dokotumbleweed, jtaylor, barry, pitti: migration of python-numpy is needed for the python3.4 removal. any ideas?00:01
* tumbleweed looks00:03
barrynumpy itself is failing, but maybe that's shallow00:05
barry(failing on py27?)00:05
jtaylordoko: whats blocking it?00:15
jtayloroh the failure itself is simple00:15
jtaylortoo bad morph doesn't care about adt tests :(00:15
jtaylordf70490874e33e1fad18720f5c74fb5e319c9e06 is the fix00:16
jtaylorfwiw scipy will fail with that numpy but an upload for that is waiting on a sphinx update00:16
jtaylorshould be done soon00:17
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dokojtaylor, well, then why does he add these?00:19
jtaylordoko: I added them00:19
dokobad jtaylor ;-P00:19
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tsimonq2ok, so I really don't know who to contact so I came here. I was looking at FTBFS and I noticed hplip was failing builds. So I peeked at the logs and it had a dependency error of cups that was already in the repos. On my machine, the build was successful. Where should I file a bug? Who should I report it to?00:51
tsimonq2and it builds successfully upstream00:52
tsimonq2hplip is in main00:52
tsimonq2should this go in #ubuntu+1-maint?00:53
cjwatsontsimonq2: Probably fixed by the recent promotion of liblouis-bin to main.  I've retried the failed builds.01:20
tsimonq2cjwatson: ok thanks01:21
* tsimonq2 watches the builds :D01:22
Pharaoh_AtemI've finally made progress on the apache configs for php7.001:58
tsimonq2can this bug be attached to apt in FTBFS? thanks! https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lz4/+bug/153192302:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1531923 in lz4 (Ubuntu) "[MIR] lz4" [Undecided,New]02:27
tarpmanmdeslaur: don't suppose you would have any insight into bug 1537762...? bit short on details unfortunately02:28
ubottubug 1537762 in openldap (Ubuntu) "syncrepl does not work when using tls" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153776202:28
sarnoldtarpman: it reminds me a little of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnutls26/+bug/1534230  -- the openssl s_client and openssl x509 advice there may help debug that02:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1534230 in gnutls26 (Ubuntu) "LDAP TLS connection stopped working" [Undecided,Invalid]02:34
sarnoldpity these bugs elide the useful details; it'd take one of us a few seconds to check.. oh well.02:34
tarpmanto be fair, slapd's logging of tls errors leaves something (a lot) to be desired... I have a wishlist bug for that around here somewhere :)02:35
sarnoldhehe :)02:35
tarpmanyeah, that definitely looks relevant. thanks, posting the link now (unless you beat me to it)02:35
sarnoldgo ahead02:36
tarpmanI always have to /whois you to remind myself you're not my former coworker with the same first initial last name :P02:36
sarnoldthe guy who's been stealing my username!02:37
tarpmanheh, I don't think he IRCs...02:37
tsimonq2I looked into devscripts on FTBFS, it seems like there is no longer a dependency problem but a build problem. Can someone please do a build to confirm this and to get bugs filed? Thanks!03:02
tsimonq2It also seems like this is a problem on our part, since Debian's autobuilders succeed: https://buildd.debian.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=devscripts&arch=i386&ver=2.15.10&stamp=145153503903:05
tsimonq2looking at FTBFS again, can graphite2 be rebuilt? I might have some local problems but I know the dependency problems are fixed...03:26
cpaelzergood morning05:48
pittiGood morning06:41
pittihey lathiat, good morning!06:49
pittidoko: looking at the regessions; I uploaded the fix for numexpr06:58
pittidoko: the "Specified path is invalid." warning in python-numpy is real, and does not happen with 1.8.207:20
pittidoko: it tries to os.path.isdir('') which is the value of runtime_library_dirs which gets initialized to []07:28
pittidoko: this whole system_info code is new in 1.10 apparently07:30
pittidoko: I mean the part with the default_runtime_dirs, there's a few other default_*_dirs already07:30
LocutusOfBorghi cjwatson a question wrt iulib08:53
LocutusOfBorgcan I steal your merge? if so, can we fakesync it?08:53
LocutusOfBorgnot sure what does it mean :)08:53
henrixpitti: may i have some tests lxc tests re-run please: run-autopkgtest -s trusty -a ppc64el --trigger linux-meta/ lxc09:53
pittihenrix: started09:56
henrixpitti: awesome, thanks!09:57
pittimdeslaur: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#php5 apparently regresses php-crypt-gpg and php-horde-icalendar, can you please have a look? (the other regressions are already overridden)10:48
dokothat blocks the python3.4 removal10:50
pitticjwatson: do you know a trick how to get the -images tarball from https://launchpad.net/~pitti/+archive/ubuntu/sru-test/+build/8897111 ?10:56
pittior do PPAs simply not do that?10:56
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jamespagecking, are the zfs package bits aiming for main inclusion for 16.04? I was pondering enabling support in ceph for zfs but would need libzfslinux-dev in main for that11:21
ckingjamespage, we hoping to get it into main, I've filed a MIR, so it's Work-in-Progress11:23
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mitya57pitti, can you please make qbzr autopkgtest not blocking pygments migration? It's not a regression, but rather something seasonal (https://bugs.debian.org/776188#10)11:25
ubottuDebian bug 776188 in src:qbzr "qbzr: autopkgtest fails since 2015-01-01" [Normal,Open]11:25
mitya57(and I've just fixed sphinx which was a real regression)11:26
Laneymitya57: wtf at that11:30
Laneybut can't it be fixed?11:30
mitya57I quickly looked at it, and didn't see an easy way to fix it.11:31
mitya57And I don't have much time today to dig into that code.11:31
henrixpitti: can i also have this please? run-autopkgtest -s wily -a armhf --trigger linux-meta/ flashcache11:33
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pittihenrix: done11:45
henrixpitti: thanks11:49
pittimitya57: "the tests11:56
pittifail on months containing J, that is Januarys, Junes and Julys"11:56
pittimitya57: it's not nearly as good as the infamous "OpenOffice does not print on Tuesdays" bug, but still fun :)11:57
pittimitya57: but the sphinx regression is really recent (it started failing on the new pygments), so that needs looking into11:59
mitya57pitti, I've uploaded new sphinx fixing the issue11:59
pittimitya57: ah great! I hinted qbzr12:00
mdeslaurpitti: yes, I'll look today (php5 migration failure)12:04
pittimdeslaur: thanks12:04
pitticjwatson: unping; the build log plus local build are sufficient12:13
cjwatsonLocutusOfBorg: Feel free to steal my iulib merge, don't mind what you do with it after that13:20
quadrisp1opitti, no need to say that I trust you, so next time on libmtp you want to fix something, just fix it :)13:21
pittiquadrisp1o: ok :)13:21
quadrisp1ofeel free to add yourself to Uploaders13:21
pittiquadrisp1o: we don't need an upload just for this, but good to know that we don't have a permanent delta because of this now13:22
cjwatsonpitti: I don't think you can get the tarball as such, but it's unpacked and published to your PPA in the usual place - http://ppa.launchpad.net/pitti/sru-test/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/installer-amd64/20101020ubuntu318.34/images/13:23
pitticjwatson: oh! I guess that was too obvious, thanks!13:23
tjaaltondoko: hi, llvm 3.8-rc1 got released, do you know if sylvestre plans to work on it soon?13:30
dokotjaalton, no13:31
tjaaltondoko: ok, I'll ask him13:31
LocutusOfBorgcjwatson, question: the delta is now dropped, unfortunately the version naming is strange 0.4+is+0.3-3ubuntu213:31
LocutusOfBorgso I don't think I can sync13:31
LocutusOfBorgdo you have any advice? just rename the last entry and upload?13:32
pittiapw: do you still remember what we meant in bug 1497291?13:34
tjaaltondoko: turns out it's already uploaded to experimental, but in NEW13:34
ubottubug 1497291 in Auto Package Testing "britney is requesting/reporting test results for reverse-depends architectures even when used in forward context" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149729113:34
cjwatsonLocutusOfBorg: I would probably apply the same changes so that it's effectively in sync and call it 0.4+is+0.3-3ubuntu3; not much else we can do until the version in Debian increases to something past ours13:34
LocutusOfBorgthanks, I was wondering about epoch in debian and sync :)13:35
LocutusOfBorganyhow, I just changed the last changelog entry and uploaded13:35
apwpitti, i am reading that as when running a test for foo which triggers linux-keystone that it triggers tests for all of foo's architectures not all of linux-keystones'13:36
rbasakLocutusOfBorg: an epoch would be permenant. At least this way the mess is temporary.13:36
apwpitti, but ... it is rather vague13:36
LocutusOfBorgrbasak, sure, I really don't like epoch too13:36
* LocutusOfBorg never bumped an epoch13:36
pittiapw: hm, I thought that got fixed a long time ago already13:38
apwpitti, may well so13:40
pittiapw: the bug says that http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/trusty/update_excuses.html#linux-meta-keystone was wrong, but it currently looks right, doesn't it?13:40
apwpitti, yep looks right.  i'd be inclined to call it fixed as we'll never know anyhow now :)(13:40
pittiapw: ack13:40
LocutusOfBorgquestion, an ubuntu delta about renaming library for gcc5 transition ( pitti ), can be dropped after wily?13:46
LocutusOfBorgpackage: libclaw13:46
pittiLocutusOfBorg: no, after xenial only, as we need to support trusty → xenial upgrades13:47
LocutusOfBorgif not: can I steal your merge?13:47
pittiLocutusOfBorg: please do steal, thanks!13:47
LocutusOfBorgthanks to you13:47
* tsimonq2 wonders if he should repost wht he said yesterday, following up on some FTBFS issues...13:48
pittiapw: FYI, we have a slight technical hitch (aka "we kill all instances"): http://paste.ubuntu.com/14671742/13:48
apwpitti, that doesn't look good13:49
apwpitti, any idea what is triggering that ?13:49
pittiLaney: let's move here, to have everyone on the same channel13:49
pittiapw: I figure apt pinning + dist-upgrade again, let me check13:49
apwpitti, oh it might not be a real issue, one we are generating in the test environment13:50
LocutusOfBorgpitti, it can be syncd13:50
LocutusOfBorgI missed that debian renamed the library too13:50
pittiLocutusOfBorg: heh, they better did; nice13:50
LocutusOfBorgI was looking at the latest changelog entry, missing the previous one13:51
LocutusOfBorgand complaining about "why the hell the patch doesn't apply", when I discovered it was already there :p13:51
pittiLocutusOfBorg: someone (you?) already synced13:51
tsimonq2After using an schroot, is there anything I have to do to clean it?13:52
LocutusOfBorgas you have noted, I'm merging all the libpng-dev packages from debian13:52
tsimonq2For building a package13:52
pittiapw, Laney: yep, --apt-pocket=proposed=src:init-system-helpers does that; yay apt pinning being too clumsy :/13:54
pittiI'll disable it for a moment, let the i-s-h tests  run, and re-enable it13:54
LocutusOfBorgmterry, can I steal your xaos merge?13:55
cjwatsonLocutusOfBorg: doesn't need an epoch; the version in experimental is already greater than what we have, so we should be fine when it gets to unstable13:55
LocutusOfBorgcjwatson, yes, sure13:55
LocutusOfBorgBTW the revert was back to oneiric13:55
LocutusOfBorgwhen a reverse-dependency that now disappeared was needing the old version13:55
LocutusOfBorgso I presume without it, we might also push experimental to unstable and force-sync13:56
LocutusOfBorgbut I prefer to concentrate to fixing libpng13:56
mterryLocutusOfBorg, sure thanks13:56
apwpitti, phew (in a way)13:57
pittidear apt: pinning priority of 800 does not mean "OMG stay away from it like the plague!"13:57
pittiLaney: so *now* it will test everything with kernel 4.4 too (without apt pinning, I mean) :)13:58
Laneypitti: heh13:59
Laneypitti: there's a forced lockstep upgrade of i-s-h and sysvinit-utils14:00
LocutusOfBorgxaos can be syncd14:00
LaneyI guess this explodes apt14:00
pittiLaney: right14:00
pittiLaney: well, it's fine without pinning, but if you say "prefer the i-s-h binaries from -proposed" it doesn't grok that it should use proposed for the necessary dependencies too14:01
pittiLaney: it seems like it's either "ish binary deps are completely satisfiable in -release" or "I refuse"14:01
apwpitti, i thought that when things failed with pinning it fell back to enabling -proposed en-toto ?14:01
pittiapw: yes, but that's the early dist-upgrade14:01
apwoh heh only there, ok14:02
pittiway before installing the test deps14:02
pittiand it doesn't technically fail14:02
pittiit "just" removes openss..14:02
apwpitti, hehe that must be a little bit disruptive to results gathering :)14:03
pittisince apt pinning is so completely useless for every nontrivial case, I wonder if there's a different approach that we can take14:03
apwpitti, we know the versions of them don't we, can we not install foo=version14:04
pittiperhaps, first install everything from -release, *then* add -proposed apt source, and install everything again14:04
pittithen it should not upgrade stuff unless dependencies mandate it14:04
apwthat sounds feasable14:04
pittiI don't want to rewrite apt's resolver, no14:04
pittijust make it less greedy with picking stuff from -proposed, or alternatively fix the apt pinning to actually fall back from 900 -proposed to 800 -release14:05
* apw doesn't even want to look at apt's resolver :)14:05
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pittithat sounds like a nice thing to look at tomorrow morning in the train14:05
tsimonq2in FTBFS, libsecret is failing due to gjs not being in main but Universe, and there is no Mir bug filed...should *I* file one, not being the maintainer?14:06
apwi think upgrade from !-proposed, install triggers, add -proposed, install triggers would do pretty well, and better than it does now14:06
apwpitti, and remember thats not -release but -updates in the older releases14:07
pittiyeah, but same thing in this context14:07
LaneyI guess that would improve things, yeah14:08
tsimonq2same situation with appstream-glib depending on libgcab-dev...14:08
pittiapw: so in the second step we would iterate over all binaries of the triggers, check if they are instaslled, and if so, apt-get install them again14:08
LaneyThe other thing is to move testing to another phase after _output14:08
pitti(as we don't want to blindly install all binaries of the trigger -- that might not even be possible)14:08
Laneyand do it per transaction14:08
pittiI wonder how that  would fail with library transitions14:09
apwpitti, yeah good point14:09
pittiand for binNEW, or even source NEW, etc. (the trigger might not even *be* in teh release yeat)14:09
pittiso, it's not going to become any easier (the contrary), just perhaps more useful14:09
Laney(Then you test the set of things you're trying to migrate)14:10
pittiLaney: "move testing to another phase after _output" → can't parse, sorry14:10
Laneyexcuses -> output -> test -> migrate14:10
Laneyi.e. test things after they become a candidatge14:10
pittiLaney: ah, to avoid running into uninstallability14:11
Laneybecause britney has then worked out the transactions already14:11
Laneyand those are the units of migration14:11
pittiinteresting idea14:11
Laneyso you'd make a fake Packages file or something which represents those14:11
pittiLaney: or we could pin all binaries involved in that transaction14:32
pittiLaney: which should work again, as that ought to be a closed set14:33
pittiLaney: sounds elegant, but we would then start depending on being able to download update_output.txt from everywhere14:33
pittiand more importantly, depending on that it is actually current14:33
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LocutusOfBorgsarnold, can I sync flogwatch? your security update seems icluded in the debian version (new release)15:05
Laneypitti: Hm? I imagine you'd feed the requests from britney still, just at a later phase15:22
Laneypitti: can't use update_output now as the packages we're testing aren't candidates yet so they don't appear there15:22
pittiLaney: oh right, you mean britney will forward the set of packages as test parameter, so that the worker can just add them to --apt-pocket=proposed=src:a,src:b, etc.15:23
pittiso, this is quite a heavy piece of reengineering, but sounds interesting indeed15:24
Laneypitti: I would ditch the pinning and just make a fake release as this is more robust15:24
Laneybut it might work either way15:25
Laneydefinitely a lot of reworking15:25
pittiLaney: oh, you mean: apt-get update, create fake _Packages from the complete proposed_Packages and the sources we want, and replace -proposed apt source withthat15:26
pittithat doesn't work, as dependencies from the ones "we want" might also just be in -proposed15:26
Laneypitti: britney is saying that it wants to remove the -release package and all its binaries and put the -proposed one(s) and all its binaries in15:26
pittiso for that we need the britney "give me the complet set" features15:26
pittiLaney: but once we have that, apt pinning works equally well :)15:26
Laneythat's what update_output knows15:26
Laneypitti: I don't think that's the most important part of the proposal, so whichever way you like15:28
LaneyThe other way feels more like "this is the state we are trying to mutate -release into" to me15:28
Laneyno possibility of an unclean environment15:29
Laneybut, doesn't matter that much15:29
* Laney goes to write weekly report15:29
LocutusOfBorgmitya57, can you please merge tracker from debian?15:33
mitya57LocutusOfBorg, sure15:52
smoserhey, do we have a plan for signed firefox addons ?15:58
smoserjust upgraded and see that 'Uubntu Online Accounts', 'Unity Desktop Integration', 'Unity Websites integration' have all been disabled.15:59
smoserin addition to pentadactyl which i actually care about (https://github.com/5digits/dactyl/issues/99)15:59
mitya57LocutusOfBorg, done16:04
LocutusOfBorgmitya57, <316:06
smoserbarry, we are close https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-defaults/+bug/153819816:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1538198 in python-defaults (Ubuntu) "python in xenial cloud image" [Undecided,New]16:19
smoserno real digging yet as to what is getting the remaining bits pulled in.16:19
barrysmoser: cool, thanks.  i'm subscribed now.16:21
slangasekpitti: hi, re: bug #1537211, your changelog makes it sound like you're dropping the attachment of /var/log/udev rather than replacing it with attaching the udevadm info output?16:27
ubottubug 1537211 in libmtp (Debian) "clean up /var/log/udev.log" [Unknown,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153721116:27
pittislangasek: attaching udevadm dump already has happened for a long time (UdevDb: field)16:28
slangasekpitti: hah ok16:34
slangasekpitti: thanks :)16:34
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smoserlamont, around ?17:47
smoseryou're postfix maintainer... postfix seems to be what is pulling in python in cloud image http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/germinate-output/ubuntu.xenial/cloud-image.depends17:47
lamontsmoser: sigh17:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1538198 in python-defaults (Ubuntu) "python in xenial cloud image" [Undecided,New]17:47
smoserits Recommends.17:47
smoseri'll poke a bit, but if you know why, and if we could do anything, that'd be good.17:48
lamontsmoser: looks like https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1538198 and some scripts that need to be taught about python3, and a change in Recommends18:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1538198 in postfix (Ubuntu) "python in xenial cloud image" [High,Confirmed]18:13
lamontsmoser: rather, * Recommend: python for postfix-add-* scripts. <-- that change18:13
lamontso postfix-add-* scripts need to learn about pytho3n18:14
smoserlamont, yeah. see bug, i posted a hack/quick 10 minute try18:14
lamontI expect to have some time on the plane this weekend, which is doubtlessly not soon enough for your happiness.18:14
smoserwell, thats fine with me. we're down to just that in the image to my knowledge.18:15
lamontoh, cool18:15
* lamont adds it to his plane-fun18:15
lamontthough, tbf, it's more airport-fun, I plan to sleep on at least the first leg18:15
smoserif you want, you can give my patch a try. i just verified running 'python3 <path>.py' worked for everything.18:15
lamontsmoser: uh... you do the ubuntu1 version and I'll merge it upstream?18:16
lamontbounus if the hacked file runs under both :D18:16
smoserwell, want to test it . i just verrified compiles18:17
smoserSHIP IT!18:17
rbasakI think "mk-sbuild sid" may be broken on Xenial. Not confirmed fresh yet. /dev/null inside the chroot ends up 644. Anyone else seen this?18:23
rbasak"mk-sbuild xenial" is fine.18:24
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mdeslaurxnox: did you get nodejs to build on s390x?18:34
smoserlamont, anoterh patch there now. this one passes pylint's checker18:37
lamontI wonder, does launchpad bugs have anything like debian's bts (cli) for offline bug processing and perusal?  thinking "wut? no..."18:40
rbasakLaunchpad has an API, so you could write a CLI I guess, if nobody's done that.18:42
rbasakYou can change bug statuses via email.18:42
lamontrbasak: the question was one of totally not wanting to write it, just wanting to be able to read the bug while wifi-disconneted. :/18:43
lamontso no worries, I guess18:43
mdeslaurlamont: what's this "offline" thing you talk about?18:44
lamontmdeslaur: sometimes, it's my life. :(18:44
rbasakmdeslaur: says the security guy :-P18:45
lamontrbasak: to the security guy :D18:45
mdeslauryou don't get security updates when you're offline! :P18:47
rbasakTell me that when you show me a CVE that affects my offline single-user machine :)18:47
* rbasak half expects one to exist18:48
Odd_BlokeCVE-2016-0123: rbasak left his front door unlocked18:48
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2016-0123)18:48
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tedghallyn: So if I add a dep on libpam-cgm, should that be a "libpam-cgm | libpam-cgfs" ?19:15
hallyntedg: or rather libpam-cgfs | libpam-cgm19:17
rbasakIt's debootstrap that's broken I think. It now creates /dev/null as 644 because it runs mknod directly and doesn't set permissions.19:26
* rbasak files a bug.19:26
sarnoldmaybe try with umask 0 to see if that unblocks you?19:27
rbasaksarnold: I'm just reverting the upstream commit that caused the regression - http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/d-i/debootstrap.git/commit/?id=5518b79792dd93a416464c0744b87eb1a32ff77019:49
rbasakI just patched the functions file in reverse, and I think I'm good for now.19:49
sarnoldrbasak: hah, nice fix..19:54
Pharaoh_Atemrbasak: so I've got a question20:14
rbasakPharaoh_Atem: o/20:15
Pharaoh_AtemI've got working dep8 tests for php7.0 now20:15
Pharaoh_Atemand I've even added an fpm one20:15
Pharaoh_Atembut my problem is how to handle adding the php-fpm httpd config to the php package20:15
Pharaoh_Atembecause right now, the php package does not provide one20:15
naccPharaoh_Atem: heya!20:15
Pharaoh_Atemnacc: yo!20:15
Pharaoh_AtemI saw your post on LP20:16
rbasakIf I understand you correctly, you can just drop it into the test20:16
rbasakYou don't need the package to provide one specifically; the test can have a local copy of what it needs.20:16
Pharaoh_Atemwell, the config doesn't exist _at all_ in the php package, so there's no a2enconf or whatever for making php-fpm receive httpd input20:16
rbasakYou have some way of making it work, right?20:17
rbasakIf you can script that way, then the test is just that script.20:17
Pharaoh_AtemI wrote a config file and dropped it onto my local xenial install20:17
Pharaoh_Atembut it might make sense to actually provide it as something people could use, too20:17
Pharaoh_Atemthat's what I need your advice on20:17
Pharaoh_AtemI don't know how to go about this20:17
rbasakUntil it provides it, you can write the test as you like. Either "cat > /foo <<EOT\nconfig_here\nEOT" within the script, or ship the file in debian/tests/foo.conf and have the script copy it in.20:18
Pharaoh_Atemwell, then, I guess I'll do that20:18
Pharaoh_AtemI'll prepare a git patch for you in a bit20:18
rbasakThe test should declare "needs-root breaks-testbed" and the dep8 runner will do the right thing.20:18
rbasak(revert the VM or container before running the next test, etc)20:18
rbasakIf it makes sense for the package to ship some configs, then that'd probably be best to send in a patch to Ondrej, and coordinate with him on what he thinks is suitable, etc.20:19
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ximion1robert_ancell: you really want to MIR AppStream itself: https://packages.debian.org/source/sid/appstream20:51
robert_ancellximion1, ta, will do that one too20:52
ximion1if Protobuf and Qt5Core are in main for Ubuntu, it should have no dependencies on stuff which isn't already there20:52
ximion1let me know if if you need any help :)20:52
juliankMeanwhile APT 1.2/1.2.1 and squashfs-tools are still in depwait due to lz4 MIR bug 153192321:07
ubottubug 1531923 in lz4 (Ubuntu) "[MIR] lz4" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153192321:07
xnoxmdeslaur, nope. it's strange it build on debian but not on ubuntu. Even if I, e.g. disable pie too. And i don't see anything obvious. I shall engage upstream on that.21:50
xnoxmdeslaur, well porters in question.21:50
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