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FXprowhats the open source channel again please?02:10
sirriffsalothttp://urort.p3.no/#!/Band/Utvei latest song out yesterday made on ubuntustudio, cheers :)13:33
musicmanHi Henio14:37
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angretlamHello all19:50
angretlamGood afternoon.20:09
krytarikangretlam: Hello.20:13
angretlamHow is it going?20:14
krytarikangretlam: Do you have a support question?  Otherwise, #ubuntustudio-offtopic.20:15
angretlamI am just looking to connect with others running the PR/Social Media for UbuntuStudio. I am the new Admin for the facebook group.20:17
krytarikAh, ok.20:18
krytarikangretlam: If it's on topic for that stuff, there is #ubuntustudio-devel as well.20:20

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