xubuntu46wI have an Eclipse Fit Clip Plus 8GB MP3 + Video player which I want to download music to. Windows is stated for the download on their recommendation of iTunes and I have Xubuntu with LInux and Firefox on my laptop. Can you assist me in the process I will need to download music to this new MP3 player?04:18
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xubuntu30wAnyone here?05:39
xubuntu41ohow to upgrade zubuntu 14.04 to 14.10 online09:18
flocculantxubuntu41o: 14.10 is out of support since the middle of last year https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases09:20
flocculantthe next simple upgrade for 14.04 will be when 16.04 is released, you'll get the LTS to LTS upgrade option09:20
morrowynhi, i need to run a program as root , how do i "run as administrator" from xfce like you have on windows?10:50
morrowyngksudo did the trick :)10:55
xubuntu07ihiya! with EFI and separate /boot partition, which partition should I install the bootloader to?19:45
xubuntu07iI selected the whole disk, /dev/sda, is that right?19:45
xubuntu07inevermind actually. i'll see after a reboot :D19:46
Linus_good question, i think the whole /dev/sda19:46
Linus_so which is the right answer? now i am second guessing myself19:52
Linus_huh?  --->  "Note that in a UEFI-mode installation, Ubuntu will not ask you where to install the boot loader"19:59
xubuntu-07iOK so installing the bootloader to /dev/sda *did* work. Also it did ask me, because I chose "something else"19:59
xubuntu-07iI had set up the luks-encrypted LVM vg already, but when I tried to use "something else" and selected those logical volumes to install the OS to, it installed, but i guess it didn't realize that those partitions were encrypted.20:00
WalliskiCant have the boot loader encrypted I suppose, since when it runs there is no software to decrypt stuff20:01
xubuntu-07iSo I have an almost-working installation, but it doesn't ask me for the disk password on startup, so it gives up and goes to the BusyBox initramfs.20:01
WalliskiAFAIK that comes when it starts loading the initramfs?20:01
xubuntu-07iOh well, ESP and /boot were NOT on the vg20:01
xubuntu-07iso they were unencrypted20:01
xubuntu-07ibut I guess i need to edit /etc/crypttab?20:01
Linus_xubuntu-07i: why not  set up encryption, during install?20:02
Linus_xubuntu-07i: and why use LVM?20:02
Walliskixubuntu-07i, unfortunately I've never done such a thing so can't help you there :P20:03
xubuntu-07iI wanted to have a separate /home partition. If I choose "encrypt the disk" ubiquity selects "use lvm" also. So I thought i had to. Also it makes things easier to resize and stuff.20:03
xubuntu-07iAlso, if I chose "install with encrypted LVM" it would not create a home partition, so I had to do that bit myself20:03
Linus_xubuntu-07i:  i use LUKS with no LVM, keeps it simple20:05
Linus_xubuntu-07i: you gotta do "something else"20:05
xubuntu-07ithe only way i can think of encrypting / and /home as a group would be to use LVM though...20:05
Linus_if you just want encrypted /home with LUKS, and no LVM20:06
xubuntu-07iNo I want encrypted / too20:06
xubuntu-07icause I prefer LUKS over ecryptfs (the "encrypt my home folder" option)20:06
Linus_yes, LUKS is best20:06
Linus_but you mean mean you only want to have to enter the password once? to decrypt both  /  & /home  ?20:07
Linus_good question20:07
Linus_how do you do that?20:09
xubuntu-07iidk but i did it before...20:09
Linus_i dont like LVM cuz it adds needless complexity20:09
xubuntu-07iI especially don't want an encrypted volume inside another one because I assumed that would cause a lot of SSD-damaging writes20:10
xubuntu-07iI have a system installed but not booting so i think lack of /etc/crypttab is the culprit20:10
Linus_when doing "something else"  i select "Primary, "physical volume for encryption"  ext4"  <--- that does LUKS20:11
WalliskiWith unlocking Home there seems to be a way to do this using keys that are saved in files also?20:12
WalliskiIf I with my 10 minute googling understand it correctly20:12
Linus_xubuntu-07i: also make sure it's formatted to GPT before you start20:12
WalliskiThat you could have the / unlocked by password, and then automatically unlock rest by keys stored in files on the root partition20:12
Linus_xubuntu-07i: and before that, do a ATA secure erase, if it is a used drive (that speeds it up)  GNOME disks does it20:13
Linus_for SSD ^20:13
WalliskiSince the keys would then be encrypted by the first password, and readable only by root (in which case someone has root access on your machine you have bigger problems)20:13
WalliskiSuppose I should stop rambling now :D20:13
xubuntu-07iWalliski I would do that but I think crypto-in-crypto is bad for SSDs20:13
xubuntu-07iOh and if adding crypttab doesn't work, Linus_ I'll try that20:14
WalliskiHumm ?20:14
WalliskiWouldnt that be 2 different encryptions on 2 different partitions, but the first one unlocks the second?20:15
xubuntu-07iWell I think you implied there would be /, which is encrypted and then a file in the / part needed to unlock the /home part, right?20:15
xubuntu-07iLinus_ I'll do that if this crypttab thing doesn't work20:15
xubuntu-07iUnfortunately I'm on IRC from the live medium so I'd have to reconnect to test it out20:15
xubuntu-07iwhich would be now, brb20:16
* xubuntu-07i sighs20:23
xubuntu-07iit didn't work this time20:24
xubuntu-07iLinus_ what was your approach for separate /home again?20:25
Linus_xubuntu-07i: what didnt work?20:25
xubuntu-07iadding an entry for magnesium (my vg's name) to /etc/crypttab20:26
Linus_my way works, except you need to input the password twice--- now i'm curious, as to a way around thta20:26
xubuntu-07iI think LVM is that way...20:26
Linus_VG means, LVM right20:26
Linus_why do you want LVM?20:26
bekksBecause still using partitions is a bit oldskool.20:27
xubuntu-07iI don't want an encrypted home folder inside of the encrypted root volume, I *do* want them both encrypted, and I want them on separate volumes20:28
xubuntu-07ithat's why20:28
Linus_LVM adds complexity/overhead, more chance of corruption, --- encryption is already doing enough of that  :P20:28
bekksThen dont encrypt your home folder, when having a fully encrypted system already.20:28
bekksLinus_: LVM is state of the art, nowadays.20:28
Linus_bekks: he wants separate partitions though20:29
Linus_xubuntu-07i: that is another option, use one parition20:29
bekksLVM, multiple volumes, done.20:29
xubuntu-07iThe problem is that Ubiquity didn't see /dev/mapper/magnesium-{root,home,swap} as encrypted partitions, it saw them as separate disks. So if I install to those separate volumes using ubiquity, it thinks the system has three unencrypted disks.20:30
xubuntu-07iWhich results in my laptop not asking for my passphrase on boot, which is where I am now.20:30
Linus_you can have separate partitions, for /  /home, with LUKS.  you dont need LVM for that20:30
xubuntu-07iThough if I do that, can I encrypt them as one volume?20:31
Linus_xubuntu-07i: i think you need to enter ur password twice20:31
bekksxubuntu-07i: You can encrypt your disk fully, then setup LVM inside your encrypted disk.20:32
bekksxubuntu-07i: You will have one encryption level, and as many volumes as you want.20:32
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xubuntu-07iYes! OK how do I do that? I'm on the installation medium, and I have a backup of /home20:33
xubuntu-07iThat's how it was before20:33
Linus_that is the other option,  but is adding the complexity of LVM, worth the couple seconds  you save entering password once.  IMO, no20:33
xubuntu-07ibekks: Linus_: LVM is state of the art, nowadays.20:33
bekksxubuntu-07i: I know. Thats what I told you.20:34
xubuntu-07iRight. I feel like we're going in circles?20:34
Linus_ur choice, i just like to keep things simple, streamlined.  i hate corrupted disks, problems, etc20:34
bekksxubuntu-07i: So you want full disk encryption, and LVM?20:34
xubuntu-07iYes that's right20:34
bekksxubuntu-07i: OK. :)20:35
Linus_now i am curious , if there is a way to enter password once, *without* LVM,  hmmmm, any linux wizards in here?20:35
Linus_becuase that is what you really want right? ^20:35
bekksxubuntu-07i: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FullDiskEncryptionHowto20:35
xubuntu-07ihttp://i.imgur.com/izFv7j0.png if that's what I did, couldn't I just add a /home partition after the install?20:36
xubuntu-07iI think that tutorial is pre-EFI bekks20:37
bekksxubuntu-07i: I never used the graphical installer until now.20:37
Linus_another downside of that option, is you cant do GPT    xubuntu-07i20:37
Linus_GPT is "state of the art"   :P20:37
xubuntu-07iwhich option, the screenshot i posted or the wiki tutorial20:38
bekksOnly if your computer fully supported UEFI.20:38
xubuntu-07iIt does20:38
bekksLinus_: And why cant he use GPT?20:38
xubuntu-07ierm... they/them/their please20:38
Linus_oh, i thought that was a link to the auto-installation.  if you click auto-install/encrypt.  it forces MBR, and swap. correct?20:39
bekksLinus_: No.20:39
WalliskiIf you are doing it again from the beginning, take a look at the Arch wiki20:40
WalliskiSince there were different ways of doing it20:40
xubuntu-07iMind resending that link?20:40
WalliskiOf which some are mentioned already, e.g. creating encrypted drive, and LVM inside that... or LVM on outside, and encrypting afterwards...20:40
Linus_i'm pretty that his screenshot does MBR-only (not GPT) , but maybe newer versions of ubuntu fixed that?20:41
WalliskiThen again it might need some magic to fit toghether with the xubuntu installation, however it says which steps are required20:43
Linus_xubuntu-07i: if you want to get real fancy, you can recompile cryptsetup, to give you better key-stretching  :)20:43
Linus_oh, wait, you dont have to recompile, but IMO  , it is easier that way20:44
xubuntu-07iLast time I did that it worked with EFI (don't ask why there *was*  a last time, though :P)20:44
Linus_xubuntu-07i: ur screenshot works with EFI, i think.... but not GPT, iirc20:46
xubuntu-07iI think as long as my EFI can boot to my drive it doesn't matter the partition scheme :P20:46
bekksStart the ubuntu server install, create the full disk encryption using GPT, and you are fine. Instead discussing it in here, endlessly.20:47
xubuntu-07iubuntu server eh?20:47
Linus_xubuntu-07i: the screenshot, also makes a SWAP.  which i dont like20:47
xubuntu-07iwhy not?20:47
bekksxubuntu-07i: text based installation, option to create full disk encryption.20:48
Linus_RAM is cheap.  xubuntu-07i20:48
bekksxubuntu-07i: Because he dont like suspend to disk.20:48
xubuntu-07iyea i want that20:48
bekksThen you need swap.20:48
bekksAs large as your RAM, plus about 100M.20:49
Linus_and swap is security vuln..  like i said, i like my computer streamlined  :P20:49
xubuntu-07iHow dangerous would it be to write the ubuntu server iso to the USB drive i'm booted on? live boots from ramdisk right?20:49
Linus_great info, explains what i've been saying,  but he is more hardcore than me  :P20:50
bekksxubuntu-07i: No ramdisk involved.20:50
bekksxubuntu-07i: It would be booting the ubuntu server installer from USB.20:50
Linus_plus, i've went thru corrupted HDDs,---- not fun.  Clean-room prices suck.20:51
bekksYou didnt have backups then, right?20:51
xubuntu-07iI would assume not.20:52
bekksThen the data was not worth being kept.20:52
Linus_what is the big benefit of suspend-to-disk, anyway?20:53
bekksContinuing a pointless discussion.20:53
Linus_not pointless, i'm asking what i'm missing..20:53
xubuntu-07iSometimes I need to suspend for a long time, or because I left the battery at home to reduce weight.21:00
Linus_i just log out.  safer.   but if you r gonna stay logged in.... use "vlock -sn"  instead of xscreensaver, to lock ur screen21:03
xubuntu-07iwhy not xscreensaver?21:03
Linus_not hardcore enough  :P21:03
xubuntu-07iusually suspend to disk locks first21:04
Walliskithen again if you log out you loose your session, and would need to open all programs and stuff again21:04
Linus_xubuntu-07i: oh wait...... if you use a Password for  "/"  and a keyfile for "/home" , that should work, with one password21:05
Linus_No LVM needed.... Tada!21:05
xubuntu-07iIf home fills up I'd like to be able to resize it later21:06
xubuntu-07iI think I've got it from here. I'm using http://thesimplecomputer.info/full-disk-encryption-with-ubuntu and adjusting for LVM21:07
bekksxubuntu-07i: Just use the ubuntu server installer.21:07
bekksxubuntu-07i: No need for weirdo 3rd party howtos.21:07
xubuntu-07iok yea i'll try that instead21:07
xubuntu-07iforgot about it21:07
xubuntu-07ithat'll work for GPT, EFI, the whole lot, right?21:07
bekksEven without the 5.21:08
Linus_i like  my weirdo how-tos21:08
Linus_xubuntu-07i: also, if your /Home fills up, remember, you can also move files to  /21:09
Linus_you dont need LVM for that, or to resize ur partition21:09
bekksMoving files does not solve the problem of resizing.21:09
Linus_it solves the problem of a full drive21:09
xubuntu-07ithere will be no /home2!21:09
bekksSo can we finally end this pointless discussion bout using LVM?21:09
xubuntu-07ii think so :D21:09
bekksThem/they/their want to use LVM, period.21:10
Linus_i'm just tryin' to help a brother out, giving options  :)21:10
xubuntu-07iThanks for that21:10
xubuntu-07iYea thanks everyone!21:10
* Linus_ pats himself on the back for figuring out the password + keyfile trick, for /home21:12
xubuntu07iOK so I just used the default graphical installer. I don't have a /home partition but I can live with that :)23:07
xubuntu07iIt's encrypted, and hibernate works, so I'm good23:08
xubuntu07ihey that rhymes (DoomBoom left the room)23:09
xubuntu07iBut I forgot the dotfiles when I backed up, and that includes ~/.minecraft! I lost all my saves.23:16
xanguaYou don't have a/home partition? :-/23:17
xangua If you mean you installed all in a single partition, you'll find a separate partition is more useful for backup or reinstall23:18
xubuntu07iI know, and for backup I usually do `cp -a` or `tar c` anyway, so it isn't necessary really unless I install another OS, which I don't plan on doing.23:21

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