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seanvk_laptopapw problem solved.  I needed to add nvme to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules01:01
seanvk_laptopWith that change proposed 4.4 kernel will find the nvme filesystem on boot on the Dell XPS 13 (Skylake + NVME)01:01
xnoxseanvk_laptop, bug #153214601:18
ubot5bug 1532146 in initramfs-tools (Ubuntu) "update-initramfs fails for MODULES=dep when root is on nvme device" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153214601:18
seanvk_laptopThanks xnox01:18
apwseanvk, ahh that is about initramfs-tools not following the name, that i think is solved with the most recent upload too07:44
apwmanjo, there is a new merge of initramfs-tools in ppa:apw/ubuntu/initramfs-tools which with luck groks your specifier ... if you could test that one and let me know08:30
caribouapw: what are you up to with the initramfs-tools upload that includes my nvme fix ?08:31
caribouapw: & do you have a bug number for your upload ? I would like to tie my own bug to it08:31
apwcaribou, that should be in -proposed at least alreday08:32
apwand yet ... it is not, wtf08:32
caribouxnox: ^^^ This is the bug you asked me to upload earlier today08:32
apwi even have the upload file for it08:33
apwand an accept email for it, so unless britney is promoting it right now, its mia08:34
apwoh no that is for the PPA copy, hrm08:35
apwcaribou, anyhow using your bug #08:35
apwcaribou, and i will try that again08:35
caribouapw: fine with me08:36
apwcaribou, ok removed the .upload file and uploaded it again, and there it is building ... so wtf is my only response08:38
caribouapw: thanks!08:39
caribouxnox was chasing me to upload it. I don't get it : now that I have core dev rights, people do expect to see me do actual real work :-)08:40
apwcaribou, it is a horror story :)08:40
apwcaribou, oh you have that machine with nvme, perhaps once you are happy 0.120ubuntu7 is working for you, you could test ppa:apw/ubuntu/initramfs-tools08:48
apwcaribou, that has the very latest 0.122 merge which i am working up to uploading08:48
caribouapw: sure08:48
apw /b 309:12
* smb tries 2b1 only09:18
xnoxapw, i can test too =) i've finally jumped the 17 hoops to get latest dell xps 15 installed10:17
apwxnox, heh thanks, i've had pitti review two of them and they are uploaded, so just initramfs-tools now, anything you can test on that == yay10:19
cristian_cjsalisbury: hi15:14
jsalisburycristian_c, hi.  I've been tied up on other bugs.  I hope to get back to yours sood.16:06
cristian_cjsalisbury: I've found a fix16:07
jsalisburycristian_c, oh, great!16:07
jsalisbury cristian_c If you post it to the bug, I can build a test kernel and then SRU it16:07
cristian_cjsalisbury: I've rebuilt the driver with the fix, and polarity is fixed16:08
jsalisburycristian_c, thats great16:08
cristian_cthen, as usually, I can execute the workaround to set the triggers: none and phy0radio, in place of the default ones16:08
cristian_cand it works16:08
cristian_cjsalisbury: so, I'll post the details in the bug report page16:10
jsalisburycristian_c, nice.  Thanks so much for the good work!16:10
bjfapw, who in this channel specifically should i be pestering for IBM bugs?17:03

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