TEC_hi together00:12
TEC_know someone a ppa for the ubuntu touch thats work für the depracticed NEXUS 700:20
TEC_has no one what to say?00:51
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mardyMirv: hi! Are there plans to have Qt 5.5 in the phone PPA? (or, do you know when is the phone planned to switch to xenial?)12:05
zetherooDoes the Gmail webapp poll for new emails?12:35
zetherooI get notification from it when a new email arrives - it's not instant but it happens ...12:35
DanChapmanNo there's a seperate poll daemon that runs at 5 minute intervals. https://launchpad.net/account-polld12:37
zetherooDanChapman: ah, and that's what you are trying to get dekko to use as well?12:37
DanChapmannot by choice but yeah :-)12:38
zetheroook - so until push notification is happening pretty much all chat/email apps need to use this poll daemon ... is that right?12:39
DanChapmanWell no not exactly. the poll daemon was never planned to be a long term thing and is not guaranteed to be available in future releases. And if every app ended up providing a polld plugin then you might as well let those apps just run every 5 seconds in the background.12:43
DanChapmansorry 5 minutes12:43
DanChapmanFrom what i understand chat type apps will be able to provide a telepathy plugin to be able to do background work.12:44
zetheroooh cool12:45
zetheroobut even if the the chat plugin is running in the background all the time we will still have to wait for the chat service provider to push notification to the Ubuntu platform - right?12:47
DanChapmanNo idea how it will work but i doubt it will rely on push notifications12:53
mcphailDanChapman: would good old IMAP IDLE be a suitable alternative to polling or pushing?13:04
DanChapmanI'd much much much prefer it, and would be far less resource hungry. It still bugs me now dekko's IDLE connections get trashed due to confinement :-)13:09
DanChapmanIDLE combined with NOTIFY & the other extensions from the lemonade profile (Dekko has support for most of them) would make for a real lightweight experience on mobile. It just doesn't fit with the approach of the platform13:09
mcphailDanChapman: Is there someone we can annoy to change that?13:28
DanChapmanmcphail, not sure who we would speak to about that. :-/14:00
mcphailIMAP IDLE is so fundamental, it is crazy it doesn't work on this platform14:05
DanChapmanfwiw i've been chipping away at a dovecot plugin that adds an XUBUNTUPUSH capability. Which allows the client to register the devices push token. I've still to get the plugin to actually send the push message so still early days on that.14:11
m00pHello, i am folloing the tutorial at developer.ubuntu.com for installing on nexus7 (2012), when i go to acutally run ubuntu-device-flash it seems to just sit at "Expecting the device to be in the bootloader"14:15
m00phas anyone seen this? i followed all prior steps as documented ..14:15
DanChapmannexus7 2012 isn't supported. It's only the 2013 model.14:15
m00p.. oh really ? hmm14:16
m00pwaup waup14:16
m00pwell, thanks for confirming that !14:16
DanChapmanyeah support for the n7 2012 was dropped over a year ago (maybe 2).14:17
m00pah i see, yeh i loaded the ubuntu touch preview a lonnng time ago so figured it would be supported, thanks again for the info !14:20
DanChapmannp :-)14:20
Mirvmardy: there is no plan, even though I have a (pinning required) silo 028 for it. my guess is that it will be considered too risky and not fixing enough known problems to really switch to in normal OTA. so it'd be xenial instead, but there's not yet known planned timeline for that switch.14:49
Mirvmardy: this spring will probably bring clarity to the xenial plan. I'm also thinking Qt 5.6 could be a good match for xenial phone overlay, since it's an LTS release, even though it can't make it into 16.04 LTS archives since it's so much late14:50
Mirvfor now the focus is backporting fixes to both 5.4 (vivid) and 5.5 (xenial) as needed14:57
xMutexXhello, do you think that ubuntu for phones will work with my O+ Grande?15:24
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V99Has anyone had the problem of not hear anything when you turn the headset on a call before the first ring tone with bq e5?16:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 1533251 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu phone / Aquaris E5: no ringtones when receiving calls, no sound when receiving messages; no sound on speakers" [Undecided,New]16:15
V99hardware bug16:15
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cucohi all, is it possible to install ubuuntu touch just by flashing the images using "Fastboot" ?18:36
k1l_i think no because they need repartitioning.18:36
cucono simple way of doing this manually?18:37
cuco(I am not running ubuntu, so runnign the flash script is not trivial)18:37
dobeycuco: you can run ubuntu in a vm to flash using ubuntu-device-flash18:43
dobeyor rather, what os are you running?18:43
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zetheroopeople on this irc channel suggested that I ask Google for push notifications to the Ubuntu platform ... how many of you have added your voices >>>>  https://productforums.google.com/forum/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=footer#!msg/tag-manager/sxMMa2oKKiM/A5aXvgo2CwAJ21:21

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