dmfreyanyone try installing mythbuntu on an ECS Liva X2? Can't get the installer to come up03:45
dmfreyBios set to both UEFI and LEGACY03:45
dmfreyneither works03:45
dmfreylooks like it was turning off secureboot04:28
dmfreyanyone know which version of ubuntu fully supports Intel braswell SoC?21:02
dmfreyI installed xubuntu 15.10 and then the mythbuntu-control-centre, upgraded to myth .2821:03
dmfreyHowever, I can't get it to fully recognize the Intel HD Graphics on that chip21:03
dmfreySD is fine, HD there is a little lag, BD is choppy at the normal profile21:04
dmfreyI can't get any playback with any of the OpenGL or VAAPI playback profiles21:04
dmfreythe blender tests just kill the FE and no errors are reported in the mythfrontend.log21:05
gedakcdmfrey:  Teh Braswell SOC is 64 bit right?  Did you install 64-bit xubuntu?22:04
dmfreythat is the only way to get it on that box with UEFI22:09
gedakcWhich box are you using?22:19
gedakcOn my Intel GPU (HD3000) I use OpenGL graphics with MythTV 0.27.  I did not have great luck with VAAPI.22:28

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