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arosalesfabrice: jrwren: re https://code.launchpad.net/~marcoceppi/juju-quickstart/recommend-juju/+merge/28374519:13
arosalesand looking at quickstart as it is today @ https://jujucharms.com/get-started19:14
arosalesshould we also add python-software-properties to recommends?19:14
arosalesalso once the updated packaging is available in juju:stable ppa we should update instructions on this page.19:15
arosalesthis = https://jujucharms.com/get-started19:15
arosalesmarcoceppi: ^ fyi19:15
jrwrenarosales: there is a catch-22, or dependency cycle there which would mean adding the recommends is a no-op as the python-software-properties from recommends must have already been installed for the add-apt-repository to be used for juju-quickstart to be installed and its dependencies and recommends considered.19:18
arosalesjrwren: ugh19:20
jrwrenarosales: :)19:20
arosaleswell I guess that answers that question, but it does sound that post https://code.launchpad.net/~marcoceppi/juju-quickstart/recommend-juju/+merge/283745 being available in juju:stable we can update the install line to just be quickstart19:21
jrwrenarosales: yes, I agree.19:22
jrwrenarosales: sounds like ya'll are trying to optimize those install commands?  I know the first command is a noop on all our cloud-images.  add-apt-repository is there OOTB19:24
jrwrenarosales: and in vivid+ add-apt-repository has an option to do the apt-get update automatically, so on vivid+ it could be `sudo add-apt-repository -u ppa:juju/stable ; sudo apt-get install juju-quickstart`19:25
arosalesjrwren: ya, working to improve that first user experience19:38
arosalesjrwren: since this is the client I would have to see what the default desktop behaviour is rather than the cloud image19:39
arosalesbut I think we should go with the least common denonminator19:39
jrwrenarosales: right. I think LCD is why its 4 commands right now, because it works on precise, trusty, utopic, vivid, wily, xenial19:43
arosaleswhat is LCD?19:45
arosalesjrwren: ^19:46
jrwrenlowest common denominator19:46
rick_h_yes, because lxc uses cloud images 19:46
rick_h_so there's the extra step for those bare installs19:47
arosalesI guess we could have folks using LXC for their client . . .19:48
jrwrenrick_h_: surprisingly, its the other way around.  desktop image doesn't include the command line tools, because one should be using the gui!19:48
rick_h_jrwren: hah19:48
arosalesseems most folks would be in kvm, vbox, or native19:49
rick_h_jrwren: gotcha, I recall the cloud images not having python-software-properties and the like in lxc setups19:49
arosalesso if I understand correctly only cloud-image use cases need py-software-properties, correct?19:50
jrwrenarosales: no, its not that simple :(19:51
jcastroyou kind of always need it19:51
jcastroyou can't add-apt-repository without it19:51
jrwrenright, and its not there in some situations. its definitely there in trusty cloud-img19:51
jcastrothe instructions on the current get-started page look correct, what's the issue?19:52
arosaleslol jcastro19:52
jcastroyou can't add it to recommends19:52
arosalesjcastro: tldr just trying to make the get-started instructions19:53
jcastroyou wouldn't have access to the juju-quickstart package at all 19:53
arosalessimple as posslbe19:53
jcastroright yeah19:53
jcastrowe went through this with design19:53
arosalesre the new mp @ https://code.launchpad.net/~marcoceppi/juju-quickstart/recommend-juju/+merge/28374519:53
jcastrothe only way to make it simpler is to either ask distro to put p-s-p default everywhere, or update trusty faster19:53
jcastroupdate juju in trusty faster, is what I mean19:54
arosaleslook to see if we could remove software-properties but jrwren educated me on the issues19:54
arosalesjcastro: agreed on updating those being the fixes, but probably not going to happen before 16.04 with current schedules19:55
arosaleswe'll make this better in juju 2.0, but for now seems we got to live with this extra command19:55
arosalesjrwren: thanks for the info19:55
jrwrenarosales: you are welcome, sorry it wasn't better answers.19:56
jcastroI also tried to get them to fix the copy and paste buttons19:56
jcastrobut lost that argument19:57
arosalesits not that bad, but I appreciate the info jrwren 19:57
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