timeholdBashing-om: so it looks like even though the "purge && reinstall" allowed me to get to the configuration screen, actually starting the opensmtpd service still fails00:01
Bashing-omtimehold: Post the error condition. not that I know a lot about the service .00:02
timeholdBashing-om: no error message I can find, it just fails to install00:03
otnaugis this a good place to ask for any help?00:04
Bashing-omtimehold: does opensmtpd generate log files ? maybe look in /var/log/ for any hints .00:05
timeholdBashing-om: nothing relevant in there, unfortunately00:06
timeholdBashing-om: going to play around some more, thanks for the help00:06
Bashing-omtimehold: If I know more, I would help more ..In this instance of no info .. I am stuck .00:08
otnaugi edited the file "/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf" with some typos now ubuntu wont start, my F1 key is broken i can ctrl alt F1 like some of the guides indicated00:10
otnaugi cant* ctrl alt F100:10
RoadRunnerhaving problems with cmake compiling a plugin for Pidgin; following instructions from here https://github.com/EionRobb/skype4pidgin/tree/master/skypeweb#compiling but after cmake get errors http://paste.ubuntu.com/14667591/ with this CMakeError.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/14667601/00:12
Bashing-omotnaug: Boot from grub into recovery ... and remount the file system r/w , is one option .00:12
otnaugin recovery i have boot into root without r/w, how do i do r/w? i hope deleting the config file will solve the problem00:14
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Bashing-omotnaug: ' mount -o remount,rw / ' (Note there is no space after the comma.)00:16
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otnaugok thanks i'll go try that in recov mode --> choose root --> type in command --> delete config file00:18
Bashing-omotnaug: Sounds like a plan to me :)00:18
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Volundyo guys. I just installed Ubuntu 15.10 server on a Lenovo TS140 with a RAID1 array. boot loader's not coming up. Never had to troubleshoot this before, any tips for where to start?00:25
* Volund also never installed on a RAID1 before, so00:25
otnaugBashiing-om: yey thanks, back into normal00:28
Volundadmittedly I'm pondering ditching the RAID1 and re-implement that when I have enough storage to warrant such00:28
Bashing-om!raid | Volund00:28
ubottuVolund: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto00:28
Volund... so maybe I should try it without the recommended LVM install.00:29
Volund(this is hardware RAID already)00:29
Bashing-omVolund: LVM is a great thing . Once you know how to handle it .00:31
VolundI'm wearing n00b shoes unfortunately.00:31
Bashing-omVolund: When it comes to LVM I be noob also . Nothing like diving into the deep end of the pool if ya going to learn to swim .00:32
fcastillo1hi guys, I have a question about scopes in Ubuntu. How can I start/stop/restart an specific scope?00:33
rwwbaisong: No thanks. Something we can help with?00:35
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baisongi need change my name00:36
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fcastilloso, anybody out there that can help me with scopes?00:37
ttalany idea how i can change the text for this application on the unity launcher? http://snag.gy/v6o1E.jpg I have this app in /usr/local/bin/ i just opened it from there and right-clicked "Locked to launcher" and this is the default text that was appended to the launcher.00:44
OerHekssublime text .. isn't that a paid binairy blob?00:46
fcastillono idea how to change that text...00:47
ttali found the solution. It was in ~/.local/share/applications/sublime_text.desktop00:49
ttalyes Sublime Text is paid.00:49
kbrosnanttal: yeah http://standards.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/latest/00:49
ttalkbrosnan: thanks for that.00:50
ttalkbrosnan: i found it by randomly opening hidden directories in my home folder. :)00:52
fcastillodoes anybody know how to debug a scope? I'm having trouble with one of the scope and want to know why00:53
Volundhrm. no dice. *yanks RAID1, attempts with Ubuntu Desktop install since wants GUI anyways for this*00:54
ropinglacetrying to reset my password on my log in screen00:54
Bashing-omropinglace: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword ; Here are easy instructions to reset your password in Ubuntu.00:57
ttalanyone know how to change the mimetype, or how I am able to right-click "Open with" for sublime text editor. How can I change file type associations to sublime?00:59
GallomimiaVolund: to install a desktop system on a raid, use server installer, then install the desktop package01:00
Gallomimiaproblem i had also01:00
VolundGallomimia: Noted. But both my attempts to install the basic server have been met with a blinking screen with a cursor instead of GRUB01:00
Gallomimiayeah. that's what im facing now. i remember using the desktop installer to "fix" grub and get it working01:00
Gallomimiabut i cant seem to do that right now01:01
VolundI'm fine just using desktop without RAID array. I can always transfer data around later.01:01
Gallomimiaagreed. and if its just raid1 you can probably implement that after the fact01:02
protnhey hey01:04
protnfolks I want to record webinar01:04
protnwhat ubuntu software can I use?01:04
protnI mean to record webinar I am participating ing01:04
VolundI got my hands on a Lenovo Thinkserver TS140. Intel Xeon 2.4ghz I think? 16gb of RAM. has 2 1tb drives that were in a hardware RAID1 array. I'm hoping to install Ubuntu on it to use it for some casual software development (sounds like an oxymoron, I know) and maybe some weird odds and ends like running a Starbound server. nothing serious.01:08
pizzassaurprotn, you mean record video?01:08
protnyes and audio01:08
Volundmy main machine runs windows01:08
protnand whatever text appears as wel01:08
protnso running screen capture01:08
protnlow res is better to save HD space :D01:09
Gallomimiavolund is that system headless?01:09
VolundI may eventually get my hands on enough hardware to setup this thing for some serious NAS dealies01:09
pizzassaurprotn, whats your interface to the  webinar? browser?01:09
VolundGallomimia: No.01:09
protnpizzassaur: yes01:09
homa_hi every body01:09
Gallomimiaoh well good then. i guess a desktop install is in your future01:09
Gallomimiaand i need that flash drive too.01:10
* Gallomimia flashes it01:10
pizzassaurprotn, which browser? browsers usually have pluggins/add ons for downloading video...01:10
protnfire fox01:10
Volundyeah. Unlike windows, I appreciate that Ubuntu distributions seem to be 'well, the terms are based on the provided packages. the difference between distrib A and B is installing these packages vs those.'01:10
VolundToo bad Windows isn't that simple. ^_^01:10
protnits video audio and text webinar01:11
pizzassaurprotn, firefox had a video dl pluggin - dunno its status now01:11
protndo u think it can record screen01:11
pizzassaurprotn, but on the worst case you can grab directly from desktop - ffmpeg will do if you sing the right enchants to its ears (I will not remember the command - but I know IT CAN)01:12
VolundI've been using a virtual machine via VirtualBox prior to getting this box.01:12
GallomimiaVolund: why? what are you typing at me with?01:12
Volund... now I can free up those resources and stop having to flip out at Windows update for forcing restarts. :)01:12
pizzassaurprotn, and ffmpeg must to have be compiled to accept grabbing01:12
protni see01:13
Gallomimiathat's your problem right there :/01:13
Gallomimiajust install ubuntu native and you'll do fine ;)01:13
pizzassaurprotn, BTW - I think its not compiled that way by default because of SECURITY CONCERNS01:13
Gallomimiayou can even dual boot if you're not brave enough to go cold turkey01:13
Volundheeey I ran with Ubuntu as my native OS for like, 3-5 months this year. Then a slew of games that I couldn't play came out.01:13
pizzassaurffmpeg kicks!01:14
Gallomimiaaw. wine?01:14
Volundtried Wine. Worked for some. not others.01:14
VolundUnfortunately my linux-fu isn't quite good enough to figure out how to CONFIGURE wine properly, I reached max frustration.01:14
Gallomimiathat's what i'll do01:14
Gallomimiait's a tough nut to crack. they got channels on here for it01:15
VolundI might give it another shot this year. For the moment my monster rig runs windows, and the server's running Linux. I have putty. I can learn my terminal-fu easily enough.01:15
Gallomimiai gleamed a few things before my OS stopped booting cause of my goofy LVM on RAID setup01:15
* Volund wants to learn proper software development through git, and linux administration habits.01:16
protngit is neat :D01:16
Gallomimiain that case, let's take each other's contact info. i'm  on that same warpath01:16
protnwho here lives in russia?01:16
Gallomimiaprobably a lot of people in the russian channel01:17
protnwhats its name?01:17
chowderGallomimia: hintity hint hint, right?01:17
pizzassaurprotn, everybody! The whole worlds is looking like Siberia!01:17
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.01:17
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pizzassaurbetta go, cya guys01:19
chowderCan't wait for 16.04. I always stick to LTS releases. Will 16.04 include Mir by default? I know Wayland had a thing where you could have rootless x windows. Will Mir have the same functionality?01:22
Gallomimiame too chowder. had some rough times with non LTS for awhile01:22
chowderGallomimia: I've had very few issues with non-LTS releases I just hate having to update my system constantly. Every 2 years is enough for me and if I need the latest version of eclipse or some other program I'll compile it myself.01:24
Gallomimiachowder: its often the update process that confounds things i find01:24
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chowderGallomimia: Oh I see. Yeah things often break. The updating process is rarely that streamlined. I'm guessing its because of package dependencies and whatnot.01:25
Gallomimiai figure that it's because of how many times it gets used, tested, reported on by users who found it break01:26
chowderGallomimia: that's why I like the LTS releases. Rather than update I just do a fresh reinstall every 2 years. Some people may think its a bit much but it works for me. I'm looking to forward to playing with applications that use Mir natively. I'm glad to see the XServer die.01:27
Gallomimiamost software that gets done within a few weeks, but with the updater everyone uses it exactly once, only once per 6 months01:27
Gallomimiachowder: i wish i knew enough about X to really form an opinion on that matter01:28
Gallomimiabut now we're OT and suppose we might want to move to a new channel to talk about that01:28
chowderGallomimia: which one?01:29
Gallomimiai dunno. im trying to fix my bootloader so... maybe save for another time?01:29
chowderyou got it01:29
docmurI know SHC can "compile" shell scripts, but other good ways are there for me to ecode / encrypt a shell script so it can still run but can't be read, this is out of interest!01:33
transhuman__hi any experts in here with systemd-modules-load-service? getting LOAD loaded ACTIVE failed SUB failed DESCRIPTION Load Kernel Modules01:37
mcphaildocmur: no, A user has t have permission to read it to run it01:38
transhuman__as output from systemctl --failed01:38
fcastillodoes anybody know which one is the default stdout sterr file? I want to see the output of an already running process that didn't start from command line01:38
norcrossahh its a great day01:38
transhuman__fcastillo does this help http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/redirecting-stderr-to-stdout/01:40
homa_how can capture video in online site?01:41
norcrosshoma_: grab video ?01:41
LambdaComplexfcastillo: looks like you'll need strace01:42
homa_norcross, in www.cybrary.it01:42
norcrosscool site01:43
LilithhhHello I need help deciding whether or not Ubuntu is a good OS! Does this act funny with web browsers in linux.. like in safari on my Mac??: http://crashsafari.com/01:43
fcastillo transhuman__: thanks but that doesn't help since I didn't start the process from command line and I can't start it01:43
LilithhhPS: Mac is better01:43
fcastilloLambdaComplex: thanks but strace also works only if I'm running the program from scratch.01:44
LambdaComplexLilithhh: I actually went to that earlier in Firefox. The browser froze, then eventually asked me if I wanted to stop the script01:44
fcastilloI know that /var/log holds some stdout and stderr from output files, is that correct?01:44
LambdaComplexLilithhh: Yes. Also the fact that you just said "Mac is better" means you're probably a troll01:45
yigalfcastillo: I don't understand strace should work just attach strace to the process of the application?01:45
RoadRunnerwould anyone like to help with a cmake problem?01:45
LilithhhIt's the truth. Mac is better.01:45
LambdaComplexfcastillo: What do you mean by "from scratch?"01:45
transhuman__what about this http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-strace-command-examples.html01:45
* LambdaComplex will regret this01:45
LambdaComplexLilithhh: What makes you say that?01:45
yigalfcastillo: strace -p<PID>01:46
fcastilloyigal: because it's a little more complicated than that. I'm trying to set print statements on my Unity scope so I can debug it, since I don't know any other way to do it01:46
fcastilloso, there isn't a PID for my scope, there's one for the scope loader, but not specific to my scope01:47
LambdaComplexfcastillo: Then perhaps you should've mentioned that from the start01:47
transhuman__sorry facastillo, cant help01:48
fcastilloLambdaComplex: sorry about that. I'll try to be more specific01:48
transhuman__anyone able to help with my systemd-modules-load.service problem? been at it for 6 hours now and no where further figuring it out01:49
fcastilloi'm setting print statements in my scopes daemon, which uses python. I need to know where are those outputs being printed, any system log files in particular?01:49
yigalfcastillo: so you're developing the scope in Python?01:50
transhuman__if your doing it in python fcastillo you might try #python...just a suggestion01:51
fcastillothe scope is the recoll scope and it's already out there: https://bitbucket.org/medoc/unity-scope-recoll01:51
fcastilloyigal: the daemon is already on python, so I'm just using what was already available01:51
fcastillothe recoll scope hasn't been updated or taken care of, I find it very useful, so I decided to take a look with my very basic programming knowledge01:52
yigalfcastillo: understood, now why can't you debug by running the scope from the cli?01:52
userWhat is the best VPN more Ubuntu?01:53
fcastilloyigal: because this is the command needed to run the scope: /usr/bin/python3 /usr/share/unity-scopes/scope-runner-dbus.py -s files/recoll.scope01:53
yigalfcastillo: also have you seen http://askubuntu.com/questions/310672/how-do-i-debug-my-unity-scope, which has a nice bit on how to debug scopes?01:54
fcastilloyigal: and when it's run, there isn't any command line output. It just started the daemon in the back01:54
fcastilloyigal: I did see that article and it works as long as the scope was started from command line the first time. The scope started from boot and I have no idea on how to unloaded01:54
yigalfcastillo: the libunity-tool -g, seems to be rather promising01:55
bmsr256does someone know why mediascanner-2.0 sometimes crash?01:55
yigalfcastillo: so you aren't seeing it in dbus?01:55
fcastilloyigal: the developer has a lot of print statements in the source, which are commented, they look like debugging, so I thought it would be easy to just see the output of those01:55
user854554521What is the best VPN for Ubuntu?01:55
yigalfcastillo: well if they are just print statements they will go to std out, unless you actually create a log file for them.01:56
fcastilloyigal: I do see it in dbus, but there's no output on libunity-tool -g when I run a search, even though there is an output to the search on the scope01:56
yigalfcastillo: I'd ask these questions to the developer directly especially because they explicitly write that they are looking for volunteers or potential maintainers01:59
fcastilloyigal: I've tried, but he hasn't responded in a while, and he's page says he's stop development on the recoll scope :-X02:00
user854554521No one knows?02:02
user854554521or the best paid VPN for Ubuntui02:02
yigaluser854554521: I don't think there is a 'best', it depends on what you are using it for02:03
fcastillouser854554521: there isn't one specific to Ubuntu, you should just look for the best VPN in general. I use www.privateinternetaccess.com and works great with Ubuntu and it's very fast, but I didn't do much research about it, so maybe there's a better one out there02:03
fcastillouser854554521: I agree with yigal02:04
fcastilloyigal: so, I've managed to have an output to libunity-tool :-D, anybody that knows how to change it's filters model?02:05
user854554521Perfect, Ill take a look on the website you suggested02:05
klfIs there a way to tweak Unity so that windows doesn't maximize upon hitting the edges of the screen?02:05
user854554521So there are VPN that are better than others in different tasks?, can you give me an example please?02:06
klfit's really annoying.02:06
yigalfcastillo: You can see on the source code as well as I that the commented error messages are mostly going to std error, file=sys.stderr02:06
fcastillokif: you should check some settings under ccsm (compiz config) and disable the edge thing there02:06
yigalfcastillo: but as you know better than I they are all mostly commented02:06
bencchow can I find all the fonts installed on desktop so I can install the same in a container?02:07
fcastilloyigal: yes, they are commented, but when I uncomment them, I still can't find the sys.stderr file anywhere02:09
allizombencc: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fonts#Manually02:09
yigalfcastillo: you won't that isn't a file, that's a stream and will only be useful from the command line.02:10
benccallizom: I don't want to install fonts manually. I'm trying to find the font deb packages ubuntu desktop use by default?02:10
fcastilloyigal: thanks for that info, I knew sys.stderr wasn't the name of a file, but I thought that the sys.stderr stream was being save into a default log file somewhere. I was looking for that default file everywhere02:11
yigalfcastillo: ah, np, and nope, you'll need to edit the source, find and replace all with the log file of your choice, as one example02:11
fcastilloyigal: AH!!!! gotcha! Thanks for that!!!!02:12
BiilD73well most everything is coming together.. Still fighting deluge to allow remote conenctions from the windows deluge program, webui works fine.02:13
msa2461Hello, I need help with my VM, it not recognize my USB devices. Can you help me?02:13
yigalbencc: well you can see the fonts the system knows about via fc-list, and then use 'dpkg -S <file>' to find all of the packages containing fonts on the current system.02:13
yigalfcastillo: awesome, well best of luck!02:14
benccyigal: trying02:14
yigalbencc: some fonts for instance msttcorefonts won't show up in the package list as they're not being taken from a proper package02:16
benccyigal: I'm not using msttcorefonts. anything else won't show up?02:17
yigalbencc: as a dirty one-liner something like this should do, fc-list | cut -d: -f1 | while read file ; do dpkg -S $file 2>&1 | grep -v msttcorefonts | cut -d: -f1 ; done | sort | uniq02:17
yigalbencc: not that I'm aware of if you are just using packages, not from source installs02:18
benccyigal: thanks. it only show: fonts-dejavu-core, fonts-libreration02:19
benccbut chromium fonts looks bad02:19
yigalbencc: hmm, so are you running chromium in a container?02:19
andrej_change in chromium settings02:19
benccyigal: yes. and I'm probably missing some basic fonts02:20
benccandrej_: outside of a container fonts looks good so I don't think it's chromium settings02:20
andrej_i change in chrome fonts to sans and serif like in firefox02:21
yigalbencc: can you give the raw ouput of fc-list in either http://paste.ubuntu.com/ or a Gist?02:21
benccyigal: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14668875/02:22
yigalbencc: you have ssh access to the container I imagine, what font packages are shown installed on the container with that one-liner?02:22
benccyigal: I'll check after rebuilding the container. it'll take few mintues02:22
benccyigal: I think the container only has fonts-liberation02:23
benccwhat are the standard fonts deb packages on ubuntu desktop?02:24
yigalbencc: I'm not certain.  You can find all of the packages installed at installation in the gunzipped file /var/log/installer/initial-status.gz02:31
yigalbencc: then filter via 'Section: fonts' and that should give you more or less the right list02:32
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benccyigal: thanks02:35
benccyigal: is it possible to see what font packages the chrome (not chromium) package requires?02:35
andrej_Ariel, Times new roman02:35
benccandrej_: how can I install them?02:36
andrej_download fonts and install02:36
Bashing-ombencc: these commands can list the fonts installed on the computer. A few fonts might not appear though. ' fc-cache -fv ; fc-list | less ; dpkg -l *font* | grep -E ^ii ' .02:36
andrej_or install mscorefonts packages02:37
benccandrej_: ubuntu desktop looks fine without mscorefonts02:37
yigalbencc: apt-cache show google-chrome-$(version), where version is 'stable' or what ever is installed.02:38
andrej_change in chrome settings to good free font02:38
yigalbencc: or a little more to the point, apt-cache depends google-chrome-$(version)02:38
tyuiolrFirefox is so slow with video02:39
VolundSO GUYS02:39
tyuiolrChrome is faster but hate the Google spyware02:40
derpatroncan i mount /usr to a different partition without a live cd/gparted?02:41
VolundI have a fresh install of Ubuntu 15.10 here on one computer, and Windows 10 on another. I need to do something like VNC/RDP so I can control it fluidly and, preferably, shared clipboard would be really nice.02:41
tyuiolrandrej_: the only thing I used that needed mscorefonts was winehq02:41
Volundwhat solution would you recommend?02:42
yigalderpatron: the short answer is no, because there are binaries in /usr that the system is dependent on, so unmounting /usr will mess the live os up02:43
yigalderpatron: however with your name I suspect you already know that02:43
derpatroni see, my intention was to actually extend the / partition to the left, but it seems i'll need to not use my current ubuntu for doing that either way, thx for the clarification yigal02:44
yigalderpatron: cool man, gl let us know if you have any other questions02:44
tyuiolrVolund: http://www.digitalcitizen.life/connecting-windows-remote-desktop-ubuntu02:45
Volundtyuiolr: it's the other way around that I wanna manage.02:46
benccyigal andrej_ Bashing-om: just installed mscorefonts and it look better. thanks02:48
user54541210Everytime a minimize a video from youtube my Ubuntu 15.1 freezes. Why is this?03:05
user54541210can someone help me?03:05
user54541210someone over there lol?03:10
elkyuser54541210: if you give more details such as version, card model, and whether you're using free or non-free drivers, it might be more likely to get an answer03:12
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* Volund attempts to install xrdp and lxde03:15
Volundyou know what's really cool? The fact that on physical machine I've got one shell running - Unity - and in my remote desktop client I'm seeing lxde.03:17
Volundthat is incredibly cool.03:17
LambdaComplexVolund: What remote desktop client are you using?03:19
LambdaComplexI haven't played around with much in that area other than X over ssh03:19
VolundLambdaComplex: Uh. just Microsoft Terminal Services Client. mstsc.exe03:19
* LambdaComplex gets the feeling that won't run on Linux03:19
VolundI'm connecting to Linux from windows03:20
Volundwanted something graphical, not just a putty terminal03:20
Volundnow to see if sessions are retained in memory if I close them.03:20
Volundyes they are. Okay awesome.03:21
grkbloodim trying to install ubuntu server 14.04 LTS from a usb and im getting "no cahing mode page found, assuming drive cache: write through". the install wont go past this. how do i work aroudn this issue?03:22
john_ramboI am getting this error while updating  http://paste2.org/kFcaPXz403:25
john_ramboI did  sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf but same thing03:26
robobenklein@grkblood That doesn't sound like the error that is causing the install to fail, check to see if it is come other problem03:26
nicomachusjohn_rambo: anything look odd in /etc/apt/sources.list?03:26
LambdaComplexThat's really weird, since (so far as I can tell) restricted/source/Sources _is_ listed in that file03:27
john_rambonicomachus: http://paste2.org/4w0tUUnK03:27
robobenkleingrkblood, try looking for other causes, I doubt the write cache is even a problem03:28
grkbloodwell, its stopping there03:29
nicomachusLambdaComplex: it actually looks like /ubuntu/ just links to the parent... so it goes on forever.03:30
robobenkleingrkblood is there any other indication that the system is working, perhaps it takes awhile to boot (slow usb?)03:30
nicomachusjohn_rambo: perhaps try a different mirror?03:30
john_rambonicomachus: Trying now03:31
Guy1524hey guys, is it possible to put a .desktop file in a folder that makes it visible from only one user's launcher?03:39
Guy1524I figured it out nvm03:42
XenophonFhow'd you do it?03:44
XenophonFyou know, for posterity's sake03:44
XenophonFin case someone's googling for that exact same problem and find this chat log03:44
nicomachusthis chat log is publicly available but I don't believe it is indexed.03:47
gentsuXenophonF: he left03:48
datahead8888Every time I try to use apt-get it finds an old request to reinstall DropBox and starts on this.  It never finishes.  If I reboot, it just finds this again.03:50
datahead8888How do I clear the queue of apt-get install requests?03:50
transhuman_hi any experts in here with systemd-modules-load-service? getting LOAD loaded ACTIVE failed SUB failed DESCRIPTION Load Kernel Modules03:51
transhuman_been trying to figure this out for 10 hours and couting03:52
nicomachustranshuman_: perhaps try in #systemd as well03:58
transhuman_thanks nicomachus04:03
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eduardohello mundo04:30
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NoobsterMCTorvalhello, I installed wine, q4wine, and winetricks with all the packages on a bootable usb and I can't find the applications anywhere. Made a search through, looked through all my files etc04:38
NoobsterMCTorvalsearch through dash04:39
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SchrodingersScatNoobsterMCTorval: does the usb have persistence space?04:46
nolsenHow to uninstall applications on wine-dev?04:47
cadesignsdoes any one knows ow to hack a friends facebook?04:47
cadesignsubuntu 15.1004:48
somsip!illegal | cadesigns04:48
ubottucadesigns: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o04:48
SchrodingersScatI love you for supplying a valid ubuntu release, but that's way off topic.04:48
oscar__I lost my sound04:49
NoobsterMCTorvalSchrondingersScat yes, i think so. when i created it, i assigned 4089mb in the usb universal installer. If im lost and dont know what im talking about tell me04:49
oscar__I shouldn't update?04:49
maumIs there a ubuntu pe version? something like windows pe.04:49
oscar__can I downgrade?04:49
SchrodingersScatNoobsterMCTorval: just checking, would make sense that if it didn't have it, and you rebooted, then any changes would be gone.  Gotta go through the checklist.  Do other things seem to have changed? can you reinstall them?04:50
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.04:51
SchrodingersScatoscar__: ^ tried that?04:51
bonzibuddymaum: what would you need that for? I don't know something that is specifically analogous, but maybe something close to what you need04:51
maumbonzibuddy: I need to check nic type.04:52
NoobsterMCTorvalsure, i can try. another weird thing is that its the same for the synaptic package manager. its on the launcher and wont open when pressed. cant find it in dash either or any files04:52
oscar__SchrodingersScat, does not open :D04:52
NoobsterMCTorvalsure, i can try. another weird thing is that its the same for the synaptic package manager. its on the launcher and wont open when pressed. cant find it in dash either or any files04:52
maumbonzibuddy: os is not installed on the machine.04:52
bonzibuddymaum: could you boot with a live cd / live usb and check? I think that's what I would do04:52
maumbonzibuddy: it is possible04:53
maumbonzibuddy: Do I need to install os from cd or usb?04:53
maumbonzibuddy: I just need to check the nic type.04:53
bonzibuddymaum: nope, you can run the OS  entirely from the cd/usb04:53
bonzibuddymaum: it doesnt touch the hard drive unless you decide to install it04:53
maumbonzibuddy: I see. thanks.04:54
SchrodingersScatNoobsterMCTorval: could try different tools and see if one works better :[04:54
bonzibuddymaum: no prob, happy computing04:54
NoobsterMCTorvalwhat exactly do u mean by tools?04:55
NoobsterMCTorvalim pretty sure i wouldnt be getting these problems if it was installed on a internal hard drive04:55
NoobsterMCTorvalwhat exactly do u mean by tools?04:55
SchrodingersScatNoobsterMCTorval: there's a page about setting it up manually too, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent , but there's unetbootin, some others04:55
oscar__SchrodingersScat, it was working ... why I shouldn't upgrade04:55
SchrodingersScatoscar__: I don't think I said anything about upgrading or not upgrading, that's up to you.04:56
oscar__I say not you!04:56
oscar__it was working fine04:56
oscar__why it stops working after upgrade04:56
oscar__that was my question04:56
oscar__I need to reinstall everything again?04:57
oscar__isn't that stupid?04:57
bonzibuddyoscar__: what was the upgrade path04:58
bonzibuddyeg 14.04 to 14.10....?04:58
NoobsterMCTorvaleven if it was completely persistent, it should show downloaded applications. never rebooted after installing04:58
NoobsterMCTorvalif it wasnt04:59
oscar__bonzibuddy, 14.00 <04:59
DarkSpiritAK47i have a question is there a free linux software that SPECIFICALLY shows you the "FUTURES NUMBERS" for the us markets such as the D&J and S&P? it is for my dad... i know i can get the info on marketwatch.com but i thought it would be super cool if there was an app for it?04:59
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bonzibuddyDarkSpiritAK47 this is the closest stuff I am aware of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuFinance05:00
DarkSpiritAK47THANK U bonzi!05:00
bonzibuddyDarkSpiritAK47 with some coding skill you could maybe make a nice python app that gets its data from the net05:01
NoobsterMCTorvali tried unetbootin before, usb wouldnt boot up. i might of dont it wrong though05:01
oscar__and  I cannot reinstall something without removing all desktop? WTF!?05:02
DarkSpiritAK47TRUE TRUE!!! except i managed to ace all of my classes in college except computer programming but your right LOL :-)05:02
bonzibuddyoscar__: depends what you are trying to reinstall...05:02
bonzibuddyoscar__: before you go and do that, make sure your output devie isnt muted or something weird, that happens sometimes05:02
oscar__bonzibuddy, therre is no reinstall alsa-base ?05:03
oscar__alsa-utils ?05:03
bonzibuddyoscar__: fire up alsamixer05:03
DarkSpiritAK47cause my dad usually always makes me go to marketwatch.com and lookup the info for him there under the "futures" part... i am sure somehow i could make that into an app05:03
oscar__is sound not desktop05:03
bonzibuddyoscar__: and confirm that your line out/headphone/etc is not muted05:03
DarkSpiritAK47specifically java i failed horribly lol05:03
oscar__:o bonzibuddy I don't need to confirm.. if I am here asking for help is because I already check thart05:03
NoobsterMCTorvaldamn, if i wanted to get an A in a computer programming class I would have to dedicate my life to it05:04
bonzibuddyoscar__: you already checked alsamixer? not the desktop UI but alsamixer?  Apologies if you have, I don't know what your skill level is :)05:04
DarkSpiritAK47lol same man... that stuff is hard... i am SUPER good at art though05:04
oscar__alsactl resotre05:04
oscar__no sound05:04
DarkSpiritAK47so we all got our strengths and weakness i just love linux cause its safe beutiful and hell it just rocks05:05
bonzibuddyDarkSpiritAK47: try out some of the options under "Stock Market monitoring Software" - i havnt used them, but they appear to be configurable05:05
oscar__and better than everything ( no asound script on boot time )05:05
DarkSpiritAK47OKAY COOL thankx bonzi05:05
oscar__no sound service on boot?05:05
bonzibuddyoscar__: is it a PCI/e sound card/mobo/usb audio device?05:05
DarkSpiritAK47yeah that looks like it is going to be my best bet i shall try some of those out05:06
Pinkamena_DI have a single file (a very large .vdi image) which seems to have been corrupted - I get input/output errors when trying to read or copy it.05:06
bonzibuddyoscar__: does it show up with lspci?05:06
Pinkamena_Dfsck says that all is well, any other tool I can use to try and recover it?05:06
oscar__00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 04)05:07
oscar__Subsystem: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Device c59705:07
oscar__Kernel driver in use: snd_hda_intel05:07
oscar__ << bonzibuddy yes05:07
bonzibuddyoscar__: hmmm..... puzzling indeed05:07
bonzibuddyoscar__: anything in dmesg re. snd_hda* ?05:08
oscar__damn it.. 2 hours installing this to restart everything again... awesome!05:08
NoobsterMCTorvali honestly dont even want to use wine but it bugs me that i installed it and i cant even open it. Same with synaptic.05:08
oscar__bonzibuddy, no05:09
bonzibuddyoscar__: I'm sorry for what I'm about to ask05:09
bonzibuddyoscar__: but did you turn it off and on again05:09
homa_hi my friends05:09
oscar__I was trying to reinstall but is impossible without removing all Desktop ???? yes yes . mute unmute, restart, restart,05:10
DarkSpiritAK47have a good night all i am going to install gnome 3 on my elemenetary os05:11
DarkSpiritAK47godbless bye05:11
bonzibuddyoscar__ did you have any kind of custom alsa config on the old version?05:12
bonzibuddyor anything generally out of the ordinary05:12
oscar__this ubuntu is untouched ... nothing !05:12
oscar__I just upgrade and puff05:13
oscar__goodbye sound05:13
bonzibuddyoscar__: if you havn't gone through the steps here, I would recommend it https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting05:13
NoobsterMCTorvalsome packages are probably corrupt. i think it said something about unable to install something and it used something in its place05:13
bonzibuddyoscar__: I'm wondering if there is a way to confirm the right driver is loading for your sound card, conceivably a new driver was specified that isnt compatible?05:14
NoobsterMCTorvalanyway to manually open an application using the terminal?05:14
oscar__bonzibuddy, lsmod?05:14
bonzibuddyoscar__: I've seen it on rare occasions with cheap soundcards... why it would stop working is bizarre05:14
Ben64NoobsterMCTorval: what are you trying to open05:14
oscar__why I need to use pulseaudio?05:14
oscar__that is bizarre05:15
bonzibuddyoscar__: maybe you could google the driver name/version and chipset model #05:15
bonzibuddysee what comes up, if you havnt already05:15
NoobsterMCTorvalwine on bootable usb. installed it with all the packages and cant find it anywhere05:15
Ben64NoobsterMCTorval: wine doesnt do anything by itself, you need to run an exe05:15
oscar__bonzibuddy, there are chipset drivers for linux? :o05:15
bonzibuddyoscar__: have you tried looking at "Additional Drivers"?  did you get moved to an open source version i wonder05:16
bonzibuddyoscar__ yep, well I'm only referring to the sound chip anyway.  maybe chipset is a misnomer05:17
bonzibuddymost are some realtek variant05:17
bonzibuddysome cheap ones are.. some company that starts with a "C", cant recall.  had a hell of a time trying to get one to work once05:17
bonzibuddyrealtek/intel is p common05:17
oscar__bonzibuddy, that have no sense... when someone install linux to a machine and have sound, why upgradeing make them lost sound?05:17
oscar__was not a downgrade05:18
oscar__but an upgrade05:18
bonzibuddyoscar__: can you confirm in the "Additional Drivers" section, is your sound card listed anywhere in there05:18
bonzibuddy"Additional Drivers" app***05:19
oscar__where is that menu?05:19
bonzibuddyoscar__: hit the "windows" key and type "additional drivers", it should pop up in the unity dash launcher05:20
bonzibuddyoscar__: did you "upgrade" to a non-LTS version??05:20
bonzibuddyie anything higher than 14.0405:21
oscar__bonzibuddy, I don't know.. I got notice to upgrade and I did..05:21
oscar__additional *** no exist05:21
bonzibuddyoscar__: can you run "cat /etc/*release*" and note the version number reported, or otherwise confirm the version you are currently on05:21
oscar__version 14.0405:22
bonzibuddyoscar__ can you try booting a live image of ubuntu 14.04 (usb/dvd) and see if the sound works then?05:24
oscar__now not even players start05:24
oscar__ubuntu is getting better05:24
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rex_Please help me how to view files from flash drive05:25
oscar__5 hours of my life take it to garbage.. is not lovely ?05:25
bonzibuddyrex_ when you plug it in, does it not show up on the left-hand side?05:26
maum_how can I check network nic card type in ubuntu?05:27
bonzibuddymaum_: lspci lists05:27
maum_ok I will try it.05:27
bonzibuddymaum_: woops, run the command "lspci" to list all pci devices (your NIC should be in there)05:27
bonzibuddymaum_ example output "02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 06)"05:29
maum_bonzibuddy: there are two network interface cards. but when I type ifconfig, it shows just lo05:29
oscar__well I learned .. no upgrades in ubuntu and the best choice would be not to use... since upgrading breaks stuff ( that only happen in ubuntu )05:30
maum_bonzibuddy: I checked it.05:30
bonzibuddyoscar__: I've never met an os that never breaks :) computers are just dicks, life is pain05:30
maum_bonzibuddy: there are two network interface cards. but when I type ifconfig, it shows just lo05:30
maum_bonzibuddy: something like eth0, eth1 etc.. I want to see this.05:31
oscar__bonzibuddy, I've never met an os that breaks what was defined in kernel ;)05:31
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bonzibuddymaum_: what details do you need from the ifconfig? mac?05:31
oscar__so you inject code and change things that are not supose to happen05:31
NoobsterMCTorvalis it possible to start an application from terminal?05:31
maum_bonzibuddy: not mac.. ubuntu.. I need to up all interface card.05:32
oscar__computers are computers.. they don't change behavior just for fun!05:32
maum_bonzibuddy: currently, i can see only lo when I type ifconfig command.05:32
bonzibuddymaum_: are you trying to test all interfaces or just list them?05:32
bonzibuddymaum_: i meant MAC address05:32
maum_bonzibuddy: mac address was set in bios05:33
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z__webcam is not installed05:34
wfreemanNoobsterMCTorval: sure, just type its name05:34
bonzibuddymaum_: are you trying to test all interfaces or just list them?05:34
z__no control apt help05:35
bonzibuddymaum_ if you right click the networking icon in the top right do you see "Wired connection 1... wired connection 2..." etc?05:35
NoobsterMCTorvalthanks. all my apps werent appearing at dash for some reason05:35
NoobsterMCTorvalthanks. all my apps werent appearing at dash for some reason05:35
wfreemanYou can also hit alt-f2 and type in a program name05:36
wfreeman I'm running Lubuntu on a laptop with a touchscreen. When I close the lid, the touchscreen doesn't turn off, so the computer registers all sorts of spurious touch events. Is there any way to trigger a script when the lid is closed/opened so I can disable and reenable the touchscreen? Is there some other way to fix this?05:36
maum_bonzibuddy: I don't understand what you mentioned. what I am trying to do is that I like to check network interface type such as fxp, em, eth... etc.05:39
NoobsterMCTorvalperiodic table is not opening when i type it in05:40
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bonzibuddymaum_: try ifconfig -a05:43
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maum_bonzibuddy: it shows just lo05:44
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bonzibuddymaum_ even with the -a option?05:45
maum_bonzibuddy: yes05:45
maum_bonzibuddy: sudo lshw -C network command shows two unassigned network interface.05:46
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bonzibuddymaum_ are they ethernet or something else?05:47
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maum_bonzibuddy: broadcom gigabit ethernet05:47
maum_bonzibuddy: NetXtreme II BCM570805:49
bonzibuddymaum_: I'm afraid I can't think of anything else myself,but this forum post might help http://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/livecd-ethernet-connections.345270/05:51
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maum_bonzibuddy: Thanks anyway.05:56
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oulaanyone can help me, i have this error "[sdb] no caching mode page found ... [sdb] assuming drive cache : write though"06:11
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nicomachusoula: is that a USB?06:12
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oulanicomachus , yes06:12
nicomachuslooks like it's nothing to be concerned about. happens when the kernel sees a desk and checks it for disk cache, but USB drives don't generally have those so it just goes into "write-through" mode.06:13
nicomachusoula: is that device not working?06:13
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oulanicomachus , it works but when using it in ubuntu i have that error06:15
nicomachusoula: it's not really even an error, just a "heads up" message. Nothing is wrong.06:15
oulanicomachus , what should i write after "write though"06:16
nicomachusoula: you should have to write through anything06:17
nicomachusoula: you shouldn't have to write anything, I mean.06:18
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rick_Hi all, If I want to compile a 32 bit kernel for Braswell, which processor type should I choose? Pentium Pro or Atom?06:19
nicomachusrick_: you need buying tips?06:19
oulanicomachus , when i mount from this USB i have this message "/dev/sdb already mounted or /home/ola busy" what does it mean06:20
rick_nicomachus, what tip?06:20
fits021русские есть?06:20
nicomachusrick_: what are you asking? Which processor you should buy?06:20
nicomachus!ru | fits02106:20
ubottufits021: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.06:20
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rick_Braswell cpu06:21
rick_I think it's a Atom cpu.06:21
nicomachusoula: it means the USB is already mounted.06:21
nicomachusrick_: I don't understand what you're asking.06:21
oulanicomachus , do you mean that the contents of the USB are now stored in /home/ola06:22
nicomachusoula: no they were probably mounted in /media06:22
rick_nicomachus, I am trying to make a linux system working with this cpu http://wccftech.com/intel-announces-braswell-soc-replacement-existing-bay-trail-platform/06:23
rick_nicomachus, and I am not sure which "Processor family"  is suitable for this CPU.06:24
rick_when I enable "64-bit kernel" in linux menuconfig, I can see "Atom" in Processor family06:25
nicomachusrick_: what are you installing on that? Where do you have to select "processor family"?06:26
rwwnicomachus: in make menuconfig when compiling a kernel06:26
nicomachusrick_: and what is the rest of the hardware? Is this on a pi or something?06:27
rwwwhich is something that i'm unconvinced is necessary06:27
rick_nicomachus, in "make menuconfig" of linux kernel source06:27
homa_hi my friends06:27
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sw0rdfishhey guys if I'm using a live-cd system (xubuntu) and I put the laptop to sleep, when I turn it on again will the system resume like how it was?06:29
cfhowlettsw0rdfish, the wifi probably will not come auto-revive06:30
rick_so many options in linux kernel, I am wondering how to do suitable customize for specific HW.06:30
homa_live cd is like hdd06:30
sw0rdfishi'll be using a usb but yeah I guess its the same06:31
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coulbourneHey could anyone help me with an issu I'm having with creating a live USB on a Mac to boot on AMD6406:44
cfhowlett!mac | coulbourne06:45
ubottucoulbourne: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages06:45
ttalis there some setting to get "Preview files and folders" working on 14.04.3?06:45
AscavasaionI know that .tar.gz files can be checkinstalled for easy and safe removal.  Does that work for drivers as well?06:45
ttalI press spacebar but notthing..06:45
coulbournecfthowlett: thanks! I'm actually not trying to install on a mac, rather trying to install on a PC, but trying to create the liveUSB from a mac.06:46
coulbourneIs there a good place you know of I can go with that question?06:46
AlecTaylorIs there an RSS feed for this? - http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/trusty/current/06:46
cfhowlettcoulbourne, unetbootin should work06:46
coulbourneIt doesn't unfortunately.06:47
cfhowlettcoulbourne, do you have ubuntu installed on the mac?06:47
coulbournewith unetbootin I get a blinking cursor on boot. With iso -> img dd onto the drive I get "isolinux.bin missing or corrupt"06:47
coulbourneI have VMs but I don't have it on the hardware06:48
cfhowlettcoulbourne, do you have ubuntu installed on the mac?06:48
coulbourneAnd I always am suspicious about doing low level stuff in VMs06:48
ttalI preview files and folders using spacebar not available on 14.04 LTS?06:51
kachnuhi all06:53
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ttalIn the Help manual shipped with 14.04LTS it says you can "Preview files and folders" by pressing the space-bar. However this does not appear to be default behaviour on my new install.07:00
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haidar_Hello, I wanted to put a server.iso in side the Ubuntu server "the Ubuntu server install on VM and the OS is windows"??07:13
haidar_Hello, I wanted to put a server.iso in side the Ubuntu server "the Ubuntu server install on VM and the OS is windows"??07:15
ttalhaidar: install virtualbox on the ubuntu server, then install the server.iso on the vm inside the ubuntu server.07:15
AlecTaylorcoulbourne: Alright, well I hacked together a 3 liner to extract the AMI I care about: https://gist.github.com/AlecTaylor/ef0e51f8b2aa13d987db07:16
haidar_ttal I already did that I want to put the server.iso insider the server by command and I like to put it in directory /var/lib/libvirt/images07:17
austrinushey guys. i'm monitoring the http requests on my ubuntu server machine, and ther seemes to be a lot of requests going out to "www.google.com". I've been trying to figure out how to determine what process is causing the problem. when i do a sudo netsat -nt | grep ipaddr, it comes up with a few connections with the status as "TIME_WAIT". any ideas?07:17
haidar_ttal also How I can install the VM inside the ubuntu server by command and how install the ubuntu server inside it07:19
AscavasaionI know that .tar.gz files can be checkinstalled for easy and safe removal.  Does that work for drivers as well?07:21
lianz_austrinus: netstat -p?07:25
austrinuslianz_: tried that. the process name doesn't show up. just "TIME_WAIT"07:26
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hjjgDoes top show every measure you need to say if your system is under heavy load? I mean, if network or disks are busy, cpu-wait goes up high. It shows load and cpu usage for user processes and kernel (sys). what about, say, memory speed? Is it handled by cpu-wait?07:38
hjjgI am asking because there are some SQL queries that take forever, but neither the CPU (or one core of it, I know that it does not scale for a single query) nor disks are too busy.07:39
auronandacehjjg: doesn't cpu-wait mean your cpu is waiting for instructions and is thus idle07:39
haidarhello ,I want to put the server.iso inside the Ubuntu server throught command how can I do that please "the ubuntu server is running on VM and the OS is windows" I want to put it in dirctory /var/lib/libvirt/images???07:40
lianz_austrinus: how about netstat -plnt and look for the same listening port for TIME_WAIT state connection07:42
austrinuslianz_: nope. still nothing07:43
austrinusthe inode and user that are listed are both zero07:43
austrinusif that helps07:43
hjjgauronandace: AFAIK wait means that it is waiting on I/O (i.e. disk and network)07:44
ttalhaidar: I do not know the answer to that question, somebody else might know. Best not to flood the same message repeatedly, people will read above when they get a chance.07:44
haidarhello ,I want to put the server.iso inside the Ubuntu server throught command how can I do that please "the ubuntu server is running on VM and the OS is windows" I want to put it in dirctory /var/lib/libvirt/images???07:50
lianz_austrinus: Aren't those "TIME_WAIT" connections connected to a "local address:port" like "" ?07:50
ttalhaidar: lol.07:51
haidarttal can you help me07:52
Jordan_Uhaidar: What is your end goal?07:54
lianz_austrinus: If you cannot find out the process id, maybe the port number is useful.07:55
haidar_hello ,I want to put the server.iso file inside the Ubuntu server throught command how can I do that please "the ubuntu server is running on VM and the OS is windows" I want to put it in dirctory /var/lib/libvirt/images???07:57
cfhowletthaidar, every 20 minutes or so is reasonable.  every 5 minutes is just annoying07:57
EriC^^haidar_: make a shared dir and copy it from there07:58
auronandacehaidar_: if people understood what you mean then they wouldn't be asking further questions, perhaps you may want to rephrase the question07:58
haidar_can you explain more how can I do that please07:58
cpaelzerhaidar_: just as Jordan_U I wanted to ask just what you want to achieve eventually - because the question feels a bit awkward07:58
cpaelzerhaidar_: if you would let us know "for what" you want to put the iso there we might suggest an even better approach overall07:59
cpaelzerhaidar_: because in general I rarely had the need to put an iso "especially in there", and I guess that is what most others here feel as well07:59
EriC^^or in the server type netcat -l -p <port> > /path/to/save/server.iso07:59
EriC^^haidar_: and in windows use netcat to send it there, dunno how that's done08:00
haidar_EriC no I don't know08:00
EriC^^sorry netcat = nc not netcat , in linux it's nc <server ip> <port> < /path/to/server.iso08:00
EriC^^haidar_: make a shared dir08:01
cpaelzerEriC^^: you are assuming his guest has no network connectivity right?08:01
EriC^^and add it in virtualbox so you can get files from windows to the server08:01
haidar_EriC can you explain How can I do the share dir08:01
EriC^^haidar_: are you using virtualbox?08:01
haidar_yes install on os windows08:02
EriC^^go to settings > shared folder08:02
haidar_and I want to  put the server.iso in dirctory /var/lib/libvirt/images???08:02
EriC^^and add it, then put the file there from windows and make it shared08:03
Jordan_Uhaidar_: *WHY* are you trying to do this?08:03
EriC^^haidar_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox/SharedFolders08:03
haidar_I have the project for master degree and this is on of the procedure08:04
Jordan_Uhaidar_: Can you provide a link to the rest of the procedure?08:05
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haidar_the procedure I get it from My prf. they said I should make a virtual network in ubuntu server and bulid a router and switch and network between them08:07
haidar_EriC how can I copy the server.iso after share to directory  /var/lib/libvirt/images???08:09
haidar_Jordan_U the procedure I get it from My prf. they said I should make a virtual network in ubuntu server and bulid a router and switch and network between them08:11
ApachezRMS visited Stockholm yesterday http://kjell.haxx.se/stallman_2016/08:12
Jordan_UApachez: This channel is for Ubuntu related tech support discussion only. Please take other discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic.08:12
haidar_Jordan_U thanks alot08:13
Jordan_Uhaidar_: Does that mean that you can't provide a link to the procedure?08:14
haidar_Jordan_U   for now just I want to copy the file server.iso to dir /var/lib/libvirt/images08:23
naivecan some one help me with this erroor? http://paste.ubuntu.com/14663265/08:25
amrocki need some help in manually adding an entry to boot menu08:25
cfhowlett!grub2 | amrock08:25
ubottuamrock: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:25
amrockno actually i need to test solus os...boot .efi file in sda2 while the os is in sda608:26
amrockit is not showing up when booting so i can manually add it08:27
feckinsusieApt-get dist-upgrade failed upgrading to new kernel because I was out of space on /boot. I fixed this, but now how do I re-run the failed installs? When I try apt-get dist-upgrade again, it doesn't try to install them again.08:27
cfhowlettfeckinsusie, df -h08:27
amrock# # Starter code for custom functions #    set root='(hd0,1)'   linux   /boot/vmlinuz    root=/dev/sda2    quiet nomodeset   initrd  /boot/initramfs.img08:28
dani__hello happy humans08:31
feckinsusiecfhowlett: like I said, I already fixed the disk space issue08:31
feckinsusieI just need to know how to re-install all the packages that failed08:31
feckinsusieFeck it ... I'll just go to #electronics and ask people how to turn this laptop into a hovercraft ... you wankers are weak ... this is why the windows is the bestiez and y'all are still trying o make tuxkart ... wooop woop juggalo4lyfe08:39
cfhowlettfeckinsusie, bad attitude  .... welcome to /ignore08:39
feckinsusiedon't tell me about attitude duder. I'm not in the mooder.08:40
feckinsusienightnight luvz08:40
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ouroumovI've been curious about why the .iso and md5sums are hosted on a http:// website for some time. Isn't it dangerous?08:45
ikoniaouroumov: if you require more security, you need to log a bug against it, raising your concerns08:47
ouroumovThanks ikonia, will do08:47
haidar_I would like to copy file from usb flash disk in windows to the dirctory /var/lib/libvirt/images in ubuntu server How can I did that please??08:50
Ben64haidar_: put the flash disk into the ubuntu computer first08:52
ttalhaidar_: put the files from the USB in the shared directory as EriC^^ said.08:53
sentencedhey guys i have this script which is listing directories and files in a given folder, how do i make it work with more command? cause now it doesn't. here's link http://pastebin.com/N1PLGi1R can someone help me please?08:55
ttalhaidar_: the shared directory is the way to transfer any files from your windows machine to the ubuntu virtual machine.08:55
haidar_ttal i try to do that sir but how can mount it and copy it to this dirctory08:55
ttalhaidar_: is there a windows gui, or are you in dos?08:56
Jordan_Uouroumov: SHA265 of 15.10 iso images: http://mirror.pnl.gov/releases/15.10/SHA256SUMS GPG signature of SHA256SUMS file: http://mirror.pnl.gov/releases/15.10/SHA256SUMS.gpg08:59
Dylan____ Hey guys in synaptic package manager when i try to remove something the apply button is blanked out09:00
haidar_ttal I am in windows sir09:00
Dylan____How can i fix this09:00
Jordan_Usentenced: Step one, add comments for most of the lines in that script in addition to a comment explaining what the script is supposed to actually do.09:00
ouroumovThanks Jordan_U09:01
lotuspsychjeDylan____: did you check the box next to the package?09:01
haidar_ttal I want to copy the file to /var/lib/libvirt/images/server.iso from windows to ubuntu server09:02
ttalhaidar_: can you access the files on your usb via the gui on windows? Have you set up the shared folder as EriC^^ suggested?09:03
haidar_ttal yes sir I copy the file from usb to D: partition in windows and put in a folder and make the file share09:04
ttalhaidar_: then go into your ubuntu virtual machine and pick them up in the shared folder / network share.09:05
haidar_ttal ok sir how can I do that by command how can I access this folder My folder name Haidar and the file name server.iso in partition D:  ??09:07
ttalhaidar_: I use samba to access my shared directories. Look up how to access shared folder with samba.09:10
haidar_ttal I have ubuntu server just and I want to get it and copy it to this dirctory /var/lib/libvirt/images09:10
ttalhaidar_: i hear you man. i think if you have a quick search for how to use samba and mount a shared directory inside ubuntu you will be rocking and rolling.09:11
sisveSo... how do I remove all packages from a specific ppa? (In this case I want to remove ondrej/php-5.6 to add ondrej/php instead.)09:11
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | sisve09:12
ubottusisve: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html09:12
sisvelotuspsychje: "revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages" is not the behavior I am looking for09:12
TurBossany one having problems whit GPG signatures whe updating?09:12
lotuspsychjesisve: we dont support ppa's here09:12
sisvelotuspsychje: Okay. So... how do I remove any apt-repository added, including all the packages installed from that apt-repository? Or, how do I list all packages installed from a specific apt-repository / source?09:13
ikoniasisve: that is the behaviour your looking for09:13
ikoniasisve: it will remove all packages from the named PPA and put them back to how they where before the PPA09:13
ikonia(assuming the script works)09:13
ikoniasisve: at that point you can then remove the repo file from your sources config09:13
ttalhaidar_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba/SambaClientGuide09:15
evan90I'm having some trouble running an application09:16
evan90is this the right place to get help?09:16
mcphail!ask | evan9009:16
ubottuevan90: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:16
mcphailevan90: just ask, and we can then let you know :)09:17
TurBossI'm getting this error when doing apt-get update09:18
TurBosssry output is  in spanish09:18
gaurav__I'm new here09:19
=== uruk is now known as uruk7
evan90Disclaimer: I've been using linux for about 4 hours total. I'm trying to run the game CataclysmDDA on ubuntu (I have it installed on my chromebook with crouton if that matters, I don't think it should). I've downloaded the binary and tried to run it, which gives me an error message. I've also tried to compile the game myself, but when I try to 'make' I get many pages of errors. I have a hunch the problem is that I don't have the righ09:19
lotuspsychjegaurav__: you joined an ubuntu support channel mate09:19
evan90However the only dependencies list I can find is for arch, and the packages don't have the same names09:19
lotuspsychjegaurav__: you can ask specific ubuntu issues here, for other chat try #ubuntu-offtopic09:20
ubottudocumentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com09:20
hateballevan90: Your chromebook isnt running ARM?09:20
evan90hateball: it's an ASUS, it has rockchip which I believe is intel09:22
hateballevan90: "lscpu" lets us know instead of believe09:22
hateball!paste | evan9009:23
ubottuevan90: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:23
pranav_i am new here too!09:23
evan90Model name:            ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)09:23
pranav_sitting beside gaurav lel09:23
evan90hateball: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14670744/09:23
evan90I was wrong09:24
hateballevan90: Yep. It's likely the pre-compiled binaries are x86 or x64. And even with the right build-deps it's not certain the game in question will compile on ARM09:24
evan90hateball: 32 bit binaries are available as well, should I try those?09:24
Dylan____Trying to install minecraft 1.5.2 on ubuntu09:26
hateballevan90: 32-bit is x86. Unless there are precompiled binaries for arm you're going to have to compile it yourself. And that's not really Ubuntu related, you're better off asking on their github page09:26
Dylan____And i get black screen but mo error09:26
mcphailevan90: beyond the processor incompatibility, isn'r crouton just a chroot environment within chromeos? If so, you're going to have a nightmare with graphics drivers/dependencies etc09:26
hateballevan90, what mcphail says is also true. Changing your crouton environment too much is prone to breaking09:27
evan90mcphail: it is, I didn't realize that would cause so many issues09:27
Dylan____Chromebooks :/ get cloud ready09:28
mcphailevan90: I think you've got to view crouton as a toy, rather than a robust solution09:28
evan90hateball: I have a pretty limited understanding of how processors work. Am I going to have issues with this this even if I wipe it and install ubuntu?09:28
mcphailevan90: does Ubuntu support your platfor directly? It may not be possible to wipe and install. ARM is a tricky business09:29
hateballevan90: For general software, probably not. Most open source things compile on ARM as well09:29
Jordan_Usentenced: Step 2, replace the combination of find find, a variable, and a for loop with just globbing and a for loop like "for dir in "$1"/*/; do ... done".09:29
evan90mcphail: I've read online that people have had success with this particular model, so I might try that09:30
mcphailevan90: OK, but have a backup plan. ARM is a minefield09:30
evan90I thought this would be less of a headache, I think I'll just stick to playing this game over ssh. At least I learned a little, thank you all for your help09:30
sentencedJordan_U, i'm not quite familiar with globbing09:32
Jordan_Usentenced: See: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashPitfalls#for_i_in_.24.28ls_.2A.mp3.29 for an explanation of why your approach is not reliable.09:32
sentencedJordan_U, thanks man09:32
Jordan_Usentenced: You're welcome. #bash is a great resource as well.09:33
hateballevan90: Well, they're not sold as general purpose computing devices. That said, you should be able to get Ubuntu on there if you want to09:34
ivan__Ребят, есть русские?09:36
evan90hateball: I might try it out. thanks again09:37
OpenSorceAnyone here good at pulseaudio? Just can't seem to get a patch job working and I'd love some help.09:38
lotuspsychjeOpenSorce: best to tell the full story to the channel, so others can help you better09:39
OpenSorcelotuspsychje, right... so many people run from PA questions I thought I'd check first.09:40
OpenSorceUbuntu 14.04 64bit.  I'm currently running my desktop machine and my media box with the sound out from the media box plugged into the line in of my desktop so that the sound comes through my desktop machine. This works fine for the speakers hooked to the same sound device on the desktop, but I'd like the option to forward the sound to other sound devices like my usb sound device. Is this possible natively with PulseAudio?09:40
hateballOpenSorce: It is yes, but as for if it has a GUI way to do it in Ubuntu Unity... I do not know09:43
OpenSorcehateball, one sec they are actually responding in #pulseaudio! :-P09:43
hateballOpenSorce: You may need to install/use pavucontrol09:43
hateballOpenSorce: Alright :)09:43
Guest8618hey, maybe a stupid question. But is M in linux the syntex for MB or Mb, and is this the same for G?09:45
Guest8618i'd think Mb, but I'm not sure =)09:46
OpenSorcehateball, well they pointed me at a module I don't know how to use. I have and use pavucontrol but don't see an option to do that.09:47
OpenSorceGuest8618, It would depend on the context. Where are you seeing this "M"?09:47
cpaelzerGuest8618: this answer can't be given for "in Linux", it depends on each program how they interpret MB/Mb/MiB/M09:47
Guest8618ls -al09:47
Guest8618or du -hs09:48
OpenSorceGuest8618, the M in ls -alh means megabyte, yes.09:48
Guest8618ahh thanks09:49
glamHello everyone, greeting from Indonesia09:50
glamcan i ask something here?09:50
SEGELBERTglam: sure09:51
Guest8618hi, sure09:51
glami've installed ubuntu 14:04, and just successed install NVidia driver via http://ppa.launchpad.net/graphics-drivers/ppa/ubuntu09:52
glamafter reboot the screen is blank09:52
glambut i still can login via tty09:53
ikoniawhy did you use a PPA09:53
glamand still able to login via older kernel using Intel driver09:53
ikoniaand not the modules that came in via ubuntu09:53
glamis there a links?09:54
ikoniaa link to what ?09:54
glami've googled and found many tutor that refers to the ppa repo. not officially available on ubuntu repo09:54
SEGELBERTglam: additional drivers works fine09:55
UNIm95Hi. Small question. What extra packages for work with HDD has ubuntu-desktop image? mini.iso doesn't see my HDD in system09:55
ikoniaif you're using an nvidia card ubuntu comes with the opensource drivers already available, and offers the propitary closed sources ones via the additional drivers tool09:55
ikoniaUNIm95: why are you using mini ?09:55
ikoniaUNIm95: what is your hard disk system ?09:55
glamikonia: yes, i already use that, but when i login, the detail says that i use intel graphic inside, not NVidia.09:56
ikoniaughh, is this one of those dual intel/nvidia cards09:56
glamyes, i have Asus laptop and NVidia 930m graphic card09:57
hateballOpenSorce: hmmm, I am not at home so I can doublecheck... but with the volume control in KDE Plasma you can configure where a stream should be outputting09:57
UNIm95ikonia: because i want to install small router. Without X server. HDD is 7 year old Hitachi. (Smart is ok)09:57
ikoniaglam: my opinion, the switching cards still suck , lock it into either intel or nvidia mode and use that09:57
hateballOpenSorce: sadly the devices I have at hand only have a single device (multiple outputs tho) so I cant be 100% sure09:58
ikoniaUNIm95: just install ubuntu server then ?09:58
OpenSorcehateball, THAT's interesting... I have KDE installed I bet I could run that. Is it Kmix?09:59
glamthe intel driver is works fine, but the screen comes blink everytime i used to open photos in facebook fia google chrome. Also the battery consumption is too fast09:59
UNIm95ikonia For me is mini.iso server installer =)10:00
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bentech4youhi on my ubuntu desktop internet is shared through proxy and OS is not updating anymore10:03
bentech4youalways getting 403 forbidden error10:03
bentech4youplease help me to fic this issue10:03
hateballOpenSorce: the functionality is in kmix, but kmix is no longer used (default) in 15.10+10:03
hateballOpenSorce: The new applet lacks the features to move streams, I don't really know if it's been fixed/added upstream since10:04
bentech4youhow to clean apt-10:05
hateballOpenSorce: the new applet is called plasma-pa, for googling purposes10:06
bentech4youany help here?10:07
hateballOpenSorce: here we go https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35323210:07
ubottuKDE bug 353232 in general "Audio Volume system settings regression from Kmix: Moving audio to a different output device." [Wishlist,Unconfirmed]10:07
OpenSorcehateball, you're a genius. Thank you!10:08
jophishWhen I put my laptop to sleep and wake it again, I have to press the "toggle wifi" button on the keyboard to get wifi working again10:08
hateballOpenSorce: pacmd should still be able to do this from cli tho, but I'm not good enough to give you support with that10:08
zapotahgot a kvm ubuntu desktop running on openstack icehouse, specifying qxl as the video device type for the node and logging in causes the xorg process to use one core of the vm to go to 100% util and the desktop freezes10:09
OpenSorcehateball, I think I may have it working... thanks for all the input man!10:09
hateballOpenSorce: :)10:09
zapotahif someone has ideas/experience on why this could happen and if theres anything that could be tried to make it not freeze, im open to any and all suggestions10:10
zapotahim not savvy enough with linux DE:s or xorg (or anything graphical with linux :) )to know how to debug this properly10:11
zapotah14.04.3 btw10:11
bentech4youplease help me guys10:12
IstiCusiDear mates, I experience serious problems concerning reactiveness of keyboard and mouse input on my ubuntu 14.04.3 system with nvidia 560 GTX (nvidia driver v356) but only with GNOME3. E.g. input in shell slows down after some on-time in the gnome-shell. running the gnome-shell with the same drivers howerver with GNOME 3 the problem is persisting. Tried many things I googled from nvidia tweaking. Nothing10:14
IstiCusihelped. Many thanks for any help.10:14
bentech4youplease anyone help me to fix my apt-get issue.10:15
IstiCusirunning gnome3 under unity I wanted to say: No problem with same drivers10:15
bentech4youis this channel is for expert's?10:15
v0r0nwebentech4you: what exactly is your problem? you are running apt-get update and it throws 403?10:16
lotuspsychjebentech4you: sure its not your proxy giving the fail?10:16
IstiCusiglam: start ubuntu in debug mode and than resume normal mode from the menu10:16
bentech4youyes, my proxy is working and i used the same on another machine10:17
bentech4youi exported proxy from command line10:17
bentech4youi can able to see the proxy variable $http_proxy by using echo10:17
lotuspsychjebentech4you: did you try update without the proxy?10:20
bentech4youany help.10:21
lotuspsychjebentech4you: this smells more like a networking problem, maybe ask in ##networking to see where its comming from?10:22
bentech4younetwork problem?10:23
bentech4youi can able to ping proxy server10:23
lotuspsychjebentech4you: doesnt make any sense apt-get would 403 mate, you can check #ubuntu-mirrors for known apt issues for your country...but my guess its proxy related10:24
bentech4younslookup google is giving all information10:25
bentech4yougoogle.com is pining too10:25
zapotahhow is 403 a networking problem?10:26
bentech4youi don't have much experience on this. that is the reason i asked here.10:27
orzfirst time using irc10:27
bentech4you#ubuntu-mirrors also asked. no response10:27
* orz <TEST>10:30
lotuspsychjeorz: you joined an ubuntu support channel, please only ubuntu questions here10:31
anshumanin which file is the tcp/ip stack implemented in Linux ?10:48
zapotahsame issue with 15.1010:55
zapotahso its something to do with unity10:55
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BiilD73G'morning all.  How do you deal with spaces in a tree structure in terminal?11:14
BiilD73i know its not ubuntu related, but I am working on  ubuntu 14.0411:15
hateballBiilD73: Elaborate your question11:16
hateball"deal with" isnt very specific11:16
DelphiWorldhi Ubuntuists11:17
DelphiWorldwhat's a cloud image?11:17
BiilD73well simple, i have a download in on dir, without interrupting every ones tv viewing i was using term to move stuff(since I ust migrated the htps from windows to linux)11:17
ANKUXHHello anyone there11:20
DelphiWorldwe're here11:20
mjaykno we're not11:20
BiilD73mkdir /media/bill/series_pics_music/Show Name/ Season 3 results in this being displayed mkdir /media/bill/series_music_pics/Series/Show\ Name/Season 3/ creating a new folder Nmaed Season there and a new folder named 3 in the current directory11:21
ANKUXHanyone using kali linux ?11:22
ubottuUbuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)11:22
v0r0nweBiilD73: you should escape the spaces, like mkdir /media/Foo\ bar/11:22
k1lDelphiWorld: "Ubuntu Cloud Images are pre-installed disk images that have been customized by Ubuntu engineering to run on cloud-platforms such as Amazon EC2, Openstack, Windows and LXC."11:22
hateballBiilD73: Or better yet, use underscores instead of space. Less headache11:23
BiilD73grr it worked. But that wouldnt work when I was configuring NFS shares on same machine.11:23
v0r0nweof course that is the better solution, i use NEVER spaces in file/directory names... but if you have to, you have to escape11:23
BiilD73as in I couldnt use the escape spaces format in a exports files11:24
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BiilD73'I wouldnt use them except all of the media drives are from my old Win 7 mach11:25
=== cpaelzer is now known as cpaelzer_afk
BiilD73already filled11:25
hateballBiilD73: from docs: If an export name contains spaces it should be quoted using double quotes. You can also specify spaces or other unusual character in the export name using a backslash followed by the character code as three octal digits.11:26
mcphailBiilD73: spaces on FS mounts? Escape them as \04011:26
=== gaba is now known as Guest9333
BiilD73hmm I guess I read right over it but it didnt take the escap in the dir name list11:27
Guest9333Ho cercato "poirot" (Max 3 U.R.L). BuDuScRiPt Search Engine Version 5.0 - By UDA'Software - [ http://digilander.libero.it/udasoft ]11:27
BiilD73I had to plug the drive into windows and rename the it just swapped spaces for underline11:28
BiilD73didnt HAVE to just didnt trust myself naming a drive full and screwing it up lol11:29
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genkgowhat is the problem when "sudo -i -u user" does source .bashrc  and "sudo -i -u user /command/here" does not source .bashrc?11:31
genkgowhereas on another server it does work, i cannot see the difference11:33
mcphailgenkgo: at the top of my .bashrc I have a line saying "[ -z "$PS1" ] && return" which stops the rest of the file bing read if there is not an interactive shell11:34
=== nnttcc is now known as nchambers
ANKUXHBest way learn linux programming  :)11:35
hateballANKUXH: try ##linux11:36
genkgomcphail: i do not see that it my bashrc11:36
notalentgeekHello people. I have a problem with i3 in my Ubuntu Mate.11:38
notalentgeekI cannot disable my WIFI, Touchpad, or Bluetooth anymore.11:38
notalentgeekEverything that is using Fn button is not working with i3 any suggestion???11:38
genkgomcphail: i do see PS1 getting declared11:39
genkgomcphail: but i do not see a return or a stop otherwise11:41
=== cpaelzer_afk is now known as cpaelzer
mcphailgenkgo: in your bashrc or the target user's bashrc? What is the default shell for the target user? What is the content of /etc/environment on the target machine?11:42
genkgomcphail: the target users bashrc11:42
mcphailgenkgo: and the target user's shell is bash?11:43
genkgomcphail: yes11:43
mcphailgenkgo: anything in .bash_profile?11:44
genkgomcphail: /etc/environment only contains PATH=...11:44
homayou can create .bashrc11:44
genkgomcphail: case $- in in the the bashrc11:46
genkgono bashrc_profile11:47
VanBlue291is python 2.7.9 safe to install on ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS according to this guide? http://shiny1210-blog.logdown.com/posts/259363-how-to-install-python-279-on-ubuntu-140411:47
genkgomcphail: "case $- in *i*) ;;"11:47
genkgobut the other server contains it too, and that does work11:47
geirhawhen you run  sudo -i -u user /some/cmd,  the shell is not interactive, hence .bashrc returns prematurely11:47
geirhabecause of that $- test11:48
geirhaa more important question is why you would want anything from bashrc involved here at all11:48
genkgomcphail: i found it11:49
genkgomcphail: that the other machine works, is just luck11:49
genkgoin other words: i thought it worked11:50
genkgogeirha: exactly11:50
genkgowell, nonetheless, thanks for helping me out11:50
homahi every body11:51
mcphailgenkgo: yes, it is that check for interactivity which is causing the confusion11:52
VanBlue291if i install python manually would that overwrite the current python library?11:52
genkgomcphail: why do you want that check11:52
VanBlue291or should i completely uninstall python first?11:52
genkgomcphail: or differentlky: why should i not remove it?11:52
geirhagenkgo: without it, scp and rsync may fail, among other things11:52
k1lVanBlue291: why you want that exact version? and not the on ubuntu ships?11:53
genkgogeirha: ah, that is quite important!11:53
genkgoi will look for something else then!11:53
geirhabecause debian has added another hack for bash where it will source .bashrc for non-interactive shells if it's via an SSH connection11:53
genkgothanks again11:53
k1lVanBlue291: some important system programs run python. so if you screw that your system might not run properly again11:53
geirhaso if .bashrc accidentally outputs something instead of just silently returning, odd things may happen11:54
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Capitalisti'm new in here11:59
shreddingi just tried to enable swap accounting on my ubuntu machine. Can someone point me to docs about what that means?12:11
mharveyshredding: maybe this is useful? http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/1067812:16
shreddingmharvey: Thanks.12:17
shreddinghowever, it didn't work anyway.12:17
homagood bye12:19
pavelzhi, I need to update a source in a package, what is the format for updating the source code of the package and locking that version in?12:22
shreddingcan anyone help me turning on swap limit support?12:23
shreddingI followed this answer: http://askubuntu.com/questions/417215/how-does-kernel-support-swap-limit12:24
shredding... and tried http://askubuntu.com/questions/417215/how-does-kernel-support-swap-limit as well.12:24
shreddingsorry, i meant the comment12:24
shreddingbut i still do not have support enabled.12:24
homagood bye my friends12:25
shreddingbye home12:25
shreddingi'm on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS12:25
mharveyshredding: this is about containers? just drinking my first cup of coffee :) https://wiki.deimos.fr/LXC_:_Install_and_configure_the_Linux_Containers#Check_memory_in_the_container12:32
shreddingmharvey: Yeah, docker tells me that i have no swap limit enabled.12:32
shreddingAnd my node runs out of memory every now and then.12:33
mharveyshredding: search for section 6.4.312:33
shreddingSo i think this may be related.12:33
shreddingmharvey: That looks scary.12:33
shreddingI edited my grub file, but it had absolutely no effect12:34
shredding(did update-grup and rebooted)12:34
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shreddingWhere do i have to enter that?12:34
mharveyshredding:in the container config12:35
shreddingmharvey: Puh, it's a docker container.12:35
shreddingi want to enable it on the underlying ubuntu machine.12:35
shreddingi don't think it's like a standard lxc container, but i'm pretty junior on sys administration.12:36
mharveyshredding: im just a programmer that has never used containers. so maybe ill back out. :) clearly ignorant12:38
akikshredding: i have a lxc container. its config file is in /var/lib/lxc/container_name/config12:39
shreddingakik: but i do not have them, i have docker.12:40
akikshredding: i made a quick google search and it looks like you limit the container's memory lxc.cgroup.memory.limit_in_bytes12:40
shreddingI want to do that.12:40
shreddingbut it does not work.12:40
mcphailshredding: what is the output of "cat /proc/cmdline"? Have you made any typos? Does dmesg give any clues?12:42
mharveyshredding: docker used libcontainer but also supports lcx. just for trivia12:43
shreddingmcphail: this is the grub file, i tried the _DEFAULT and both as well: http://dpaste.com/1MYAW7J12:45
PowerKillerWHY THE F. is Kswapd0 sucking 50% of the CPU power!12:45
PowerKillerI have tried all measures12:46
PowerKillernothing happens12:46
PowerKillerFor this: I'm not getting FPS12:46
PowerKillermap loading is dead12:46
shreddingmcphail: cmdline gives "root=LABEL=DOROOT ro" (whatever that means)12:46
akikshredding: here's some info on how to add the "lxc.cgroup.memory.limit_in_bytes" option https://github.com/docker/docker/issues/1509512:46
akikshredding: sudo docker run --lxc-conf="lxc.cgroup.memory.limit_in_bytes = 2560M" ...12:46
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shreddingakik: I'm not really running the docker container myself, they are orchestrated by tutum.12:47
shreddingtutum would auto limit that (i hope / guess / think) once i can manage to enable swap limit12:47
shreddingmacphail: i do not know how to read dmesg but the word "swap" is not in it.12:48
akikshredding: maybe you should talk to the person who is admining the system12:48
shreddingakik: Yeah, that's the problem. It's me.12:48
AlexPortableWell talk to yourself thne12:48
mcphailshredding: I could easily be wrong, but I think that /proc/cmdline suggests those parameters aren't being passed by grub to the kernel. Is that your understanding?12:51
shreddingmcphail: to be honest i do not have a single idea what that line even means.12:52
BluesKajHiyas all12:53
shreddingmcphail: Nonetheless what could i try to fix that?12:53
mcphailshredding: I _think_ your parameters should show up there is they have been passsed to the kernel12:53
shreddingah, ok.12:53
sjuliocpranyone here use linux distros?12:56
akiksjuliocpr: yes, ubuntu12:57
sjuliocpri use Zorin12:57
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:58
akikshredding: can you pastebin your /proc/cmdline ?12:58
akikshredding: from the host12:58
sjuliocprtheres a new version on ubuntu called xenial xerus12:58
shreddingakik: it's just this line: "root=LABEL=DOROOT ro"12:59
akikshredding: ok so you didn't manage to add the settings12:59
shreddingakik: What do you mean?12:59
shreddingdo i have to change sth?12:59
akikshredding: you should see cgroup_enable=memory swapaccount=1 in there13:00
shreddingakik: But i wouln't change that manually, right?13:01
moldyi have a system with ubuntu 12.04 that sometimes boots into a boot menu where the user can select recovery mode13:02
moldyunder which conditions would this normally happen, and how can i disable it?13:02
moldythe system doesn't have a keyboard attached, so it's vital that it boots without user interaction13:03
joao_sou novato aqui galera13:03
XanoIs there a way to test if the Mini-Displayport can output 4k?13:06
shreddingakik, macphail: I checked with a guy on #tutum and he has that setting within that proc/cmdline13:06
yesHi everyone. I have a problem with wired connection that Wired Connection does not work Ubuntu 14.04 but it works Windows 8.1. Actually, wired connection works first installation Ubuntu. However, after reboot or switch to Windows, it does not work. By the way, with Ubuntu LiveUsb, connection work.13:07
netametaanyone has an idea where is WebIde folder is located (PhpStorm folder) in linux ?13:10
mcphailshredding: I'm at a windows machine just now, so can't experiment with GRUB, but it would seem your current grub config isn't passing the parameters to the kernel correctly, or the kernel isn't recognising them (which would probably show up in dmesg). When you reboot, if you examine the grub command line are the parameters there?13:11
shreddingmcphail: It's a remote machine, i do not have command line access on booting13:12
mcphailshredding: is it a VPS?13:12
shreddingyes, on digital ocean13:12
ioriashredding, maybe this helps (the last post) https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/setting-kernel-command-line13:13
mcphailshredding: can you even adjust those parameters on a vps?13:13
* mcphail isn't sure how that would work13:13
shreddingi'm back in 10 mins13:13
stratohi, how do i download additional font styles for libreoffice writer?13:14
draglyWhat could be the cause of system hangs when running heavy multithreaded programs on 4 processes on an 6-core CPU? I get this with applications like make -j4, Blender, and programs using OpenMP, but I know others with similar hardware that are not affected similarly.13:16
netametaIs there a way to searc entire harddrive for a folder ?13:16
mcphaildragly: overheating would be the first guess13:16
rillehsudo find / -type d13:16
rillehCould also add -iname13:17
draglyThe CPUs are at about 20-30 C (much lower than I expected, maybe a measurement error?)13:18
netametado i need to be in a folder ?13:18
netametaand what is -type or d?13:19
rillehNo, you can be anywhere13:19
rilleh-type d tells find to look for directories13:19
mcphaildragly: maybe. Certainly, I had similar problems with an old i7, although lm-sensors revealed the temperature increase accurately in my case13:19
rillehsudo find /path/to/folder -type d -iname "name of folder"13:19
netametarilleh, find / -type d WebIde result is paths must precede expression13:20
draglyoops, the compiling was done, during load they are at 40 C13:20
mcphaildragly: is this intel or AMD?13:21
mcphaildragly: AMD sensors often just don't work13:21
rillehnetameta: You forgot -iname13:22
netametadid not find the folder bah.13:22
netametathey are saying ~/.WebIdeXX/config, is the folder however, what is ~/ in here ?13:22
mcphaildragly: I've never seen sensor problems with intel, so I'd guess that is correct. And 40 degrees isn't high13:22
rilleh~/ is your home directory13:22
rillehOr simply ~13:22
rillehcd ~13:22
rillehThe dot before the name indicates that the file/dir is hidden13:23
rillehSo the folder you are looking for is a hidden one, located in your home directory13:23
rillehcd ~/.WebIdeXX/13:23
draglymcphail: No, there must be something else. The strange thing is that I often see compiz and X peaking with CPU usage after the fact. And the whole desktop is sluggish for a minute or two.13:23
netametarilleh well its not here13:24
draglyI'll try and see if changing the desktop environment improves things. Brb.13:24
mcphaildragly: that is odd. I'm afraid that was my only suggestion, as I haven't encountered this problem beyond my overheating issue13:25
netametarilleh how do you see hidden files ?13:25
netametaor hidden folders13:25
netametai just wrote ls13:25
netametabut it doesnt show me the idden ones13:26
OerHeksls -la13:26
BiilD73netameta simply type ls -al /homeusername/13:26
BiilD73if its there you'll see it13:26
yemreI have a problem with wired connection that  Wired Connection does not work Ubuntu 14.04 but it works Windows 8.1. Actually, wired connection works first installation Ubuntu. However, after reboot or switch to Windows, it does not work. By the way, with Ubuntu LiveUsb, connection work.13:26
netametaFound it thanks13:26
BiilD73yemre output of ifconfig  use the pastebin13:27
OerHeksyemre, looks like your windows is in fastboot mode, that could prevent use of wifi/lan13:27
genkgomcphail: we just talked on the -i option of sudo. how can i make sure that .bashrc is sourced when starting a sudo command?13:28
mcphailgenkgo: I don't know if you can, without removing that line from your bashrc13:28
mcphailgenkgo: there might be a way to "set +i" but I can't think how13:29
genkgomcphail: it is a init script i am writing, using this template: https://github.com/fhd/init-script-template/blob/master/template (it is not mine, just using it as template)13:29
genkgomaybe i am heading in the wrong direction13:30
mcphailgenkgo: any init script which relies on a user's configuration sounds terribly fragile13:30
genkgoi just want to start a script for this user, within its own environment13:30
typhoonHey guys13:30
mcphailgenkgo: at boot?13:30
typhoonIs there bugs when I use trusty with 4.2 kernel?13:31
genkgomcphail: yes, why would you not recommend this approach?13:31
mcphailgenkgo: would running a cron job at the "@reboot" time work?13:31
mcphailgenkgo: you might end up with similar environment problems, though13:31
OerHekstyphoon, using a newer kernel could give vary result, how would you get that 4.2 kernel? HWE?13:31
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack13:32
netametathanks very much13:32
genkgomcphail: there is this program i now start manually, for two users. i want it to be started at boot13:32
typhoon<OerHeks>from trusty-updates repo13:33
OerHekstyphoon, if it is offered by updates, you should be fine.13:33
typhoonOh,  thank you13:34
Ben64genkgo: what is the program13:34
genkgo@Ben64: something i wrote myself in rust13:34
Ben64rust the game?13:34
typhoonwhat frontend do you guys prefer when using irc?13:35
genkgoBen64: https://www.rust-lang.org/13:35
Ben64genkgo: normally running things as root is a bad idea13:35
genkgoBen64: I know, that is why i am trying to run the programs as another user13:35
genkgotwo users in my case13:35
Ben64oh, thought you said as root13:35
genkgobut the programs should be aware of the users environment13:36
Ben64ah i get it13:36
yemreBiilD73: http://pastebin.com/raw/vWJ0CbVN13:36
genkgomcphail: @reboot is not a bad idea13:36
genkgomcphail: i have this PATH= on top of my crontab -e13:37
mcphailgenkgo: you're still not going to get the _full_ environment for the user with that, so don't know if it will help13:37
typhoonIs bumblebee better than nvidia-prime for messy nvidia optimus?13:37
genkgomcphail: i just need the users paths13:37
yemreOerHeks: Windows is not in fastboot mode13:37
mcphailgenkgo: well, if you set that in the crontab you should be fine13:37
mcphailgenkgo: otherwise you'll just get bib:/usr/bin13:38
genkgoalright, let's see13:38
genkgomcphail: do you know if this problem will be solved with systemd?13:38
BiilD73yemre what does /etc/network/interfaces look like13:38
mcphailgenkgo: don't think systemd will influence it in any way whatsoever13:38
typhoonDo you guys like mir?13:39
typhoonmir is some messy on nvidia-optimus13:39
genkgomcphail: ok, will see that when the update arrives, thanks again for your help13:39
mcphailgenkgo: good luck13:39
yemreBiilD73: it said command not found13:40
mcphailtyphoon: stop that please, and keep the channel clear for support questions13:40
rillehyemre: cat /etc/network/interfaces13:40
BiilD73yemre thats a file nano /etc/network/interfaces as long as your not root you wont be able to edit it13:40
BiilD73oops yeah cat13:41
BleakneyDoes avast still run on ubuntu?13:41
Bleakneyavast home13:41
typhoonavast is just for windows13:41
typhoonyou can use clamav13:41
typhoonbut it just detects virus13:41
typhoonnot repair13:41
yemreBiilD73: I don't understand unfortanetely :( could you please more clear?13:42
typhoonwhat's tms13:42
Bleakneytyphoon Hmmm, there is avast file server security. That's the one for linux.13:43
Bleakneytyphoon I did use clamAV, but I would not rely on it  (http://www.networkworld.com/article/2989137/linux/av-test-lab-tests-16-linux-antivirus-products-against-windows-and-linux-malware.html)13:44
typhoon <Bleakney>13:44
typhoonavast alike-thing is not existing on linux13:45
yemreBillD73: actually, i wrote sudo for being root. by the way, i wrote cat /etc/network/interfaces and output is http://pastebin.com/raw/wy3adF1P13:45
Bleakneytyphoon Ok13:45
BiilD73yemre were looking at config files to see they contain whats needed. in term type cat /etc/network/interfaces output for a wired connect should look like so  http://paste.ubuntu.com/14671740/13:45
danieljungocomment utiliser hamachi sur ubuntu13:46
mcphail!fr | danieljungo13:46
ubottudanieljungo: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.13:46
BiilD73yemre if not   sudo your-text-editor /etc/network/interfaces  to look like that then run  sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart13:47
yemreBiilD73: output is exactly same if i wrote nano /etc/network/interfaces13:48
hookanyone ever have any zoom/crop issues with ffmpeg? I'm trying to get an output stream from gource to record, but the mp4 is of lower res13:48
BiilD73yemre go ahead and run  sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart and paste see if it errors in term13:49
danieljungohelp me for hamachi13:49
typhoontoybox is13:49
typhoon                                     13:49
typhoon 13:49
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yemreBiilD73: there is no error in the command line13:51
BiilD73yemre ifconig again and see if etho changed13:51
BiilD73er ifconfig13:51
transhuman_HI I have a sytem--Ubuntu Wily 15.10(I think) getting a systemd-modules-load.services error ---systemctl -failed says ---- UNIT systemd-modules-load.services LOAD loaded ACTIVE failed SUB failed DESCRIPTION Load Kernel Modules I can seem to fix anyone able to help13:52
BiilD73yemre quick quest, are you connecting to a router? have you tried restarting it as well?13:55
yemreBiilD73: there are some changes. http://pastebin.com/raw/XLTKx9dr13:55
yemreYes, i connected to a router and i tried many times13:55
dva5912Can anyone explain how this is adding up? It sees i have a 3Tb HD but only giving me a portion of it? http://pastebin.com/Vj6BE0BB13:56
Ben64dva5912: 3000.5GB whats the problem?13:56
yemreBiilD73: by the way, changes for example RX Packets, dropped and TX packets13:57
BiilD73yemre yeah that just tells ya the bits its ereived and trasmitted13:57
OerHeksdva5912, hdd lager than 2 tb, you need gdisk to partition, fdisk cannot handle GPT13:59
transhuman_sorry meant to paste that in #systemd13:59
shreddingmcphail, akik: It turns out that i need to use Ubuntu 15.05 or 15.10 because they have internally managed kernels.13:59
shreddingUbuntu 14.04 does not allow to manipulate it from within a digital ocean droplet.13:59
dva5912OerHeks: Got it! That explains a lot... Thank You!13:59
OerHeksdva5912, have fun!14:00
yemreBiilD73: unfortunately, still no connection. what can i do now?14:00
BiilD73yemre looking14:00
BiilD73ok lets try this, obviously your hardware is working or eth0 would not be showing a mac etc..  run this    sudo ifconfig eth0 down    you can check  with ifconfig , there should be no reference to eth0 now.  start again with     sudo ifconfig eth0 up then yet again check the eth0 with    ifconfig14:03
SirMooNVIDIA + Prime causes a login loop... Any idea how to fix this?14:03
pavelzhi I have a question I downloaded, patched and installed nginx from source package. on next system update will this nginx be replaced by newer one from ubuntu repository or will I need to upgrade it by hand?14:04
yemreBillD73: I did what you said14:05
yemreBiilD73: just only changed RX packets value again14:06
BiilD73yemre ok gimmee a sec14:07
BiilD73yemre do you have static ip assigne din router or jsut using dhcp?  if dhcp run sudo dhclient eth014:09
=== Druid is now known as Guest96004
BiilD73yemre if your using mac assigned ip you can try this sudo ifconfig eth0     replacing 192.... with your assigned ip14:11
lernerI dont understand what "volume group" does. If I have several HDD I want to encrypt with luks, I dont need a different group for each hdd, right? << is this a ubuntu question?14:11
BiilD73yemre eitherway check  ifconfig for change to inet addr:    line14:13
shoerainare there docs on how to use bluetooth from the command line? I'm on 14.04, and currently looking through https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup but have a feeling it's for an older version.14:14
yemreBiilD73: i tried sudo dhclient eth0 and command line shows nothing14:14
Picipavelz: If you still have the nginx package installed it will be overwritten (well, depending on where you put your built files, of course).  You will always need to upgrade the version you installed by hand.14:14
kk_drophow to get number value from that string in bash script? group/subgroup:release-0.9.123 I know that I can filter text to display something that contains some chars by | grep 'group/subgroup:release-0', but how to get value of number between those 2 dots?14:15
kk_dropeg. I would like to check what exact number is there14:16
kk_dropso in this example it would be 914:16
BiilD73yemre sudo dhclient eth0 forces it to try an obtain a new IP address from dhcp on router. dumb thing have you verified your cable is connected completely14:17
shoerainhmm, guess it worked with the ubuntu bluetooth gui, it would be nice to know how to use bluez 4 from the command line, though14:18
yemreBiilD73: actually, i don't know static ip assigne din router or just using dhcp? but, i think it's dhcp and i tried to run sudo dhclient eth0. however, command line still same -wait14:21
BiilD73yemre ctrl c will drop you back to a new command line14:24
yemreBiild73: yes i did now.14:24
BiilD73it can sometimes take a few secs for dhclient to attempt to obtain a Ip from router.   anything new from ifconfig on inet addr:14:25
=== eyvind is now known as pneuma
yemreBiilD73: by the way, rooter using dhcp14:29
BiilD73yemre ok what is output of nm-tool14:31
yemreBiilD73: output: http://pastebin.com/raw/Vs2awF2P14:34
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BiilD73yemre check nm-tool again it was connecting14:37
BiilD73yemre unfortunately i'm going to have to go, got errands to run you'll have to see if someone else can help some more   I hope you get it resolved.14:38
yemreBuiilD73: only connect windows14:39
yemreBillD73: thank you very much for your helping14:39
BiilD73yemre np14:40
aabeerHello ppl14:44
kk_drophow to assign value $2 to variable:      awk -F\. '{print $2}' ? ?14:46
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rrnI have a 7.1 sound card that unfortunately only works on Windows, yet I wish to use Ubuntu natively.  Is there a solution to send 7.1 audio from VLC or the entire system to a Windows machine dedicated just for audio, either virtual or a physical box?14:56
cfhowlettrrn, for virtual, virtualbox + windows + shared /music folder MIGHT fly14:57
rrncfhowlett: Actually, never mind.  I'll simply switch this computer to Windows---GNU/Linux isn't that important for this particular machine.  Thanks anyway.14:59
OerHeksmaybe this KODI answer is any help http://askubuntu.com/questions/585489/enabling-7-1-audio-passthru-in-14-04-for-kodi14:59
wyrm_88rrr  have you tried Wine with the sound card?15:00
rrnwyrm_88: No, but that doesn't sound like something that is likely to succeed.15:01
rrn(pun intended)15:02
wyrm_88I have used Wine and Wine Tricks on most of my win and dos stuff15:03
yemreHi guys. I have a problem with wired connection that Wired Connection does not work Ubuntu 14.04 but it works Windows 8.1. Actually, wired connection works first installation Ubuntu. However, after reboot or switch to Windows, it does not work. By the way, with Ubuntu LiveUsb, connection work.15:03
rrnMaybe for a simple Windows program it'll work, but for an audio card driver?  I doubt it.15:03
cfhowlettrrn, agreed.15:04
BluesKajrm are you using the spdif output in alsamixer and vlc tools>audio15:04
yemreplease help me for solving this problem15:04
cfhowlettrrn, virtualbox probably stands a better chance on audio then wine does15:04
rrncfhowlett: Yeah but I want to avoid this overhead and hassle of a VM and just install natively.15:05
cfhowlettrrn, understood and agreed15:05
BluesKajrm I have a 5.1 card and I feed the spdif audio out thru a coaxial to an audio receiver digital input ...is this similar to your setup?15:07
=== gustav_ is now known as gustav___
* BluesKaj shrugs ...ok rm , nevermind15:10
kiborgHow i know about my system whith using terminal?15:11
=== PerpetualWar is now known as PerpetualWar__
Picikiborg: what about it?15:11
OerHekskiborg, system specs?15:11
OerHekslshw, lsusb ,lspci, lscpu give info15:12
pavelzPici: thanks!15:13
SirMooI'm stuck with a login loop when using Nvidia Prime... Any ideas on how to fix this?15:16
transhuman_I hate to have to ask this but what is the proper folder permissions in chmod 740 format for folders like apache2 in /var/log? I can't seem to get it to come out right... sorry for this rather sad question15:18
OerHeksThe permissions on this folder are: chmod 755 /var/www/ and the files inside the folder are: chmod 644 /var/www/file15:19
transhuman_no /var/log15:19
OerHeksoops log15:19
transhuman_ah 644 ok damn couldnt get that right no matter what I tried15:20
OerHeksindeed 64415:21
transhuman_are folders in /var/log automatically regenerated by the system if they are missing?15:22
EriC^^transhuman_: not really15:25
kk_dropwhy this does not working? sed -e "s/SOME_STRING_TO_REPLACE/$NEW_DOCKER_IMAGE_NAME/g" filename.txt15:25
EriC^^they need the proper perms15:25
EriC^^kk_drop: try with @ instead of /15:26
kk_dropI'd like to replace SOME_STRING_TO_REPLACE with given variable $NEW_DOCKER_IMAGE_NAME15:26
transhuman_oops then that wasnt such a good idea15:26
kk_dropEriC^^, same result - no string replaced15:27
EriC^^kk_drop: type echo $NEW_DOCKER...15:27
transhuman_had like 100,000 errors logged due to a problem I fixed so I wiped it and forgot about the directories in there stupid mistake, damn15:27
EriC^^kk_drop: what you mean no string replaced?15:27
EriC^^you expect it to change in the file?15:27
transhuman_guess I will have to limp along till next version upgrade15:28
EriC^^just recreate it15:28
kk_dropEriC^^, docker/image:release-0.978.2016-01-2615:28
kk_dropthis needs to replace similar one in the file15:28
transhuman_dont remember all the log folders that were there its a web server with LAMP and wordpress15:28
MrSassyPantsIs there something equivalent to ia32-libs in 15.10 ?15:29
=== erwin_ is now known as easyOnMe
EriC^^transhuman_: upgrading wont fix them most likely15:29
easyOnMejust want ask how do I know whether my ubuntu 14.04 LTS is compromised15:30
transhuman_what about a force reinstall of all packages without installing config files?15:30
easyOnMereason why I am asking because when I tried accessing my facebook account I got a message that someone in US tried to log in into my account15:30
tewardeasyOnMe: that's not an easy question to answer - if you suspect a compromise you should reinstall the OS and start over from clean backups if you have them15:30
easyOnMeso I had to go through facebook's security protocol15:31
easyOnMeluckily I got the account back15:31
cfhowletteasyOnMe, facebook gets compromised very frequently.  ubuntu much less so.15:31
easyOnMeoh I see15:31
easyOnMecfhowlett: but anything I can do to check whether I got compromised15:31
easyOnMeor at least prevent my passwords from being stolen should I ever open any browser on my laptop15:32
cfhowletteasyOnMe, pro-tips: enable firewall, set your browser to incognito mode, use adblock and popup block and staff off those **** sites!15:32
easyOnMeok noted15:32
easyOnMeI am using chromium15:32
easyOnMehow do I enable my firewall on ubuntu15:33
cfhowletteasyOnMe, sudo ufw --enable IIRC15:33
tewardcfhowlett: minus the -- iirc15:33
easyOnMeand how to set up an adblock and popup block15:33
tewardeasyOnMe: install the AdBlockPlus addon in Chromium (use the chrome addons site)15:33
tewardeasyOnMe: popup blockers are already included15:34
cfhowletteasyOnMe, sudo ufw enable15:34
easyOnMecfhowlett: ok15:34
easyOnMewhat is the command to disable ufw should I need to do so in case15:34
easyOnMeI need to disable it15:34
e-ventHi there, anyone got a suggestion for implementation of UPNP on my ubuntu gateway?15:34
cfhowletteasyOnMe, 1.  why would you need to?  2. sudo ufw disable15:35
tewardeasyOnMe: you likely won't have to disable ufw.  but: sudo ufw disable15:35
easyOnMeI am not an admin techy guy15:35
tewardeasyOnMe: you won't need to turn off the firewall in all likelihood15:35
easyOnMeteward: ok15:35
easyOnMebut the command to disable should I need to is sudo ufw disable15:35
easyOnMedid I get it correctly?15:35
cfhowletteasyOnMe, be aware, facebook (and all other online services) can and do collect information if you do not explicitly logout before you go to other sites.15:35
TomyWorkMy xorg on the other session is stuck at 100% CPU after I forcekilled a virtualbox process through the window manager when it wouldnt respond anymore. strace says it's getting EBADF from select all the time. is there any way to salvage that X session?15:36
easyOnMecfhowlett: oh is it15:36
e-ventI see upnpd and miniupnpd, should I just choose one?15:36
cfhowletteasyOnMe, yep.  wonder why you get targeted ads?  like they NSA, they are watching15:36
easyOnMecfhowlett: man I am a nobody15:37
cfhowlettmaybe.  but your DATA is marketable!15:37
easyOnMeI am just an avid learner of programming15:37
easyOnMethat is all15:37
easyOnMeI am not able to do bash shell scripting15:38
cfhowletteasyOnMe, I recommend https everywhere: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTPS_Everywhere15:38
easyOnMeand my knowledge in ubuntu at this stage is beginner to intermediate at best15:38
transhuman_can i safely cause ubuntu to reinstall all packages without changing the config files?15:38
transhuman_or is that asking for trouble, I hate functioning a web server without good logs15:38
easyOnMecfhowlett: so to disable able firewall the command is sudo ufw disable is it15:38
cfhowletteasyOnMe, sudo ufw disable15:39
easyOnMecfhowlett: ok thanks15:39
cfhowletthappy2help! easyOnMe15:39
easyOnMecfhowlett: if I enable my firewall will I still be able to download sdk from android as well as update my ubuntu and other open source ides and technologies that I am currently learning15:40
cfhowletteasyOnMe, yes.15:40
easyOnMecfhowlett: ok15:40
easyOnMethat is consoling enough15:41
easyOnMethen I will enable my firewall then15:41
cfhowletteasyOnMe, one more question: do you have only the one user account!15:41
easyOnMecfhowlett: yes15:41
=== alan_ is now known as Guest5566
easyOnMeoh not i have two15:41
easyOnMethe other one was a restricted user that I created in order to learn bash shell scripting15:42
cfhowletteasyOnMe, I recommend a sudo account for system management and a normal user account for daily driving15:42
easyOnMewhich until now I have not yet fully used for shell scripting15:42
easyOnMecfhowlett: oh is it15:42
cfhowletteasyOnMe, normal user has low privileges so can't install system wide stuff.15:43
easyOnMethen how am I going to use my laptop for any programming purposes especially that in my case I need to use LAMP stack15:43
TomyWorkok, killing kdeinit killed the session :/15:43
TomyWorkso my question is no longer relevant15:43
luisthow can i mirror an specific deb repository to use offline?15:44
cfhowletteasyOnMe, SYSTEM stuff like installing / deleting programs15:44
cfhowlett!aptoncd | luist15:44
ubottuluist: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline15:44
easyOnMecfhowlett: ok I will do it next time15:44
easyOnMebye for now15:44
cfhowlettluist, you mean a private mirror?15:44
easyOnMethanks for you help I need to go to bed now15:44
easyOnMesee you all fellas15:44
luistcfhowlett: yes… likely15:45
cfhowlettluist, wait 115:45
cfhowlettI think this is it, luist http://www.tecmint.com/setup-local-repositories-in-ubuntu/15:46
cfhowlettor https://www.packtpub.com/books/content/create-local-ubuntu-repository-using-apt-mirror-and-apt-cacher15:46
cfhowlettalso, ask #ubuntu-server about best practices15:46
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BleakneyIs there something wrong with the Bitdefender deb repo? It just keeps sending me error messages...15:47
TomyWorkluist reprepro15:48
TomyWorkbut those things are huge15:48
luistTomyWork: yeah i know… :P15:48
TomyWorkif you just want a proxy that caches the packages as you download them, there's apt-cacher15:48
luistTomyWork: any idea how big are the 12.04 repos?15:48
TomyWorkno idea15:48
TomyWorkbut huge15:48
* TomyWork switches sessions, brb15:48
AlexPortablehow do I export changes made to dconf ?15:49
AlexPortablei want to make an install script to apply some changes to new systems15:49
jophishI'm running ubuntu in a vm, when I start things up I get a purple screen with graphical corruption at the top15:53
jophishWhat can I do to debug this?15:53
BleakneyAnyone? Does repo update work for the bitdefender deb repos?15:54
xangua!info bitdefender15:55
ubottuPackage bitdefender does not exist in wily15:55
Bleakneyxangua Thanks, indeed, what I'm wondering about is: After manually adding the source it does not update - no connection15:56
xanguaBleakney: what source? Is this a manually compiled software? Are you using third party repositories? Please elaborate15:57
Bleakneyxangua the one given here:   http://download.bitdefender.com/repos/#15:59
=== [UPA]Stefan is now known as Tronsha
BleakneyBasically it works with ubuntu, but somehow it does not seem to update now16:00
OerHeksseems like they don't update http://download.bitdefender.com/repos/deb/ old date, and any guide still wants you to add it to the sources.list, which is the old way16:00
e-ventErm, it appears the miniupnpd package start up script is completely broken16:00
OerHeksbitdefender EOL?16:00
lotuspsychjeBleakney: you could install clamav from the official repos16:01
Bleakneylotuspsychje Yes, thank you, I've clamav already16:02
BleakneyOerHeks Yes, the guide is outdated. I did add it in the correct way but it does not seem to work atm16:03
Bleakneylotuspschje Apparently one cannot expect much from clamav btw   (http://www.networkworld.com/article/2989137/linux/av-test-lab-tests-16-linux-antivirus-products-against-windows-and-linux-malware.html)16:04
Bleakneylotuspsychje sorry, typo16:05
bazhangcontact the bitdefender maintaners then Bleakney16:05
Bleakneybazhang Ok, thx, I'll try.16:05
karambaCould anybody please help me with graphics settings under kubuntu 15.10?16:05
aryi need a screenshot hi res 300dpi to be more exact. Can some one tellme about one?16:06
ziz15guys,now that google will not release newer 32 chrome builts for precise will we be able to have newer pepperflash version for chromium after march or no??thanks16:06
lotuspsychjeBleakney: clamav for linux isnt that bad, check their database its pretty up to date, try rkhunter and snort also16:06
karambaI just put the old hard disk of my old computer into my brand new computer (Asus z170-A motherboard, Samsung Syncmaster monitor).16:06
e-ventkaramba, you might want to try #kubuntu16:06
tinyhippohi, I need aclocal-1.15 on ubuntu 14.04, how might I go about it?16:06
OerHeksziz15, chrome for linux is @ Version 48.0.2564.82 (64-bit)16:06
Bleakneylotuspsychje Yes, snort I wanted to try, thanks for the hint.16:07
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is a currently-supported !LTS release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120416:07
ziz15OerHeks: chrome will not have updates for 32bit precise after march16:07
OerHeksziz15, oh 32 bit version, yes, nothing we can do about that16:08
aryi need a hi res screenshot program,  300dpi to be more exact. Can some one tellme about one?16:08
lotuspsychjeary: kazam is pretty nice16:08
ziz15OerHeks: so no newer flash version..right??16:08
ziz15for chromium16:08
AlexPortablehow do I export changes made to dconf ? i want to make an install script to apply some changes to new systems16:08
OerHeksziz15, too early to answer that16:08
arylotuspsychje, i will try that. Thanx16:11
lotuspsychjeary: i guess that the resolution of the screenshot also depends on what exactly your gonna shoot16:13
bazhangtinyhippo, automake has that version in wily16:15
tinyhippoheh wily16:15
bazhangtinyhippo, you could look for a ppa or compile16:16
bazhang!info automake16:16
ubottuautomake (source: automake-1.15): Tool for generating GNU Standards-compliant Makefiles. In component main, is optional. Version 1:1.15-1ubuntu1 (wily), package size 499 kB, installed size 1484 kB16:16
bazhanghttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/automake-1.15 tinyhippo see the 'untrusted versions section at the bottom16:21
bazhangcheck if they have the version you need there16:21
tinyhippothanks bazhang :)16:22
llldinoI've got the following lines in my auth.log: http://paste.debian.net/369218/ Can anybody hypothesize what's going on here?16:30
arylotuspsychje, a google map screenshot16:30
tydeushi bro16:31
ikoniallldino: someone has become the user "nobody" from root16:31
llldinoWhy would that happen?16:32
ikoniait's your system16:32
AlexPortablehow do I export changes made to dconf ? i want to make an install script to apply some changes to new systems16:39
lotuspsychjeAlexPortable: maybe something usefull here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization16:41
AlexPortablemarcel_: english16:41
AlexPortablelotuspsychje: well I don't want to customize a live cd16:41
bazhang!de | AlexPortable marcel_16:41
ubottuAlexPortable marcel_: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!16:41
lotuspsychjeAlexPortable: i know, but it describes a gconftool method that might be interesting for you16:42
AlexPortablebut gconf != dconf16:42
OerHeksAlexPortable, i think it is stored in ~/.config/dconf/user , not sure how to restore, just copying it back i think16:44
AlexPortableOerHeks: yes but that restores everything16:44
AlexPortablealso background16:44
AlexPortableI only want to restore a set of things like the panels16:44
AlexPortableand some other preferences16:44
OerHeksAlexPortable, good luck, that file is unreadable by gedit and such16:44
AlexPortablethats why i was wondering16:44
OerHeksthen make a clean config with the items you want to export.16:45
luistTomyWork: reprepro wont help me i think… i use to create a local repo with my own packages, but i just to want to sync an external repo16:46
luistTomyWork: this is the repo i want to download: http://le.c3sl.ufpr.br/le5/16:46
AlexPortablewell I prefer to put the new changes in via commandline16:46
AlexPortablebut then i need to know which values I changed16:46
luistprobably without the isos16:46
AlexPortablewithout having to manually looking through everything16:46
lotuspsychje!info dconf-cli | AlexPortable maybe this?16:47
ubottuAlexPortable maybe this?: dconf-cli (source: d-conf): simple configuration storage system - utilities. In component main, is optional. Version 0.24.0-2 (wily), package size 24 kB, installed size 120 kB16:47
AlexPortablelotuspsychje: nope, only when i have a key i want to insert16:48
OerHeksunrealistic demand, if you askme16:49
TomyWorkluist reprepro can mirror repos too, i think16:49
TomyWorkrep(ository)repro(ducer) or something16:50
TomyWorkhttp://www.infrastructureanywhere.com/documentation/additional/mirrors.html this looks promising, you just need to replace the urls and maybe rename some things16:51
jophishWho here doesn't get "system problem detected" when they log in?16:51
TomyWorkjophish most?16:51
compdocI do sometimes16:51
TomyWorkjophish you mean whoopsie?16:52
compdocon new systems. it usually sorts itself out later16:52
AlexPortableOerHeks: how so?16:52
jophishI can't remember a time in all my years using ubuntu that I can boot without getting that :/16:52
TomyWorkjophish how many distribution upgrades did you do so far?16:54
TomyWorkon that system16:54
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tlogicHello i have an issue trying to use atime16:59
tlogicwhen i use ls -lu there is no change in the access time of each file even if i open it with an editor17:00
=== gaba is now known as Guest97601
AlexPortablelotuspsychje: thanks, found a way to export it (dconf dump / > dconf.txt), but how do I import it?17:01
=== event is now known as Guest98982
=== wanderer is now known as Guest34283
prouthi i got a noob question to ask17:16
naccprout: just ask your question :)17:16
proutwhat can i use to chevck if i am hack or       ...working on a elect engine17:16
proutdeamon dont stop since a week17:17
AlexPortablelotuspsychje: nvm solved it thanks :)17:18
prouti have been a bad guy so i know when i am fellow  and i am fdellow17:18
BluesKajprout, what are you talking about ..please stop ..do you have an ubuntu question?17:19
prouti am running ubuntu 1517:19
prouti want to know how to check if network is no compromised17:20
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=== Gill_ is now known as Gill
=== james is now known as Guest37953
alive876_hi, im not an admin, just researching ways to limit resource usage per user. is it possible to create a seperate cgroup for each user?17:22
eviladminalive876_: systemd does that by default17:24
eviladmindoes it per session even17:24
proutok   we are a bit parano enginie produce more that what he take make it roll17:25
alive876_ok thanks17:26
proutokido thank17:27
NoiseEeehey folks i just moved from 10.04 to 14.04, and I can't seem to find a place where I can enter advanced details about trying to connect ssh/sftp through nautilus... i can do ssh://user@wherever but I can't find anywhere to point to my keyfile / non-password logins anymore?17:28
NoiseEeei really don't want to install filezilla or another program... i liked built-in to nautilus as before :\17:29
NoiseEeeand it doesn't seem to take a -i /path/to/keyfile arg17:31
=== cpaelzer is now known as cpaelzer_afk
KirejiI've used linux for 17 years.  redhat, debian, and ubuntu primarily.  working to make sure I put energy, money, and credit on things I want to support and make better.  never paid for ubuntu, but really want to support it.  where, how can I support ubuntu best?17:34
AlexPortableubuntu or other distro's ?17:34
Kirejimaybe both.  now, primarily ubuntu17:35
Kirejiall the servers I'm running now, I pick ubuntu first.17:35
NoiseEeeanyone with my 'how can i do ssh-key based logins thru nautilus?17:35
Kirejibut never once paid a cent for any of it17:35
AlexPortablethe ubuntu development is via their website I think17:35
jyothisKireji: you can join forums, become a developer or even spread the word17:37
AlexPortableKireji: http://askubuntu.com/questions/398349/do-donations-go-to-canonical-or-to-the-ubuntu-foundation17:37
jtreminioHello all! If I add two PPAs (ppa:ondrej/php5-oldstable and ppa:ondrej/php5), but I want to install PHP 5.4 without knowing the exact version string (5.4.*), what are my options?17:37
AlexPortableKireji Wait what do you want to put into ubuntu? money or something else?17:38
jtreminioI know I can do, `apt-get install php5={version}`, but not sure can do wildcard matches17:39
_RaizHey? I can't find glibc in the ubuntu repoz?17:40
MonkeyDust!find glibc17:40
ubottuFound: glibc-doc, glibc-doc-reference, glibc-source, libc6-pic, clisp-module-bindings-glibc17:40
_Raizglibc-doc, LOL, where is glibc in the first place?17:41
MonkeyDust_Raiz  try libc617:43
_Raizjust broke my system trying do bootstrap musl libc on a chroot and I bootstrapped it in my root17:44
klfHow do I change (allocate) a different area for swap space after installation?17:46
BluesKajklf, use gparted live media, either on usb or cd17:48
MonkeyDustklf  scroll down to 512MiB https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq17:48
AlexPortableWhere is the icon for system-config-printer ?17:49
Kirejijyothis: can program, but not well enough to help.  AlexPortable: not sure.  certainly donations can help, but not sure if that's the best thing I can add17:49
Kirejijyothis: AlexPortable: thanks both, reading17:49
Kirejijyothis: AlexPortable: unfortunately, it's all still just server tech, have yet to find primary interface that comes close to the reliability, ease, hardware ability, and support that big corporate entities provide.17:50
jyothisthere was a help page for how to help. let me see if that still exists17:51
KirejiI've been searching for 5+ years now for how to use linux/ubuntu as primary computing interface platform (laptop/phone, etc) and it's not even close yet17:51
Kirejijyothis: thank you17:51
jyothisKireji: https://community.ubuntu.com/contribute/17:51
jyothisKireji:  and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu17:52
ubuntu-matehy everybody17:53
NoiseEeeis there really no longer a way to connect to a server using sshkeys via nautilus?  was there in 10.04....17:54
naccjtreminio: i think you can just install php5, no?17:54
naccjtreminio: taht should pull in the deps17:54
tlogichow can i find if a process is accessing a specific file?17:55
naccanyone else seeing a hash sum mismatch on xenial universe?17:55
nacctlogic: lsof ?17:55
tlogici'm trying to run it in the background but it looks it doesn't work17:56
nacctlogic: iirc, lsof -p <pid> -- <filepath>17:56
nacctlogic: there's also fuser17:57
nacctlogic: fuser <filepath>17:57
AlexPortableHow can I export an icon from a program in /usr/share/applications/ ?17:59
paulymorphousHello, this is my first day using Ubuntu (or anything other than Windows). Is this a good place to ask for a little assistance trying to set up my wireless network?18:00
paulymorphousWhen I try to identify my laptop's internal wireless card via my terminal, the product is described simply as "Intel Corporation" with no model number to help me find a relevant driver.18:03
robotdevil1what the heck is going on with chrome and chromium? that **** is freezing my entire computer all the time18:03
robotdevil1i think I did the disable hardware acceleration too18:05
mrphi nowz_18:07
=== ^CJ^ is now known as ^cj^
naccpaulymorphous: i take it your wireless isn't already working? :)18:08
naccpaulymorphous: what command did you use to try and identify it?18:09
klfwhat does18:09
robotdevil1like I cannot even use ttys to unfreeze the desktop18:10
klfwhat does HUD stand for?18:10
naccklf: Heads Up Display18:10
BuddMy ssh-agent is contaminated with keys I don't want, and ssh-add -D doesn't get rid of them. How can I wipe it?18:11
klffor example, while XChat is focused, when I pull up HUD (by hitting <alt>) I am asked "Please type your command".18:12
random_user_01hello, when i search for packages with apt or appgrid, packages won't be found. what can i do?18:13
stacks88on apt-get upgrade, its taking forever and utilizing ca.archive.ubuntu.com -- Get:23 http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty-updates/main linux-libc-dev amd64 3.13.0-76.120 [771 kB] -- could i just change in sources.list the ca to us ? us.archive.ubuntu.com and re-run apt-get update and upgrade ? should be the same right18:13
naccklf: what is that an example of?18:13
OerHeksBudd, ssh-keygen -R hostname18:13
naccrandom_user_01: what package are you looking for?18:13
klfSo I entered "join" and hit <enter>, as a result a "Join Channel" dialog box appeared18:13
Buddstacks88: it's worth a try; I'm sure there's a proper list somewhere.18:13
xanguaklf: you can select any option from xchatv from the hud, also use hexchat18:13
random_user_01nacc, does not matter, i tried different. synaptic, gparted etc.18:14
xanguaAny option from xchat menu or any other program*18:14
mladen4hey guys i have weird problem. I am getting error "$ANDROID_HOME" var not found, but it exists18:14
naccrandom_user_01: it *does* matter ... are you searching for a a package that doesn't exist?18:14
random_user_01nacc, do the mentioned packages appear to be rare to you?18:15
BuddOerHeks: That's to modify a known_hosts file. My problem is that I can't get ssh to use the needed key on a remote connection because these other crap keys (that i never created manually) get in the way.18:15
naccrandom_user_01: what do you mean? what "mentioned packages"?18:15
BuddYou can specify a specific key for SSH to use, but only if it's a file on the local machine.18:16
klfxangua, wouldn't it be cool if HUD was an interface for executing commands, for example, "/j #ubuntu".  (just a thought)18:16
naccrandom_user_01: oh you mean you tried to search for synaptic and gparted and dint' see it i?18:16
xanguarandom_user_01: what package, what Ubuntu release, what's the output you get when using the terminal?18:16
OerHeksBudd, well, you need root access to that machine.18:16
random_user_01nacc, exactly18:16
naccrandom_user_01: please provide what xangua said18:16
einshello every118:17
BuddOerHeks:  I have root access all around, but I don't see how that helps.18:17
einsdoes someone know how to enable plugins in Vim, like to turn the on18:18
random_user_01xangua, 15.10, apt-get outputs nothing, appgrid outputs "package is not available"18:18
AlexPortableHow can I export an icon from a program in /usr/share/applications/ ?18:18
=== SirRafiki is now known as Guest87187
BuddI suppose I can try to nuke whatever Ubuntu uses as a ssh-agent. What is it?18:18
random_user_01random_user_01, packages like synaptic or gparted18:18
naccrandom_user_01: please provide the exact command you ran with apt-get18:18
moat_joepossibly silly question but is there maybe an api to ask which releases are end of life?18:19
=== mladen4 is now known as mladen5
xanguarandom_user_01: what do you mean by apt outputs nothing? Show us18:19
nowzerI was wondering if anyone could help me with a monitor issue?18:20
random_user_01xangua, now it did: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/aa5e49bf449529a83f7818:21
jtreminioI've set priority to `-10` in the 5.4.45 repo, but the 5.5.31 repo seems to be taking precedence: https://dpaste.de/v3sf18:22
jtreminioAny ideas?18:22
jtreminiowait, is it backwards? higher priority number, higher actual priority? I thought it was lower the higher18:23
nowzerIt logs me out whenever I plug the VGA cable in on the external monitor18:23
jtreminiowelp that solved is18:24
=== event is now known as Guest86743
lahaugen87jtreminio, We are all glad we could help you18:24
orangedgood morn.18:25
jtreminioSo many different SO answers say to use a negative value for highest priority, lahaugen8718:25
xanguarandom_user_01: Run sudo apt-get update && apt-get install packagename18:25
xanguaUpdate your repositories first18:25
nowzerhi uhhhhh18:25
=== Guest86743 is now known as e-vent
nowzerwhy is X so buggy18:26
xanguaBecause it's 20+ years18:26
nowzerAnyway... I've been trying to plugin a second mintor18:27
nowzermonitor* and X is crashing18:27
OerHeksXorg Initial release 6 April 200418:27
random_user_01xangua, i did that yesterday when it first happened of course. now when i try, it gives me another error though18:28
nowzerI'm also not sure18:28
nowzerwhy it's trying to register my headset as a keyboard18:28
nowzer[    25.283] (II) evdev: SteelSeries Siberia V2 Illuminated: Configuring as keyboard <---- what?!??!!18:28
random_user_01xangua, E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied)18:29
random_user_01E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?. i did it with sudo18:29
Gallomimianowzer: headsets have buttons. does it ALSO have a device for audio input and 2 different ones for output?18:29
nowzerI suppose18:29
nowzerI'm just digging through the log trying to find why X crashes18:29
nowzerwhen I plug in a second monitor18:29
Gallomimiaoh that's unfortunate.18:30
OerHeksrandom_user_01, 1 instance only, terminal or softwarecenter, or are there updates pending?18:30
Gallomimiadon't we have a bot command about 2 monitors?18:30
orangedanyone know if vino-server can be started at boot?18:30
orangedseems most prefer x11vnc because systemd can start it18:30
ztanehi, asked this before but no answer,18:31
ztaneanyone succeeded in making a casper-rw partition with 15.10 live usb18:31
ztanecreated with usb-creator-gtk18:31
ztanepersistence works fine with casper-rw file but I **need** **more** **space**18:31
random_user_01OerHeks, 1 instance. i did both commands seperatly now and it seemed to work now. strange. the last update did not resolve this18:31
mladen5there is a chance i did some stupid stuff with chown like chown * and then i stopped it.. is there a way to check if everything is ok? :)18:32
ztanewhen I create ext4 partition with label=casper-rw, remove the casper-rw file, reboot, then I am dropped to busybox on initramfs on boot.18:32
=== cpaelzer_afk is now known as cpaelzer
nowzerwhat is this: [   480.747] (EE) FBDEV(0): FBIOBLANK: Invalid argument18:33
ztaneI am getting desperate18:33
random_user_01xangua, fixed thanks18:33
xanguaOerHeks: thought it was older mmmmm :-P18:35
abe11Hello everybody, cutting to the chase: I disabled the password for my ubuntu sudo account through GUI. Now I want to restablish it using the GUI but the lock screen just lets me in without asking for a password. How can I fix this? I also tried setting the password with passdw command through another sudo user but the result is the same18:47
ikoniaANA__: stop typing in caps18:48
MonkeyDustANA__  caps18:48
ikoniaabe11: have you logged out and back in since the change18:48
abe11ikonia: yes, even restarted18:48
ikoniaabe11: when you login to the desktop your session auths and gets group/password access, if you then make changes the desktop won't get new access18:48
NoiseEeedoes anyone here connect to servers via nautilus?  with password-less/key-based logins?18:48
ANA__pls help me to download webcamstudio for gnu/linux18:49
ikoniaabe11: ahhh ok, so abe11 is your user still part of the admin group ?18:49
NoiseEeethat option is gone from later versions of ubuntu?18:49
MonkeyDust!info webcamstudio18:49
ubottuPackage webcamstudio does not exist in wily18:49
k1lANA__: its not in the ubuntu repos. so you need a PPA or a download from their website18:50
abe11ikonia: yes, i'm admin, and if I type sudo then asks for the password normally18:50
abe11ikonia: the only problem is the login screen18:50
ikoniaabe11: the login screen ?18:50
k1lANA__: https://launchpad.net/~webcamstudio/+archive/ubuntu/webcamstudio-dailybuilds18:50
xanguaNoiseEee: maybe?  it's GNOME actually the one that has been crippling Nautilus all these years18:50
abe11that just shows a "login in>" button instead of prompting for the password18:50
ANA__i dont know what is wily?i do have other chance to find a webcam for linux where i can use manycam same time?18:50
ikoniaabe11: ok, so you don't have to put a password to login to the desktop ?18:51
MonkeyDustANA__  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue18:51
abe11ikonia: exactly, although I have one configured18:51
yao_ziyuanubuntu 15.10 has "Ambiance" and "Radiance". are they "unity themes" or "gtk3 styles"? i just manually installed gtk3-engine-oxygen and gtk3-engine-unico, but these new engines don't appear in the list where "Ambiance" and "Radiance" reside.18:51
ikoniaabe11: ok - so there is a setting in the login manager that allows you to login without a password, this is not set by default, however I suspect somehow that has got set18:51
abe11yes, I did configure that a couple weeks ago18:52
ikoniaabe11: it's normally for users of single user systems so no auth is needed18:52
k1lyao_ziyuan: engines are not themes18:52
ikoniaabe11: if you login to the desktop as another user, does it ask you for a password /18:52
zmeliciousHello :)18:52
yao_ziyuank1l: so what's the easiest way to get more themes other than the default Ambiance and Radiance?18:52
k1lyao_ziyuan: engines are running in the background. you need to install new themes to get a visual change18:52
=== southey is now known as foxtrot
xanguayao_ziyuan: you need to install unity-tweak-tool to use other gtk themes18:53
k1lyao_ziyuan: download a theme and put it into .themes in your home18:53
abe11ikonia: but now I want to change it back to have a password, I configured the pwd, but the lock screen does not ask for it18:53
abe11ikonia: yes, I created another sudo user18:53
yao_ziyuank1l: and where are these themes usually collected?18:53
abe11ikonia: and lock screen prompts for password18:53
yao_ziyuank1l: i mean, which website offers them?18:53
k1l!themes | yao_ziyuan18:53
ubottuyao_ziyuan: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy18:53
raubhow do you mount an image file using fuse?18:54
ikoniaabe11: if you login to the desktop as the other user, does it ask for a password18:54
yao_ziyuank1l: again, are they "unity themes", or "gnome themes", or "gtk3 themes", or "ubuntu themes"?18:54
abe11ikonia: yes18:55
ikoniaabe11: ok, so it's something specific to that user, agree ?18:55
abe11ikonia: and checking user account settings, both have the same configuration18:55
abe11ikonia: agree18:55
dash562_Anyone ever seen the issue with the inability to purge old kernels? http://pastebin.com/raw/SVmH8LWp18:55
k1lyao_ziyuan: unity themes18:55
ikoniaabe11: from a different account if you do "su - brokenaccount" does it prompt you for a password ?18:55
k1ldash562_: apt-get -f install18:56
dash562_Does nothing k1l18:56
dash562_Just spits back that /boot is full18:56
ANA__i don t know to download on linux,danubian,i don t know to make extractions pleas help me!!!!!!!!11111111118:56
abe11ikonia: yes, it prompts for the password of the broken user18:57
k1lANA__: is this now a debian? then ask in #debian18:57
ikoniaabe11: ok, so it's something to do with the login manager, thats most odd18:57
ANA__debian yes18:57
abe11ikonia: indeed18:57
k1lANA__: #debian18:57
ikoniaabe11: normally the passwordless login is system wide,18:58
ikoniaabe11: so if other users are prompted for a password, thats most odd18:58
abe11ikonia: what's the name of that system? so that I could look up for related bugs18:58
k1ldash562_: aha.18:58
dash562_yeah only good times k1l18:58
k1ldash562_: that is important info.18:58
ikoniaabe11: it's just part of the login manager18:58
dash562_Sorry, my bad18:58
ANA__what means #dabian?i must type in extensions when i do downlaod something thsi #?18:59
k1ldash562_: so manually remove the old kernel files to let apt-get install the packages it want first. then remove the old kernel packages18:59
ikoniaANA__: type "/join #debian"18:59
ikoniaANA__: exactly like that18:59
abe11ikonia: but is it related to unity/nautilus/compiz/etc by any chance?18:59
ANA__exmpl if i want to download  webcamstudio ...i dont know how to make extension to have downloaded on my laptop18:59
ikoniaabe11: I don't see how it would be,18:59
ikoniaANA__: exactly like that18:59
ikoniaANA__: type "/join #debian"18:59
ANA__i try now thank you18:59
abe11ikonia: ok thanks ikonia, I'll check then and let you know if I find something19:00
ikoniaabe11: I've not got ubuntu here at the moment so I can't tell you where the menu setting is19:00
k1labe11: what is the output of "groups" of that user?19:01
abe11ikonia: I know which setting you're talking about. go to the Mitch answer (3rd one) in this post http://askubuntu.com/questions/281074/can-i-set-my-user-account-to-have-no-password19:02
abe11ikonia: he talks about the related bug, yet I tried to set the password with another admin account, using passwd command, and the result is not working. Howeer, thery're not talking about any issues with the login prompt19:03
abe11ikonia: this is the result for abraham user, the broken one19:04
abe11ikonia: abraham : abraham adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin nopasswdlogin sambashare19:04
k1labe11: there you go. put him out of the group "nopasswdlogin"19:04
abe11ikonia: I think I see the problem :)19:04
abe11ikonia: yup19:04
abe11ikonia: You're my savior. That was it. Thank you very much.19:06
ANA__ikoniaa pleas help me i did and is show me colud not support webcam...type archive manager cant open19:06
=== metalcamp_ is now known as metalcamp
k1lANA__: better ask in debian forums for help. seems like irc is too complicated for you.19:07
ANA__ok thank you19:08
abe11k1l: have to thank you too actually, I thought it was ikonia answering19:12
k1labe11: np19:12
Seveasabe11: ikonia and k1l are secretly the same person19:12
noframei feel lik a boss19:13
abe11Seveas: there you go haha19:13
kelihi guys19:14
k1lbagels: not in here. better ask in ##chat19:14
bagelslol just kidding19:14
noframei think its always about who has the biggest balls19:14
k1lnoframe: not in here. this is technical ubuntu support only. please make sure to read the guidelines19:15
noframeok sorry19:15
Kirejijyothis: thank you19:17
ToeSnacksI have some strange discrepancies with my drive space, 'df -h' shows that I have 7.8 gigs of the drive used but running 'du -hcs /*' only shows 3.1 in use.19:19
QuaranTeen666hi, kde reinstalling saves the users profiles and data?19:20
poiuzxcToeSnacks: temp files or cache19:20
ToeSnackspoiuzxc: how would I clear that?19:21
poiuzxcToeSnacks: restart19:21
ToeSnacksany other way?19:22
ToeSnacksis it likely due the deleted files staying locked?19:22
QuaranTeen666does kde reinstall saves the users profiles? urgent question19:22
nicomachusQuaranTeen666: why not just backup that info anyway just in case?19:25
KepaQuaranTeen666, your /home folders are not touched when you install/uninstall things19:26
sulfasalany vundle users here? I'm trying to install vim-airline but when I do :PluginSearch it says it cant be found but I know it's on vim.org/scripts. Here's my .vimrc http://paste.ubuntu.com/14674036/19:28
dash562_k1l when you say manually remove the files you mean rm /boot/file ?19:29
k1ldash562_: yes. make enough space to let apt-get install -f run fine. then remove the kernel packages from the files you removed19:30
dragoonis_I'm having problems with this command19:31
dragoonis_RUN apt-key adv --keyserver hkp://pgp.mit.edu:80 --recv-keys 573BFD6B3D8FBC641079A6ABABF5BD827BD9BF6219:31
dragoonis_build26-Jan-2016 19:28:33[91mgpg: requesting key 7BD9BF62 from hkp server pgp.mit.edu19:31
dragoonis_build26-Jan-2016 19:29:03[0mgpgkeys: key 573BFD6B3D8FBC641079A6ABABF5BD827BD9BF62 can't be retrieved19:31
dragoonis_build26-Jan-2016 19:29:03[91mgpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.19:31
dragoonis_Can someone advise on a working pgp server to use ?19:32
MonkeyDustdragoonis_  use a pastebin for multiple lines19:33
dragoonis_MonkeyDust, I did try to, but the gist URL didn't copy properly :)19:33
MonkeyDustdragoonis_  http://paste.ubuntu.com/19:33
MonkeyDustgarlic  it works, we see you19:34
garliccant leave this place19:34
garlicnothing works19:34
MonkeyDustgarlic  /part19:34
wyrehi guys! what is the better way to install android studio in Ubuntu 14.04?19:35
wyremaybe with ubuntu-make?19:35
dragoonis_MonkeyDust, can you help me with my key issue?19:37
dragoonis_provide me with a working keyserver19:37
next47рускоязычные есть???19:37
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:37
dragoonis_MonkeyDust, I see online that 'keyserver.ubuntu.com' is an option - but I don't know what the --recv-keys=X value should be19:38
MonkeyDustdragoonis_  don't address me, address the channel19:38
dragoonis_ I see online that 'keyserver.ubuntu.com' is an option - but I don't know what the --recv-keys=X value should be - can someone advise?19:42
=== Guest37565 is now known as MiningMarsh
Mathisendragoonis_, gpg --keyserver hkp://keys.gnupg.net --recv-keys 94558F5919:44
dragoonis_Mathisen, thanks, can you explain to me how I know what the value opf recv-keys should be ?19:45
wyrehi guys! If I've got Ubuntu Developer Tools Center and I do an update will it convert in ubuntu-make?19:46
wyreor should I uninstall Ubuntu Developer Tools Center and then install Ubuntu-make?19:47
xanguawyre: http://m.webupd8.org/2015/01/ubuntu-make-04-released-with-go-support.html?m=1 didn't see my paste in the other channel?19:48
dash562_thanks k1l, That actually helped a lot. I mv'd the largest old kerners to /tmp and ran apt-get -f install. Now Im doing the purge.19:49
wyrexangua, oh, yes I was reading it19:49
uioHi, trying to set up network printing with little success : the printer is Xerox WorkCentre 4250. I downloaded their linux driver from their website, but now don't know what to do the package...19:49
wyrebut still I have the question if I should uninstall ubuntu developer tools center19:49
dash562_Still having issues with the purge though... :-/19:49
dragoonis_Mathisen, I used that key and I get an apt-get error about authentication failures19:50
dragoonis_"The following packages cannot be authenticated! nginx"19:50
Mathisenuio, what kind of file did you download ?19:52
dragoonis_I'm getting an apt-get error - can someone help? https://gist.github.com/dragoonis/9616235b5b4a410f167f19:53
xanguadragoonis_: this is Ubuntu support, not Debian19:54
dragoonis_I see.19:54
yungBLUDCan anyone tell me how to edit a file on a red-only file system? I've tried remounting the usb but i still get the read-only file system message.19:54
uioMathisen: .tgz which I then extracted.19:55
MoPacHow can I modify the gtk-3.0 files for Ambiance to eliminate the hover functionality for scrollbars? I want them to be like they are in 2.0 for me -- present when the page is bigger than the slider would be, absent otherwise, and unconcerned with where my cursor is hovering...19:55
uioMathisen: http://www.support.xerox.com/support/workcentre-4250/file-download/frca.html?operatingSystem=linux&fileLanguage=fr&contentId=118059&from=downloads&viewArchived=false19:55
Mathisenuio, you can then just run the setup19:55
uioMathisen: I clicked and... and nothing happens... I mean, I select 'execute' and nothing happens.19:56
Mathisenuio, if you open a terminal and go to the same locaton run in there ./setup19:56
Mathisenuio, if you cant run it chmod 777 setup then ./setup19:57
uioMathisen: Sorry I don't understand; what is ./setup ?19:57
MonkeyDustMathisen  don't advice chmod 77719:58
MathisenMonkeyDust, sorry its just for a printer setup doh...19:58
Mathisenuio, ./setup is the thing you should type in a terminal19:59
uioMathisen: Okay : so I get : lpstat: Aucune destination ajoutée. lpstat: Aucune destination ajoutée.20:00
Mathiseni dont understand that lang sorr20:01
uioMathisen: French for 'no destination added'20:01
Piciuio: try: LANG=C ./setup20:01
uiopici thanks20:02
uioMathisen: .lpstat: No destinations added. lpstat: No destinations added.20:02
Piciuio: not that I didn't doubt your translation, but sometimes its the specifics that matter :)20:02
uioPici: Oh, I agree, sometimes the exact word is very important. I didn't know of that little LANG=c command.20:03
Mathisenuio, run it as root and >> sudo ./setup TEMP_PATHFORINSTALL20:04
yungBLUDDoes anyone know how i can edit a file on a read-only file system? (usb stick)20:05
uioMathisen: Sorry, so I need to specify a TEMP_PATHFORINSTALL ? Is this just the location in the download folde ?20:05
OerHeksyungBLUD, mount it correctly, and if it does not, the filesystem might be corrupt so it mounts readonly20:06
Mathisenuio, its better if you do this open the README file20:06
OerHeksyungBLUD, what filesystem is it?20:06
Mathisenuio, there are instructions there20:06
yungBLUDoerheks, it is a usb stick that i have write an iso to20:06
Mathisenuio, i checked myself20:06
sacmt-uuiieyungBLUD: you need unetbootin20:07
yungBLUDoerheks, its a new usb and is fine when i format it but read-only with the iso written to it but i need to edit a file20:07
uioMathisen: Yes, I've been looking at it...20:07
yungBLUDsacmt-uuiie, if i write the iso with unetbootin it wont be readonly?20:07
OerHeksyungBLUD, that is normal.20:07
sacmt-uuiieyungBLUD: you will need to run with gksudo and the device must be unmounted20:07
yungBLUDoerheks, but i need to rename a file for it to work (its Hirens boot cd and a file has to be renamed and moved for it to work)20:08
OerHeksyung ugh... hirens is *higly* illegal, and not supported here.20:08
yungBLUDsacmt-uuiie, i have tried via command line with root to rename the file20:09
yungBLUDoerheks, why is it illegal?20:09
OerHeksyungBLUD, as it contains illegal software.20:10
PiciOerHeks: I wouldn't go that far....20:10
OerHeksuse UBcd to fix stuff, that is a free tool cd20:10
uioOerHeks: Is that country specific like codecs ?20:10
yungBLUDoerheks, ahhh i see20:10
yungBLUDoerheks, ok so there is no way i can make this file system not read only without formatting?20:11
OerHeksyungBLUD, you need to edit the iso before burning to usb/cd/dvd i guess.20:13
yungBLUDoerheks thanks for your help20:14
ubottumattia: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:16
klf"Cursor Left or Right: moves the focus"20:16
klfWhich key(s) corresponds to "Cursor Left/Right"?20:16
orangedno warez ahaha20:17
orangedis this 1999?20:17
DulcinHi, is it possible to switch OS on a dual boot while saving my ubuntu session?20:20
Piciklf: the left and right arrows on your keyboard.20:21
rwworanged: apparently. people join #ubuntu regularly trying to get them20:23
gabrielehi all20:23
gabrielethis evening I'm trying to install my Nilox smart card reader on Ubuntu Wily, but unsuccessfully20:23
doginalwhats the best way to watch dir and sub dir for changes?20:34
doginalim writing a bash script to unrar files20:35
Picidoginal: inotify is one way, the inotify-tools's package description suggests that you can use inotifywait for scripting.20:36
OerHeksdoginal, inotify can, http://askubuntu.com/questions/541128/monitor-folder-contents-changes20:36
mcphaildoginal: incrontab does the job for you20:37
doginallol so main different ways to watch a folder!20:37
mcphaildoginal: incrontab is just a convenient way to use inotify20:37
doginalive seem both of those on SO20:38
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bishopsHey guys is one can help me with this I'll be infinitely redeemable! I have a pdf file that is locked and needs adobe reader to open (I downloaded from a university library and it's supposed to have a loan/period on it). I tried all the possible ways to open it (pdftk, evince etc)20:42
ttalis it expected behaviour if you have a full screen app, to then middle-mouse click the panel above it and the app goes to the background?20:42
bishopsanyone ideas of how to open/unlock it?20:42
ttalbishops: is it readable permissions-wise? check with ls -al20:43
ttalbishops: if you right-click the file > properties > permissions. is read / write enabled?20:45
Bashing-omttal: my xfce4 that is the expected behavour .20:45
bishopsttal: i am not sure how to know that. ls -al gives only this: -rw-rw-r--  1 bishops bishops    2335815 Jan 26 10:11 People_Want.pdf20:45
ttalbishops: does it say permission denied? what happens when you try to open it?20:47
bishopsttal: And okular and document viewer ask for a password, which i obvsiouly don't have20:47
bishopsttal: it as for a document password20:47
bishopsask for*20:47
ttalbishops: a document password or an administrators password?20:47
bishopsttal: no document20:48
bishopsi tried my password :)20:48
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
ttalbishops: hmm pdf is locked. i think when people lock a pdf it is encrypted until you provide the password. Maybe somebody else knows more than I do (likely).20:50
bishopsttal: ok thanks, i feel there is no way to work around. It's only adobe that has the password..20:51
MoPacHow can I modify the gtk-3.0 files for Ambiance to eliminate the hover functionality for scrollbars? I want them to be like they are in 2.0 for me -- present when the page is bigger than the slider would be, absent otherwise, and unconcerned with where my cursor is hovering...20:51
ttalBashing-om: thanks for that. It's annoying for me, I always have my browser open full screen and close tabs with middle click, and if I am just slightly too high the browser disappears..20:51
BillD73how do I loist out my listening ports?20:52
mcphailbishops: probably some kind of entrenched Adobe DRM. You could try running acrobat reader or digital editions under wine. The latter certainly works for DRM'ed epub books20:53
naccBillD73: netstat -l?20:53
Bashing-omttal: What desktop ? .. xfce is configurable for how that is handled .20:53
naccBillD73: maybe netstat -lpn20:53
BillD73thats what I was looking for thx20:53
ttalunity @ Bashing-om20:54
Bashing-omttal: With unity, I can not advise .20:55
ttalBashing-om: I'm assuming it will be a gconf-editor tweak, will see if anyone else knows (how to disable windows lowering on Unity, when middle-mouse clicking the top panel; only with full-screen apps.)20:56
ttalfor anyone else wanting to know how to acheive the above, the solution was: "gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences action-middle-click-titlebar 'none'"20:59
MonkeyDustttal  in dconf-editor ... org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences20:59
AlexPortableHow can I export an icon from a program in /usr/share/applications/ ?21:00
mcphailAlexPortable: what do you mean "export an icon"? The .desktop file will have a reference to the icon location21:01
AlexPortablecan i just re-use this?21:03
AlexPortablewon't let me put that in21:03
ttalAlexPortable: that means its a standard system icon.21:04
MonkeyDustAlexPortable  do you want to use an icon you found in /usr/share/applications/ ?21:04
AlexPortableyes but how can i use it for folders?21:04
AlexPortablewell, the printer icon21:04
ttal  /usr/share/icons21:04
AlexPortableand then?21:05
ttalor  /usr/share/icons/[theme]21:05
AlexPortablewhich theme?21:05
MonkeyDustAlexPortable  what do you want to do or achieve?21:05
AlexPortableambience isn't listed21:05
AlexPortableuse the printer icon for a folder or desktop shortcu21:05
AlexPortablenevermind found it21:07
MonkeyDustsimply click to folder properties, then click on the icon and choose one21:07
MonkeyDustto = on21:07
AlexPortableyes but the problem was where it was but i found it now21:07
ttalAlexPortable: and where was it.. so others can learn.21:08
ttalso i can learn.21:09
AlexPortable /usr/share/icons/Humanity/devices/48/printer.svg21:09
ttalAlexPortable: OK thanks.21:09
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TechknightHI. Do any of you have experience with unantended upgrades?21:17
Techknighti was wondering if it is possible to use wildcards in the blacklist? so instead of blacklisting mysql-server mysql-clien then just blacklist mysql*21:18
srbsoftHi everyone21:20
aturikawho is at work right mew?21:20
k1l_!ot | aturika21:20
ubottuaturika: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:20
dniMretsaMNice try boss21:21
aturikasorry ubottu21:21
srbsoftim at home, working21:21
grkbloodim trying to install ubuntu server 14.04 LTS from a usb and im getting "no cahing mode page found, assuming drive cache: write through". the install wont go past this. how do i work around this issue?21:21
naccTechknight: where are the blacklists specified?21:22
awesomeone554who has ubuntu studio?21:23
Techknightnacc, right here http://pastebin.com/CJWynJLj21:24
k1l_awesomeone554: some do. maybe you want to ask in #ubuntustudio21:25
srbsoftgrkblood, What characteristic has your computer?21:26
grkbloodnot sure i understand the question srbsoft21:27
naccTechknight: looking at the code, per http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1500630, i believe it does not support regexs21:27
naccTechknight: actually, nm21:27
naccTechknight: in Wily, at least, blacklist entries are regex21:28
Techknightnacc: Thanks I might think this is exactly what i was looking for!21:28
naccTechknight: what release are you on?21:28
=== event is now known as Guest87862
Techknight14.04 LTS server21:28
Techknightnacc: Is thee any chance that you know why every .con file in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d is starting with w two-digit number before the "real" name?21:29
naccTechknight: that's a way to order them21:30
aturikaI finally got VPN to work on my Ubuntu server after learning linux Sunday. ::applauds::21:31
naccTechknight: http://askubuntu.com/questions/254137/etc-apt-apt-conf-d-priority-overrule-configuration-file/25461721:31
Techknightnacc, Aaarh i see! Thanks again!21:32
naccTechknight: on my quick read, i think it's a regex in trusty latest too21:32
Techknightdamn :S21:32
naccTechknight: probably worth testing in a VM to be sure21:32
Techknightyear. I whink I will spin one up tomorrow for testing.21:33
stacks88how can i get the version of proftpd taht apt-get will install without installing it ? apt-cache policy something? I ran apt-cache policy proftpd but it just says installed none candidate none and version table is empty21:35
naccstacks88: apt-cache show proftpd?21:36
stacks88N: Can't select versions from package 'proftpd' as it is purely virtual21:36
stacks88N: No packages found21:36
naccstacks88: try proftpd-basic21:37
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stacks88ok that works thx21:37
k1l_stacks88: you mean donwload the sourcecode?21:37
nacck1l_: my reading was that stacks88 just wanted the version info21:38
k1l_apt-cache show packagename21:38
TheNH813anyone know why VLC's source will not find Luajit/Lua5.2 during ./configure21:39
TheNH813Oh..... NVM21:39
TheNH813Forgot to install the lua-dev package21:39
Techknight ;)21:40
TheNH813I do that all too often.21:40
boreihi all21:44
mrphi borei21:45
boreianybody familiar with dialog tools21:45
xangua! Ask21:45
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:45
boreito create simple textbased ui21:45
boreii have issue with dialog --gauge21:45
nicomachusborei: that doesn't quite sound like a question for #ubuntu support21:46
boreitrue true, just general linux question21:46
boreishell programming21:46
boreiwell, will try to ask21:46
boreithere is pipe21:46
nicomachusborei: don't try to ask.21:46
nicomachusit's not an ubuntu question.21:47
nicomachusperhaps try #bash21:47
calimero_82hi guys21:48
calimero_82how can i uninstall secure boot in E8601_H81M-K ? thanks21:49
nicomachuscalimero_82: you don't uninstall it, you just need to disable it in your bios settings.21:50
calimero_82yes how nicomachus?21:50
calimero_82i'm in uefi bios where is that option?21:50
nicomachuscalimero_82: well that's not really an ubuntu question, but I found this with google: https://vip.asus.com/forum/view.aspx?id=20130418002927622&board_id=1&model=P8Z77-V&page=1&SLanguage=en-us21:50
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AlexPortableanyone can tell me what there's in /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50-ubuntu.conf by default?22:09
thebwtwhat release?22:09
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mrpSo I installed Ubuntu yesterday for the first time22:12
mrpAnd not had to boot into Windows at all since :)22:12
AlexPortable14.04 lts22:13
thebwtmrp: congrats!22:13
AlexPortableor well, is the file differently for each version?22:13
AlexPortablei'm trying to make something thats universal accross lts releases22:14
thebwtAlexPortable: most probably not the same across 2 years of development22:14
* thebwt is spinning up docker containers to see22:14
BillD73i want to completely remove deluge and all packages associated during its install is that apt-get remove or autoclean deluge ?22:17
mrpthebwt yeah is pretty damn nice :)22:18
BillD73nevermind autoclean is the old dld packages22:19
thebwtBillD73:  got it then?22:20
BillD73thx thebwt22:21
thebwtno sweat22:21
thebwtAlexPortable: that file isn't even owned by any package in 12.0422:22
AlexPortablelightdm was introduced later i think22:22
thebwtI thought it was from like lucid on...22:22
thebwtlightdm is in the repo for 12.0422:23
thebwtbut 50-lightdm.conf <that's an init script isn't it?22:23
thebwtoh no, just defaults22:24
thebwtAlexPortable: 14.04 default: http://pastebin.com/C7JwkcQE22:25
stacks88how can i find out what package contains mysql.h ?22:27
stacks88(so that i can install it of course)22:27
stacks88package or packages22:27
AlexPortablethebwt: thanks :)22:28
thebwtapt-file search /path/to/file22:28
HeavyVinanyone know how to use flash on ubuntu??? I like free software but I need flash for school22:28
thebwtAlexPortable: it exists in 16.04, installing buntu-session to see it real quick22:28
thebwtHeavyVin: you have to use google chrome for it iirc22:28
AlexPortableproabbly the same in 16.0422:29
thebwtAlexPortable: it isn't22:30
thebwtAlexPortable: http://pastebin.com/YzG2AAvg22:30
k1l_stacks88: packages.ubuntu.com  search there22:31
AlexPortablewell but basically the same22:31
thebwt:) famous last words22:31
AlexPortableThanks :D22:31
thebwtno sweat ;)22:31
squintystacks88,  http://packages.ubuntu.com/  --> Search the contents of packages22:32
HeavyVinthebtw: thank you!22:35
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mrpim still not totally comfortable with how Unity does things22:36
mrplike it seems quite random how it picks up .desktop files in my .local folder22:36
mrpand I can't find a way to force it to rebuild its cache22:37
k1l_mrp: iirc a relogin helps22:37
mrpyeah it does22:38
mrpshame tho22:38
mrpshould be simpler tbh22:38
mrpshouldnt need to logout and in again22:38
jd_techhow to make a shortcut on the desktop of a command line application?22:42
jd_techwithout hunting down the executable file or coding my own .desktop file22:43
mrpjust make a text file that calls the program and then make the script executable22:43
mcphailjd_tech: is making a .desktop file _really_ that hard??22:44
jd_techyou have to code that22:44
mrponly has to have like two entries tho22:45
MonkeyDustjd_tech  example: nano test ... type 'ls -l', save and exit ... chmod +x test ... then: './test'22:45
calimero_82bye guys22:45
calimero_82bye guys22:45
MonkeyDustjd_tech  disregard what i said, you want a desktop icon22:48
mrphttp://i.imgur.com/pCRKfmo.jpg << my desktop :)22:48
logyhello everyone, i have a question. Is there a way i can keep ubuntu, fedora or manjaro on usb and use it like that. For example I have a 16 gb usb, I want to use it as a hard drive for my linux and if i make files or install software it stays even after i shutdown and take out the usb22:48
mrplogy yes, look up creating a persistent drive22:49
DirtyDanwhat happens if i run a game on steam that isnt supported by ubuntu?22:49
mrpDirtyDan it wont run22:49
logymrp: thx22:49
DirtyDanalright just wanted to know if it will crash or somethin22:50
mrpsteam shouldnt allow you to do it tbh22:50
DirtyDanit automatically wont allow me?22:50
mrpi would hope it knows it cant run something on linux if it isnt designed for linux22:51
mrprather than waste time downloading something it cant use i mean22:51
DirtyDanalright im gonna go install bastion. thanks22:51
FelixFire619ok so i have a unique problem22:53
=== popey_ is now known as popey
FelixFire619i have a hp laptop HP-g60-2210us i have a shattered screen, i cannot enable legacy mode i need to flash a usb drive with ubuntu proper install media and boot with it in the non-legacy mode, IF I AM NOT IN UEFI (or secure boot) i CANNOT see, utilize or do anything.22:56
FelixFire619Which version of ubuntu ISO can i download, rufus to usb and boot with in Secure, (I think uefi) mode?22:56
FelixFire619go figure23:01
akkadquite offten get a lot of 404 for Err http://security.ubuntu.com precise-security/main Sources.23:07
orangedif i'm running vnc through an ssh tunnelall traffic regardless of the protocol will be encrypted no?23:08
rcchey guys, any ideas on why Lightdm would refuse to run display-setup-script?23:11
k1l_oranged: and ssh tunnel encrypts all traffic, yes23:11
rccby the looks of it, it completely ignores it23:11
orangedk1l_, good to know23:11
orangedk1l_, the client warns me that the trafffic is unencrypted when i connect through the tunnel but it must just be complianing because the vnc encryption is not enabled23:12
k1l_oranged: vnc doesnt know it gets tunneled23:14
orangedk1l_, ; thats what i figured, thanks for confirming23:14
sveinseUbuntu will still be using initrd in 16.04, right?23:16
orangedi also wonder how many people have nothing better to do than probe swathes of ip ranges to find a lone linux box with a single open port23:16
k1l_oranged: too many.23:17
orangedand attempt to login with a user and password when password logins are not even enabled23:17
orangedit seems ubuntu and ubnt are favourite username choices23:18
mcphailoranged: that is automated (and coordinated) behaviour - not individual users doing it manually. Use fail2ban, denyhosts or similar23:22
orangedmcphail, i'll check those out23:22
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Guest21588hi oranged23:25
Guest21588where u from oranged?23:25
=== aaron is now known as Guest18988
ynix77Does Software Updater accomplish the same thing as `sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y`?23:26
mcphailGuest21588: stop that please. This is the ubuntu support channel23:26
k1l_Guest21588: this channel is ubuntu support only. if you want to chat please try #ubuntu-offtopic or ##chat23:27
k1l_ynix77: no. use "apt-get dist-upgrade" to get all packages like new kernels23:27
Guest21588quien desarrolla en android?23:27
Guest21588who dev in android here?23:27
mcphailynix77: almost. Don't trust it to upgdate before the upgrade, if yo haven't run it for a while23:27
k1l_Guest21588: #android-dev dos23:28
rcchello, any ideas on how to run a custom display setup script with lightdm?23:29
QuaranTeen666is any way to migrate from kubuntu to ubuntu?23:30
rccI tried everything but nothing seems to work and the log file never mentions even trying to run a script23:30
mcphailQuaranTeen666: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop23:30
k1l_QuaranTeen666: install the "ubuntu-desktop" package23:30
MaryAnnecan somoene help me with my new server?  I have drive that is not mounted.  I want to add this drive and have it part of my home disk23:31
welovfreeHow can I set system to shutdown after n minutes?23:31
akkadMaryAnne: it show up in /proc/disks?23:31
QuaranTeen666ok ill try but apt get didnt work well for me. 404 error packages dobt know how 2 solve23:31
MaryAnneakkad: thank you for replying back23:31
akkadMaryanne: /proc/devices can you gist thaT?23:31
mcphailwelovfree: sudo shutdown -h <time>23:32
k1l_QuaranTeen666: put the command and output into a paste.ubuntu.com and show the link here23:32
MaryAnneakkad: do you mind if i pm you?23:32
QuaranTeen666i cant, because desktop doent loading23:32
QuaranTeen666some driver errors or maybe other23:33
welovfreemcphail, I can't exit the terminal, or it's gonna be canceled right?23:35
MaryAnneakkad: ?23:36
mcphailwelovfree: I think so. Haven't actually thought about that as I usually am using "sudo shutdown -h now". Not sure if the "at" command persists when terminal is closed23:38
TiCPUI noticed that nice'ed process do not appear in top as using NI%, that seems to be the case for quite a while now (maybe a year), is there anything that changed about that?23:44
davido_When I have two instances of Firefox opened, it seems that I'm only able to gain typing focus in the newest one.23:47
davido_If it's an issue others have seen, I seem to not be composing search terms that turn up any information on the subject.23:49
k1l_davido_: when clicking on the launcher or alt+tab?23:50
davido_It doesn't seem to matter how I shift focus. I can click on the browser window directly, for example. But the input boxes in the first browser instance won't gain a cursor if the second browser instance has one.23:51
ubuntuhlepHelp ... have ubuntu 15.10 installed... full encryption ... but when I reboot it see the screen where I would put password but I can see the password up in the top left corner inplain text but nothing happens.23:52
ubuntuhlepThis happens after I install the nvidia drivers fro my 98023:52
davido_So for example if I have a gmail document open for editing in one browser instance, and then I open a new instance of firefox and begin working on some other thing that has text input. I can't ever resume typing that email in the first window until the second is closed.23:52
mcphaildavido_: text entry into firefox has always been odd, often due to ibus issues. What is your native language? Are you using an extended input method?23:53
davido_native English. To my knowledge I'm not using any extended input method.23:53
mcphaildavido_: I can't reproduce that here, but did previously have issues with the Tor browser not accepting input unless I forced the input method. how are you opening the 2nd firefox instance? Are you using firefox from the default repos? WHich version of Ubuntu?23:55
davido_ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Firefox 43.0.4 from default repos.23:57
davido_And it doesn't matter whether I open the instance by right-clicking the launcher and requesting a new window, or whether I drag a tab out of an existing window.23:58
ubuntuhlepoh well I guess its back to windows.23:59
mcphaildavido_: if you type "ibus stop" in a terminal, do you still get the same problems?23:59
davido_this is my work laptop. I can't recall if I have the same issue with 15.10 at home.23:59

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