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BluesKajHiyas all12:53
OerHekshmmm modifying the color from #DD4814 to #E9542013:40
Ben64page doesn't even show the difference13:43
OerHeksYeah, they should do like this >> http://imgur.com/3XC6RvW13:45
OerHeksGlad i didn't order my businesscards yet :-D13:46
Ben64took way too long, i'm so bad at the gimp13:49
OerHeksnice :-)13:49
OerHeksIt is like it has been washed with super-duper-clean-agent13:50
Ben64yeah, i like the previous orange better13:52
Ben64but i never really liked the orange anyway13:52
OerHekstoo bright?13:52
Ben64too orange?13:52
Ben64i made everything blue on my system13:52
BluesKajhey OerHeks Ben64 , I never cared for ubuntru colours ...that orange/brownish default alwys bugged me13:53
OerHeksOrange is the colour of our royaldude, so we are used to it13:53
OerHeksyeah BluesKaj, the brown one was really ...how do i say this politely13:53
BluesKajOerHeks, no need to be polite , just be real13:54
Ben64i like my system to look clean and sharp, maybe futuristic13:54
OerHeksthough that artwork of 9.04 was awesome13:54
BluesKajwell said tho OerHeks "-)13:54
Ben64anyway, time to rinse with saltwater and head to bed13:55
Ben64if you ever have a choice to get a wisdom tooth removed... don't do it13:56
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