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CenezoCan someone here just confirm a bug for me? In a standard Xenial setup, live USB or virtualbox: CTRL + ALT + T -> Is the area around the scrollbar strange? White/grey, but OK if you hover? Reported it as a bug but was told it's meant to be like that :S13:33
lotuspsychjeCenezo: i had a user with a scrollbar issue here yesterday14:08
Cenezolotuspsychje, That was me. :)14:09
lotuspsychjeah lol snowstorm?14:09
Cenezolotuspsychje, Yeah, that's right. :)14:09
lotuspsychjeCenezo: no report from a dev on the bug yet?14:09
Cenezolotuspsychje: I got an answer saying it was ment to be like that..14:10
CenezoI opened it up again, and tested on more computers, and in virtualbox. I have same problem in virtualbox, so I guess everyone has the problem.14:11
lotuspsychjeCenezo: well lets see what the dev says after your last question14:11
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ChibaPetXenial broke my computer. Should I open a bug? (Specifically, the installer bails on a macbook11,1.)23:09
ChibaPetSpecifically, I downloaded today's desktop / amd64 image, booted it, and ran the installer. Reproducing now so I can have the exact error message.23:11
k1l_yeah. bug filing is a good solution.23:11
k1l_but if there is a fix for apple hardware, who knows23:12
ChibaPetMm, dunno. It's not a huge deal if there isn't, but it might be an easy fix.23:12
ChibaPetSadly, I forgot my USB ethernet dongle at home, and wifi is unsupported, so I'll capture some relevant text by hand.23:13
ChibaPetHm. Makes me think I should try the server install too, as the traceback dies in Python gui code.23:15
ChibaPetHm. I really need to capture this programmatically, as it's way way too much to type out. Here's where I'm halting for now: https://bpaste.net/show/2e4035bac8fb23:16
ChibaPetI'm going to snag today's server install and then I'll run the gui install from home again, where I'll have a usable USB ethernet dongle so I can more easily capture all the output.23:18
ChibaPetIf I use their "submit a bug" button, will that prompt me for launchpad creds, and/or can I later add more detail, or does that fire off something to some closed process?23:19
tomreyncompare to this https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/6-04-will-not-install-on-my-machine/336323:21
tomreyn(search for "secureboot"on this page)23:22
ChibaPetThat looks like the same error to me.23:22
tomreynyes, do a media check if you havent23:23
tomreynlast time i used ubuntu-bug AKA apport it would not require me to provide credentials, but this iis years ago now.23:24
ChibaPetWell. Alright. I think the issue is with the Mac's EFI issues.23:24
ChibaPetbut I will verify the image.23:24
tomreyndisabling efi is not an option, i assume?23:24
ChibaPetI don't believe so, on a Mac.23:25
tomreyni dont know mac hardware nor firmware well, so no idea23:25
ChibaPetMm. It's definitely worth a bug report, as it should be relatively straightforward to vet function input more strictly.23:26
ChibaPetThis is where strictly-typed languages win. That kind of error can only exist with loose typing.23:26
ChibaPetAlright, off to commute, and I'll submit the bug report once home. I'll pop in again with results if I have any.23:27

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