ahoneybuncan we get a new introduction to scopes since the last one came out 1year ago and a lot has changed01:19
popeyahoneybun, file a bug against the developer site01:22
popeymost people aren't online right now01:22
ahoneybunI was talking about the video from Ubuntu OnAir01:27
mcphailOn the subject of video, are the talks from Ubucon going to be posted online? The titles looked interesting01:31
popeysome will/have01:34
popeyI had lunch with the guy who did the videoing and he is going to work it when he gets home01:34
popeywill need a lot of work01:34
popeyahoneybun, yeah, i think my comment still applies01:34
mcphailThere was some official-looking Scale thing on youtube, but the sound quality was so bad it was inaudible01:35
popey(because mentioning it here when nobody is about is shouting into the wind)01:35
popeyyeah, those were made by the on site scale people, these are separate01:35
popeyahoneybun, https://bugs.launchpad.net/developer-ubuntu-com/01:35
popeyo/ all01:38
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JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Tuesday, and happy Australia Day! 😃09:37
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DanChapmandavidcalle hey! is there any examples somewhere of handling preview widget activations in a go scope? My searching so far has been fruitless12:01
davidcalleHey DanChapman, there should be an example on lp, hang on :)12:01
davidcalleDanChapman: eg, opening an app?12:06
DanChapmandavidcalle, yeah that and also using the comment-input widget12:07
davidcalleDanChapman: the uappexplorer scope is doing two interesting things in its previews: it can open an app and also go to another scope https://github.com/bhdouglass/uappexplorer-scope/blob/master/src/uappexplorer-scope.go#L17412:08
* DanChapman looks12:09
DanChapmancool thanks, so that solves working with uri's.12:16
davidcalleDanChapman: and for receiving activations data, see the twitter scope shipped by default http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~twitter-scope-team/twitter-scope/trunk/view/head:/src/twitter.go#L184912:19
DanChapmandavidcalle, aha! that's perfect. Thanks!12:21
davidcalleDanChapman: yw!12:22
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