x-NaHi guys, I'm still asking if anyone has come across Gnome-shell having a possible memory leak12:43
x-NaBeen watching for an hour and the memory consumption has gone from about 6% to 11%12:43
x-NaAnd it just keeps going up12:43
x-NaSeems to happen if someone else logs on to the machine and the vt is changed, it stops hogging the memory after vt changes back to the original12:52
mgedminthat seems fast13:36
mgedminwhat gnome-shell version?13:37
LinDolhi all13:55
x-NaNow it's 29,7%14:30
x-NaA bit over 2 gigs14:31
x-NaAnd it really seems to slow down once I switch back to the VT I am logged in14:32
mgedminI assume alt-f2 r helps (temporarily)?14:32
x-NaBut the weird thing is that it happens only for me, not for any of the other users of the same computer14:33
mgedmindo you have any shell extensions?14:34
x-NaI actually went so far that I disabled all the extensions and even recreated my home directory to get fresh settings14:36
x-NaSo no extensions14:37
mgedminat this point I've exausted my knowledge14:44
* mgedmin inserts the missng h14:44
mgedminaugh ok can't sp4ell, time to log off14:44
mgedminbut before that, I was going to suggest #gnome-shell on irc.gnome.org, where all the shell developers live14:44
sammoTrying to get gnome keyring working in epiphany on 15.10 (So I can save passwords). Any ideas? (I couldn't find any current bugs on launchpad)? Some sites work but others don't show the save password dialog and there is no way to manually add passwords that I know of...14:56
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Guest42488can someone help me out with installing Ubuntu Gnome 15.10?20:53
radon_I'm trying to install 15.10 onto my Macbook from a cd I burned20:56
radon_Once it boots, I hit "Try Ubuntu Gnome" and it processes stuff for a few seconds, and then this pops onto the screen20:57
radon_A start job is running for Wait for Plymouth Boot Screen to Quit20:57
radon_and doesnt go past it20:57
radon_anyone who knows what going on?20:59
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