liuxgelopio, ping03:03
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zygagood morning08:40
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Tuesday, and happy Australia Day! 😃09:37
mvokgunn: hey, if I can help with updating your mir snap, please do let me know11:02
asacmvo: do i name the vmlinuz just like that in a snap or shall i append the -KERNELVERSION?11:53
asacsame for system.map etcv.11:53
mvoasac: sorry, I disconnected, it has to be named vmlinux and initird.img for now, but that is a bug12:07
diwicI've defined a git URL in "parts: pulseaudio: source:", but when I run "snapcraft pull", it does not seem to download anything. Help? (I'm using 16.04 version of snapcraft.)12:09
asacmvo: vmlinux or vmlinuz?12:14
mvoasac: vmlinuz12:15
mvoasac: sorry12:15
asacmvo: can you look into this one: https://people.canonical.com/~asac/kernel-snap-example_0_amd64.snap12:23
asacand tell me beyond not appending the version is missing?12:23
asac(ignore the odd initrd name)12:23
mvoasac: sure, I check after lunch12:24
diwicfound it12:30
mvoasac: from a quick look it looks great, I can give it a test in a vm next. you can use symlinks for the vmlinuz, its just needed right now so that grub can find it12:56
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dholbachkyrofa: thanks for the reviews13:35
dholbach(https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/256 has the fix you were asking for)13:36
kyrofadholbach, thanks for the fixes :)13:37
kyrofadholbach, for what it's worth, snappy logs <package name>.<service name> doesn't seem to work for me on 15.04. Is that a 16.04 thing?13:39
dholbachhttps://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/242 is updated now too13:39
dholbachkyrofa: this was part of the 15.04 appdev manual - let me check13:39
kyrofadholbach, yeah sanity check me there. I may be being stupid13:40
kyrofadholbach, https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/261 is a good-looking doc, though I wonder if it actually belongs in snappy instead of snapcraft. Thoughts?13:45
dholbachkyrofa: what works for me in rolling/edge is: sudo snappy service logs shout (for shout.sergiusens)13:45
dholbachlet me check for 15.0413:46
kyrofadholbach, ah indeed-- but no .servicename eh?13:46
kyrofadholbach, that works on 15.04 as well13:46
dholbachkyrofa: I thought about it too, but thought that if we split up our docs into "what's interesting for app developers?" and "what's general/structural information?" and "what does a device builder need to know?" ... I feel it belongs in the app context13:47
dholbachkyrofa: yep - looks like it... ok, let me fix that13:47
kyrofadholbach, good deal, you're the pro there13:47
dholbachkyrofa: but if we were to move the doc I guess that'd be fine with me too13:47
dholbachit's just how I tried to explain the situation to myself ;-)13:47
kyrofadholbach, heh, I really just want what is most clear to developers. And you're right-- they're probably using snapcraft to make the .snap, so why not have general .snap development guides there?13:48
kyrofadholbach, of course, once you have the syncing all done to developer.ubuntu.com, it matters less13:48
dholbachif we want, we can still go and split it up or move it elsewhere - I'm happy to do that if we have concensus13:48
kyrofadholbach, no I'm happy with that :)13:49
diwicawe_, so I was wondering about the autotools plugin - two questions:13:50
kyrofadholbach, snappy-debug has been around for a while now. Any idea when it'll actually include gdb, strace, ltrace, etc.?13:50
dholbachjdstrand: ^ do you know if this coming soon or who might be working on it?13:51
diwicawe_, 1) I have build headers installed on my local development machines, but not all dev headers are (yet) in "stage-packages".13:51
diwicawe_, this seems to have the surprising result that ./configure detects them but gcc does not?13:52
awe_hmmm, that sounds odd; probably something wrong in your Makefile.in13:52
kyrofadiwic, dev headers don't need to be in stage-packages13:52
diwickyrofa, where should they be, then?13:53
awe_kyrofa, build-packages instead?13:53
kyrofaawe_, indeed. diwic snapcraft will use your system-installed packages for building, but you need to make sure stage-packages sets it up for run-time13:53
awe_kyrofa, nobody's ever truly explained the diff between the two.  I use build-packages for build tools ( eg. pkg-config ) and stage-packages for dev-headers13:53
awe_and I also build in a lxc container13:54
awe_that I can reset to it's initial state13:54
awe_so that I know my dependencies are correct13:54
dholbachkyrofa: thanks for the reviews - I'll check if there's any other new content to add to snapcraft :-)13:54
kyrofadiwic, so put mylib-dev in build-packages, and mylib in stage-packages13:54
diwickyrofa, ok13:55
kyrofadholbach, I'm loving the docs!13:55
kyrofadiwic, build-packages install on the host (and don't go into the .snap), stage-packages go into the .snap13:55
awe_kyrofa, but if you put -dev in stage-packages, it automatically pulls in the lib, and then you can just not snap the dev headers13:55
diwic2) whenever you add or remove anything in stage- or build-packages, you have to manually remove parts/pulseaudio/state for the changes to take effect. Is this expected?13:55
awe_stage-packages only go in the snap if you tell them to...13:56
awe_diwic, did you try using snapcraft clean?13:56
kyrofaawe_, hmm... stage-packages go into the snap unless you filter them out somehow with the stage/snap keywords13:56
awe_kyrofa, which I'm currently doing...13:56
awe_so I guess it's a style thing13:57
kyrofaawe_, I suppose :P13:57
awe_but your approach makes sense13:57
diwicawe_, *testing* hmm, that works too, but that re-clones the git repo too13:58
awe_I'm not sure if there's a way to clean the build w/out clobbering the source(s)13:58
awe_seems like you figured out a way to cheat by manually removing the file13:59
diwicI mean, there is code to check if there's a git repo and if so update it (rather than wipe and clone), when is that code supposed to be run?14:00
awe_diwic, I'm not sure...  you could check the snapcraft source directly; it's all-python14:01
diwicawe_, already hacked it ;-)14:01
diwicawe_, the git server I'm working against (just as a test) didn't support --depth=1 so I had to remove that14:02
kyrofadiwic, I've never heard of that. What software is running on the server?14:02
diwickyrofa, no idea - git://anonscm.debian.org/pkg-pulseaudio/pulseaudio.git is the URL I'm currently testing with14:05
diwic(again - might change that to something else later, this is just to get started)14:05
jdstranddholbach: I don't, no. mvo may have more info14:07
dholbachmvo: ^ kyrofa asked earlier: snappy-debug has been around for a while now. Any idea when it'll actually include gdb, strace, ltrace, etc.?14:07
dholbachthanks jdstrand14:07
diwicawe_, 3) I was also wondering about https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/blob/master/snapcraft/plugins/autotools.py#L85 - it ends with '--prefix=', looks weird14:09
diwicawe_, what is the prefix set to and how?14:09
kyrofadiwic, huh, looks like other people have hit that as well, and no one seems to know why. Perhaps you should use a snapshot .tar.gz from gitweb14:09
kyrofadiwic, https://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-pulseaudio/pulseaudio.git14:10
awe_diwic, I guess it depends on how self.options.configflags is initialized14:11
awe_I'll check when I do my next build14:11
awe_I'm in the middle of a change right now14:11
awe_that said, my builds were working fine last night14:11
kyrofadiwic, --prefix= means "no prefix". You can still set the prefix in the configflags though14:12
diwickyrofa, ok14:12
kyrofadiwic, autotools takes the last one14:13
awe_guess that explain that; thanks kyrofa14:13
kyrofaawe_, hey, any time :)14:14
diwickyrofa, anyhow, so now I need to add --disable-A,  --disable-B,  --disable-C etc in configflags in order for it to skip that dependency (otherwise it'll find it as it is installed on the system)14:14
awe_are you asking how to do this?14:15
kyrofadiwic, yeah, should be easy with configflags14:16
diwicawe_, I'm asking whether this is actually the desired behaviour? It seems less error prone if the part being built did *not* find system-installed headers14:16
diwicawe_, and it seems even stranger that configure finds them but not gcc14:17
awe_well.. you are running configure right?14:17
awe_again, that's probably because the Makefile.in is wrong14:17
awe_gcc only finds what you tell it14:17
diwicawe_, you have to excuse me for thinking the problem is snappy rather than Makefile.in14:18
awe_diwic, it's new, and it's changing rapidly.  It *might* be a snapcraft thing, but off the top of my head, it sounds more like a Makefile.in thing14:18
diwicawe_, based on the fact that snappy is very new and Makefile.in/pulseaudio is several years old, builds on many architectures and autogenerated by autotools14:19
awe_sure, but you'll need to dig in and see what's really happening14:19
diwicawe_, yeah14:19
awe_if it is a snapcraft bug, then please report it!  ;)-14:19
awe_I noticed yesterday that snapcraft --help seems to be broken in 2.014:19
* awe_ needs to check if that's already been filed14:20
kyrofaawe_ can you define "broken"?14:20
awe_it generates a stacktrace14:21
kyrofaawe_, *cough* sound broken14:21
kyrofaAh, wait I think I read about that on the mailing list. Due to a lack of locale setting or something14:22
kyrofaDefinitely a bug that it's not handled in snapcraft, but you can work around it by setting your locale14:23
kyrofaawe_, ^^14:23
awe_kyrofa, thanks.  It's more of annoyance than anything else14:24
awe_but I'll give that a try14:24
awe_if/when I next need to refer to the help14:24
awe_been grokin' the source instead14:24
kyrofaawe_ are you running out of master? Or using 2.0.1 on xenial?14:25
awe_the latter14:25
dholbachkyrofa: I bet it's the “ and ” in the help text14:28
awe_kyrofa, is it possible to add a multi-line description in snapcraft.yaml?  This seems to cause grief whenever I try to do so14:28
dholbachchanging them to " should probably make it work14:28
kyrofaawe_ indeed, use YAML-foo!14:29
kyrofadholbach, brilliant! I'm trying to figure out how to UNset my locale to test :P14:29
kyrofaawe_, heh, hold on14:29
kyrofaawe_ https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3790454/in-yaml-how-do-i-break-a-string-over-multiple-lines14:29
kyrofaawe_ does that help?14:29
kyrofaawe_ it's just YAML, so anything YAML supports, snapcraft supports14:30
kgunnso i just moved to snapcraft 2.014:30
awe_yes, of course it appears there are nine different ways to do it!  groan14:30
awe_welcome to the party kgunn!14:30
kgunni used to be able to muck with my snap (fka apps) files14:30
kyrofaawe_ hahaha14:30
kgunnbut now i can't14:30
* kgunn looks for disco ball14:30
kgunnanyone know of a trick ?14:31
kyrofakgunn, I don't quite understand14:31
kyrofakgunn, can you define "muck"? :P14:31
kgunnkyrofa: so i have a script a-la /snaps/app.sideload/bin/dostuff14:31
kgunni used to just stop my service14:31
kgunntweak it14:31
kgunnbut...it just refuses to become writable14:32
awe_probably the change in file format of the snaps14:32
kyrofakgunn, yeah squashfs14:32
kgunnyeah figure14:32
kgunnbut is there a trick to circumvent14:32
awe_yea, but you need some squashfs foo, to be able to do so.. I looked at this yesterday, and decided it wasn't worth the trouble14:33
kyrofakgunn, hmm.... not that I know of I'm afraid14:33
awe_if you figure it out, please share the wealth14:33
kgunnsure :)14:34
kyrofakgunn, I see guides for layering unionfs on top of squashfs to add write capabilities, which to me means squashfs just doesn't support writing14:34
kyrofaelopio, agh, sorry I'm late, got distracted14:35
mvodholbach: no really good idea at this point, hopefully soon when the store lands support for per-architecture snap14:39
awe_kyrofa, seems on the "flow" style line wrapping methods are supported which strip any embedded new lines...14:39
mvodholbach: snaps14:39
mvodholbach: right now it would have to be a pretty big snap that is a bit tricky to build14:39
elopiofgimenez: ping. Could you ssh?14:45
dholbachkyrofa: ^ see what mvo said?14:58
kyrofadholbach, yeah, good info. I'm a little worried a developer might miss the "snappy-debug only includes security right now" note and wonder why he can't use strace after reading the docs15:00
kyrofadholbach, what do you think?15:01
asacmvo: is there the notion of a type: in snap.yamnl still?15:03
asace.g. should snapcraft learn about type: kernel? etc.?15:04
mvoasac: yes15:04
asacmvo: did you take a look at the .sanp? i uploaded a new one15:05
dholbachkyrofa: ok, let me change it a little bit15:06
asackyrofa: does snapcraft already allow me to use type: kernel ? e.g. in the yaml?15:06
asac../../bin/snapcraft clean15:07
asacIssues while validating snapcraft.yaml: 'kernel' is not one of ['app']15:07
asacok seems not15:07
mvoasac: should I test it?15:07
* asac checks and adds15:07
asacmvo: well, the initrd has modules only15:07
asacbeyond that is there anything missing compared from what you added?15:07
mvoasac: I think its fine, won't work right now because we don't have the generic-initrd yet, but that is something someone needs to work on soon15:08
kyrofaasac, yeah I don't think so yet15:09
asacmvo: lool is experimenting with how to concat those initrd15:09
asacin the bootloaders15:09
asackyrofa: ok... i will incolude that in my mammoth patchset :)15:10
asacwas just a scheme patch15:10
mvoasac: cool15:10
mvoasac: accoridng to apw its really just "cat initird1 initird2> initrd.img" and the kernel will DTRT15:10
asaclool: will you work on getting an indep initrd into OS snap from our builders?15:11
asacbut we prefer to not concat on disk15:11
asacbut rather from bootloader15:11
asace.g. have them load both files and just boot15:11
mvoasac: if the boorloader supports it15:11
asacthats what lool is testing now15:11
mvoasac: I think for grub thats fine and we can do that15:11
asace.g. grub + u-boot15:11
asacthink both could work15:11
dholbachkyrofa: updated - let me know if it's cleare now :)15:11
lool(I'm installing the test machine ATM)15:12
mvoasac: but uboot seems to not support it, but that is ok because for uboot we need to extract the kernel and initird anyway so we might as well do more magic15:12
apwthey need to be next ot each other in memory and the right bracketing start,length passed to the kernel15:12
asacuboot allows to load to raw mem position15:12
mvoasac: trouble if of course rollback, once we combine them on disk everything becomes harder15:12
asacso trick is to just load the two files neck to neck15:12
kyrofadholbach, ah, yeah that works :)15:12
mvoasac: yeah, uboot is flexible enough for that15:12
loolapw: is there an easy well to tell grub / u-boot to do this, or do we need to write all the tiny scripting logic to compute the addresses and kernel args?15:12
asacuboot needs to have special boot partition anyway right?15:12
asacor can we read squshfs etc. there?15:13
loolno we cant15:13
mvoasac: it has special handling15:13
loolalbeit there are patches to run grub-efi as a payload to u-boot now15:13
asacright. so arm still needs to gert files put into special place15:13
apwlool, can't say as i have ever looked at it, typically initrds are single things loaded and that sets the kernel data at the same time15:13
asacwe can as well concat them when doing that15:13
asacbut having them cleanly separate is surely better15:13
asacguess also for trusted boot etc.15:13
asaclool: grub allows just list of files for initrd15:14
asaci found on some blog15:14
loolapw: IIUC, the concatenation only works for init ramdisks, not initramfses; is there a big difference between the two we shoudl be worried about?15:14
asacso just initrd list of files15:14
loolasac: ah cool15:14
asacuboot you have to somewaht load first, then parse the end address15:14
asacand load second to that15:15
apwlool, it only works for the initramfs format ones, ie the cpio.gz style ones, those can be concantenated and the kernel will unpakc them all into the kernel root ramdisk before entering it15:15
loolapw: and are all kernel compression types supported, or only gz?15:16
loolis it ok if we do gz?15:16
apwlool, i believe its all of the initrd compression types which are enabled in your kernel config15:16
asaclool: http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?3523815:18
asacnot sure how it was fixed15:18
asacbut seems it got fixed15:18
Sweet5harktrying to setup a vagrant snappy image results in ssh timeout failure on "vagrant up" ...15:20
asacapw: is it very dirty (or even breaks) to ship the full modules.dep if i only have a subset of the modules (e.g. ship the full in the initrd)?15:20
apwasac, it is just a dependancy list, so i would expect that to be non-fatally "wrong"15:22
qenghoAre there xenial snappy test images for download? I can't find any.15:22
asacok here status quo ... https://github.com/asac/snapcraft/commits/kbuild-kernel-wip for those taht want to produce not-yet-booting kernel snaps15:22
apwasac, though if the device dependant parts contain nonoverlapping subsets it is not clear how you can make a correct one in the generic bit anyhow, as it does not list the non-gneeric bits15:22
apwasac, or indeed visa-versa15:23
asacapw: hmm. well its that i managed to filter the right modules out of my local build, just dont want to write code to remake a modules.dep with just that subset15:23
asace.g. i am using it from the right tree (not the generic one)15:23
asac(if i understood your comment correctly)15:23
Sweet5harkShowing the VM in the VirtualBox UI gives me a something apparently looping a kernel boot again and again. any hints?15:24
asacutlemming: ^^15:25
asacSweet5hark: utlemming is vagrant/vbox expert... not sure if he is around today though15:25
NoiZeRhello, im busy with compiling Boost on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS but does i need to compile it before i make a snap of it?15:25
utlemmingSweet5hark: I've seen that once before and it was the CPU.15:26
utlemmingSweet5hark: can you capture what happens immediately before reboot?15:26
NoiZeROr can i just install boost itself on snappy?15:29
Sweet5harkutlemming: any hints on what to press to prevent the box from rebooting right away?15:30
asacNoiZeR: you can use snapcraft to pull the binaries from archive15:31
asacinto your snaop15:31
NoiZeRok do you know where the binaries are?15:35
NoiZeRasac see above15:36
kyrofaelopio, would you mind taking a look at https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/210 when you have a chance? I want one more pair of eyes15:36
asacNoiZeR: dont know if i understand your question15:37
asacdo you know the ubuntu packages you want?15:37
asaci would suggest to start with making a xenial chroot, and then use apt-cache search and apt-get isntall to find what you need15:37
asaconce you have the packages you can use stage-packages: field in snapcraft.yaml to ensure those get put into your snap15:38
asacalongside with your app etc.15:38
NoiZeRbut i want that as framework because the C++ boost library needs to be available everywhere15:39
NoiZeRps im a total noob on Snappy just started15:41
asacNoiZeR: if you dont need have one runtime instance (e.g. a mediating service/agent) then dont feel bad about folks including copies in their snaps for now15:43
asacmake it easy to include it through having a snapcraft part etc.15:44
kyrofaelopio, travis has been failing left and right yesterday and today15:54
kyrofaelopio, hahaha, what is the standard on the copyrights? sergio told him to just make it 2016, I would have made it 2015-2016, and you said 2015, 201615:59
elopiokyrofa: you have to put every year the file was touched. And according to the fsf, if you use the - you have to documment that usage.15:59
elopioso I prefer to use the ,16:00
elopiobut of course, nobody pays attention to fsf and this is just a nit.16:00
kyrofaelopio, ah, excellent. I'll remember it!16:00
asactwo years use a , ... more years use a -16:01
asacmy 2c16:01
elopioasac: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-howto.html16:02
kyrofaelopio, for your admiration: http://pasteboard.co/15kdW9WN.jpg16:02
elopiosixth paragraph16:02
elopiokyrofa: wow.16:03
kyrofaelopio, I don't need to work out for a week after that job16:04
elopiohere we have cozy 23 degrees C, with no clouds in the sky.16:04
elopiokyrofa: did you do it all the way to the car?16:05
kyrofaelopio, yeah16:06
elopioI'm impressed.16:06
tedgkyrofa: http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-magazine-monitor-3011941016:12
tedgkyrofa: I'm not saying living someplace with snow can kill you, the BBC is :-)16:12
kyrofatedg, haha16:13
mvoJamesTait: hi, do you still need a meta/snap.yaml example snap?16:25
JamesTaitmvo, I believe I have one (shout.seriusens), thank you.16:26
* JamesTait can't type for toffee today.16:26
JamesTaitAnd I've now got the documentation for the internal snappy format, so I *think* that's everything I need to get started.  But I'll shout up if I find I'm missing anything.16:28
mvoJamesTait: cool, http://people.canonical.com/~mvo/tmp/hello-world_3.0_all.snap is also one16:28
* JamesTait hugs mvo.16:28
JamesTaitThank you very much - having a couple of package to test with will be a great help.16:29
mvoJamesTait: I think for you and the metadata you need its almost identical to package.yaml, name, version are the same, vendor is no more, description comes from yaml instead of readme.md16:29
mvoJamesTait: your welcome, shout if you need anything :)16:29
kyrofaWell hey there sergiusens. I figured you'd be sleeping most of today16:42
asacsergiusens: kyrofa: https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/257 is green now :)16:43
sergiusensasac, bloody timing, I added some review comments :-P16:50
loolasac: sorry took me a while to confirm, but it works16:51
fgimenezelopio, disk space seems to be ok in the last server deployed http://paste.ubuntu.com/14672859/16:51
loolasac: I cpio -i extracted snappy initrd, then split it into two dirs (moved lib/modules to a different one) then repacked16:51
loolasac: one key thing to pay attention to is that xz compression doesn't work but lzma does16:52
sergiusenskyrofa, I am super tired, but I also flew business (with a proper bed) so its not that bad16:52
loolit's very similar but not identical16:52
loolso just use "lzma" to compress16:52
elopiofgimenez: great.16:52
loolasac: I added break=top to cmdline to confirm that the initrd was fully populated, and then I completed a successful boot too16:52
kyrofasergiusens, well take it easy today :)16:52
loolasac: next step is making sure our OS snap includes a generic initrd16:53
asaclool: you know the magic cli arguments for xz initrd packgin?16:53
asacjust in case16:53
asaclool: so you could load two files from bootloader?16:53
asacand it was just one disk merged?16:53
loolasac: find . | cpio -c -H newc16:53
loolthen lzma the result16:53
lool(you can pipe it directly too)16:54
loolprobably better compression not to though16:54
loolasac: I used the initrd part1.img part2.img syntax you mentioned16:55
loolworked fine16:55
looldidn't try with u-boot, probably need to compute offsets myself there16:55
loolwhich wont be fun16:55
loolthere also seems to be some alignment constraints16:55
loolapparently you can mix various types of compressions (or no compression) on the grub initrd line; not sure if this is a grub or linux thing though16:55
asachmm. guess grub might do the uncompressing then?16:56
asaci would say its not good to mix :)16:56
loolit might be linux16:56
asacfiguring that compression changes mid file? i doubt it :)16:57
asacbut you newver know16:57
loolin fact, it's more likely linux as grub didn't bark at teh xz compression but linux failed to boot16:57
loolas in it panicked16:57
fgimenezelopio, i see that the build jobs are restricted by label in the config https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy-jenkins/blob/master/containers/jenkins-master/config/jobs/create-cloud-image-all-snaps/config.xml#L3216:57
asaclool: so i could only use xz with funnny cli arguments16:57
asaclet me find them16:57
fgimenezelopio, but not in the deployed server
loolasac: it's not midfile, linux gets the cpio header from the first piece16:57
loolit knows how long the initrd will be16:57
asaclool: xz --check=crc32 --lzma2=dict=512KiB inputfile16:57
asacthats how it works16:57
loollzma is simpler to type  :-)16:58
asacotherwise it always panicked for me not being able to uncompress initrd16:58
asacis it the same? no idea16:58
asac :)16:58
loollzma is what I used16:58
loolit's lzmo compression anyway16:58
asacrihht, but above also works16:58
asackind of16:58
asacsomething is different afaik :)16:58
loolperhaps I should test this on rpi216:58
asacnot compression, but maybe contgainer16:59
asacyeah do it16:59
asacjust two uinitrds and then load it with manual address offset for now16:59
loolalbeit if we're not doing squashfs loading there, there's no point in smarts to laod multiple initrds16:59
loolwe dont use uinitrd AFAIK16:59
asacwell, its good16:59
looljust plain initrds16:59
asacat least no need to add merge logic16:59
elopiofgimenez: that makes no sense.16:59
asacand if they are on disk16:59
asacthere migth be stuff with secure boot16:59
asacas we can validate the signatures as they were shipped16:59
asaclool: dunno... uboot needs to load initrd... thought it needs the mkimage  header17:00
asacifg not, then even easier i guess17:00
asacmaybe you can even do fatload file1 file2?17:00
fgimenezelopio, maybe we are creating the job before any slave with that label is available? that shouldn't be a problem imo...17:00
elopiofgimenez: when that happens, the job config just prints a warning.17:01
loolasac: as I said, it does not17:01
asaclool: anyway, i was hoping for your magic to make the uboot script do rthe right thing :)17:01
elopiobut you can still create it. so weird...17:01
loolwe dont use the mkimage headers17:01
asace.g. address calc17:01
asacbut uImage?17:01
loolfatload multiple args is quite certainly incorrect as the initrds need alignment17:01
loolwe dont use uimage17:02
asacreally? wow :)17:02
elopiofgimenez: maybe canRoam needs to be false.17:02
looluimage is only required for flash baked u-boot payloads; if built with the right configs, u-boot will happilly start a regular initrd17:02
asacguess that puts u-boot rquirement really high17:02
asaclike 2014 crack17:02
looljust one config17:02
fgimenezelopio, the rest of things seem to be in place, once the images and packages are built we are ready to go17:02
loolit's mainly something that we need to make sure the boards enable17:02
elopioI tried manually adding the label, and that value changes17:02
asacright, which is the problem with putting sophisticated requirements on bootloaders :)17:03
asacanyway, lets give it a go17:03
elopiofgimenez: I'll made the change manually, and propose a branch for the next deploy.17:03
asacif you can figure the offset calc in uboot.scr17:03
asacyou are my hero :)17:03
asacand we can go directly to making the plat-indep[ initrd in OS snap17:03
loolI wonder whether we'd be better off with using grub-efi on top of u-boot at this point17:04
loolasac: I'll try to repro on snapdragon or on rpi2 tonight, just to make sure there's no arch specific support issue there, then we can see which bootloader path we take17:05
fgimenezelopio, ok, leaving, have a great day17:06
asaclool: i dont know... feels thats even more sophisticated17:07
asacsnapdragon has new uboot17:07
asactry something with old too17:07
loolasac: the thing with grub-efi is that it's a single thing to worry about enabling in u-boot, and hten we can use the same logic everywhere17:09
pindongaelopio, kudos on the xenial mp! :)19:56
pindongaelopio, can I ask you to lobby for my MP with sergiusens ? ;-)19:58
kyrofaelopio, I'm trying to duplicate the lack of locale settings that causes snapcraft --help to barf a stacktrace on an lxc where it works fine20:15
kyrofaelopio, help?20:15
kyrofasergiusens, you could probabyl answer that as well ^^20:20
elopiokyrofa: take a look at the new .travis.yml20:39
elopiocreate a lxc following the same steps, and it won't have the locales set.20:39
elopiowe need utf-8 to run some unicode tests, so I changed runtests.sh to set the language.20:39
elopioremove that, run the tests, and you'll get an error.20:40
kyrofaelopio, alright, thanks :)20:40
elopiokyrofa: however, my theory is that the error came from the unicode copyright symbol on some files. That's fixed already.20:40
elopioif my theory is correct, the unicode chars from the tests won't get imported, and you'll be able to run snapcraft in ascii.20:41
kyrofaelopio, or the quotation marks (dholbach noticed those)20:41
elopiohum, I didn't see them. Great we have more eyes :)20:41
kyrofaelopio, I know you've reviewed https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/209 . Do you have a sec for a question on it?21:09
elopiokyrofa: I just took a quick look and didn't fully understand the tests. What's your question21:10
kyrofaelopio, yeah you had a good catch there21:10
kyrofaelopio, so right now, the copy plugin follows symlinks and copies in the original file, so no symlinks end up in the .snap21:10
kyrofaelopio, his change adds the ability to do the opposite, which is copy the symlinks themselves as leave them as links, even if they point outside the .snap. I think you and I agree that's not a good idea21:11
elopiokyrofa: that would be when this PR lands, right?21:11
elopioah right, the default is true.21:12
elopiokyrofa: yes, I would like us to help people building correct snaps.21:12
kyrofaelopio, right. Thing is: if that PR gets fixed to prevent incorrect snaps, is there any downside to using symlinks all the time? i.e. why make it an option?21:12
elopiokyrofa: hum, that question means we need a good integration test for this branch.21:13
elopioI thought that you would have a link to a file, and you want both to end up in your snap.21:13
elopiobut I suppose there are times when you want to keep only the real file, and get rid of the link.21:14
kyrofaelopio, ah, I was just thinking if the symlink pointed outside of the .snap, just copy the original21:14
kyrofaelopio, since sometimes the link will be absolute21:15
elopiokyrofa: that makes sense. If the real path is outside, copy the real, not the link.21:15
kyrofaelopio, exactly. It'll take a custom copy function and some decent tests, but then we have the best of all worlds21:16
elopiokyrofa: so that would be the default, and then you can override the behaviour with follow-symlinks: true | false ?21:17
kyrofaelopio, we can support that... but can you think of any reason why a developer wouldn't want symlinks in the .snap?21:17
kyrofaelopio, I can't, which begs the question: why add the option and incur the maintenance cost?21:18
elopiokyrofa: I assumed this would be coming from an external repo that has symlinks for some reason.21:18
elopiowe should ask femdom for his usecase.21:19
kyrofaWell, his use-case involves _wanting_ the symlinks. I'm asking: is there ever a reason to NOT want symlinks?21:19
elopiokyrofa: right, I'm reading it on the bug now.21:19
elopiokyrofa: I agree that your proposed solution is better than his.21:20
kyrofaelopio, I'm under the impression that we didn't have symlinks in the first place to avoid the potential dangling link and just copying the original was the quickest path to that goal. I think if we eliminate that possibility symlinks will work for everyone21:22
elopiokyrofa: what I don't like about this is that the snap repo won't have all the files it needs. It depends on the developer machine.21:23
elopiobut our goal is not to have reproducible builds. So I guess that's alright.21:24
kyrofaelopio, well, only potentially, and it's that way now if the repo has symlinks pointing outside of the repo21:24
kyrofaelopio, this proposal keeps everything the way it is now unless the symlink is pointing within the .snap already21:24
elopioyes, it'll be better than it is now.21:24
kyrofaAlright, thanks for your brain! I'll mull that over a little21:25
kyrofaelopio, also, when you have a minute: https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/26421:27
kyrofaelopio, integration test failures suck21:46
kyrofaelopio, is there a way to get output from the build?21:47
kyrofaelopio, from run_snapcraft, specifically21:48
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