Private_Usernice your servers all setup?00:36
Private_UserI am off to bed cheers people05:35
dlPhreakSleep well Private_User 05:37
artsMORNING ALL!!!! <--  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4Mc-NYPHaQ  -->06:43
Kilosmorning everyone07:57
dlPhreakMorning Kilos, arts, etc08:06
Kiloshi dlPhreak arts and others not doing sat morn shopping08:07
Kiloslooks like my mobile connection dropping to edge speed was because of the seacom issue08:08
dlPhreakDidn't even know there was a seacom issue.08:11
dlPhreakGuess I must have been asleep.08:25
Kilosyou here09:53
KilosMaaz tell arts look at https://ubuntu-za.org and you can join our mailing list from there09:58
MaazKilos: Got it, I'll tell arts on freenode09:58
dlPhreakKilos: have you seen 16.01 alpha yet?11:14
Maazarts: By the way, Kilos on freenode told me "tell arts look at https://ubuntu-za.org and you can join our mailing list from there" 1 hour, 16 minutes and 48 seconds ago11:15
dlPhreak16.04.. right.. 11:15
artshahaha Maaz is awesome11:15
Kilosnope arts ill wait for 16.04 to be stable then use it11:16
Kilosin kde form of course11:16
dlPhreaklol kde elitist..11:16
Kilosmobile data users dont often play with all the releases11:17
Kilosyip kde rocks11:17
dlPhreakI'm still rocking MATE11:17
Kilosmate was good yes11:17
Kilosbetter than unity imo11:18
Kilosnormal ubuntu11:18
artsall everyone hating on unity :P11:18
Kilosnono many like it11:18
Kilosand its improving11:18
Kilosbut will need to really be wonderul to pull me off kde11:19
artshahah when did you start using kde?11:19
Kilosi think 2 years now11:34
Kilosabout 4 months after 14.04 release11:35
Kilosso about 1 1/2 years11:36
KilosMaaz seen dlimit11:47
MaazKilos: dlimit was last seen 3 years, 7 months, 3 days, 19 hours, 44 minutes and 26 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2012-07-08 09:03:27 PDT], and has been offline on freenode since 2012-07-08 12:41:07 PDT11:47
Kilosarts fight with him11:48
arts,sorry was afk lol12:05
artsMaaz tell dlimit to come online more often!12:05
Maazarts: Got it, I'll tell dLimit on freenode12:05
dlPhreakThat nick isn't even registered anymore.12:06
dlPhreakHow long does Maaz retain messages?12:06
artsMaaz tell dlphreak to come online more often!12:07
Maazarts: Got it, I'll tell dlPhreak on freenode12:07
Kiloshe keeps them till that person logs in12:08
Kilosoh my12:09
MaazdlPhreak: By the way, arts on freenode told me "tell dlphreak to come online more often!" 4 minutes and 45 seconds ago12:12
artsahhhh, everything now auto connects and identifies me!12:12
Kilosnow you need to cloak your nick12:12
Kilosis it registered?12:13
artsyeah it is12:13
Kilosjoin #freenode and ask staff to give you a cloak and say please12:13
artsawesome on it, what is cloaking?12:15
Kiloswhat irc client are you using12:15
Kilosxchat 12:15
dlPhreakYour user@host is ~arts@169-0-162-133.ip.afrihost.co.za but kilos's says ~miles@ubuntu/member/kilos. That host part is the cloak.12:16
Kilosyou can set it to shows nicks online12:16
Kilosyou can also go for a cloak dlPhreak 12:17
artsso our ips are cloked?12:19
artscloaked 12:20
Kilossafer if no skelm can see your ip addy12:20
artsdo i ask a op?12:20
Kilosjust ask any staff member to help you12:21
Kilossometimes you wait a while for one to come online or get to pc12:21
artsjust dont want to piss anyone off12:24
Kilosno you wont12:24
Kilosjust always ask nicely12:25
Kilossome peeps just go there and say i want a cloak12:25
Kilosand they ignore him for a long time12:25
artslol, do I personal message them?12:30
Kilosthey will pm you if needed12:31
Kilosim gonn have a bally nap i think12:32
artshahahahahaha enjoy!12:34
artshow was saturday?14:40
Kilosjust woke14:57
Kilosstill got headache so not too lekker14:57
Kiloshavent they answered you yet on #freenode arts ?14:58
KilosdlPhreak were you dlimit?14:58
Kilosseems like im not the only one needing ballie naps15:13
=== Scorpion is now known as Guest54002
artsseems not16:04
Kilosarts have you joined us on launchpad yet16:07
Kilosarts have you joined us on launchpad?16:10
artsthe mailing list? i did sign up :)16:12
Kilosnono on launchpad you make an account16:15
Kilosim tryin to find a link16:16
artsok I can do that16:16
Kilosthere is a join button16:17
Kilosthen you become an official ubuntu-za member16:26
artsaaaannnnddddd done!16:31
Kiloswell  done16:32
Kilosi even needed help to do that16:33
Kilosthere is one more16:33
Kilosbut i dont know where to find it16:35
Kilosinetpro help16:35
artsubuntu one removed me???16:38
Kilosremoved you where?16:42
artsok wait a minute i think i messed up, fixing it right now16:45
artsfixed uo16:47
Kiloshere is the other one16:49
Kilosadd yourself at the bottom16:51
Kilosthere you go arts cloaked16:57
artsYAY!!!!!! thanks Kilos!!!!16:58
LangjanHoesit Kilos 17:36
Kiloshi Langjan 17:39
Kiloslewe nog dankie en daar17:39
LangjanHi Kilos , are you still waiting?17:39
Kilosi filled in a form on that site but they having a long weekend17:39
Kilosso might get a reply wednesday17:40
LangjanAlles wel hier dankie17:40
LangjanGood, lets hope for the best. How have you recovered from surgery?17:41
Kilosyes ty, im  still taking it easy with heavy stuff but doing situps every day to strenghthen tummy muscles17:42
Kilosand walking lots17:42
Kilosbut horrible to walk and walk and never get anywhere17:42
LangjanDo you walk along the roadside? Good exercise. Now just that visa...17:44
Kilosi walk gate and back17:44
Kilos70 metres each way17:44
Kilosyip just the visa17:44
LangjanEish! Dangerous outside? 17:44
LangjanOK gotta go, will keep in touch. God bless!17:45
Kilosty for checking in17:45
Kiloskeep well17:45
KilosGod bless you too17:45
LangjanMy pleasure, you also keep well - hou moed!17:45
LangjanThanks Kilos 17:45
guest43-5983405hey guys what distro do you guys recommend for fussy hardware?19:21
Kiloswhat doesnt work19:30
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:49

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