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oSoMoNpitti, can the failing autopkgtest for qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu that prevents the migration of webbrowser-app from -proposed be retried? ( http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#webbrowser-app )08:37
oSoMoNaccording to jibel it’s a problem with the shutdown of the testbed, unrelated to webbrowser-app08:38
pittioSoMoN: oh, absolutely; retried08:52
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flocculantballoons: how's the tracker sorting out going?16:07
balloonsflocculant, I've been knocked out being sick. But I think the original overhaul plan is still valid16:30
damasceneHope you feel better16:44
flocculantballoons: :(16:46
flocculantyea probably - ftr http://pad.ubuntu.com/qatrackerlogins is what I'm seeing currently for both trackers16:50
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mwhudsonso i spent a day last week largely failing to get adt-run to work for me20:31
mwhudsonis there someone around who can help with it?20:31

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