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vayanCan we still find meizu mx4 in Europe ?07:12
MCMicIs there a gesture for closing the displayed application? I know I can switch by swiping from the right but I need two actions to close it. Is there a shortcut I’m not aware about?07:49
lotuspsychjelookin good guys!07:59
zzarrlotuspsychje, very nice, very nice indeed08:11
zzarrI wonder.... if the MX4 lacks the hardware to output MHL, why is this here? https://github.com/meizuosc/m75/tree/master/mediatek/kernel/drivers/mhl/driver/mhl_tx_drv08:12
lotuspsychjezzarr: really dont know mate, i have bq myself..08:13
zzarrno need to tell me that it haven't been updated lately, I can see that my self08:13
zzarrthe reason I'm so interested in connecting my MX4 to an external display is that... yea, it's about 2 3 times faster than my stationary computer08:15
zzarrI think it's the same with the BQ devices (lacks MHL)08:23
* tathhu needs working bluetooth in nexus7, then it's time to say goodbye for a laptop08:34
tathhuor that rumored bq tablet..08:35
ubot5Launchpad bug 1502524 in bluetooth-touch (Ubuntu) "Bluetooth - Ubuntu Touch" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:36
robin-herosil2100, hi, I read your mail last night, and you wrote there will be no delay for OTA-9, is this mean that the OTA-9 will be release tomorrow?08:49
sil2100robin-hero: hey! Yes, that is the current expectation :)08:49
robin-herothanks, this would be awesome \o/ :)08:50
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Tuesday, and happy Australia Day! 😃09:37
V99and tomorrow ota :D09:46
lotuspsychjeyou guys rocknroll!09:54
victor_bqHi all!09:57
victor_bqquick question =)09:58
victor_bqI'm in rc 24209:58
victor_bqwith krillin and I found something strange in camera09:58
victor_bqin camera settings, when selecting 4:3 and 16:9 MP shown are incorrect09:59
victor_bqI think09:59
davmor2victor_bq: will take a look, thanks for highlighting10:02
victor_bqdavmor2 great! Would it be better if I look for it on Launchpad and report it if it's not reported yet¿ :)10:03
teveon my vegetahd only option available is 16:9 (19.5MP)10:05
victor_bqthat's wrong too10:06
victor_bqkrillin has 8Mpx sensor and vegeta 13Mpx10:06
victor_bqu're in rc to ?10:06
victor_bqwould be great having that Mpx haha interpolated =)10:08
davmor2victor_bq: hmmmm so just tested the rc image on krillin, I get too different sized images 2448x4352 and 3168x422410:14
robin-herofor me N4 shows 4:3 (8MP) on rc-proposed10:14
davmor2victor_bq: is it that the MP reported are just incorrect10:20
jibelKaleo, ^ do you know why the MPx reported by the camera do not correspond to the resolution of the sensors? (8Mpx and 5Mpx)10:29
jibelon krillin10:29
Kaleojibel, yes10:30
Kaleojibel, for krillin there is 2 resolutions for each sensor10:31
Kaleojibel, the native one and the "interpolated" one10:31
Kaleojibel, the second one is sold by BQ as a feature10:31
Kaleojibel, and we made the decision to keep it10:31
jibelvictor_bq, ^ does it answer your question?10:31
jibelthanks Kaleo10:33
Kaleovictor_bq, http://www.bq.com/es/aquaris-e4-5 "8Mpx - 13Mpx interpolados (Dual flash y autofocus)"  "5Mpx - 8Mpx interpolados"10:36
Kaleovictor_bq, maybe it's a little sparsely sourced, if you have more info about it, let me know10:36
davmor2Kaleo: so one question, 2448x4352 I assume is the 8MP mode if you take only the 1000's but is just of 10MP in reality is that a normal thing? Do the manufacturers just round down?10:39
Kaleodavmor2, where do you get the 2448x4352 ?10:41
victor_bqKaleo, the specs about interpolated MPx in E4.5 are only in Android FW as far as I know, as well as the specs in E510:42
davmor2Kaleo: from the image data that I took in the different modes10:42
Kaleodavmor2, I'm going to guess you are using the default settings of the camera, that you did not touch the aspect ratio in the bottom edge panel?10:42
victor_bqIf Ubuntu camera app has MPX interpolated implemented that's ok10:42
Kaleodavmor2, right, that's 16:9, the default10:43
Kaleodavmor2, which is unrelated to the announced resolution10:43
davmor2Kaleo: 2448x4352 and 3168x4224 were the too different sizes in EOG10:43
Kaleodavmor2, if you select 4:3 in the settings of the camera you'll get the "announced" 13.4MP10:43
davmor2two even10:43
victor_bqbut the HW camera specs are 8MPx rear and 5 MPx front10:43
victor_bqfor E4.510:43
Kaleovictor_bq, right, since we are using part of the Android FW for the camera, I figured we could use the same interpolated resolutions10:44
Kaleovictor_bq, I'm not sure actually10:44
Kaleovictor_bq, would need to speak with the BQ engineer that did the interpolation bit10:44
Kaleovictor_bq, if you have his/her contact10:44
victor_bqI guess I can get it for you ;)10:44
victor_bqgive me some minutes =)10:45
Kaleodavmor2, you see the aspect ratio setting right? you know which one I mean?10:45
davmor2Kaleo: yes, and 4:3 (13.4MP) which match the interop spec, and then 16:9 (10.4) which doesn't should be 8 and 13 according to the spec right?  But I assume we are giving the resolution that we are receiving from the file ie 10.4 and 13.x right10:47
davmor210.7 even10:47
davmor2Kaleo: our idea of resolution seems to match the image not the spec given, and on the front camera you have 16:9 (8.3MP) which again is probably correct by the image taken but is in the spec at 5 MP10:49
victor_bqdavmor2, that's make more sense to me now :)10:50
Kaleodavmor2, no10:51
Kaleodavmor2, it's way simpler10:52
davmor2Kaleo: oh okay10:52
Kaleodavmor2, 4:3 is the native aspect ratio of the back camera sensor10:52
Kaleodavmor2, the obvious thing to do is to use that sensor at the maximum resolution allowed with an aspect  ratio of 4:3, which should be 8MPx10:53
Kaleodavmor2, now, because of the interpolation feature, it turns out this max resolution is 13MPx10:53
Kaleodavmor2, which is exactly what you get today when you set the camera setting to 4:310:53
davmor2Kaleo: ah so the 16:9 which is the only mode available on the front camera is in interpolation mode then right10:53
Kaleodavmor2, and by 13MPx I mean 13.4MPx10:54
Kaleodavmor2, right10:54
Kaleodavmor2, now the front camera sensor is a bit peculiar10:54
Kaleodavmor2, it's native resolution has an aspect ratio of 16:9 IIRC10:54
Kaleodavmor2, and as you said we use the max resolution available with that aspect ratio, the interporlated resolution10:55
Kaleodavmor2, now the reason why we sometimes have a second different aspect ratio selected by default10:55
Kaleodavmor2, is that we want the camera to fill up the entire screen (which in case of BQ's is 16:9)10:55
davmor2Kaleo: that clears that up then thanks :)10:56
victor_bqthanks kaleo for the clarification :)10:57
davmor2Kaleo: on a plus side our reported MP's match the image sizes so as far as I am concerned we are all good, I just didn't understand the discrepancy between Size reported on site vs actual size :)10:59
Kaleodavmor2, ah right  :)11:00
* mcphail thinks a camera should take photos in 6:4 ratio by default11:01
davmor2mcphail: wash you mouth out with soapy water ;)11:04
mcphaildavmor2: I'm serious. Any other resolution for photos is a pain. It's the de facto standard11:06
mcphailEvery print shop and every frame will have a 6" x 4" variant11:07
mcphail16x9 is becoming more common, I'll admit, but isn't what your granny would buy11:08
davmor2mcphail: that's not a 6:4 ratio though, that's a 3:2 ratio :P11:09
davmor2mcphail: and technically 3:2 didn't match the old film ratio either which I'm sure was 4:3 to make it commercially viable for the film and camera industry of the time :)11:12
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mcphaildavmor2: no - fame size on 35mm film was 24x36mm I think11:16
mcphailSame as full-frame digital cameras today11:18
mcphailcine 35mm was always 4:3, but still was 6:4 (or 3:2 if you must)11:19
sil2100dpm: ping :)11:38
davmor2sneaks up on mzanetti in a different channel and BOO!12:53
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sil2100mariogrip: hey!13:04
mariogripsil2100: Hi!13:15
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zirafinuhi every one i am looking for a neat swype keyboard for touchscreens under linux13:42
zirafinui heard that ubuntu-touch has one but i am not sure where to find its name13:43
davmor2zirafinu: ubuntu-keyboard but it isn't swype style yet that is to come13:43
zirafinuahh ok sorry to bother you13:44
mardydavidcalle: hi! I've got a newbie question: how do I build the click for a scope from the command line?14:14
mardydavidcalle: if I run "make install", all files are installed on /14:14
davidcallemardy: I really don't know, I've only used the sdk to work with clicks, pstolowski ? ^14:21
pstolowskimardy, davidcalle run 'click-buddy' from the top-level dir of the scope source14:21
* mardy tries14:22
davidcalleOooh, this is neat14:23
* mardy hugs pstolowski 14:23
tsimonq2davidcalle: I am lloking to start developing apps for the Ubuntu Phone...I see you use the SDK so I wanted to ping you. Are there any good guides that you know of?14:25
davidcalletsimonq2: what language are you into?14:27
jgdxseb128, hey, you around? If I build-dep on libgnome-desktop-3-dev, any way of figuring out what the binary depends on?14:28
tsimonq2davidcalle: what can I choose from?14:28
davidcalletsimonq2: there is a great opportunity right now if you are into JS14:28
tsimonq2davidcalle: I'm fluent :)14:28
davidcalletsimonq2: nice! https://developer.ubuntu.com/showdown/14:28
tsimonq2Oh! I heard about this!14:29
seb128jgdx, apt-cache show <binary>?14:29
davidcalletsimonq2: (great opportunity in the sense "stuff to win" :) )14:29
tsimonq2davidcalle: what if I don't have an app idea? :P14:29
seb128jgdx, but if you want indirect depends easiest is to install it in a pbuilder or such14:29
jgdxseb128, rather, I want to know what I am supposed to put in the binary section of debian/control..14:30
jgdxseb128, installing my uss deb right now produses dependency errors14:30
davidcalletsimonq2: there is a live Q&A about this contest on thursday, I'm pretty sure live commenters on IRC will come up with suggestions :)14:30
seb128jgdx, sorry but I'm not sure to follow14:31
tsimonq2davidcalle: well I am a teen so for me to participate it would have to be late UTC :)14:31
seb128jgdx, what sort of errors?14:31
tsimonq2davidcalle: when is it?14:31
jgdxseb128, that makes two of us. Let me try again: I've added libgnome-desktop-3-dev as a build dep in System Settings. Trying to install that .deb gives me these [1] errors. [1] http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14671976/14:32
davidcalletsimonq2: 17 UTC14:32
davidcalletsimonq2: blog post incoming today with more details about it. But even if you miss it, it will be recorded.14:33
seb128jgdx, oh, use apt14:33
tsimonq2davidcalle: ahh okay, thanks :)14:33
jgdxseb128, and trying to install libgnome-desktop-3-10 gives another dep error, that I need to install gnome-desktop3-data. I can install both fine, but do both have to be in debian/control for the binary?14:33
seb128dpkg doesn't resolve depends14:33
seb128just list what you need14:33
seb128apt takes care of resolving the depends14:33
tsimonq2davidcalle: I might participate :D14:34
jgdxseb128, aah. Thanks, seb. The -dev package deps on all of that.14:34
seb128jgdx, yw!14:35
tsimonq2davidcalle: can I put my app on Github while I am working on it, or does it have to be private code? and when does it end?14:35
davidcalletsimonq2: sure, that's up to you :) It ends february 29th14:42
tsimonq2davidcalle: ok, I was just making sure that it wasn't against the rules14:42
edude03Hello everyone - sorry if this question has been asked a million time, but is it possible to build ubuntu touch on the latest AOSP or does it have to be the 4.2.2 branch?14:43
tsimonq2davidcalle: can I work with a team?14:46
tsimonq2davidcalle: as in, is it against the rules?14:47
davidcalletsimonq2: sure, it can be a team entry if you are fine with splitting prizes if you win :)15:00
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petohi, why i cant unlock my N7000? can you help me?19:32
_SpongeQUESTION: If I buy this Nexus7,2013 4G device and put Ubuntu Touch on it, can I use it as a Wifi Hotspot ? (Noob question)20:24
_SpongeHere's the device: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Google-Nexus-7-2013-32GB-WiFi-LTE-Black-Unlocked-Android-6-0-1-Marshmallow-/16195751193120:25
_Spongepopey, ping20:27
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_Spongestill here, waiting.20:32
pmcgowan_Sponge, yes that should work although suport for that device may not be extended much longer20:37
pmcgowanofficial support that is20:37
_Spongepmcgowan: Should I wait for the convergence phone for a real 4G wifi Hotspot phone then ? Just to be sure of the support side of things ?20:47
pmcgowan_Sponge, a newer device would be better as thats near end of life20:48
pmcgowanand that was always a reference not a true OEM product20:48
_Spongepmcgowan: Your probably right as this website :20:51
_Spongesays nothing for "4G" device side of things for the Nexus 7 4G.20:51
_Sponge(2013)  that is.20:52
_Spongepmcgowan:  I'm waiting for the "Mir Integration Launch" when I think 4K phone shall be coming along nicely, I think ...20:54
_SpongeI shall be a convergence phone,20:54
_Spongemulti-boot it with Android & Ubuntu ...20:54
_Spongeand add my Android apps appropriately.20:55
* mcphail thinks life is too short for a dual-boot phone20:56
_SpongeDo you think the new Phone will run  Android aswell ?21:01
mcphailI'd hope not. Why would I want precious disk space used by android?21:02
popey_Sponge, pong21:03
_Spongepopey, It's pretty much sorted now - just wanna know if the 4G element of the Nexus 7 2013 was fully operational as a wifi hotspot ? yur thoughts ?21:04
mhall119mariogrip: ping21:04
_Spongehi mhall11921:05
mariogripmhall119: pong21:05
mhall119hi _Sponge21:05
popey_Sponge, don't think we ever enabled 4G on that21:05
popeyhello mhall11921:05
popeygood flight?21:05
_Spongemhall119: Did Tuesday's Q&A #ubuntuonair go ahead as planned ?21:05
mariogripHow was ubucon popey mhall119?21:05
mhall119mariogrip: would you be available tomorrow for a catchup call with me, dpm and Alfonso at the the normal time?21:06
popeymariogrip, great! Got your mail, need to digest and reply. sorry I haven't yet21:06
mhall119popey: yup, how was your flight?21:06
mariogripmhall119: Yes, that's perfect :)21:06
_Spongepopey, Someone was saying that support could reach End Of Life soon for that model. Is this correct ?21:06
popeymariogrip, people liked playing with my One Plus One last week ;)21:06
mhall119mariogrip: great21:06
popey_Sponge, which model?21:07
mariogrippopey: :D21:07
popey_Sponge, news to me21:07
_Spongeok, fair enough - someone said incorrectly, then.21:07
_Spongepopey, I can't find the Launchjpad bug to enable 4G on the N7-2013 4G model, couldn't lend a hand finding it could you ?21:08
popeyNot sure there is even a bug for that21:08
_Spongethats probably why then.21:08
popeyLooks like it might work actually21:09
popeyDon't know if anyone in the company has one of those, so chances are it's not well tested21:09
_Spongeok, not sure if it'll get all the OTA updates either, but hey ho.21:10
mhall119I think we only targeted the wifi version of the N721:11
_SpongeI should raise a bug, I guess, on Launchpad.21:11
mariogripmhall119: what's the status on "device alias" implementation?21:12
_Spongepopey, When, probably shall Mir arrive on an OTA update ?21:12
popeyMir is already default on the phone.21:13
_SpongeMir on the phone.21:13
_Spongeoh ok.21:13
_Spongesorry :O21:13
* _Sponge pokes popey about snapchat on convergence phone :-)21:15
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popeyYou'd have to ask snapchat21:17
mhall119mariogrip: I haven't spoken to sergiusens or slangasek about it since mentioning it to them last week (on account of UbuCon/SCALE)21:20
mariogripmhall119: ack21:21
_Spongemhall119: Did you ask JonoB. about coming onto the Q&A at the UbuCon.us ?21:22
mhall119mariogrip: what's the branch you made for ubuntu-device-flash/21:22
mhall119_Sponge: I barely had a change to talk with him actually, I was hoping to chat about many things and just never had the chance21:23
mariogriphttps://code.launchpad.net/~mariogrip/ubuntu-system-image/device-alias && https://code.launchpad.net/~mariogrip/goget-ubuntu-touch/device-alias21:23
_Spongemhall119: Oh nuts.21:26
* _Sponge tutts at mhall11921:26
mhall119mariogrip: thanks, I've added them both to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/goget-ubuntu-touch/+bug/1464754 and also market it as affecting goget-ubuntu-touch21:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 1464754 in goget-ubuntu-touch (Ubuntu) "Support for Device aliases" [Undecided,New]21:26
mariogripmhall119: ack21:27
mhall119mariogrip: are you still working on those branches, or are they ready to be proposed for merging?21:28
mariogripmhall119: they are ready21:31
mcphailApparently we're due a new OTA very soon. I'll be sad to see OTA8.5 go. It has been the most stable smartphone experience I've had since the days of Symbian. Well done ladies/gents.21:34
k1l_you mean its the windows xp from ubuntu touch? :)21:35
mcphailk1l_: you know if you say windows xp three times it reinstalls on your computer?21:36
mcphailhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-35412892 - and Ubuntu phone sales last year were the biggest in history. Coincidence? I think not ;)21:41
_Spongepopey, Which is the best Nexus-device that has '4G' support with Ubuntu touch ?21:49
ahoneybun_Sponge, Nexus 5?21:50
ahoneybunonly the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 are supported atm21:52
dobey_Sponge: nexus 4 has 4g if you use the old radio from before it was disabled21:55
edude03Does the nexus 5 support convergence with OTA 9?21:58
matv1_Sponge but you will get poor sound in calls in return if I remember correctly  :)21:58
ahoneybunI think the N5 has MHL support21:58
edude03It does21:59
edude03I guess that's the only way - no miracast or UDL support I guess21:59
dobeyslimport i guess, not mhl22:05
dobeybut nexus 5 is not an officially supported device22:06
dobeybluetooth doesn't work on it, so it's going to be hard using the slimport adapter with a bt kb/mouse to demo convergence on a nexus 522:06
edude03hmm dobey what version of UT is bluetooth broken in? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bluetooth/TouchBluez5Testing leads me to believe it might work if I use a nightly22:11
dobeyit's not "broken" exactly22:12
dobeybluetooth has never worked on the nexus 522:12
edude03hm :/22:15
edude03Seems like Canonical and Partners don't want me to have a UT device22:15
dobeythe nexus 5 has never been an officially supported device.22:16
dobeythe nexus 4 is though22:16
edude03I know but the nexus 4 is.... 3 years old now?22:17
edude03I feel like I can't expect much from it / it wouldn't be a good device to demo convergence on22:18
ahoneybunit is a great device for it I think22:18
edude03If there was something more modern that I could flash I'd pick it up on my home tonigh22:18
dobeyyou mean like all the existing demos that are running on it?22:19
ahoneybunwell all the convergence pics and videos are of the nexus 4 so...22:19
dobeythe nexus 5 is 2.25 years old too22:20
edude03dobey yeah I know but I can't buy the Meizu MX4 anywhere, the BQ 4.5/5 aren't very powerful either, The N7 is too big, the 1+1 doesn't have HDMI out22:22
edude03The pickings are extremely thin22:22
dobeyedude03: the bq 4.5/5 and mx4 don't do mhl either22:22
edude03I'd buy a MX4 just to play with if I could find it though22:23
dobeywell i've been using a nexus 5 with ubuntu for about 2 years now22:24
ahoneybungod I need bluetooth in my life too much for that22:24
dobeyofficial support would be nice, as would bleutooth, but eh, it works pretty well as a phone22:24
edude03bluetooth is a necessity for convergence apparently though22:25
edude03Is 16.04 still based on AOSP 4.2.2 by the way?22:25
dobeyi think some people are expecting way more out of having a phone appear on a large screen as a traditional pc interface, than they are going to get22:26
dobeyi guess it's 4.4, but yes, it's still 4.x22:27
dobeynot 5.x yet22:27
edude03I'm possibly one of them22:27
ahoneybunthe 1+1 port is getting rebased on 5.x I believe22:30
ahoneybuntrying to fix the current issues that way22:30
dobeyahoneybun: there's general work to make stuff work on 5.x, because 5.x is needed for 64-bit and various other things22:31
dobeyand i guess the cost of 64-bit chips has come down enough that there's a larger market shift to it happening22:32
edude03I wish the CM porting guide was out22:43
edude03I'd take a stab at it if I knew where to start22:43
dobeywhat CM porting guide?22:43
edude03Word around the web is that one is coming one day22:45
mcphaildobey: there is one promised on the AOSP porting guide. Has never appeared, though22:46
dobeyoh, well CM is based on AOSP, so i guess it should be pretty obvious what to do there22:47
dobeyi don't see what good a secondary guide that says to do the exact same stuff, would be22:47
edude03same deal22:48
edude03If I had a device that could run a new version of CM or AOSP (like the nexus 6) there isn't a guide that describes how to go from that to UT22:49
dobeyuh, the porting guide describes exactly that22:52
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matv1popey did you say you have a oneplus one running a ut port?23:24
popeyi do23:25
matv1who maintains it?23:25
matv1popey I remember news of it being ported early in 2015. I didnt realize it is still being maintained. Is it up to date?23:28
popeymariogrip maintains it23:31
mariogripmatv1: jup, I'm working on getting the android base to 5.123:34
matv1mariogrip thats pretty neat.23:34
matv1where do you have the image hosted?23:34
dobeyoh ok23:35
mariogripThe last one23:35
dobeyyeah, i was going to say :)23:36
mariogripCopy pate error :P23:36
matv1mariogrip found it, thanks23:37
matv1I noticed fairphone 2 has same cpu gpu23:39
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