mamarleyricotz: 352.79 is out and I am working on it.11:50
mamarleytseliot: How close are you to being ready with the prime EGL stuff?11:50
tseliotmamarley: I have the code, I'm testing it today11:56
* tseliot -> lunch11:56
ricotzmamarley, great, thanks ( you are not giving much of a chance to do it ;) )11:59
* mamarley is trying to prove that he can actually do this without committing hundreds of mistakes each time. :)12:00
mamarleyricotz: All the 352 builds (including nvidia-settings 352 for Precise) are now in https://launchpad.net/~mamarley/+archive/ubuntu/staging/+packages.12:45
mamarleyI also have an update for 361.18 for all the distro versions.  For everything but Xenial, it removes the nvidia EGL alternative since that is only going to be supported on Xenial.  For Xenial, it has an update to the Prime ld.so.conf that is necessary to make tseliot's upcoming changes work properly.12:46
tseliotmamarley: it looks like nvidia-361 dropped support for my GPU? [    24.767] (EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)17:18
tseliotthat happens after (II) NVIDIA GLX Module  361.18  Sat Jan  9 20:41:31 PST 201617:19
tseliotwhich means my hybrid system is kind of useless now17:19
tseliotexcept 1140 is listed as supported17:21
tseliotmamarley: I'll take that back, there must be something wrong with gpu-manager17:22
tseliotmamarley: everything seems to work now :) . I'll test it more tomorrow.18:49

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