svea_morning mapps04:15
knightwisemorning everyone06:18
* zmoylan-pi peeks out internet window... http://www.carrollsirishgifts.com/livedublinwebcam06:20
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:08
NokajiHi, I'm looking for some traditional fonts such as copperplate and gothic12:11
penguin42Nokaji: fonts-texgyre claims to have a gothic font12:19
NokajiI'll check it out, thanks - seems ubuntu is somewhat lacking in the fonts deartment12:22
Nokajiwoulda thought there were some free fonts floating around by now we could use12:22
penguin42there are loads of free fonts floating about which you sohuld be able to use12:25
NokajiThanks penguin42, I was somewhat giving up but I'll look deeper12:38
directhexdoes dying light lock up a whole lot for anyone else?17:18
MooDooevening all20:16
brobostigonevening MooDoo20:16
MooDoohow are you brobostigon ?20:18
brobostigonmy eczema could be better, however did have a fun night out with my fiance last night. and you?20:19
penguin42brobostigon: Mine isn't enjoying the mixture of changeable weather and constant colds20:19
brobostigonpenguin42: yes, it doesnt help,20:20
MooDoowent to see starwars with my son this morning, and the best moment apart from the awesome film was, daddy i need to watch something important today with out fail, Agent Carter.....I'm so proud :)20:21

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