Unit193minasota: Howdy.00:10
minasotahey Unit193 hows it going?00:11
Unit193Had a nice hike today, you?00:12
minasotaThat's cool. Where did you hike?00:12
minasotaWork... nothing spectacular. Just a some snow down here00:13
Unit193Eh, local small place, nothing fancy.00:20
Unit193Even saw someone skiing this time!00:20
minasotaskiing? like water skiing or snow skiing?00:31
Unit193Temp: 22 F (-6 C) ~ Overcast ~ Windchill: 9 F (-13 C) ~ Humidity: 68% ~ Observed: Fri 22, 18:5200:35
cyberangerminasota: good, how about you?00:39
cyberangerUnit193: another hike00:39
minasota25 F here atm. Humidity 96%00:39
minasotacyberanger: good to hear. Doing well on this end, no complaints00:39
cyberangerminasota: above freezing at 35, so it's going to be a lot of ice under snow.00:39
minasotaYeah, tomorrow is probably going to be a bad day to get out00:41
minasotaor at least until late afternoon00:41
Unit193cyberanger: Third one,aye.00:42
cyberangerUnit193: oh, wow00:42
minasotaUnit193: new hobby or just something you like to do?00:45
Unit193minasota: Well, finally got cold so can hike more easily now, but did do some in the summer time as well.00:47
minasotaUnit193: I like hiking down here when the weather is warm. Plenty of waterfalls etc, just nice to get out and breathe00:48
cyberangerI skydive, easier on the legs00:48
minasotalol, nice00:48
minasotadepends on the landing I guess...00:49
Unit193That'd be awsome, honestly.00:49
minasotaIt's on myu bucket list. I jumped while in the Army, but no freefall stuff00:50
cyberangersometimes the landings are rough00:50
minasotaWhat do you guys think about OpenVPN > DNSCrypt and this DNS https://freedns.zone/en/00:54
* cyberanger has seeing the world and breaking all it's content filters on his bucket list00:54
minasotacyberanger: perhaps you should start in NY and CA... It's already started and people like yourself need to get involved00:56
minasotabecause people like you know how things work on the inside and want to use that know-how for good00:58
cyberangerI broke pandora's on my last trip to canada, and my landlord put in webguard which blocks a few things now00:59
cyberangermy favourite pain is China and Iran00:59
cyberangerthey seem to really block everything00:59
minasotaWhaaaa? You're not concerned with Netflix?? :)01:00
cyberangerminasota: VPN + DNSCrypt is good, don't know about freedns01:01
cyberangerNetflix hadn't been an issue until recently, hulu was always the hardest01:02
minasotacyberanger: freedns "say" they do not track or log... I thought it would be better than google's or opendns01:02
cyberangerso yeah, I have my concerns, but hadn't really had a chance to do much with Netflix till now01:02
cyberangerI like OpenNIC or running my own.01:03
cyberangerIf DNS could be ran over tor, the logging wouldn't matter so much01:03
minasotaI don't know how to do all that at the moment.01:03
cyberangeras long as circut time was low01:03
cyberangerapt-get install bind901:04
minasotaI've got things setup kind of good atm01:04
minasotaI don't want to break things lol01:04
minasotaI've learned a lot. Especially working with my iMac and mbp... and running several different *nix distros in virtual box01:06
minasotaBut the more I dive into networking, the more I realize there really isn't a way to maintain my freedom to privacy01:07

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