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mgolden_I am here to help test, a la the call on wire.kubuntu.org03:22
mgolden_What would be helpful?03:22
ScottKvalorie: ^^^03:26
mgolden_ScottK, are you able to suggest some way to help?03:48
ScottKNot really.  I'm not very involved in Kubuntu development anymore.03:50
mgolden_So I heard03:56
mgolden_Glad to see you on the channel at least03:56
valoriemgolden_: have you read the /topic?04:43
valoriethe PPAs are listed there for testing04:43
valoriewelcome by the way04:44
mgolden_I have added the PPA and installed it04:48
mgolden_I have a number of issues I have found, most not new to 5.5.304:48
valorieso I guess what is best to do is either file bugs or comment on bugs that are already filed04:51
valoriepatches welcome if you think you know the answer to the problem, of course04:51
mgolden_Here is a question maybe you can help me with04:53
mgolden_Since using kde5, the konsole has never stayed open properly after logging out and logging in again04:53
mgolden_I am pretty sure it's crashing as a part of logging out04:54
mgolden_I have looked for a bug report for it, but haven't found one04:54
mgolden_I have a feeling it's related to some sort of interaction wth the nvidia driver04:54
mgolden_But the problem is that I can't figure out how to debug it as it only happens during a logout04:54
mgolden_During one logout I actually saw a crash reporter come up as the maching was powering down04:55
mgolden_Any ideas about how to get a hold of the appropriate hook?04:55
valoriehmmm, I don't05:00
valoriexsession errors?05:00
mgolden_Didn't see much05:01
* valorie uses yakuake, and has not notices such crashes05:01
mgolden_I can try some more05:01
valorieperhaps write to the kubuntu-devel list with that question05:01
mgolden_I did05:01
valorieI don't have nvidia, btw05:01
mgolden_I assume it's not happening to too many people05:01
valorieI haven't heard about it happening to anyone else, yeah05:02
mgolden_That's why it's so annoying!  I want to report the bug but I don't have anything useful to say!05:02
valorieI hear your pain05:03
mgolden_I will look into it more.05:04
valorieI had some random plasma crashes like that as well05:04
valoriebut they have ceased05:04
mgolden_You think it's a plasma crash?05:04
valorieno, I know mine were plasma, but I never figured out the proper -dbg package to install05:05
mgolden_One other question...05:05
mgolden_I noticed before the upgrade that the apt checker would go nuts when it checked the repositories05:06
mgolden_It would spawn about 120 apt-check instances05:06
mgolden_Load average would go up to 90 or something05:06
mgolden_CPU really hot05:07
mgolden_Is that known?05:07
valorieit seems like we got one other report of that05:07
valorieunsure whether or not a bug was filed05:07
valoriehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa is where the PPA bugs go05:08
mgolden_But actually this was before I added the ppa05:08
valorieso that's the best place to look05:08
valorieah, OK05:08
mgolden_Haven't had any new packages since installing, so I don't know if it's still happening.05:08
mgolden_Ok, well thanks for chatting05:09
mgolden_I will further look into the konsole issue.05:09
valoriehmmm, I have a few updates as of today05:09
valoriechromium etc.05:09
mgolden_Let me check now05:09
mgolden_Still happening05:11
mgolden_ps auxww | grep apt-check | wc05:11
mgolden_     56     673    652805:11
mgolden_Was worse thna that last time05:11
valorieso perhaps file a bug about that too, mgolden_05:11
mgolden_Will do05:11
valorieeasiest is in the commandline: ubuntu-bug apt05:12
valorieor apt-check05:12
valoriethat way apport automatically collects info about your system05:12
mgolden_What's interesting right now is that the system tray isn't reporting any packages to install05:13
mgolden_Even though there are in some that just came in (as reported by apt-get dist-upgrade)05:13
mgolden_I will report that as well05:14
mgolden_OK, thanks for chatting05:16
valorieI have the opposite, btw, the updater says I have packages to update even though I've already updated them05:16
mgolden_That always used to happen in 15.1005:16
mgolden_It never updated so far as I saw.05:16
mgolden_I hope all these things can be cleaned up before 16.04!05:17
valorieit worked better for awhile05:20
valorieand looks better05:20
valoriebut I'm filing a bug at bko05:20
valorieok, going afk for a bit05:23
valoriethanks again for testing, mgolden_05:23
mgolden_Bye.  Time for bed!05:25
flexiondotorgAre Kubuntu interested in participating in 16.04 Alpha 2?08:56
lordievaderyofel: ^08:56
yofelflexiondotorg: no, we won't get anything into the archive this week that would make it worth it09:18
flexiondotorgyofel, Thanks.09:20
lordievaderyofel: Hmm, too bad. We are going to do beta 1 I hope?09:57
yofelI hope too, but I'm starting to cut down by todo list. Lets see how much time I'll have from next week on10:00
asequeshi all, just upgraded willy kde backports and everything went perfect, I wanted you to know, thanks :D10:04
lordievaderyofel: Good luck!10:10
yofelanyone that wants to look at lp 1538090 ?11:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1538090 in kdevelop (Ubuntu) "Please update kdevelop to 5.0beta3" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153809011:18
clivejoyofel: RE: LP:1538098 its in my PPA, should be for vivid, wily, xenial12:05
yofelthanks, that's why I changed the status to triaged. I just filed the bug so we don't forget about it12:06
clivejofeedback seems to be ok, no major issues12:07
clivejoonly upstream ones12:07
yofelright, the packaging review and upload are all that's left, but no idea when someone will get to it12:08
clivejook, let me know if I need to do anything further12:11
sneleseems that today is release day for plasma 5.5.412:11
yofelit is indeed. But no mail so far12:12
clivejoyofel: can I look at kdevelop later?12:15
clivejoor is someone assigned to this?12:15
yofelnot that I know of. The trello item was unassigned, and I only filed the bug today12:17
yofelyou will probably want to merge with debian first, they have
yofelmight be worth it even if the qt5 port will probably require a bunch of packaging changes12:21
yofelyou'll also need to update a bunch of other things, see the email12:21
yofelclivejo: if you do work on it, please assign yourself to the bug and mark it in-progress12:22
yofeljust so that others know that12:22
soeeRiddell: are you releaseing 5.5.4 today ?12:36
soeesome blockers ?12:37
RiddellI'm in a training session so I need to work around it12:37
soeeah ok :)12:37
BluesKajHiyas all12:53
mparilloWas Okular removed from Xenial with the -staging PPA?13:04
acher88mparillo: did have some dependency probs on one install that wanted to remove okular. I worked around it somehow..13:12
mparilloOK, I tested and on Xenial with no PPAs, Okular is still there. So the dependency problems must be on the -staging PPA.13:13
mparilloAnd thank you acher8813:14
BluesKajokular is gone here on xenial, and i'm not using the staging ppa13:14
acher88was perhaps related to the QCA2 update?13:15
acher88that was to the main xenial archive13:16
BluesKajbut I am usinh ci/stable and landing ppa13:16
acher88this was what I go at the time on xenial: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14515584/13:17
acher88so think it was that libqca2-plugins update in my case?13:19
mparilloSorry, I wrote staging, and I meant ppa-landing13:21
BluesKajI didn't have okular either, but I just installed it without errors or dependency problems13:21
BluesKajmparillo, ok that explains it then13:22
acher88the dodgy libqca2 upload was fixed a short while later I think13:22
acher88so should be ok now13:22
mparilloTY, Okular installed cleanly.  I might have to re-boot to get it to be the default again for opening PDFs.13:26
BluesKajyes I just had to set the "open with" option with the pdf file I checked it on13:28
mparilloBluesKaj: you are correct. In fact, it seems as if krunner did not immediately recognize Okular (it did not auto-complete) and I cannot find it in any of the kicker categories.13:35
BluesKajmparillo, maybe a reboot will place okular bck in the kicker 13:36
mparilloThis was after a re-boot. Normally (either in krunner or in the kicker), once I start typing a program name, it autocompletes. Not so for Okular. I have to type the entire name.13:44
BluesKajmparillo, ok I rebooted and okular is now located in kmenu>graphics 14:52
BluesKajkmenu>apps>graphics, to be precise14:53
mparilloTY., I will try15:25
mparilloNope, not for me. Maybe I need a fresh install, but is the installer bug still open? I was planning to try for Alpha 2, but it looks like we won't need one.15:28
BluesKajtrying to setup samba share on my /home folder, but when I choose "apply changes to subfolders and contents" the progress dialog errors out with "Access denied to /home/kaj/.nano" then dolphin crashes and I see this error in /var/log/syslog: Desk-Xenial org.kde.KScreen[1315]: message repeated 23 times: [ kscreen: Primary output changed from KScreen::Output(Id: 590 , Name: "DVI-I-1" ) ( "DVI-I-1" ) to KScreen::Output(Id: 590 , Name: "DVI-I-1" )15:33
BluesKaj ( "DVI-I-1" )] ...this error repeats several times due to the daemon trying to apply the changes15:33
BluesKajoh great, now have the cut, copy paste dialog stuck open on every activity and desktop15:36
BluesKajok reboot15:36
clivejoI downgraded to the kdeconnect-plasma version in xenial archive, rebooted and kdeconnectd is using over 3Gb of memory and had to be killed.  anyone seen this? 15:59
BluesKajclivejo, kdeconnect using about 90k memory here 16:14
BluesKajbut no multimedia or files transferring16:14
clivejoBluesKaj: which version?16:15
BluesKaj4.2 16:15
clivejoof kdeconnect16:16
BluesKaj0.8 on the pc16:17
clivejo!info kdeconnect-plasma xenial16:17
ubottukdeconnect-plasma (source: kdeconnect-plasma): connect smartphones to your KDE Plasma desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0+git20150810-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 299 kB, installed size 1382 kB16:17
clivejothis one?16:17
BluesKajno I have the repos version16:18
BluesKajok yes the same plasma version16:20
clivejohow do I get ksnapshot working again?16:50
clivejo!info spectacle xenial16:52
ubottuspectacle (source: spectacle): RPM Spec file generator and management tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.25-1 (xenial), package size 64 kB, installed size 496 kB16:52
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yofelclivejo: what's broken?17:04
yofelthe 2015 version should work fine17:05
shadeslayeroh look18:07
shadeslayerI have deb822 sources.lists18:07
yofelthat's in xenial?18:12
shadeslayerlook at the pastebin :P18:13
yofelbrain shutdown18:14
yofelcool thing nonetheless18:14
shadeslayeryofel: you need APT::Sources::Use-Deb822 true18:16
yofelthanks, I'll try that out later :)18:16
wxldoes anyone know about how to save a panel? i want to have it in the "add panel" selection instead of default or empty or even replace the default with this one18:38
wxlfwiw i've asked several times at #kubuntu and received zero response (over the past week or so)18:38
acher88wxl: never tried it, so can't say if it works easily, but something like? https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=289&t=12484019:01
wxlacher88: thanks for the tip. that's helpful. is there api documentation somewhere?19:25
clivejoPlasma 5.5.4 is out 21:53
clivejowhere is soee ??!?21:53
clivejoisnt this his job21:53
acher88much fixed?21:55
* acher88 goes to have a look21:55
ubernoobhey guys, while upgrading distros, the installer crashed during the linux header install, now the package will not install or uninstall and i can't boot up normally. ideas on a fix?23:14
valorieubernoob: this isn't the right channel for support, however: try `sudo apt install -f`23:15
ubernoobalright thank you, ill try that and then redirect to another channel23:16
valorietry in any terminal, control + alt + f2 - f5 or so23:16
valoriecontrol + alt + f6 or f7 to get back to the gui23:17
valorieor experiement23:17
valorieyes, support in #kubuntu23:17

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