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jpastoresarnold, thank you. I've run into a similar info wall googling00:21
jpastorenacc, physical, but as far as pg is concerned, both. Though I'm told logical cores don't always work out as well as expected.00:21
sarnoldjpastore: *nod* not a real surprise, the folks who know just do what they need to do...00:21
jpastoresarnold, /sigh so how do those who don't know become the ones who know?00:22
patdk-lapit really depends on the workload00:23
sarnoldjpastore: if you're lucky you find the right group to help you along :)00:23
patdk-lapht cores only help, when your using different parts of the cpu00:23
sarnoldpatdk-lap: so, there's a question -- which would you prefer of two e5-26.. v3 CPUs, one with ten cores and no HT, or eight cores and HT?  :)00:24
patdk-lapthose are small options00:24
jpastorepatdk-lap, well, the application is telephony switch. I'm setting kamailio for LCR. so every dial is going to be a few queries.00:24
patdk-lapneed to know clock rate, interchange speed00:24
patdk-lapqpi speed00:24
patdk-lapand specifically, what load it will be running00:25
jpastoreI'm storing CDRs, querying for LRN to feed LCR.00:25
patdk-lapsome loads do just math, so more cores better00:25
patdk-laporthers need more memory access, so qpi matters00:25
jpastorewell this would be a few read do hi/lo btree comparison in the index, and then a write for the cdr for later analytics00:26
patdk-lapif you want max lookup speeds00:26
patdk-lapand lookups won't hit in the cpu cache00:26
patdk-lapyou want best qpi speed00:26
patdk-lapfastest access to memory00:26
jpastoreok I'll check on the chips quoted00:26
patdk-lapif the issue is running many many at once00:27
patdk-lapit might be more cores is better00:27
patdk-lapthen the debate is cpu cache vs memory acccess speeds00:27
patdk-lapmemory access is slow, and that core will wait, ht could help make use of that core during that waiting though00:28
patdk-lapsarnold, if all things the same, 8cores00:33
patdk-lapht is hardly benifit pg itself00:33
patdk-lapit will help the system some, but not enough vs 2 more real cores00:33
patdk-lapht at the best normally gives 20% improvement,00:34
sarnoldpatdk-lap: so, here's the two systems.. http://www.cpu-world.com/Compare_CPUs/Intel_CM8064401612900,Intel_CM8064401831000/00:34
patdk-lapoh ya, 10core :)00:34
sarnoldpatdk-lap: 2630 vs 2663; the 2663 chips look like they're impressive beasts but I don't know if they'd be faster enough for my work loads to justify the extra heat..00:35
patdk-laphigher qpi, but only alittle00:35
patdk-lapmuch higher cache00:35
patdk-lapthe qpi you can see translates to supported memory00:35
patdk-lapddr-1600 vs ddr-213300:35
RoyKsome years back, ht was a joke. the latest tests I've seen show it may be a big gain, obviously depending on type of load00:36
patdk-lapso if we give ht it's best case of 20% improvement, that is like 1.6 extra cores at best case00:36
sarnoldI -think- that the systems that are using the 2663 have all 24 memory slots occupied and thus run at slower speeds anyway00:36
patdk-lapsarnold, only if you fill them00:36
patdk-lapif you don't fill every slot, it will run full speed00:37
sarnoldRoyK: yeah, it used to be something like 5% performance boost or 10% performance loss.. but these days with super-deep pipelines and glacial memory speeds, it might make more sense than it used to00:37
patdk-lapthink it's more that the compilers are much more tuned to making ht friendly code too00:37
patdk-lapremoving as many jumps and stuff as possible, so the pipeline doesn'tget dumped and reloaded00:38
RoyKa friend of mine tested his i7 something for transcoding video and he got a good boost by enabling ht (after we were discussing how much it really can do)00:38
sarnoldpatdk-lap: the nice thing about filling all the slots is that it's a hueg amount of memory :) http://www.ebay.com/itm/IBM-LENOVO-THINKSERVER-RD650-2x-E5-2663-v3-10-CORE-192GB-12x-3TB-SAS-W-RAILS-/201468817323?hash=item2ee87a2fab00:38
RoyKI beleive that boost was 40% or so over non-ht00:38
sarnoldRoyK: wow00:38
RoyKsarnold: I don't remember the numbers correctly - posted a question to him - guess he'll be up tomorrow sometime to answer it00:39
sarnoldRoyK: thanks00:40
RoyKsarnold: I looked at the IRC logs from back in may - looks like it was some rendering with a performance gain of 35% or so. Well hopefully know more tomorrow00:46
sarnoldRoyK: wow. very impressive :)00:46
RoyKit surprised me a great deal00:47
sarnoldit's certainly a lot more than I'd expect. but I don't know how well rendering matches my own eventual needs.. VMs, fuzzing, ubuntu archives, and all the packages unpacked for archive-wide greps, cppcheck, shellcheck, etc runs... all those feel more disk-blocked than RAM blocked00:48
sarnoldbut even then, another hardware thread willing to run might benefit greatly from the HT00:48
RoyKI just don't know enough about this...00:52
patdk-lapya depends, those workloads are so random00:52
patdk-lapif it was just postgres, I would go the 10core00:52
patdk-lapsingle threaded performance, faster memory speeds, would greatly help it00:52
RoyKI went to an HPC seminar some 4 or 5 years back and they were like "turn it off!"00:53
RoyKfor postgres, I'd leave it on00:53
patdk-lapya, I would always leave it on00:53
patdk-lapbut the question is 8core with ht, or 10core without ht support :)00:53
patdk-lap2.4ghz vs 2.8ghz00:53
RoyKalthough... I don't have much postgres servers left that aren't virtual ;)00:54
RoyKWe have some 250 servers in operation, some 30 of them are physical and most of those are to be retired soon00:55
sarnoldRoyK: heh, are any of them going to be for sale? :)00:59
sarnoldoh, I forgot, you're in norway, right? shipping/import probably too much hassle :)01:01
RoyKsarnold: mostly old stuff - the newest ones we're throwing out will be R300s01:12
RoyKall new servers are blade servers anyway, except a handful of 1U or 2U servers (and one 4U thingie with zfs for cctv storage)01:13
sarnoldRoyK: ahhh :)01:21
RoyKsome of our old school admins still stick to physical servers (even though those are the most troublesome ones)01:23
grendal_primeanybody know how to set up... libaprutil1-dbd-pgsql03:14
grendal_primeI cant figure out where the config file is...03:14
sarnolddoes dpkg -L libaprutil1-dbd-pgsql  help?03:16
grendal_primelet me check03:28
grendal_primeya no good03:38
grendal_primei just dont understand03:38
hallynpmatulis: sorry, was out today.  i don't know of any iptable sissues with using lxd.  lxd is afaik still network-agnostic atm.  It will eentually have a ipv6-only bridge of its own, but not yet.06:00
hallynpmatulis: waht are you seeing?06:00
haidar_hello ,I want to put the server.iso file inside the Ubuntu server throught command how can I do that please "the ubuntu server is running on VM and the OS is windows" I want to put it in dirctory /var/lib/libvirt/images???08:21
haidar_I would like to copy file server.iso to dirctory /var/lib/libvirt/images ?? I have a file in usb flash disk and the OS is windows08:31
adun153haidar: to clarify, you have a flash drive plugged into your linux server, and you want to copy a Windows Image from that to /var/lib/libvirt/images?08:43
TurBossI'm getting GPG errors when doing apt-get update09:26
mahdihi all09:56
mahdii configure my main board for use raid 1 with two hard driver and install ubuntu 14.04 server and in boot i get these error09:57
mahdimdm create use root not found09:58
mahdimdadm create groud disk not found09:58
mahdiand system not boot and these message print in a loop09:59
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pmatulishallyn: i'm not seeing anything yet. i'm writing LXD:Juju documentation and i'm trying to be proactive12:09
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gQuigsjamespage: would the plan be to backport 0.80.11 to the precise Cloud archive (unlike 0.80.10 which didn't make it?)  LP#153527814:53
jamespagegQuigs, for 12.04?14:54
jamespagebug 153527814:54
gQuigsjamespage: yup14:54
ubottubug 1535278 in ceph (Ubuntu Trusty) "0.80.11 stable point release" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153527814:54
jamespagegQuigs, once SRU team accept that into trusty, I'll get it pushed through to icehouse-proposed for UCA14:55
jamespagegQuigs, we'll give everything a test and then push out that and any other updates that are pending release14:55
gQuigsjamespage: awesome :)14:56
gQuigsI was just concerned because 0.8.10 never made it out of the cloud archive -proposed it seems14:56
jamespage.10 not being released was an oversight - apologies14:56
gQuigsoh ok :)14:56
hallynpmatulis: oh.  well today/tomorrow stgraber  and tycho and i will be traveling, but we'll be all in one spot thu/fri so might be a good time to have a hangout to discuss docs16:54
pmatulishallyn: ok16:54
hallynstgraber: do you care when/what time we would do that?  pmatulis: you're east coast?16:59
pmatulishallyn: yeah16:59
hallynpmatulis: ok i'll schedule something for thu - morning your time.17:01
pmatulishallyn: are there other things you want to discuss re juju/lxd docs? lxd/firewall may be just a few minutes17:01
hallynpmatulis: do you have a rough draft you can send us so we can think about it?  'just a few minutes' is definately fine :)  But i wanna make sure we have kickass lxd doand juju+lxd docs on help.ubuntu.com17:03
hallynpmatulis: invite sent - thanks for working on the docs!17:04
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pmatulishallyn: lxd itself will remain on linuxcontainers.org for now and juju/lxd docs will be on jujucharms.com (that url always feels strange)17:56
pmatulishallyn: maybe you can review the juju/lxd stuff - https://jujucharms.com/docs/devel/config-LXD17:56
hallynpmatulis: got it open in a browser, will look over it at airport later this eve - thx18:10
pmatulishallyn: thanks18:11
tarpmanw 2318:15
tarpmanexcuse me.18:15
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DammitJimis there a reason why tomcat8 isn't available from the default repos?18:51
naccDammitJim: it's in universe?18:52
naccDammitJim: what do you mean by "default"?18:52
DammitJimlike with the normal repos18:52
DammitJimlike in the sources.list18:53
DammitJimI'm on trusty, sorry... talking LTS18:53
naccDammitJim: ah, one sec18:54
DammitJimI'm only asking because everyone at my company keeps saying we should be on the latest18:54
DammitJimwell, I don't want to go to the latest if there is a reason why it isn't in the normal repos18:54
tarpmanDammitJim: tomcat 8 was only uploaded to debian unstable a few weeks before trusty was released - way too late to make it in18:55
naccDammitJim: yeah, looks like it wasn't added to ubuntu until vivid, so it wouldn't be in that LTS18:56
DammitJimoh ok19:05
DammitJimbut it's not like it's not "trusted" or "stable" software19:06
DammitJimI just have to add the proper repo, right?19:06
tewardum, what?19:06
tewardDammitJim: it's not available in Trusty.  Unless there's a third party repository providing the software, it won't be available in Trusty19:06
tewardand you'd have to update to Vivid if you want the copy that's there19:06
tewardor rather Wily, 'cause I think Vivid is EOLing soon19:06
DammitJimI would be upgrading to the next LTS release19:07
tewardthen you wait for 16.0419:07
tewardthen upgrade to that19:07
DammitJimis that coming soon?19:07
tarpmanin 2016/04, as the version implies :P19:07
DammitJimduh for me19:08
DammitJimI never knew that19:08
DammitJimlook at that!19:08
sarnoldheh I was a bit embarassed when I finally figured it out too :)19:08
tarpmanDammitJim: there is also a process for requesting backports https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBackports and a tool for doing so - requestbackport(1) from ubuntu-dev-tools19:09
DammitJimany sys admins in da house?19:10
tarpmanDammitJim: there is also backportpackage(1) in ubuntu-dev-tools, for building a backport locally or in a ppa19:10
DammitJimI think I'm going to go nuts!!!19:10
DammitJimthanks for the info tarpman19:10
DammitJimI'm in a weird dilema19:10
DammitJimas a company apparently, we need to strive to be on the latest release if possible of any software we run19:10
DammitJimI work in the IT department and the developers are telling me that I'm the one who needs to determine what version of tomcat should be installed on the servers19:11
DammitJimwhat is wrong with that last statement?19:11
* tarpman shrugs19:13
tarpmanyou're running the latest (LTS) version of ubuntu19:13
tarpmanand software provided by ubuntu and supported by its security team19:13
tarpmanif you diverge from that, you're taking on all the burden of tracking security updates and things yourself19:13
tarpmanit's not hard for even a manager to understand ;)19:14
sarnoldfwiw it looks like tomcat8 is still in universe in xenial anyway19:14
tarpmanah yeah, was looking at tomcat7 - still getting some security updates in trusty and vivid19:15
DammitJimwhat does that mean sarnold ?19:15
sarnoldDammitJim: packages in universe get security support from the community -- there's a handful of packages where someone from the community cares enough to keep it up to date, but most don't get that kind of attention19:16
naccDammitJim: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu19:16
DammitJimoh, so that's a good thing, right?19:16
DammitJimthanks nacc19:17
DammitJimso, in terms of determining the version of tomcat to use, do you guys think that's a sys admin thing or a developer thing?19:17
DammitJimor together?19:17
sarnoldDammitJim: well, it surely beats having -no- repository of software :) but unless someone steps up to provide e.g. tomcat8 patches, it just doesn't get updated.19:17
DammitJimI hate the fact that I was thrown the words: "We don't care as long as it is tomcat, you figure out the version"19:17
DammitJimwhich is crazy because they are the ones who build the software that has to be compatible with tomcat19:18
DammitJimor am I totally wrong?19:18
sarnoldDammitJim: they may stick with a core of functionality that they expect to work in tomcat7 and tomcat8 alike; or they may be willing to tailor the software to fit the requiements of either one. You need to figure out the best mixture of upstream support, ubuntu support, and self-provided support; it's not necessarily easy19:19
DammitJim... jim19:22
DammitJimso, it is up to me, not the developers?19:24
sarnoldit might be worth a discussion :)19:25
DammitJimok, good19:25
DammitJimI think I'm going to collect all the information you have given me19:25
DammitJimso, release schedule19:25
sarnold"hey guys we can use canonical-supported tomcat7 packages in the latest LTS will very little effort"19:26
DammitJimupstream plan19:26
DammitJimanything else I"m missing?19:26
DammitJimvs if I need support for tomcat8, where would I go?19:26
sarnold"but it'd be a lot of effort for me to maintain tomcat8, if that's somethin gyou actually need. do you need any of its features? is it worth the cost?" etc19:26
DammitJimin terms of security... tomcat 7 and tomcat8 are probably the same, right?19:26
sarnoldprobably close enough19:27
dcnoderunnerMy question is regarding package guidance of samba, not support per se.20:14
dcnoderunnerAsking here because ubuntu-server is the only team responsible for that package that has a channel.20:16
dcnoderunnerI noticed Xenial has been bumped up to 4.3. Yay!20:16
dcnoderunner4.4 will be released in March.20:17
naccdcnoderunner: what's your question?20:17
dcnoderunnerSamba does not do LTS type releases. To get the longest support from them upstream, one should pick the "freshest" release.20:18
dcnoderunnerHas any finite decision been made on if Xenial will ship with 4.4?20:18
naccdcnoderunner: feature freeze for xenial is feb. 18, just fyi20:20
dcnoderunner(and where do I find such info in the future so I don't have to bug you guys each release?)20:20
henkjandcnoderunner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Newsletter/2016-01-1220:22
dcnoderunnerFYI received. [In the back of my head I think I've seen things arbitrarily exempted by Canonical employees in the past]20:22
dcnoderunnerYay again!20:23
sarnolddcnoderunner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases  usually  has links off to per-release plans, schedules..20:23
sarnoldbut the wiki seems unhappy ATM.20:23
dcnoderunnerOh wait, that meant kernel 4.4.  Oh well, that's good too.20:24
dcnoderunnerSo the firm-but-not-final answer I'm hearing is wait and see what's been pulled or not by Feb 18th.20:34
dcnoderunnerI'll optimistically stay in channel to hear more for a few more hours..20:35
naccdcnoderunner: samba 4.3.3 is what's in xenial right now20:38
naccif 4.4 isn't GA until March, I'd expect it won't make Xenial20:38
dcnoderunnerYeah, and I'm happy you're at least willing to break with Debian to bump it up to that.20:40
naccdcnoderunner: to be clear, it's no break ... current+1 follows unstable until feature freeze (when also, I believe the debian autosync is turned off)20:41
naccdcnoderunner: and unstable (sid) now has 4.3.3 as well20:41
dcnoderunnerBut samba only supports their releases for 18 months. So the longer you're 'in the range' of their support cycle, the easier it should be to work with them and squash bugs.20:42
naccdcnoderunner: there's lots of unsupported (upstream) versions potentially -- i would consider send an e-mail the -devel mailing list to find out, i'm not sure who's in charge of deciding that20:48
dcnoderunnernacc: Oh, really? Unstable was still at 4.1 when I looked last week. Sorry.20:48
naccdcnoderunner: np, just looked today, so don't know when it got updated20:52
tarpmanhttps://tracker.debian.org/news/734141 says samba 4.3.3  was accepted into unstable back in december...20:56
nacctarpman: thanks20:57
tarpmandcnoderunner: fwiw, distro support for a particular package doesn't necessarily end when upstream support does. distro maintainers tend to have lots of experience supporting their stable releases by backporting patches and such.20:58
naccrbasak: let's say we did decided to have both php5 and php7 available; how would we deal with the pear/pecl packages? would there then be two versions of each? or would we simply not ship php7 versions?20:59
rbasaknacc: I imagine we wouldn't ship php7 versions22:26
rbasaknacc: I think it would be even more too much work to try and supply two sets of each.22:26
naccrbasak: yeah, that's what i figured -- it would get pretty hairy, i think22:30

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