MaazdlPhreak: By the way, arts on freenode told me "tell dlphreak he doesnt have to be a ass" 10 hours, 48 minutes and 12 seconds ago04:42
dlPhreakMaaz: tell arts that I will be whatever I please.04:49
MaazdlPhreak: Got it, I'll tell arts on freenode04:49
antonmayMorning, Môre, Dumelang, Ciao05:38
=== SilverCode_ is now known as SilverCode
thatgraemeguymorning peoples06:02
inetprogoeie more06:35
dlPhreakMorning, antonmay, thatgraemeguy, inetpro 06:48
Kilosmorning everyone07:02
Kiloshi unlaudable 07:02
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za07:03
* Kilos waves to arts07:03
Kilosand dlPhreak thatgraemeguy inetpro and others07:04
Kiloshi antonmay 07:05
artshows everyone doing?07:07
Kilosgood ty and you?07:07
artsgood good another day... :)07:07
=== Akiva is now known as Webtricity
unlaudableKilos, hi thanks07:12
unlaudablelol at sven707:14
Kilosdo you know him?07:19
Kilosor did i miss greeting you yesterday07:20
Kiloshi TinuvaMac 07:29
mazalMorning everyone08:15
Kiloshi mazal 08:16
mazalRof maar ok dankie en daar oom ?08:16
Kilosgoed dankie seun08:16
mazalDinge val net sleg inmekaar in nou08:16
mazalOom moet solank goed rus , dis amper April dan gaan ek weer alles breek :P08:19
mazalNu Ubu , nuwe install tyd dan hehehehe08:19
Kiloswag eers laat dit stabiel word man08:20
mazalEk sal seker Mei doen08:20
mazalMy geduld is nie baie goed om te wag nie08:20
Kilosek sal seker 4 maande wag dan sal als net werk08:20
Kilos14.04 kan nog jare hou08:21
mazalMy worry is hoe gaan ek iso maak van die nuwe een08:21
Kilosmyne werk wonderlik08:21
mazalTwyfel sterk of die ou remaster nog gaan werk08:21
Kilosnee jy sal van voor moet begin08:22
mazalJa maar as hy klaar install is , vir my tweede pc maak ek altyd iso08:22
mazalEn vir Barry08:23
Kilosgeluk daarmee08:23
mazalEk dink Barry gaan nou vir eerste keer 'n hele install moet doen hehehe08:23
Kilosmiskien daai ander ding try08:23
mazalGaan defnitief loer na hom , dalk is hy heelwat verbeter intussen08:23
mazalEk sien hy word nog gereeld geupdate. http://sourceforge.net/projects/systemback/ 2016-01-1608:28
Kilosek doen als op een laptop nou so nie meer nodig om als te doen oor en oor08:30
Kilosnet /home rsync en ek gaan aan08:30
mazalMy probleem is al die extras wat mens moet by install08:31
mazalDis 'n lang lys elke keer08:31
Kilosya dis werk maar een keer in twee jaar is ok08:32
Kilosmaar ek sal kyk na systemback08:32
chesedomorning all09:11
Kiloshi chesedo 09:14
chesedounlaudable: welcome to the ubuntu za channel09:16
unlaudableno I dont know him/her/it09:18
chesedolol... it...09:18
Kilosi dunno if it was a troll or just a dodo09:19
unlaudablechesedo, thanks... I have been here before though... just on a very irregular basis... 09:20
chesedooh, sorry my bad09:21
* chesedo thought that nick looked a bit familiar09:22
KilosMaaz announce Monthly meeting here tonight at 20.30 everyone. please try to attend09:22
MaazAnnouncement from Kilos! Monthly meeting here tonight at 20.30 everyone. please try to attend09:22
Kilosat least im not the only one that forgets09:22
unlaudableif its any consolation I don't remember you either :D09:25
Kilosunlaudable chesedo is our meeting chair person for tonight09:26
unlaudabledoes irc need emotes?09:26
unlaudableI feel like it need emotes...09:26
Kilosim doff what are emotes?09:27
Kilosyou gotta do it in text09:27
unlaudableall the cutesy smileys and stuff you get on every other IM app out there09:27
unlaudabletext has become less expressive for me now X-)09:28
Kilosi use konversation so they show09:30
unlaudablemm havent tried that... will take a look09:48
unlaudableyou guys seen terminology?09:48
dlPhreakirssi is the only real irc client. all the other irc clients are secondary and inferior to the raw power of irssi.09:56
dlPhreakMuch like vim is the only text editor.09:57
Kilosi mainly say hi how are etc etc so text works good for me09:58
Kilostoo much work to and smileys all the time09:58
dlPhreaklike 0_o and ^__^ and ()o()09:59
Kilosim limited to :) and :D10:00
dlPhreakWhat the angry face? >:| ?10:03
dlPhreakLooks more like a sangoma.10:03
Kilostoo much for me to remember10:03
Padronihow are you guys doing?10:36
Kiloshi Padroni well ty and you10:37
dlPhreakPretty swell, yourself Padroni 10:37
Kilosare you attending tonights meeting10:37
PadroniI am not sure - I will try10:38
PadroniI got a question regarding email + pgp on Ubuntu10:38
Kilosits only at 20.30 so you have plenty wife nagging time first10:38
PadroniI can't get Thunderbird to work10:38
PadroniI have installed thunderbird + enigmail 10:39
Padronigenerated my keys, etc10:39
Padronithunderbird refuses to connect up and collect mail10:39
Kilosuh oh10:39
Kiloslets hear what the clever peeps say10:40
Kilosmy thiunderbird worked first time10:41
Padroniwith PGP encryption?10:45
Kilosyes the pro guided me so i have matched with his10:46
Kilosand a few of the ubuntu peeps10:46
Kiloscan you send mail?10:46
Kilosis it at least connecting10:47
Padroniit connects up10:48
Padronijust does NOT get any mails10:48
Padronithis is pissing me off to no end, believe me10:48
Kiloscan it send10:49
Padroniyeah 10:49
PadroniI have uninstalled it10:49
Padronigonna try claws fist10:49
Padroniif that don't work, will re-install latest Tbird10:50
Kilosok when you do mail me with key and ill reply10:51
Padroniwill do10:52
PadroniTurns out the problem with Thunderbird was the fact that I was using IMAP.11:32
Padronithe MOMENT I added the account as POP it started working without issues11:32
Kilosi use pop11:32
superflyhey Padroni11:33
Kilosi tried imap once and it went and fetched all mails11:34
Kilospop just fetches new mails11:35
* Kilos waves to superfly11:35
superflyhi Kilos11:35
Padronihey superfly 11:36
Padronidid you get my linkedin request?11:36
PadroniI should PGP all my mail accounts...11:36
* Padroni got it working now11:37
superflyPadroni: I did, I'll respond this evening11:37
Padronithanx mate11:37
PadroniI will need to get a job as of end March so need all the help I can get11:37
PadroniOtherwise, how's life treating you, superfly ?11:49
PadroniNice and cloudy today in CT11:49
superflyI'm a bit sick at the moment :-(11:49
superfly(hence why I didn't do anything last night, I was sleeping)11:50
Padronioh snap11:50
Padronichange of weather make you sick?11:50
Padronibecause that usually happens to me11:50
Padronimy bad, dlPhreak only saw your msg now11:51
superflythe whole family has been a bit sick11:53
Kiloshi ronald__ 11:56
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za11:56
KilosPadroni http://www.careerjunction.co.za/jobs/view/1915015/system-administrator-in-cape-town-faure-western-cape-at-national-research-foundation11:58
Kilosi dont know if you get our list mails11:58
unlaudable()o() <-- Tie Fighter11:58
Kiloschesedo are you in our G+12:00
Kilossomeone needs to post there about tonights meeting12:01
chesedoKilos: yes12:01
Kilosare you well enough to make it superfly 12:01
superflyKilos: probably12:01
Kilosill do the list reminder12:01
Kilosoh then the tweet one too12:05
Kilosi forget the twitter tool in kde12:11
Kilosty chesedo 12:14
Kilosah choqok12:15
KilosMaaz where is inetpro 12:16
MaazKilos: inetpro is used to talking through his hat12:16
KilosMaaz seen inetpro 12:17
MaazKilos: inetpro was last seen 5 hours, 42 minutes and 16 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2016-01-25 22:35:10 PST], and has been online on freenode since 2016-01-20 09:54:13 PST12:17
Kilosand he didnt even say morning12:17
* dlPhreak will work for bitcoin..12:44
MaNIhaha, I'll also work for bitcoin :p13:25
Padroniditto here13:26
dlPhreakLol I have a few hundred uBtc somewhere but I don't know where the wallet is XD13:27
dlPhreakMicro Bitcoin.. It's actually supposed to be the Greek letter Mu13:30
Padronihow did you get uBtc?13:30
MaNIits just a fraction of a BTC13:31
dlPhreakIt's just regular bitcoin but since bitcoin is so large, you devide it into a thousand and call it micro bitcoin or ubtc13:31
dlPhreakMicro is thousand, right?13:31
dlPhreakHaven't done physics in years..13:32
Padroniagain - how did you get / earn btc?13:32
dlPhreakOh, I was part of a mining pool.13:32
Padroniah ok13:32
Padronithat seems to be the only way to get it13:32
MaNI1 BTC is 1000000 uBTC13:32
PadroniI wouldn't mind getting into a mining pool.13:32
dlPhreakNowadays yes.13:32
MaNII've earned some BTC doing programming gigs myself13:33
MaNIgreat money with the rand down and out13:33
MaNIvarious ways you could earnt hem if you really want them I guess :)13:33
PadroniI have some pc's laying around that I can use13:33
MaNIdepends what your skillsets are - by mining with normal pcs, forget about it you're many years too late13:34
Padroniwhat other options are there then?13:34
dlPhreakBuying bitcoin is a good option.13:34
MaNIit's a currency - what options are there to get any other currency? buy it, barter for it13:34
MaNIsteal it13:34
dlPhreakIt's still unstable but if you're patient it can be a very good investment.13:34
MaNIas I said I've done work in exchange for it before, no different to any other currency in that respect13:35
dlPhreakYeah working for it.13:35
MaNIas fo r the instability - with the rand losing over 3% value in 24 hour periods at times its not like we can talk :p13:35
MaNIbut yeah not sure I'd hold it as a long term investment personally13:36
dlPhreakYou're right MaNI. Our currency is totally screwed.13:36
superflyI managed to mine part of a bitcoin with my PC13:37
superflyyears ago13:37
superflywhen Bitcoin had just come out.13:37
MaNII personally hold some small amounts of gulden instead as my long term gamble, but thats a whole different story, I do some work for them so I'm biased :p Bitcoin I only ever use as an easier way to get paid by overseas people13:38
Padronisuperfly, 13:40
Padroniyou here?13:40
Padroniok - I am gone 13:58
Padronisee you guys in the morning13:58
Kiloshmm... only 33 here15:38
Kilosinetpro i did lists, tweet place and cesdid g+15:38
Kiloschesedo 15:39
Kilosi wonder where the pro might b15:39
KilosMaaz seen inetpro 15:39
MaazKilos: inetpro was last seen 9 hours, 4 minutes and 34 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2016-01-25 22:35:10 PST], and has been online on freenode since 2016-01-20 09:54:13 PST15:39
* Kilos buys a new sjambok15:50
* chesedo starts a crowdfunding for the hiring of someone to steal Kilos' new sjambok17:10
chesedowith all the rest he has had lately, that thing will be dangerous in his hands :P17:11
Kilosits the only wat to get any response out of inetpro 17:21
Kilosi hope he is ok17:22
captineevening all.  it’s been a long time17:47
Kiloshi captine wb17:47
Kiloswhere you been17:48
Kilosbusy is a poor excuse17:48
Kilossome peeps say they been busy when they been busy sleeping17:50
inetprowho says I didn't say good morning?17:52
inetprogood evening everyone17:52
Kilosohi inetpro wb17:52
inetproKilos: why so paranoid?17:53
Kilosgotta be para something17:53
* inetpro was just busy as usual17:53
inetprooops... did I say busy?17:54
Kiloshee hee17:54
Kilosi need some advice17:54
inetproKilos: don't ask to ask, just ask17:55
Kiloswhen i start choqok to ubuntuza and authenticate with tweet place i get a message that they have sent me a pin17:55
Kiloswhere do they send it to17:55
inetprohmm... 17:55
* inetpro gave up with choqok17:56
Kilosoh why17:56
inetpronot sure whether they ever updated it after twitter broke it17:56
Kilosi would expect it in my email but nothing17:56
inetprotwitter introduced a new API and stopped supporting the old17:57
Kilosoh yes17:57
Kilosthat was last year17:57
inetprotoo long ago17:57
Kiloswell as long as you are available on meeting days you can do the tweet thig17:58
Kilosi did it online today17:58
Kilosall good inetpro ?17:59
* inetpro simply got used to using the browser when needing to be informed of the happenings in the world 17:59
Kilosi try not use browser for everything18:00
Kilosthey  also doff at times18:00
Kilosgo to wrong places18:01
inetproyou can't stay productive and be informed about every minor revelation on social media these days18:06
inetprochesedo: I might not make it to the meeting18:08
Kilosmight not also means might18:10
Kilosso do your best please18:10
chesedogot ya inetpro18:10
inetprotomorrow is another 'busy' day18:14
Kiloswhats happening in the world18:14
Kiloslooks like i started on ubuntu just in time18:15
Kilospoor peeps now got min chance of help18:15
Kiloshi FusionSparc 18:15
FusionSparcHow are you Kilos?18:15
Kilosgood ty and you?18:16
Kilosbit sleepy but good18:16
FusionSparcLong day, happy to be at home.. :)18:16
FusionSparcgood to hear...:)18:16
FusionSparcThe meeting starts at 20:30 right?18:16
FusionSparcok, brb.18:17
Kilostime for coffee only18:17
FusionSparcAll set..18:25
Kiloshi chinaboy welcome to ubuntu-za18:26
chinaboyHi, I am Jos Visser18:26
Kilosnice to meet you18:26
* superfly bumps oom Kilos18:26
Kilosyessir superfly ?18:26
superflyNothing...! 18:27
Kilosyou feeling better18:27
superflyNo, worse 18:27
Kilosthen why bump me18:27
Kilosi wanna chat to you sometime18:28
Kilossure there will be a cure18:28
Kiloshi SilverCode 18:28
chesedoalmost ready all?18:29
chesedoshould prob start pinging everyone18:29
chesedoMaaz: start meeting about Ubuntu Monthly Meeting - January 201618:30
Maazchesedo: Just do it yourself18:30
=== chesedo is now known as pieter2627
pieter2627Maaz: start meeting about Ubuntu Monthly Meeting - January 201618:30
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles18:30
FusionSparcread somewhere I need to announce to bot...whats to line again?18:30
pieter2627Maaz: topic Welcoming and Introduction18:30
MaazCurrent Topic: Welcoming and Introduction18:30
pieter2627Good evening everyone and thanks for joining our first meeting for the year 2016 18:31
pieter2627Hope you were all also able to get well rested during the holiday 18:31
pieter2627Please introduce yourselves to Maaz who will keep the minutes using `Maaz: I am <firstname lastname>` eg.18:31
Kiloslike this18:31
KilosMaaz I am Miles Sharpe18:31
MaazKilos: Okay18:31
pieter2627Maaz: I am Pieter Engelbrecht18:31
Maazpieter2627: Righto18:31
Kiloshi K_K_N 18:31
pieter2627the agenda for today's meeting can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/2016012618:31
FusionSparcMaaz: I am JG du Preez18:31
MaazFusionSparc: Yessir18:31
Kilosglad you could make it18:31
pieter2627we are still open to last minute changes if anyone has any18:32
chinaboyMaaz:  I am Jos Visser18:32
Maazchinaboy: Yessir18:32
pieter2627ping arts dlPhreak 18:33
pieter2627Kilos: who did i miss? ^^18:33
Kilospieter2627 peeps can sign in anytime through the meeting18:33
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman 18:33
Maazsuperfly: Alrighty18:33
Kilosarts 18:33
pieter2627Maaz: topic Review minutes of previous meeting18:33
MaazCurrent Topic: Review minutes of previous meeting18:33
pieter2627the previous meeting's minutes is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20151027 18:34
pieter2627as you can see it is quite old and might therefore be a good idea to skim it18:34
Kilosarts ping18:34
K_K_NHi Kilos18:35
pieter2627Maaz: topic Plans for 2016 18:35
pieter2627short as always unless we have someone excited to sign the COC or to become a member :D...18:35
MaazCurrent Topic: Plans for 201618:35
pieter2627Welcome to FusionSparc & arts who has joined us recently18:35
pieter2627and spinza if i'm correct18:36
Kiloschinaboy 18:36
Kilosand K_K_N 18:36
pieter2627lol Kilos18:36
Kiloskoo klux no clan18:37
KilosMaaz welcome18:37
MaazWelcome to tonights meeting everyone18:37
pieter2627Maaz: topic Events 18:37
pieter2627no event  were missed in the last month(s), right?18:37
MaazCurrent Topic: Events18:37
artssorry was afk, thank s for being a awesome grop, especially Kilos... thanks a bunch!18:37
Kiloswe not a grop18:38
pieter2627yip, we sure are lucky to have Kilos around18:38
Kilosarts sign in with the bot please18:38
Kilosand K_K_N 18:38
pieter2627anyone know of any events for the upcoming month?18:39
Kiloseveryone is too busy18:39
FusionSparcNew year, new challanges I guess.. :)18:40
Kilosbut you can send get well soon cards to superfly 18:40
Kiloshi Na3iL 18:40
Kiloslogin with maaz please18:40
Na3iLhiyas Kilos 18:41
Kilosstorming here guys so if i disappear power gone18:41
Na3iLMaaz, help18:41
MaazNa3iL: I can help you with: looking things up, remembering things, delivering messages, decisions, games, monitoring things, browsing the internet, conversions, silly fun stuff, calculations, system administration, software development and south african stuff.18:41
MaazAsk me "help me with ..." for more details.18:41
Na3iLMaaz, help meeting18:41
MaazNa3iL: Take minutes of an IRC Meeting. You can use it like this:18:41
Maaz  (start | end) meeting [about <title>]18:41
Maaz  I am <True Name>18:41
Maaz  topic <topic>18:41
Maaz  (agreed | idea | accepted | rejected) <statement>18:41
Maaz  minutes so far18:41
Maaz  meeting title is <title>18:41
pieter2627so also no feedback for on the install fests or ubuntu hour from anyone?18:42
Na3iLKilos, the commands that can manage QA is the same with Maaz ?18:42
Kilosyes Na3iL 18:42
Kilossame python bot18:42
pieter2627Kilos: the 'crowd' seems deadish tonight18:43
Kiloskeep record18:43
Kilospeeps busy pieter2627 18:43
* pieter2627 guess the year is still young18:43
KilosNa3iL pieter2627 is chesedo18:43
Na3iLah good :D 18:44
KilosNa3iL just type in maaz I am Full Name18:44
pieter2627i just did not have perm no handle maaz under chesedo18:44
Na3iLMaaz, I am Zoueidi Naeil18:44
MaazNa3iL: Sure18:44
pieter2627oh, we also do not have any volunteers for  the release party for 16.0418:45
pieter2627but feel free to pitch in if anyone is interested...18:45
Kilosgonna be a tough year imo18:45
pieter2627will move on for now18:46
* inetpro lurking 18:46
inetproMaaz: I am Gustav H Meyer18:46
Maazinetpro: Alrighty18:46
pieter2627Maaz: topic Miscellaneous 18:46
pieter2627a list of possible Ubuntu-in-the-wild items can be found at https://trello.com/c/2hHvWUne18:46
MaazCurrent Topic: Miscellaneous18:46
pieter2627it is small currently and anyone is free to expand it18:47
Na3iLbtw, am taking a look at the previous meeting 18:47
Na3iLto know the process exactly :D 18:47
pieter2627np Na3iL18:47
Kiloscool  Na3iL 18:47
pieter2627Kilos: any news on the working with lugs?18:48
pieter2627also relating to a linuxconza or linuxfestza...18:48
Kilosnot from me sorry ive been a bit slack but recovering18:48
pieter2627oh hey, forgot... again :)18:49
Na3iLpieter2627, there's a lug in Tunisia, it's new but they will assist the meeting tomorrow :D 18:49
Kiloswhen you have energy join jozilug and dbnlug on G+18:49
pieter2627yip that's what we discussed once18:50
pieter2627Maaz: idea pieter2627 (chesedo) (and others) to reach out to the jozilug and dbnlug on g+18:51
MaazIdea recorded: pieter2627 (chesedo) (and others) to reach out to the jozilug and dbnlug on g+18:51
pieter2627ok next item...18:52
Kilospieter2627 make a note to get perms for chesedo18:52
pieter2627Kilos: will do18:52
superflypieter2627: BTW, I don't think it's always necessary to get permission for pictures of Linux in the wild.18:53
pieter2627i thought it might be a good idea if we had a few reachable goals for the loco this year to help things move forward a bit more18:53
superflypieter2627: I think that as long as it's in the public, and it's easy enough to get a photo, then you're probably good.18:53
* superfly agrees with pieter262718:54
pieter2627superfly: right18:54
pieter2627would like others input on this...18:54
FusionSparcWhat type of progress did you have in mind?18:55
K_K_Nsorry Kilos stepped away but might have to step away again18:55
superflyFusionSparc: mostly just visible events18:55
Kilosnp K_K_N 18:55
K_K_NMaaz: I am Kerasen Naidoo18:55
MaazK_K_N: Alrighty18:55
FusionSparcI see.18:55
pieter2627superfly: do you maybe have any goal specific that you would like to see18:55
Kilosand guyds18:55
Kilosanything to liven up this channel is good as well18:56
superflypieter2627: I don't know. I'm pretty swamped as it is18:56
* pieter2627 personally thinks that we should not have more than 318:56
pieter2627since we are all quite busy18:57
superflymaybe a release party?18:57
superflyI'm sure I could probably host one in Cape Town18:57
superflyor maybe a code jam?18:57
pieter2627superfly: that's an idea18:57
FusionSparcdefine code jam.. :)18:57
pieter2627some that i have also come up with...18:58
superflyFusionSparc: bunch of people get together with specific goals in mind around free software18:58
superflymaybe fix a "bug"18:58
superfly(not necessarily code)18:58
pieter2627being more active as a community on promoting future events (we discussed the in past meetings)18:58
pieter2627fixing our bot18:58
FusionSparcHack-o-thon sprang to mind.. lol18:59
superflyFusionSparc: sortov18:59
KilosNa3iL was going to have a go at ibid18:59
pieter2627Kilos: i mean as a group18:59
superflyFusionSparc: even if it's a documentation hack-a-thon18:59
pieter2627... similar to the code-jam18:59
Kilosdocs i can probable help with19:00
pieter2627another > grow the channel to x members...19:00
superflyinteresting IP address19:01
pieter2627no no Kilos we know the limit is 49 to keep you :P19:01
Kilosill die before i leave here19:01
pieter2627Kilos: who was that guy last year with the documentation/book19:02
Kilosdbn lug19:02
pieter2627and what was it about again?19:02
superflythe one who wanted to use a web-based system for offline books19:02
Kiloswilliam walter19:02
* superfly facepalmed19:02
pieter2627he wanted to write one19:02
Kilosi  have his email addy so can query19:03
pieter2627others that i had was bug fixes/translation etc. and events which superfly touched on19:03
K_K_Nsorry connectivity issues as well19:03
K_K_Nwhat did I miss?19:04
Kilosnp K_K_N 19:04
pieter2627how if we work that ( as a documentation hack-a-thon thing) into one of the goals19:04
pieter2627...all should be able to participate19:05
Kiloswe need to arrange some time with william19:05
Kiloshe is also swamped most of the time19:05
pieter2627and need to check the subject material...19:05
pieter2627another could be to have two? events (release party, ubuntu hour etc) in the year?19:07
superflyremember we do also have debconf in july19:07
pieter2627superfly: debconf?19:07
superflyannual Debian conference19:07
superflythis year's venue is UCT in Cape Town19:08
superflyand tumbleweed and I are part of the organisation team19:08
FusionSparcWould they stream the conf by chance?19:08
pieter2627that would not quite count as one of our loco events would it?19:09
superflyI don't know about streaming, it's been talked about, but we will have videos afterward19:09
FusionSparcmakes sense..19:09
pieter2627or would you suggest a higher number?19:09
superflywe could "come alongside" or something19:10
Kiloswwk mailed19:10
pieter2627so so far the biggest goals seem to be around events and code jam (hack-o-thon)...19:11
pieter2627everyone ok if we created two around them?19:11
Kilosthe book project was something to do with supplying books to schools19:12
Kilosill feed back when i hear from wwk19:12
pieter2627no man, was sure it was about writing - he wanted help setting up booktype for collabrative writting19:12
Kilosor translating books19:12
* inetpro falling asleep19:13
inetprogood night19:13
Kilossleep tight inetpro 19:13
=== arts is now known as corruptdude
Kiloslook after your self19:13
pieter2627superfly and FusionSparc the above seem ok to you?19:13
pieter2627night inetpro19:13
FusionSparcpieter2627, agreed..19:13
pieter2627oh and also Kilos19:14
FusionSparcNew to the group so just following along ..19:14
Kilosbest way id to just jump in FusionSparc 19:14
Kilosif you have skills dont be shy to share them19:15
Kiloswe are a family19:15
* pieter2627 will wait a minute before moving on19:15
superflypieter2627: all good19:16
FusionSparchehe...standard tech support, spring chicken in the linux world..19:16
Kiloseveryone starts somewhere19:16
pieter2627time is almost done so will take it to the mailing list for further 'refinement'19:17
pieter2627Maaz: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting19:17
MaazCurrent Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting19:17
* Kilos votes +1 for chesedo19:17
pieter2627Maaz: agreed New goals discussion to continue on mailing list19:17
MaazAgreed: New goals discussion to continue on mailing list19:17
Kiloshe will have permissions19:17
pieter2627Maaz: agreed chesedo to chair next meeting19:18
MaazAgreed: chesedo to chair next meeting19:18
pieter2627Maaz: topic Next meeting19:18
MaazCurrent Topic: Next meeting19:18
KilosMaaz tell inetpro  Please sort permissions with maaz for chesedo19:18
MaazKilos: Righto, I'll tell inetpro on freenode19:18
pieter2627The next meeting is on the 23 Feb, hope to see you all again19:18
Kilosty for chairing pieter2627 19:19
FusionSparcsounds good...tnx19:19
corruptdudethanks pieter2627 19:19
corruptdudeI've just been silently observing19:19
pieter2627Maaz: agreed Next meeting is 23 February 2016 @ 20:3019:19
MaazAgreed: Next meeting is 23 February 2016 @ 20:3019:19
pieter2627np guys19:20
pieter2627thanks for also joining in19:20
Kilospieter2627 you getting good at this hey19:20
pieter2627you make the meetings possible19:20
pieter2627Maaz: end meeting19:20
MaazMeeting Ended19:20
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2016-01-26-18-30-36.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2016-01-26-18-30-36.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2016-01-26-18-30-36.html19:20
KilosNa3iL you got all that?19:21
* pieter2627 is atleast not sweating any more19:21
Na3iLYep 19:21
Kilostomorrow your turn19:21
Na3iLyou count on me :D 19:22
Kiloscorruptdude you still on kde?19:22
Kiloswe will19:22
corruptdudeyep, still loaded! :)19:22
Kilossuperfly another kde fan19:22
Kiloswhy you dropped your nick corruptdude 19:23
corruptdudecrashes every now and then, but after doing some reading it seems that intel is treating the haswell drivers as a second class citizen in linux19:23
Kilosoh my19:23
corruptdudejust for fun i just registered corruptfile.org so I thought I'll match things up a little19:24
Kilosdoes it crash or just seem to hang19:24
FusionSparcI'm off guys, great meeting all...till next login..19:24
* superfly goes back to bed19:24
corruptdudefreezes dead19:24
Kiloscheers FusionSparc 19:24
Kilosty for attending19:24
corruptdudehybrid graphics + linux = death by frustration LOL19:24
FusionSparcnp.. :)19:24
Kilossleep well superfly 19:24
Kilosarts is better19:25
Kiloscorruption is what everyone is fighting19:25
superflyarts was the name of the sound system in KDE 319:25
K_K_Nis the meeting over now?19:25
Kilosand corruptdude arts is cloaked19:26
corruptdudehahah well I think we are all corrupt files in some way, no one can be perfect :P19:26
Kilosyes K_K_N 19:26
Kilosyou can read the logs19:26
corruptdudeI'm on the list :P :P :P19:27
chinaboygood night !19:27
K_K_Ndamn I stepped away just for a few minutes again plus this connection dropped while I was here so I missed alot it seems19:27
Kilosnight chinaboy 19:27
Kiloscaal again anytime19:27
K_K_Nthanks to the log should be able to catch up19:28
Kilosnow i go sleep as well19:28
Kilosnight all. ty for attending19:28
corruptdudehaha night gents19:28
Kilossleep tight19:28
pieter2627K_K_N: haha that can be frustrating at times...19:30
pieter2627feel free to bring up anything tom if you like19:30
* pieter2627 is also off to bed19:30
pieter2627night remainders :P19:31
K_K_Nyou can say that again not sure if its murphy law but whenever I seem to be doing something of importance I get disconnected19:31
K_K_Noh well hopefully it it goes better tomorrow19:32
K_K_Nand for the remainder of my night cause I still have alot more to do19:32
K_K_Nchat tomorrow people I am off now19:32
* spinza wonders when i joined?20:48

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