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DrZHi everyone. I'm trying to start using my Bazaar again.20:19
DrZI think Ive an issue with ssh because I got this error20:20
DrZTransport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()20:20
DrZSo I generated a new SSH key20:20
DrZuploaded to launchpad.net the public part20:20
DrZI still get the error20:20
DrZIs this all im missing ?  IdentityFile  /home/me/.ssh/id_rsa_launchpad20:21
DrZSeems to make no difference20:21
PengDrZ: bzr help launchpad-login20:21
PengDrZ: If you haven't configured your LP username, "lp:" URIs will use HTTP, not SSH.20:22
DrZSo this was outputted20:23
DrZSetting ssh/sftp usernames for launchpad.net.20:23
DrZStill same error when I try commit20:24
DrZI don't get it20:24
DrZI configured my name earlier20:25
fullermdYou'll have to change the push (or maybe bound, by your ref to commit) location of the branch to the writable transport.20:25
Peng"bzr info" on the branch?20:25
DrZSo I ran bzr info and I got a popup for my SSH password. Entered that.20:27
DrZSeems to return the repo info now20:27
DrZAdded to list of known hosts20:28
DrZSame error though when I try commit20:29
DrZI havent used the repo in a long while. Would that cause any issues?20:31
fullermdYou still need to change the saved locations.  Doing a lp-login doesn't change what's in existing branches.  See the info output.20:35
DrZDo I put something into locations.conf in the .bazaar folder ?20:39
DrZshared repository: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/photofiltre-lx/20:40
DrZrepository branch: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/photofiltre-lx/20:40
DrZI ran this - bzr info lp:photofiltre-lx20:41
PengRun "bzr info" with no arguments in your *local* copy of the thing.20:41
Peng(or run "bzr info path/to/your/local/thing"20:41
DrZOhhhhh XD20:41
DrZSry completely misunderstood.20:41
PengSee, this is the problem with DVCSes. I say "The Branch" and it's ambiguous what i mean. ;P20:42
DrZHehe :)20:42
PengIf we all used Subversion... :D20:43
DrZcheckout of branch: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~photofiltrelx/photofiltre-lx/main/20:43
DrZThat is the location output20:43
DrZEww, Subversion just reminds me of every coding job I've had thus far. :D20:44
DrZCompanies love SVN o_O20:44
fullermdNot all companies.  Some love VSS.20:44
fullermdTo say nothing of Clearcase...20:45
PengThe way to change the checkout to bzr+ssh is with 'bzr reconfigure --bind-to lp:~photofiltrelx/photofiltre-lx/main' I think?20:45
fullermdI was gonna say just 'bzr bind lp:photofiltre-lx'20:46
fullermd(assuming that's the lp:whatever you originaly co'd it with)20:46
fullermdMaybe bind doesn't just reset by itself?20:46
PengOr get out a text editor and go digging in .bzr/checkout ;D20:46
Pengfullermd: I dunno20:47
fullermdIt'd be in .bzr/branch   :p20:47
fullermdWell, if it doesn't, you can just unbind and then bind lp:foo I guess.20:47
DrZHum.. Will I try the bind command?20:47
DrZSweeEEEeeeEEeeeEEEeeeTTTTT!!! xD20:48
DrZWhy didn't ye just say that in the first place ;) :D20:49
DrZThanks guys!20:49
DrZCommit went though20:49
DrZAnyone have experience with Git import into Bazaar?20:52
fullermdNot really.  I'd guess the fast-import route would be the best bet?20:57
DrZCool. Thanks!21:04

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