xnoxcyphermox, infinity https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer/+bug/153728900:50
xnoxand specifically https://launchpadlibrarian.net/234960187/d-i-kernels.png00:50
xnoxdoes that look right?00:51
cyphermoxxnox: I've seen that on not s390x01:40
cyphermoxI'm not sure if it means I broke base-installer when I merged it.01:40
xnoxcyphermox, ok. so it's not arch specific =) is it user-friendly though? do we really want people to shoot themself and install a non-metapackage kernel?01:40
xnoxhm. i really can't remember if it used to look like that.01:41
cyphermoxdefinitely not in all cases, I can't remember when exactly this comes up01:41
xnoxcyphermox, i somehow thought that e.g. 14.04.x had like "generic, lowlatency, lts-utopic-generic, lts-utopic-lowlatency" options. E.g. all the types of meta packages.01:42
cyphermoxdefinitely does not with the typical mini iso though, I installed a few on ppc64el already01:42
cyphermoxI understand what you mean, the numbered ones may be an error01:42
xnoxi'll try a trusty point release, cause hopefully that is using an "acient" base-installer et.al. and check how things look there.01:42
xnoxhm. not sure what i have done, trusty netinst is not offering me a choice of kernels =(02:39
* xnox really should stop working.03:06
xnoxgood night!03:06
infinityxnox: You're not supposed to be offered a choice of kernels.  If you are, someone screwed up a merge.03:47

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