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oSoMoNubuntu-qa: the autopkgtests for qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu failed, blocking the migration of webbrowser-app from -proposed, and I have no clue why, could it be a flaky test/temporary failure, and if so can the test job be retried? (http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#webbrowser-app)08:28
jibeloSoMoN, from the error it's a problem with the shutdown of the testbed, unrelated to the webbrowser obviously08:35
jibeloSoMoN, you can ping pitti he can retry the test08:35
oSoMoNthanks jibel, I’ll do that08:36
morphissil2100, Mirv: hey! time for another upload?10:20
sil2100morphis: sure, in a moment though!10:27
morphissil2100: ok10:27
sil2100morphis: piiing10:46
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* sil2100 off to lunch13:59
kgunntrainguards just trying not to "hurry up" for QA's sake at the end of the week...so can we get silo 21 landed so we can rebuild silo 10 on top?15:15
kgunnoops scratch "not"15:16
kgunnsil2100: just curious, u-s-c is still in proposed pocket for xenial...should we force merge so we can get on with rebase, rebuilding?16:58
kgunnexcuses doesn't show anything concerning...16:59
cjwatsonkgunn: $ grep-aptavail -nsPackage -Pe '^u[^-]*-s[^-]*-c[^-]*$' | sort -u | wc -l17:08
cjwatsonyour abbreviations are ambiguous :)17:08
kgunnsorry unity-system-compositor17:08
kgunncjwatson: ^17:08
cjwatsonkgunn: ok, it migrated a few minutes ago, see https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-system-compositor/+publishinghistory - I assume the train will catch up shortly17:09
kgunncjwatson: hmm, so here if i do apt-cache policy unity-system-compositor, it still shows installed/available as the same?17:10
kgunnmaybe i don't know how it all works17:10
kgunnmore like...obviously i don't know how it all works :)17:11
cjwatsonkgunn: publisher takes time to run17:12
kgunnright makes sense...i suspect my "apt-get update/apt-cache policy" method of checking will show it  when the train does17:13
cjwatsonprobably rather afterwards17:15
cjwatsonthe train checks the publication status using the LP API - it doesn't care about whether the publisher has put it all on disk in an aptable form17:18
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cjwatsonkgunn: there, landed17:26
robrukgunn: you want silo 21 landed? That's webbrowser-app and was never published, and needs a rebuild. Not sure what you're talking about18:55
boikoalesage: hi, regarding silo 52, we found one problem about the confinement: reading mms group chat settings is not working19:05
boikoalesage: the fix is on its way, just letting you know because we will have to rebuild messaging-app19:05
alesageboiko ack thx19:06
kgunnrobru: nope, no silo 21 interest from me19:15
Saviqjibel, is it a script that marks u-d-s-i bugs as fix committed on landings? should probably look at all tasks to see if others are > Invalid < Fix released19:17
jibelSaviq, you mean to close other tasks too?19:24
Saviqjibel, rather not close the top task if not all tasks are open19:24
jibelSaviq, the top task is closed when it's in the archive and there is a bug # in the changelog19:25
jibelSaviq, in which case it shouldn't be close since it'll be on the image?19:25
Saviqjibel, case in point - bug #153638319:26
ubot5bug 1536383 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Need to increase pointer speed/acceleration" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153638319:26
Saviqjibel, it got closed even though there's still outstanding tasks on some projects19:26
Saviqand it isn't always the case that we need/want to land altogether in one silo19:26
jibelSaviq, understood, but it seems more like a edge case than the rule, isn't it? in general when there is 'closes: ####' in the changelog it means the case is close19:27
Saviqjibel, for that particular project, not for other ones19:28
Saviqnecessarily, I mean19:28
robru7:15:42 <kgunn> trainguards just trying not to "hurry up" for QA's sake at the end of the week...so can we get silo 21 landed so we can rebuild silo 10 on top?19:28
Saviqjibel, which is why I'd check other tasks, and only close the "top" c-d-s-i task when all others are closed19:28
Saviq(automagically, that is)19:29
jibelSaviq, okay, point taken. I'll check if there are lot of cases where the top task should be closed but won't because other tasks are still open.19:30
kgunnrobru: taken care of, it was usc19:45
kgunnrobru: but yeah definitely wrong silo #...brain fart19:47
boikorobru: could you please trigger a rebuild of messaging-app xenial pc64el on silo 52?20:26
robruboiko: on it20:26
boikorobru: thanks!20:26
robruboiko: you're welcome!20:27
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robrusil2100: you're still up?23:29
sil2100robru: yeah23:29
sil2100What's up?23:29
robrusil2100: oh, I a few hours ago I pushed a bug to production which will break silo auto-merges, I just pushed a fix now, but it won't reach production for 45 minutes. hopefully that silo you just published doesn't migrate for at least an hour or so to avoid the bug. it's a race now ;-)23:30
robruor maybe I'll get webops to roll it out faster...23:31
sil2100robru: but it's only for auto-merges for now, right?23:31
sil2100And, how does it break them: that they won't work or that they'll break trunks etc. ;p ?23:32
robrusil2100: yeah, why, is that silo only manual sources?23:32
sil2100No no, but I was just curious if we can force merge some that might seem blocked by auto-merges being down23:32
robrusil2100: the breakage is subtle, it'll probably push to trunk ok, but then it'll try to set the branch status and fail with an unhandled traceback. probably harmless actually23:32
robrusil2100: oh, no, all merging is broken23:32
sil2100Ah, ok, ACK ;) I hope proposed migration is slow today then!23:33
robrusil2100: I've got webops rolling out the fix soon23:33
sil2100robru: thanks23:33
robrusil2100: heh, sorry for breaking things23:33
robrusil2100: ok, the fix is in production, hopefully it works ;-)23:41
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