cmaloneyhow goes?13:12
rick_h_so so, lots of party fun today13:13
rick_h_how goes it down your way?13:13
cmaloneyEh, it goes13:14
cmaloneyhoping to make it out to the CVGA to drop off more video games13:14
cmaloneycalling the doc to schedule an appt. because I'm getting old.13:14
cmaloneyFun fun13:15
cmaloneyand this is the last week before launching something for work13:15
cmaloneywhich is always fun times13:15
mrgoodcathi 2u213:42
jrwrenCVGA? drop off? are you purging your collection?14:21
cmaloneyjrwren: Donating parts of my collection14:23
cmaloneyStuff that is more hassle than it's worth to keep. :)14:23
jrwrencmaloney: go a list? I know a guy who collects.14:26
cmaloneyjrwren: 's OK.14:26
cmaloneyI'm looking more for folks to get some use out of it14:26
cmaloneyand this is in line with one of my goals - opening a museum14:26
cmaloneykeeping the stuff that really interests me14:27
jrwrenah! I see.14:27
cmaloneyand giving others a chance to experience this stuff first-hand.14:27
cmaloneyStuff they might not see otherwise.14:27
jrwrenyup. Well, Mike is into cabinets, so if you have any boards or cabinet parts. He restores those and runs them. Otherwise, he's probably not interested14:28
cmaloneyYeah, I know some collectors14:28
cmaloneyit's more hassle than it's worth. :)14:28
cmaloneyKeeping the big machines. :)14:29
jrwrenI agree.14:29
cmaloney(and the Amiga, because it's awesome, and because the spirit of Jay Miner lives on)14:29
jrwrenwhoo hoo!14:29
cmaloneyBut the 5200? I'll never play it and most of the great games got ported to the 8-bit14:30
jrwrenbut... rare!14:30
cmaloney(and most of the games started on the 8-bit)14:30
cmaloneyMeh. :)14:30
cmaloneyRare because those controllers suck14:30
jrwrenhaha! yup14:30
jrwrenI think the amiga ports are compat with atari sticks. have you played any amiga games?14:31
cmaloneyYeah, I have14:31
cmaloneyAmiga is awesome.14:31
cmaloneyI wish I would have figured that out a long time ago14:31
cmaloneybut the commodore hate was palpable.14:31
jrwrenI understand. I much prefered Atari, mostly because the basic on 800XL had drawing primitives.14:32
cmaloneyWel, the Atari 800 was a great machine14:32
cmaloneyunfortunately undocumented until later in its life14:33
cmaloneyStupid Atari14:33
cmaloneyThey did some pretty bone-headed maneuvers14:33
cmaloneyAnd I never got around to picking up an Atari ST14:34
cmaloneyThough I think it's because I was saving myself for Linux. ;)14:34
jrwrenha! same here.14:34
jrwrenso glad I never programmed on DOS 16bit and that segmented memory insanity14:35
jrwrenwell, I did, but not much14:35
cmaloneyYeah, I played with it and found it ridiculous14:35
cmaloney"how the hell should I know what my 'hello world' program needs"14:36
Scary_Guyphp7, apparetnly :P14:41

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