59
fazerI remember doing this for the music app also17:59
ahayzenif you read the bug you'll see why, it is an issue with autopilot17:59
ahayzenbug 134167117:59
ubot93bug 1341671 in Autopilot Qt Support "Versioned QML classes are not recognized by their public type name" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134167118:00
fazeryup, I  see it now.18:00
fazerahayzen, ok, thanks. It worked. how can I get a key for TWC?18:03
fazerI got one for OWM18:03
ahayzenfazer, not sure if you can get a personal one, and it has been bought by another company so sortof in a transition18:04
fazeroh.... ok.18:05
fazerahayzen, so this is pretty much impossible to test right now...?18:11
ahayzenfazer, unless you get a key :-)18:11
fazerbut I can't..18:11
fazerahayzen, Is the weather underground the same as TWC?18:16
ahayzenfazer, don't think so was trying to work that out myself18:17
ahayzenfazer, the domain that we query is http://wxdata.weather.com/wxdata/18:17
fazerahaayzen, at the bottom og the homepage for the weather underground. There's a copyright by TWC.18:20
fazerCould it be the same API?18:20
ahayzenmaybe, but they have a new API making the old one deprecated, so i don't know if it will work18:20
fazeryou don't know if the weather underground api key will work? Or are you talking about something else18:24
fazerahayzen ^18:25
ahayzenfazer, pm'd you some info :-)18:27

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