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PunkoivanHi everyone.19:13
PunkoivanMay I ask few question about package?19:13
RhondaJust ask - don't ask to ask. :)19:16
RhondaAnd be patiend for answers, people might be busy or not around and when you leave too soon you might not see potential answers.19:16
PunkoivanOk, it's my first time with IRC, thanks!19:17
tewardPunkoivan: also ask a specific question19:17
tewardthe more vague an answer, the less useful responses you get :)19:17
Rhondateward: vague answers are often little useful responses  :P19:17
PunkoivanI build deb from source with next step:19:17
tewardRhonda: i'm snowed in and stir crazy, typos are likely.19:17
Punkoivan1. get source from git19:18
RhondaOh, we have a fair amount of snow also here in vienna  \o/19:18
PunkoivanIn Ukraine too much to.19:18
Punkoivan2. use "dh-make -s -f sorce.tar.gz"19:19
Punkoivanit's all OK, I get debian dir with files.19:19
Punkoivanthis files (changelog, copyright, control) I edit using manual on Ubuntu wiki and Debian wiki.19:20
PunkoivanNext step - "debuild -us -uc"19:21
PunkoivanIt's also OK, but lintian show me few warnings and errors, about dh-template files.19:21
RhondaIf you call lintian with the -i switch, it will give you further explenations, with suggestions on how to fix it.19:22
Punkoivanand I find dir "build-area" which also have debian dir.19:22
PunkoivanI really messed up with this dir build-area, I can't find about it neither Deb manuals and ubuntu, what is it?19:23
Punkoivanok, try call lintian with -i option, thanks!19:24
Rhondawhen you call debclean, does it get removed?19:25
PunkoivanI decided try from begin, step-by-step with yours advises, because now my workaround like a trash.19:32
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PunkoivanYeah, debclean removed build-area and other.20:13
PunkoivanAnd lintian -i give me more information, I hope I can fix all warnings.20:16

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