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peacefulHi can you unban me, please ? I need to ask some questions about ubuntu10:42
ikoniapeaceful: when I tried to talk to you about it after the mute you said "bye" and parted10:43
peacefulikonia, so?10:43
peacefuli had no time10:43
ikoniawhen I've tried to contact you since, you've ignored it10:43
ikoniayou did have time10:43
ikonialets be honest10:43
ikoniathats why you started talking in ##linux10:43
peacefulikonia, well ok10:44
peacefulIf you want to argue with me ill be ok without #ubuntu10:44
ikoniaI've tried to contact you since, and you've ignored it (which is fine)10:44
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-offtopic asked polite to tone down language said he knew the rules after calling the team 7 year old and me a moron, kicked off in pm because I didn't warn him in private, makes wild claims that I asked him in public to feed my ego, attitude stinks rather than just say "no problem, acidents happen"12:54
ubottuThe operation succeeded.12:55
VivaldiHello, is anyone active this morning?13:12
Vivalditis fine13:33
VivaldiLater folks13:33
ikoniaVivaldi: do you need/want something ?14:03
ikoniaVivaldi: please stop sending me pm's14:03
ikoniaif you wish to discuss anything please do in this public channel14:03
VivaldiWho are you?14:04
Vivaldiikonia: I've never PMd you.14:05
Vivaldiit's a query :)14:05
ikoniabye then14:05
ikoniaI'm not playing silly games with you14:06
ikoniawin 1414:06
Vivaldidid you just ban me for talking to you in query?14:06
VivaldiWhat the hell?14:06
k1l_Vivaldi: please come back when you can talk to us like an adult.14:06
Vivaldiikonia: ?!14:06
ikoniaplay games wiht someone else - we are done here14:06
Vivaldik1l_: I am talking to you like an adult.14:06
k1l_we dont need to play "funny games"14:06
k1l_please leave now, your are making it only worse14:06
Vivaldik1l_: I'm not playing a funny game...14:06
VivaldiWhy the ban?14:06
Vivaldik1l_: You realise ikonia called me "pathetic"?14:07
VivaldiOr did he forget to tell you that?14:07
VivaldiAnd he just BANNED me for talking to him in a query?14:07
VivaldiWhy k1l_?14:08
k1l_Vivaldi: i did read the backlog in -offtopic. then i see your attitude here. that is enough14:08
Vivaldik1l_: Excuse me?14:08
k1l_now please part this channel and come back when your ego is healed again and you can talk about the issue like an adult.14:08
Vivaldik1l_: Have you seen ikonia's ego?14:08
VivaldiThat's the very thing I was messaging him about.14:08
Vivaldibefore he called me PATHETIC14:08
k1l_<Vivaldi> Who are you?14:09
ikoniaI asked you not to make "pathetic jokes"14:09
k1l_while you were pming him all the time.14:09
Vivaldik1l_: I prefer to do private chats14:09
ikoniaso you can miss-quote14:09
Vivaldik1l_: I don't see why I should involve other OPs14:09
k1l_stop that games. come back when you can act like an adult14:09
Vivaldiikonia: YOU CALLED ME PATHETIC?!14:09
ikoniawhich is why I have refused to engage with you in private14:09
Vivaldiand you talk about misquoting>?!"14:09
Vivaldiikonia: No.14:09
Vivaldiikonia: Why ban me for PMing you?14:09
VivaldiThat's NOTHING to do with ubuntu-offtopic14:10
Vivaldithat's mod abuse14:10
Vivaldiyou banning me because you don't like me, nothing more.14:10
k1l_Vivaldi: last time now: come back when you can talk about the ban in a proper manner14:10
ikoniayou can discuss any problems you have with the ubuntu operators team, and I'll back away from it14:10
Vivaldik1l_: I was talking in a proper manner14:10
VivaldiI don't see what you want me to do14:10
k1l_Vivaldi: no. you are playing games, lying, using caps etc.14:10
VivaldiI apolgised for what I did, and even got unmuted14:10
Vivaldihe even apoglised to me in query about it14:10
Vivaldik1l_: I have NOT lied14:10
ikoniano I did not14:10
k1l_go and waste some time on other communities14:11
Vivaldiyou have lied14:11
Vivaldik1l_: I have not lied14:11
Vivaldiyou are misquoting14:11
VivaldiWhat is your problem?14:11
VivaldiYou shine a very bad light on Ubuntu14:11
VivaldiI'll sit in here, and talk in 6 hours.14:14
VivaldiMaybe then some of the OPs here will have calmed down, too.14:15
VivaldiWhy come back in 6 hours?  I just want to sit AFK and wait for 6 hours?14:15
ikoniathis channel has a non-idle policy14:15
VivaldiYou know what, just for you, I will.14:15
Vivaldisince I wouldn't want to set off your humongous ego14:15
VivaldiAu reviour.14:16
ikonia@makr #ubuntu-ops Vivaldi still trying to be a problem14:16
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops Vivaldi still trying to be a problem14:16
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:16
Vivaldi[14:11:02] <k1l_> go and waste some time on other communities14:28
VivaldiI think overall14:28
Vivaldithat's good advice14:28
Vivaldithe other communties arent as childish as this one14:28
VivaldiI think I'll take you up on that14:28
ikoniatake care,14:28
ikoniabye then14:28
Vivaldithe mods won't be a bunch of egotistical arseholes14:28
Vivaldijust maybe14:28
ikoniawell /part the channel and think about what you want to do14:28
Vivaldiikonia: Learn from this, my friend.14:28
k1l_we dont have to let him insult us over and over again. he already proved his attitude and had been given enough chances to clear this issue in a proper manner.14:29
ikoniajust keeping an eye on ubuntu14:29
ikoniaas he's just joined after stating he wanted to leave the community14:30
ikoniawhich to be honest, i've never seen him before today14:30
k1l_just left there14:30
ikoniaahhh pm'ing me more abuse now14:31
k1l[Botchlab] (~Bremsfag@ Bremsfag20:30
k1lthis seems like a known user?20:30
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rwwproblem solved21:12
rwwand yes, i assume it's (one of) the person (people) who ran Metaleer off the network21:13
k1lyeah that somehow rings a bell.21:13

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